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Day in, day out we come into work, and it’s heads down trying to crank out a post or two about something new to the world of PlayStation. We know we’re doing a decent job when we pull in a couple hundred comments, or when that post rating inches close to 5.00. But it’s nice to hear it from the outside – which is what happened today. This here PlayStation.Blog is an official Webby Honoree in the Games-related category.

“Of the more than 8000 entries submitted to the 12th Annual Webby Awards, fewer than 15% were distinguished as an Official Honoree.”

So the way I see it, that’s an 85 or so – a solid B. Not bad for a blog that’s less than a year old (other Honorees include Destructoid, GameSpot, GameDaily, GamesRadar), but certainly there’s room for improvement. Next year, it’d be great to see PlayStation.Blog in the more prestigious Nominees group (best of luck to this year’s noms: Wired Game|Life, Gamasutra and Zero Punctuation‘s home, The Escapist).

So how can we make that happen? By serving you, the readers, better. In the past months, we’ve introduced a number of new features to make this site more useful: in-line commenting, faster loading, post tagging, and the aforementioned post ratings. I’d also like to officially introduce another new feature today: tag feeds. Here’s how it works:

See the tags at the bottom of this post (“awards, psb”)? They can be used to find all the posts this blog has ever put out there on specific topics – pretty standard in the blogosphere. But here’s something that isn’t: you can now subscribe to any of these tags. So say you only want to be notified when new Resistance info is posted. Just click on the Resistance tag, and all the Resistance-related posts will show up.


Now go up to the address bar, and just add the word “feed” at the end. You’ll be given the ability to then add a Resistance feed to your RSS reader (I use Google’s reader, but they all pretty much do the same thing). Now any time we post something with the Resistance tag, it’ll show up there.


This works with any tag on our site: Gran Turismo 5, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT, Firmware Updates, anything. Perfect for finding those title/topic-specific posts when your RSS fills up with hundreds (or thousands) of posts per day.

We’ve got some other nice features on the way in 2008. What would you like to see implemented?

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  • Very cool feature Glad to see you guys are updating the blog all the time. Just wish the quote feature was built into the blog however ;-]

  • I like to see the users average rating scores next to our names.

  • Firefox FTW!!!!!!!111111111111111

    • What, is there a different way to see web pages? If so, I\’m not aware of it ;-)

      Statistically, more PS Blog readers use Firefox than any other browser.

  • This blog is very informative the game shops don’t know anything really. Yesterday i had to show my friend that owns 2 small game shops links to this blog because he didn’t know release dates ect… The big chain game shops are the same way.

    I will have to try out the new RSS feed option sometime it looks sweet :) For the most part the more options the better.

  • safari works well……

  • Chinese Big Wing Bird

    I got a $100 US award, just by visiting your blog. Funny

  • Can we get an update on Home or In game xmb?

  • awesome new feature Jeff! thanks for continually evolving the official blog. Any and all changes are welcome. you guys should def implement a rating system for individual posts though (if some1’s post goes under a certain level that post will be auto removed from the blog, keeping comments pertaining to the post).

    @ willacuz – can you keep your posts related to this post? they’ll give us an update when they are good and ready.


  • I would like to see the PS Blog integrated more with the feed ticker on the playstation home screen.
    And Why is it hard for me to find where to log in?
    I click the leave a comment button, and log in that way.
    Nway, great job Sony. We are blessed as gamers to have this site.

  • I personally would like to see the videos work in the PS3’s bowser. I understand you guys can’t control the PS3’s browser, though. So I guess, like others have said, thumbs up (or down) for our comments would be cool. :)

  • Congrats on becoming an Official Honoree, it really is a great blog. The only problem I have ever had with the blog is images linked to flickr consistently being made private. Other than that it’s really well done.

  • @willacuz
    Every post from you is the same..quit the trolling for once

    Thanks for update to the blog.

  • sounds interesting… PLAYSTATION CARDS!

  • Nice job guys. It’s a small thing, but every little helps.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jeff is a firefox user. +1 for you Jeff ;-)

  • Wow,the more I get involved in my own blog the more I learn about it.I just added the RSS feeder widget so I can put up up to date content from here on my blog..
    Yes,it’s a cheap plug.

    Oh,I wanted to say I appreciate the added communication we have seen here in the last couple weeks.I’ve seen more return comments from devs,asset artists,production managers and media managers than ever.Keep it up.

  • Yeah the video thing sucks.
    I use my Playstation to surf often, and the PS blog is one of my first stops.
    Making the video work on our playstations would be great.

  • Thanks for the continued development of the blog. Can’t wait to see what is released next.

  • Grool.

  • Nice changes, and congrats.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    great update to the blog. for someone reason I’m having trouble changing my password, and the screen keeps saying I have the wrong old password/username, even after I’ve triple checked.

    I don’t know if there’s just been a momentary lapse, and it actually did change the password, or what, so if this is an actual issue that’s not internet connection related that would be good to clear up.

    Also, it would be nice to have a log in button at the top of the page, instead of only being able to log in when leaving a comment.

  • Who knows what lies ahead in the future? The Sony knows.

  • Off-topic, but as an avid and vocal Firefox supporter… It’s awesome to see it used by SCEA.

    It pains me every time I see IE6 (Yes… 6) used on TV nowadays.

  • @jeff i agreed with u firefox is the best.
    So what is job at sony i think u the psn/blog/firmware pr person am i right?

  • @Jeff

    Now go up to the address bar, and just add the word “feed” at the end.

    FYI. “feed” lower case, because “FEED” upper case does not work.

  • Whats the tag to be notified only when In-Game-XMB is released? ;)

  • TwoBlack4America

    Congrats on being recognized.This website deserves it since it informs PlayStation users AND video game websites (IGN, 1UP) about all the important PlayStation news out there.

  • Nice feature but I subscribed to the entire blog so I don’t miss any Playstation news.

    Congrats on the award

  • Quite cool. Thank you for the update.

  • Firefox is great for Windows folks. But Safari is the best around. Sorry, it’s true.

  • “Firefox is great for Windows folks. But Safari is the best around. Sorry, it’s true.”

    Agreed. That’s all I use, and I have FireFox too.

  • fyi, in the address bar it has a little rss icon on firefox. that also subscribes to the feed (its easier)

  • Not really a feature but I’d like to see more videos in the blog. An update to the psn store? make a video about it. And I don’t just mean the store update coming, I mean a sort of trailer of all the new content released every thursday.

    Actually now that I think about it, a way to access all the vids that have been posted and that will be posted would be excellent.

  • The new feature is kinda useless for me mainly because I check the blog every single day…

  • Hey jeff, i know i have asked several times, but i have never got an answer.

    Is there any news regarding PSN card? any specific date or plan?

  • I’m in the same situation as Frazz- I read everything that comes in here; I have no use for the Feed feature, but it’s still nice for those that do find it useful.

    I can offer a number of suggestions:

    -Compatibility with the PS3 is absolutely essential, given that this blog is referenced through the Information Board all the time. Videos cannot be watched on this site and, worse yet, I cannot even login- when I enter my information and hit the login button the system just freezes. Well, not entirely: I can still open the PS button menu to turn the system off so I can restart it.

    -Format options for posts. Written language itself does not provide emphasis and intonation. The ability to use ‘underline,’ ‘italics,’ and such to emphasize (sp?) points.

    -In a similar vein: the ability to pick out the smilies we’d like to use- at the moment I’m not entirely sure how to make some of them. Having a drop down menu might be nice. (And maybe improved smilies too- the happy smilie :) looks really… weird.)

    -A rating system (Thumbs Up/Down) would be especially nice so that we can all vote down annoying people like willacuz (#7 at the moment).

    -A little rougher registration process. I know that sounds like a strange request, but if you set the bar a bit (lot) higher to post here, registering just to spam would be a lot less attractive.

    -This might negate that last point, but integrating this with the site so that we can use our IDs from there to post here would be nice.

    -Continue to not offer the ability to respond directly to others’ post. That would be an absolute disaster considering the intent of this site.

    -Weekly developer blogs. Just a developer stopping by once a week and letting us know how it’s going. I enjoy reading about the “Making Of” stuff. I especially like what the Full Moon Show does, though I’m not suggesting you go that far (you should :P ). (By the way, the silly face is another one that looks very… weird.)

    -Change up the look of the site from time to time. A fresh look is always is nice. Heck, if you just rotated through a few every once and awhile it would be nice.

    -Developer spotlights for the smaller (really small) developers out there looking for some recognition (and/or publicity).

    -Keep up the good work. :D

    Some of these might be (are) harder to implement than others, but I think these would be good ideas. Plus, I think it provides some fuel for the fire. :D I intend to enjoy this site for a long time to come.

    Thank you.

    • Wow, talk about a laundry list. There are a couple of things that you mention that we are actually working on. Some take longer than others, of course, but feel free to take credit when some of them become reality :-)

  • @Jeigh
    Some good ideas up there bud.

  • @enewtabie (37)

    I like your post too. XD

  • The only suggestion I have is to get more people to speak to us. Don’t get me wrong Jeff you do an outstanding job but responding to the posts isn’t a one person job, it should be a team effort!

    With that said, I am having problems with passwords. No one else is changing them because I receive no email. The one you gave me Jeff didn’t work when I tried to sign in again. I had to use the lost password recovery and I still can’t change the one it gives me. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Scratch that I tried a radical new technique of deleting my cookies.

  • How about an RSS reader for the PS3 similar to the one for the PSP. We could then do alot more on the PS3.

  • if Home comes out this year it would be cool to somehow check out whats happnin on the blog usin ur virtual PSP, or maybe have a special room for blog members were we can meet up an talk bout the latest blog.

  • By the way, I thought I’d point out that the only reason I included my ideas is that you asked for them. That, by the way, is something that the community would really love more of: asking for our input. It’s such an unbelievably wonderful feeling when you one of your ideas gets noticed and affects something like the PlayStation. That would certainly shove you head and shoulders above… Well, actually it would push you well past the competition to the point that you would be standing ON the head and shoulders of the competition.

    I know there’s some cynicism in business towards the public in terms of knowing what they want, but getting the idea into our heads that we’re doing more here than flapping our virtual gums would be a good thing. We’re like an untapped source of free mind labor. Brainstorming will never be the same and would be the innovator thereof. How’d you like a Nobel Prize? :P

    That’s my $0.99. (Inflation is an unfortunate sideaffect of a recession. Another being so many game studios shutting down. Seems to me that those are simply really cheap acquisitions waiting to be made. Of course, this is one thing that cheap mind labor should not be used for. )

  • Actually, I just read my last comment (43) and I read it how you must have read it: thinking the entire time “Yeah, ’cause there aren’t any problems with that idea.” I basically posted the same thing that I myself would pity… The ability to edit and/or delete posts would be a nice thing too. XD

  • “Who knows what lies ahead in the future? The Sony knows.”

    Well, EvoAnubis knows a bit too. Next week should be VERY interesting around here.

  • The Playstation Blog is the Best!!!!!
    Congratz Sony your doing a great job!

    P.S. FireFox Forever!!!!!!!
    DOWN WITH MICROCENT’S Internet Exploder BS!!!!

  • @EvoAnubis


  • Good job guys. I love this place, been here since day one. Keep up the great work.

    Off topic. Firefox is great, dont have a problem with safari either, its that internet explorer that sucks ass. :)

  • hey jeff bout that firefox comment,
    i use the ps3 browser more to look at the blog :]

    • As do about 10% of you. I we\’re exploring options to help people like you see our video stories.

  • Nice little addition to the site. Keep up the great work.

    But I have one quick question. Will we ever be able to have RSS feeds on the PS3, similar to what the PSP has? We just recent recieved the [save to target] ability in the PS3’s web browser, which was a welcome addition. Thanks in advance if you respond.

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