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Last week, we welcomed into the PlayStation.Blog family. In case you missed it, here’s what the point man for everything SOCOM went over this week:

Not bad for a first week, eh? Head on over to for more updates.

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  • I want to confront my SOCOM need today.. alas, I shall wait until she launches.

  • cool
    anything new about this one,any new feature or anything??

    this high on my list

  • I have seen the early video releases that were done. Is this game going to be great or even better than COD4. It probably has more stuff but what about the graphics. i have played other games similar to COD4 and they just don’t cut it. COD4 has really set the bar. And according to previous articles they state that Sony aims t better COD4 in every way.

  • FYI

    When you click the link to: “Developer Bio: Slant Six Games -”

    You get a broken link and error message:

    Error 404 – File not Found
    Sorry, but the page you were looking for could not be found.

    Looking forward to this game,

    • thanks for the heads up, weird glitch there, but we should be fine now (after a refresh for some of you).

  • This game is to me like metal gear and GTA is to others.One of the reasons I decided to go with the PS3

  • The site is great i am glad Sony is doing so much for Socom the last month or so i hope they keep it up for the future. I think this game is the best online 3rd person shooter of all time i hope it stays number 1.

  • Gun of the week link is broken.

    On topic this will be first SOCOM since 2 and I do look forward to it. Even moreso with the focus on teamwork via clans.

  • Is that picture in game? Or is that pre-rendered?

  • Actually, all of the links are broken :(

  • Links are broken Jeff.

  • @ 8

    No its not here is some early game play of SC

  • I know this is a little early but when do you think we will find out what Zipper is doing will it be at either Sony’s Gamers Day or E3.

  • Wow, I was just at and was reading the post. Then I was thinking it would be really cool to have an update here with all the posts, so people who missed it get a chance to see it. But, now I don’t have to suggest it. Jeff’s a mind reader :-O

  • nice, i hope the game is coming along well,
    i have high expectations for it.

  • I loaded My socom ca disk on my ps3 tell you the truth its not the same anymore playing from cod4 to socom ca its a big jump now i am awaiting for confrontation I really hope you can beat cod4 graphics because tell you the truth cod4 isn’t all that to me :-) thanx

  • These guys are doing a great job with Tons of updates and I’ll be honest, I’m surprised. Our community is not exactly used to this kind of attention.

    I run a SOCOM fansite ( and they are giving me a run for my money. ;)

  • I cannot wait until this game comes. I am with Evil empire, the SOCOM team had it easy for about 5 years with the best 3rd person shooter. I never thought i would wonder if the next Socom would be good enough, but with COD4 and GTAIV coming, they had better bring their A game. If they allow first and third person, with gun site imaging and lean out function, we will be set up for a while. If they fail to step it up, or if the graphocs are not there i will not feel the need to buy this game as i have in the past. With Socom, GTA IV, Gran Tursmo 4, and Little Big Planet coming, i expect to see the PS3 at the top of the food chain in less than 2 years. Good work and keep on keepin it real.

  • @ Jeff,
    I have mistekenly hit “Logout” instead of “Submit” more than once and ended up trying to figure out what my password is. Is there any way to have the log-out tab moved to a different location, or give us the old “Are you sure you wat to log out? You will need to re-enter your password to log back in” warning prior to actually logging out? I know i should have the Password written down or know what it is, but i am just a gamer and not that competent :) Thanks for your time.

  • Looks good actually. I’ve never got to play a Socom game but I know what the game is about and love tactical shooters, epically 3rd person. I’ll check this out if I ever get a PS3. :)

  • @19

    ‘Get free PS3 Games/Controllers!”

    lol wut!?

    You are so banned dude, and I’m glad :)

  • Might we get some cool SOCOM content on the PS store soon? IE a trailer? in game videos? wallpapers? Themes? That kind of thing?

    Also: Will there be a demo of this game? Or is it going to be like WarHawk and you will have to buy it and try it?

  • i can’t wait for SOCOM but i want a trailer to keep me busy in the summer(watching it over and over again LoL) anyway SOCOM is looking great can’t wait!

  • I’m really glad is available to us and from the looks of things it is going to be updated very frequently. The community thanks you!!

    I can’t wait to pick up my copy of EGM next week!!

    Socom:Confrontation = Day 1

  • mayby we need a new video u guys using a sniper rifle :-) i wanna see that 50 cal doing its job :-) plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thats my fav sniping gun thats all what i use with the model 18 nobody can touch u ;_0

  • Socom! Socom! Socom! she finally cometh!!!

  • So, erm, am I right in saying that this is indeed a “full” version of socom? Or is there meant to be a full version next year, and this is one of those lame sort of downloadable half-games… ?

  • Hey Jeff can ya put in a good word for me with the SOCOM team please.

    But really this game is going to be outstanding!
    I cant wait for a real taste of that M-60E3. Lol

  • TwoBlack4America

    Can’t wait for even more news on SOCOM..

  • This Reminds me, Does anyone know::


  • SOCOM is cool

  • I’m definitely looking forward to SOCOM. Hopefully this multi-player only title will be priced reasonably. If not, then I’ll just wait for the full game. This year is starting to look like it’s all about double dipping for Sony. Release half a game then rerelease the full version a few months later. I’m not feeling this system at all.

    “Just got my DS3/Sixaxis controller from Gamestop and its awesome. It doesn’t feel cheap!”

  • How much could a blog, blog. If a blog could blog blog?

    If a blog, blog could blog. It would blog as much as the PSblog. :)

  • Any new screens?

  • Jeff, Is it true Rock Band is a 6 month 360 exclusive in Europe?

  • I wonder how the clan system has been upgraded
    for HOME.
    I also hope HOME has uniforms for our virtual selves to where. uniforms that show my rank in warhawk an socom.
    Peace Sony

  • @daviddoel

    they did the same thing when CA launched. lots of updates and info on the socomblog web site, the when the game hit the street, they abandoned the site, the game, and the customers. Don’t be surprised when it happens again.

  • This is going to be my 1st socom…don’t mess it up.

  • @ XxBigP123xX – don’t overhype yourself and you wont be let down mate! good luck with that.


  • @39
    because there is a mosque on the screenshot doesnt mean they are fighting islam.
    the mission could be to defend it or it could just be there for detail in the scenario. you should ask, what role does the mosque have and if its against islam then please remove it

  • This is great! I like the idea of having a week in review for people who might of missed anything. Excellent work!


    I have been short of money the past few months. if this game is not BETTER than COD4….. i’m prob not gonna get it….. and im not the only one. infact, if this game doesnt 1up COD4 I think it will get bad reviews…. so please make the game PERFECT…. I’m sorry if that came out a little bit harsh, but these days its a F*ed up world.

  • I have a feeling this game is going to be like Warhawk. Once you get the hang of it you’ll never be able to put the controller down.

    Some people don’t like how some games only have an online feature. Me on the other hand when a game has both I go to the online portion right away.

    It’s partly why I haven’t finished Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s campaign yet.

  • Please release a video, it usually gives me a much more accurate expectation.

  • I cant wate for this game to come out. Ive bought all the socom games that have ever come out. I wonder how the clan system has been changed in this socom. RELEASE A VIDEO IM GONNA DIE.

    p.s Can you please put word through…..i really want to be in the beta please please please.

  • Hello SONY…….. It’s your favorite consultant signing on…….
    First things first, you all as a company need to admit that the real reason why the PS3 struggled right out of the gate was because the company had no such plans to release the system that early. If everything would have gone according to plan, without Microsoft spoiling anything, the PS3 wouldn’t have seen the light of day until perhaps 2009 to 2011. That is why the PS3 almost became this company’s first “failing” playstation computer entertainment system. You may ask how I have surmised this? It is easily plain to see, however. The ads for the PS3 right out of the gate were atrocious at best. The direction of advertising was also atrocious at best. The whole “power theme” of the PS3 was atrocious at best. Early Commercials for games like resistance and motorstorm were absolutely atrocious and did not vindicate the $600 price tag for the PS3. Then take Blu-ray, for example, which was also advertised and marketed completely wrong. I don’t know what the hell was going on at SONY Corp., but they almost let this one slip by. Then there was Ken Kutaragi who mades things worst suggesting that PS3 be highly marketed for it blu-ray functionality. Then there were the stupid comments people in the company made. For example, take the CEO Howard Stringer making the comment that “if the PS3 loses it was only because it was the “mercedes” of the gaming industry. Those were some of the silliest and most irresponsible comments made from reps from this company in a long time. Then also take the fact that you guys trusted the SONY brand name as well as the playstation brand name to sell consoles. Oh, who could forget launch, absolutely horrid. People were stabbed, shot, robbed, and mugged while purchasing their new PS3 consoles. I think another mistake the company made was at E3 06′. We just had to say that next-gen started with us and not the competition, bad move. With all the hype that surrounded around the PS3, such things like the Cell and its super-computer like calculations, the idea that PS3 was more nex-gen or true nex-gen than the competing platform to the insanely high price point, all of these were factors in the humble start of the PS3. Then there was the slow sales in the company’s homeland of Japan, a place that the PS3 should have dominated in. Indeed SONY, the PS3 was a rush job and it put the whole company including the parent company in panic and rush as well. For the time in 10 years+ the company was now losing money. Yeah, it was definetly tough, I tell you. The good news, however, is that this company has already seen its “darkest days” come to an end. And it was through these dark days that we came to see what we are really made of. No doubt, this is one of the toughest and most resilient companies on planet earth. In one dark year for this company, we have learned lessons that will benefit us for a lifetime. The company is “finally back on track” and now

  • everything seems to be moving right along. Everything just seems to be getting back to normal at SONY and I am very happy and pleased with that. It feels like the company has regained its confidence and gotten its swaggar back. And it time we show the world why this company is like no other.

    SONY…….like. no. other.


  • not-buying-incognito

    SOCOM IS SO BAAADDAZZZZ. CAN’T believe more people aren’t interested..

  • Yea still getting that glitch

    Error 404- File Not Found

    Cant wate till the game! Can you put a word through jeff?


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