This April Fooling Anybody?

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Hear any strange announcements today? I came into work feeling horribly out of the loop. How could I have somehow slept through the meeting where we talked about a new PS3 console with no Blu-ray drive or Home’s surprise debut in Japan. Oh wait, they’re April Fool’s jokes, and very realistic-seeming ones at that.

The gaming industry puts on some of the best AFD jokes, and Joystiq is doing the best CSI work, keeping a running prank tally. Destructoid Foxtoid has taken the opposite approach, with (generally) hilarious results.

Actually, this last one is real – the PlayStation (inspired) faucet. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever actually wanted a tap before – but I wouldn’t mind having one of these, provided I could actually afford it.

Lesson learned: don’t believe anything you read on the internet today. Or, you know, ever (except here).

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  • You got me thinking. How do we know the whole “no content updates for 2 weeks” isn’t an April Fools joke and the store is coming sooner than we think? You know, the PlayStation Store was down for maintenance today, but I guess its really nothing without the firmware update.

    Hmm. Too much thinking.

    • Nope, it\’s not a joke. But I did see a near-finished build of the store today – and it is soooo nice. Can\’t wait to show it off here on the Blog.


  • What if this entire blog posting is a joke…

  • a PlayStation faucet?? Dude, I’ve got to get me one of those….. don’t tell me, yours is on preorder. ;-) btw, did you see Wikipedia’s featured article for today? (if its not there, just click on the “Archives” button below the current article.)

  • Hey Jeff, is it possible at all to release the Stay Alive Portal Track for Rock Band on the Playstation Store before the 17th???

    It sucks having to wait the 2 weeks while 360 owners have gotten it today… :(

    But I see the positives at the end of the wait…
    Just that wish I had the track now…

    And kudos to Playstation.Blog for keeping their Dignity today…

    • It literally is not possible. Expect a backlog of this kind of stuff to flood in when the Store reopens. And expect to browse it in a shiny new interface.

  • Hey Jeff, do you know when the Metal Gear Saga 2 DVDs/MGO beta will be at gamestop or other retailers?

  • LOL… well, the best one so far was from IGN the movie trailer from Zelda and the second for me is from MGS4 with assasins creed costume.

  • There have been some doozies this year.

  • @ Jeff

    I have been calling my local GameStop non-stop for MGS Saga 2,0 DVD (pre-ordered LE). And yet, they seem clueless about it, any idea why?

    I would be so pissed if I did not get the DVD and the BETA!

  • I got rick rolled by clicking a video on the front page of Youtube :(

  • Oh Man!

    They really got me this morning before work!

    I had just gotten up and had a quick look at the news on Google News- and right there on the Sci-Tech news was the $150 Ps3 sans Blu-ray..

    not until halfway through my shower did I realize

    1) all PS3 games are on Blu-ray discs!

    2) It was April Fools Day!


    I’m glad you guys did a blogpost on this!


  • @stefen – it’s not happening, but I can see why there’s so many April Fools rumors about Home considering how we haven’t heard anything about it since it was delayed to this spring at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show in like September.

    Jeff, I know you’re not allowed to give us any release dates on Home, and I bet even all the people working on it don’t know when it will be done, but you could give me an extremely vague release window like it’ll be coming sometime before the Playstation 4, just to keep my spirits up of its continued existence. Or maybe don’t give me a release window, but instead give me an extremely vague response to this message which could have potential hints and clues in it, but really doesn’t. Everyone that’s anticipating the release of Home loves those, mostly just because they’re all the info that we get from you guys on Home.

  • Please Jeff, when can we expect to hear any kind of Home news

  • Apparently the joke is on your customers who bought the PS3 version of Rock Band instead of the 360 version. No new tracks for 2 weeks? Way to treat your customers right.

  • Thanks Jeff! Now I have something to tell the believers that are on the Home Forums.

  • Are you saying the internet lied to me??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • Yeah, its a shame that all the info we have on Home is from rumors. We have heard nothing on it for a while now. This whole tight lipped business in my mind is bogus. It just hurt the rapport you have with the Sony faithful. All I want is for Sony to be honest, if its not ready its not ready, just say so. Keep us in the loop with progress, stop delaying stuff all the time and pushing back schedules last min. As far as the open beta, its a joke. You have many people who are eager and willing to provide meaningful input to make the experience better. Most of these people don’t even have the opportunity to provide this service. Anyways I am not saying anything that hasn’t been said before. With all the major Sony icons leaving, it doesn’t make the situation any better. I expect another delay honestly. Remember, it takes months-years to build rapport, but only a fraction of that time to ruin it.

  • I got to tell you Jeff, this wait for the store is killing me! Can we not get some new pics or a video. Two weeks!! Its going to kill some of us. :-(

  • Hey Jeff, any info about when the PSN cards will be available?

    I have been wanting to buy some rockband songs and online games since the console´s release and i havent been able to due to the lack of said cards.

  • a release date on Home would be nice. If i have one piece of advice to Sony, is stop being so secretive. You saw how much good PR this blog and the openness and friendliness of it brought you, why not extend that openness and give us more specifics about the PS Store, HOME, FW updates, the status on in-game XMB, etc. stop being so secretive, it only hurts your image

  • HOME is starting to really turn into a joke, seriously……..delay, delay, delay just say its coming on launch day with the ps4. home shouldnt have been announced last year

  • @tecknical

    Yeah, Sony being communicative with fans and giving official news give the PR that Sony needed. But since this is off topic I will not talk about that. Just wanted to share the videos that I mentioned before..

    About the MGS with assasins creed

    the Zelda one:

  • I guess the JOKE’s really on ME. WHy Jeff, because I made a reference about this
    in a thread the weekend and got BANNED from the forums. Right after Your Higher ups called me from Foster City, to tell me that my PSN is safe from hackers now and that I could post a thread about it. Thanks guys. Thanks for banning me from all the help I give people. Thanks for banning me from the new Socom Forums. Thanks. I love jokes.

    • I don\’t run the forums, PSPGUY, or the SOCOM blog. You\’re cool here as long as you keep it on topic.

  • Any word on if Square Enix will finally release the US versions of the Final Fantasy PSone games? I mean we all know and love Final Fantasy, but it sucks that both the UK, and Japanese store get them and we don’t! I mean what dose that say for the PS3 in the US where we are the only ones who still have and will for the future have B/C with most PS2 games.

    I just want start right off at the start of the Final Fantasy saga, as well as take a few jumps to the Final Fantasy: Crisis Core on the PSP (Tryed to buy it today but my local target was sold out!) Oh well God Of War will get my by till I get into the Final Fantasy goodness!

  • Jeff do you watch Big Brother.I hate april fools day

  • April fools is such a great day, mostly towards my gullible friends. Some crazy game rumors I read too, I actually got excited when I read that Jak&Daxter would be making a debut on the PS3, forgetting that it’s April 1st and when I figured out it was a joke I had a ” should of had a V8″ moment lol. Btw, I can’t wait to see what you’re gonna show of the new store. Possibly a movies section? lol

  • geez this blogpost has gone WAAAAY off topic!

    back on topic,

    The Zelda movie trailer is amazing…SOMEBODY put a lot of time into that just for a joke!!


    Anoyone know how they place Altair into MGS in that video?

    Recompositing in Maya or Poser? they did a great job though!

  • Hey Jeff, do you know if the new store has those cool effects the singstore has ?

    In case people dont know what im talking about

    • There are certain elements in common (as the screen shots make apparent). You\’ll see more movement in the forthcoming video.

  • Maybe if SONY were to live up to some of its promises, it wouldn’t be so easy for people to make AFD jokes about the PS3.

  • The best joke of the day was the Assassin’s Creed MGS4 crossover.

  • Home AFD jokes are the worst this year. Seriously. It’s the worst thing you could do to a ps3 owner. Darkzero should burn for that one.

  • @frito

    Yeah… but we can’t forget that kojima was a fan of assasins creed… well, at least in the interview in a while but most important is that that is really the gameplay of MGS ans it’s just awesome.

    By the way I’m with you with the off topic thing.

  • April Fool’s is so ’80’s. Can you imagine in this current day and age, someone pulling an April fool’s joke, like for real, in person? It’d be so passe and eyes would roll. I suppose that’s why it’s so popular on the internet now. I hate reading fake news.. too much of it in one day gets… old.

  • Jeff!!
    i got a question, when the new store comes out how long will the old store be down? will this affect online gaming? and will things stop coming out like a week be4 or anything? or will we wake up and turn on the ps3 and see that it was updated? Just was wondering

    • OK, we\’re getting way off topic, but I\’ll answer one more (and then I\’m going home!).

      This does not affect online gaming. You should be able to play Warhawk (with the new patch) tomorrow no problem. Etc.

      There will be a firmware update available when the new store is ready to go, and then you\’ll have it. In the meantime, you can still browse and purchase existing content.

  • Hey Jeff, do you happen to know how much longer we must wait till we can see the store in action (meaning a video)? This 2 weeks of waiting is killing me, especially with no updates. =\

  • you know, the no blu-ray ps3 sounds real.

    I mean, xbox did it with the ‘arcade system’

    So I actually thought that was real for a while lol

  • I hope when the store comes back all pretty and stuff we get an update with all the PS1 games the ESRB have all ready rated.

  • @ 36

    How could it be real when all PS3 games are on Bluays? ;-]

  • April Fool’s is a horrible day for gaming. So many non-gamers or casual gamers get fooled. :(

    I had a guy who actually defended the fact a PS3 with no BD drive is coming out. I kept laughing, but he couldn’t stop believing it.

  • Was anyone else actually kind of excited by a $150 PS3? The first few moments that I saw the news I never even though of April fool’s day, but now that I know it was a joke I’m kind of sad

  • Is it possible to know if we’re going to be able to listen to our music on our HDD while checking out the new store??Being that its not browser based…

  • Thanks Jeff, I knew you’d be cool with me. You and Kelly, and Sopie. Oh and grace. you are the best.
    just one other part of the april fools day joke, I’d like to comment on. The Sony Announces $150 No Blu-ray PS3, Downloadable Games. Sounds alot like the PS9. PlayStation 9.It is real. Ask about that one today.

  • Thanks for the help Jeff, sorry it was kind of off topic

  • The reason for why you can download old content up until right away before the new store is released is because they are two different things…. (current = online application, while future one is an application contained on the PS3 itself), and they won’t be deleting(if that is what they will do) the old one, until the new one is up for grabs.

    Sorry if thats gibberish, but I think that’s the gist of it :|

  • thanks for the update.

  • most of them can be easily figured out if you just think for two seconds. like the bluray-less ps3…when most ALL ps3 games are on bluray discs? or the PSP guitar hero…uh…oooohhhhh k.

    OR the japan home beta…like we wouldn’t of heard of it before today?

    i pretty much don’t believe anything i hear/read or that’s announced on april fool’s day.

  • I just don’t trust the internet on April Fools day.

  • Well, my PS3 decided to stop reading discs today. I hoped it was an April Fools joke by Sony but it’s not. Actually, I guess it is joke, on me though, cause now I have to pay to have it fixed PLUS miss GT5 on launch day AND GTA on launch day.

    Talk about bad luck .. I’ll always remember this April Fools day.

  • Haha I know excacly when the new store is coming out for #34.

    Wanna know when? 12:00AM EST.

    How do I know? Goto the current store then goto “Veiw all” then look at the banner :)

    Im a good spy.

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