Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Live Chat Today!

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Check out the PlayStation forums today at 4 PM PST for a live chat with the US producers of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Due out tomorrow at retail stores and via download on the PLAYSTATION Network this Thursday, this PS3 exclusive is set to raise the bar once again in the racing genre. Come ask the producers questions about the game, or just read along. You will need a PlayStation Underground Registration and Forum Handle to participate. Click here for more info:

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  • Nice!!!!!

  • Is this the surprise????


  • Please… god… let there be a good surprise.

  • you makes me sad with your dire ‘surprise’

  • tNx cant wait.. and i doubt this is the surprise..

  • This game is Reallllllly overly hyped.
    There no special features in it that no other racing game has.

    All this is PR promotions so they will get the 100k check…

  • the surprise better be HOME Beta

  • I can’t believe how ungrateful most of you are. Its all about “Me me me” isn’t it?

    Anyway, nice to be able to talk to developers sometimes.

  • GT5 will be a genre defining game.
    Cheers, and im probably buying Prologue for my Dad.

  • Awesome, I might join in.

  • i always end up missing these events.Atleast u guys decided to post it on here on the blog so thanks you for the info i be on there to ask the question i want to know.

  • When will the METAL GEAR SURPRISE BE OUT????????

  • If a konami PR says something about a surprise , GT5 has nothing to do with it.
    So . please no offtopic post
    :D cheers

  • can u stop nagging sony about mgs im one of the biggest mgs fan but u dont see me asking about it all the time

  • wow everyone wants the surprise of MGS4,
    but in other note, damn, and that hour im at school, couldnt it be a little later?

  • Prologue looks nice, I’ll bve giving it a rent when it comes out.


    How are you going to take the loss to the Tribe on primetime tonight?

  • sweet – i love any contact with devs – like the full moon show – podcasts and interviews such as this are really great to learn about the people behind the games!!

  • I can’t believe people could possibly be THIS ignorant on such a grand scale. The surprise is from Konami- not Sony.

    On topic, I might actually take part in this. I’m going to have to think up some good questions. :D

  • nice count with me!! :D Darkus

  • I find the people complaining to be like the pan-handlers begging for money. You slip them a $10 bill and they ***** at you for not giving them more.


    Overhyped? Really? I’ve been playing the Japanese version for the last 3 months and it’s seen more play time than all of my other games combined. People complain about the price and then go pay $60 for a “full version” of a game with about the same amount of cars and tracks. No special features? Yeah I guess all of the racing games are 16 player online at 1080p 60fps too right?

    Oh well you can buy you’re yearly installments at $60 a pop for a new feature or two when the games suck anyways. I’ll gladly pay $40 every few years to preview whats to come in a game that takes YEARS to make.

  • any news on the very, very Limited gunmetal grey ps3. just wanted to know if its coming to CANAduh…thanks

  • Neat! I won’t be available at that time (sigh), but hopefully we’ll get some rumors about the planned MAJOR DLC overhaul we can expect later in the year. I’m buying this game on Thursday.

  • This better not be the suprise -_

  • lol nail biting won’t get you anywhere

  • very cool… live chats with developers is good. More would be better.

  • @ 2: The “surprise” was to be from Konami and not Sony. No word from Konami yet.

    However, I assume that it means the MGS Online beta may be a public one and you won’t need to pre-order the game to play? We’ll find out.

  • cant wait

  • Yes, I’m excited about GTP…but I’m freaking full throttle about WIPEOUT HD. No disrespect to the polyphony Digital as I plan to purchase. Please give me some Wipeout HD details. Am I alone here? Anyone else a fan?

    Home beta would be most enjoyed too. I’m really hoping we see this in the next week.

  • You scabs that are ragging on Prologue, you have not played it, nor do you even intend to play it and when the rubber meets the road, you’re not even fans of the GT series.

    Gran Turismo, the most successful series in Playstation history.

    Don’t worry kiddies, there aren’t any license test to frustrate you enough to sell the game.

  • shame the online mode is ruined by people thinking they’re playing MotorStorm still. apart from that Prologue is a great game, rankings for drift and time trials good online, only lagging when you get a host with a 56k dial-up -haha- would be nice to have a lobby and the choice of private races, hopefully this will come soon enough.

    the ‘S’ series of races pushes your skills :)

  • I’m not totally sold ont eh GT5P. I’m gran turismo fan (still have every copy) but for some reason i feel this is their way of pushign somethign out since GT5 is taking so long.

  • @ 27 sascha23 – the MGS Online beta is being released in the Euro store this week, so maybe you Amerkins are getting it too. it’s only gonna last 3 1/2 weeks though and then they turn the servers off.

  • Hey, I love that the UK gets all these kinds of things too-oh sorry nope wait, no they don’t.

  • I hope you prescreen questions. With anyone able to access our Playstation boards, its going to be interesting to see what the trolls are going to do with it.

    Would be nice so that PS3 owners with PSN could only participate but meh.. I guess thats impossible…

  • When they release the patch that incorporates damage modelling into the game…THEN I’ll get interested in this game. The big guy suggested the patch might arrive as early as August. But I’m guessing it’ll be further down the road.

  • hey Scott Goryl
    the RED SOX suck

  • When can we ask questions?

  • “Due out tomorrow at retail stores”

    Is it REALLY going to be on store shelves tomorrow, or is it going to be like every other recent release, where they say it’s “released” and the major outlets don’t have it until Wednesday (the day after)?

  • Very nice to have developers interested in the people. Politicians take note. Can’t wait to get GT5P!

  • The best $40 you will spend on PS3. I will buy But I plan on buying it this weekend (when I got time) working 60 hours a week. Don’t get to play PS3 that much. I want GT on PSP. (Where is it?) I get to play that more offten.

  • Any Idea when they will be patching voice chat in?

  • will there be any big suprises that we havent heard of yet???

  • Will the game be out Tuesday? I noticed ads in the Sunday paper said Wednesday. I wish all games would come out the same day of the week so we know when to expect them. Hopefully Tuesday is right though.

  • Great news ! :)

    We’ll eventually learn what happened to the missing 5 cars (Peugeot, RE Amemiya and Tuned Mazda) that have recently vanished from both the March 6 press release (car list) and from SCEA’s website for GT5P.

    *About Konami’s surprise, what about an open Beta for Metal Gear Online that would be available as soon as Thursday on the PS Store… 8)

  • US producers of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue? Any chances of getting to chat with Kazunori Yamauchi (Scott, you can translate)?

  • One of the “themes” that I miss from the original gran turismo is that it centered around taking old and “used” japanese sporty cars that many people found in their garages, tuning them up and racing them.

    Now Gran turismos’ “theme” seems to center around World class cars that people dreamed where in their garages. Not that I’m complaining really, but I kind of miss the old “theme” because this is what I do in real life. I have an old japanese sports car that I take to track days.

    Also, “memory Card battles” from the original are sorely missed by my fellow GT fans. But I suppose we are entering a new era of GT with online play now…

  • Hopfully GT doesn’t stray too far from it’s typical form… It is and always will be the very best there is to offer, in simulated racing, and racing games in general.

  • …GT is the best in some respects, but lags very much behind in other respects.

    Sometimes I wonder if GT is a game or just an advertisement for unblemished high-end sports cars.

    I love the realism (in terms of graphics and car control) but I absolutely despise the lack of realism when it comes to your car interacting with the surrounding environment. There’s nothing realistic about slamming into a wall and then just driving away undamaged. Or using other cars to help turn corners (as you can literally just slide into other cars and use them as bumpers for sharp corners).

    GT has progressed too far down one road (graphical realism) at the expense of many other roads (crashes, damage modelling, etc).


    I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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