SOCOM: Weekly Wrap-up

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Whoa! A new face!

Hey, folks. I’m David “Point Man” Brothers and I’m the man on the blog. I’m going to be handling our Weekly Wrap-ups on this side of town for those of you who don’t regularly read

It was a busy week over on Here’s what was posted from Friday to Thursday:



  • We’re Famous– and SOCOM: Confrontation both are building up some buzz. I spotlighted some of the links for future reference here.



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  • thanks for the info David. can’t wait to get my mits on some confrontation!


  • I’ve been out of the loop for a bit – but is there any confirmation on a new Sony BT headset shipping with the new SOCOM?

  • This is some good info, but I wanna hear more bout the game itself!!

  • Woo! SOCOM! I can’t wait.

    SOCOM: Confrontation looks amazing! Keep up the good work!

  • Gun of the Week link is broken :(

  • cool david socom is one of the best shooter i play.

  • It was a good week…

  • I’m really looking forward to this game!

  • We need some new media :(

  • hey…the links don’t work.

  • @ StupidityTries

    Yes they confirm it in the new EGM interview.

  • ONLY, 5 months 5 days to go………………

  • @ Aaron
    Thanks for the heads up.
    Question for you (and others who bought the new EGM): was the mag worth a purchase or should I just wait for all the info to get out through in the weeks ahead?

  • I cant wait till the egm embargo is lifted so we can get some more info.From what I read in the mag this game will easily be the best in the franchise.

    Give us some beta info please

  • I live near the Slant Six Vancouver studio

  • Thanks David. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for the game.

  • Heh heh… Gun of the Week… Nice.

    Glad to see you’re interacting with the community so much. It gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling in our thumbs. :P

  • not-buying-incognito

    Give us VIDEO OR PICS….

  • It’s been a busy week or so on i think it’s a great site. It’s probably going to be my home page in the near future.

    For awhile now has been my my home page since late 2005 i think :)

  • @David

    Does the game have a gamma correction option?
    Can players talk to each other while playing online and if so, please tell me there’s a mute option.
    Can I find someone on my friends list and join their game?
    Can I add someone to my friends list without having to exit the game?
    Is there a lobby where players talk smack before and after a game, and can the mewling eight year olds be muted there too?
    Can players be kicked/voted from a game?
    The socom series is legendary for being buggier than chameleon crap. Combined Assault has an unfixed bug list longer than Tommy Lee’s drumstick. How extensive is this game being QA’d and is a triage team being assembled to deal with bugs after launch? The Warhawk folks have set the bar on customer support, so you’ll have a tough row to hoe.
    I don’t play any of the socom games any more, because of the innumerable bugs they contain and the rampant game hackers that infest the servers. Why should I layout my hard earned frog skins for this game?

  • SOCOM is looking great. Also good job on the GTA4 bundle.

  • I’m staying up-to-date with the SOCOM Blog! :D

  • Just wanted to say thank you for keeping us gamers in mind. Also, Please, Please, Please, bring back the Sure Shot controlls of Socom 1 and 2……(R2 and L2 are the key to that settup)

    There are many of us who play socom 2 only because we can use R2 and L2 to move right and left with. This method of playing is pure BLISS.

  • Getting more and more excited for this, been hitting up SOCOM 2 lately just to get the skills up. Thanks for all the info guys.

    Off topic: the Resistance 2 teaser is up

  • One of my top games and one of the utmost disappointing blogs know to man.
    The blog has a PR circus type atmosphere to it and little substance.

    Post to get in? F U! I’ll post to get out.

  • I agree with comment #26.

    The SOCOM PR department is working overtime…but you’re not providing any substance or content. Just hype that isn’t backed up by anything.

    We’d like to see videos. And way more screenshots.

  • @26 & 27 It’s because there is a media embargo with the EGM exclusive but that should be over by the beginning of May when the next EGM issue comes out. Abigale the Socom Community Manager said that they can’t answer questions for around a couple of weeks when the embargo is over. I haven’t seen a clear date of what day it’s over yet.

  • Slant Six & SCEA seem like they are doing an incredible job so far, especially with communicating with the people and getting direct responses on what we WANT and DON’T want for Socom: Confrontation.

    I just think it’s great that they are getting the Socom Community involved, because they lost a lot of respect for Socom U.S. Navy Seals and Socom 2 fans, after failing our taste with Socom 3 and Combined Assault. I believe the statistics speak for themselves.

    – J Starks

  • This game better be a much better game then COD4 or even R6V & R6V2…cuz EVERYONE knows those games raised the bars for shooters and SOCOM is NO exception…I have been a SOCOM faithful since the original…but if Confrontation is anything like Tactical Strike then my faith has been hit by a Mac Truck cuz that game is absolutely TERRIBLE…SOCOM is a HUGE name to live up to and with the next generation system SOCOM has the potential to be something outstanding…but at the same time could be the biggest disaster

    im sorry if this seems a bit harsh but like i said b4…SOCOM is a HUGE name to live up to and it better be done RIGHT!!!!

  • can’t wait for the game

  • the6one………

    All I can say is wow!!! Wow, wow, wow!!!!
    Is this like the takeover or something?!!! I mean everything seems like it’s finally back to “Sony” again within SONY. Let me clarify that, everything seems to be getting back to normal for this great establishment of SONY Corporation. Our Vaio line of computers are “now” becoming viable competitors to the competition. All I can say is wow Sony, wow!!!! This is truly a leading company in the business of entertainment. BTW blu-ray absolutely rocks, and I only see it becoming this generation’s new DVD of the last generation. PS3 rocks!!!! and will only continue to get better as developers begin to unlock the monster inside this beautiful, elegant piece of hardware. Our competition is soon going to be no competition at all. Let’s never become boastful or “big-headed” again. We have learned our lessons from that and have become a better company overall as a result. The dark days that surrounded the PS3 and Sony was really a blessing in disguise. All I can say is, Goooo!!!! Sony, Goooo!!!!!!!



  • i’ve been following the blog, love the stuff, keep it up

  • Can you start banning idiots like #19 &26..really. They dont add anything here,but childish garbage.

  • I’M a big fan of Squad based shooters and Socom confrontation looks to be the game for me.

  • Stop using CG to promote the games.
    Yea its a render it looks amazing but if the game play does not look like that then what is the point.

  • Yah, using CG videos to advertise games is pretty lame in this day and age.

    Anyone can make a CG movie look great.

    In-game footage only please.

  • Chinese Big Wing Bird

    Scott should pay the taxes at PST time.
    What live chat with US producer of a JAPANESE GAME?
    Funny due out tomorrow!

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