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What makes your house feel like home? For many of the readers of this blog, the answer probably includes your living room video game set-up. Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals just moved into their new home – Nationals Park – and they, too, have a killer gaming den: The PlayStation Pavilion.

Located in the “Strike Zone” near the Center Field Gate, this 3000 square foot PS3 paradise is a good reason to get to the stadium early. Opening 2 ½ hours before the first pitch, Nationals supporters (or visiting Phillies or Mets fans) can duke it out in MLB 08 The Show, test drive Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, or – and I’m sure this will be entertaining after several innings’ worth of beer sales – try out the Guitar Hero III and SingStar stages. Some SingStar singers will actually end up on the JumboTron!

The PlayStation Pavilion will be open for all 81 home games this season, so if you’re a baseball or gaming fan in the DC area, make sure you stop by. In the meantime, check out these photos from Opening Day, or watch the story by DC’s ABC 7 News. Play ball!


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  • Sounds fun but I don’t live too close. I’ll have to stick to Jacob’s Field.. Woops I mean, Progressive Field >.>

  • Bet they are hitting foul balls galore.

    That’s all I seem to hit when playing.

  • They should probably watch those pretty closely. I would imagine vandalism could very well be a problem.

  • Im not a baseball fan but its a great way to get the PS3 out to the public.

  • This is a great way to show the well rounded game library on the PS3. Shows off the family friendly titles with Singstar and Guitar Hero, along with the amazing looking Gran Turismo and highest rated Baseball game.

    Are they planning on doing this at other parks too? Pretty cool idea, especially the Singstar singers on the jumbo tron.

  • so is this playstation pavillion a done deal? as in, is it going to stay at nationals park for more than one season? Or is this just a one year deal? Any plans on bringing this to other baseball stadiums? I don’t visit DC much since I’m in Texas…

    • Just talked to the promotions team: they are currently exploring the idea of spreading this to other teams/sports in the future – we’ll keep you posted about new developments in that, um, arena.

      Also, it\’s \”at least\” a 1 year contract in DC.

  • My set up is better. Far better.

  • TwoBlack4America

    I heard about this part of the new stadium.Looks pretty cool.I would go there if I lived in D.C…

  • how bout yankee stadium. guess would wait til the new stadium is up and runnin though.

  • “What makes your house feel like home?”

    PlayStation HOME makes it feel like home. But we’re HOMEless. Sorry I couldn’t resist ;)

  • I live in DC. Nationals Park is actually a great stadium. And they had a fantastic christening on Sunday with Zimmerman’s walk-off homer. I will definitely be checking out the Playstation Pavilion when the Mets come to town. Thanks

  • That’s pretty cool :)

    Although i bet it will always be full ;) lol

  • Uhhmmm…As a Yankee Fan…How about we get a PlayStation Pavilion in the Bronx?

  • lol That’s pretty SWEET! I just wish I lived near it… : (

    Oh, well… I love how Sony’s promoting the system in Public more often! If they keep this up… I’ll be able to play heavenly sword in a “Sony Spot” at the mall!!! (That would be pretty awesome!!!!)

  • one thing i just want to make sure this isnt a april fool joke so is it?

  • Wow that’s really nice!! Any chance Seattle could get in on some of that?? :D

  • sweet – this is just sweet

  • I was there for Opening Day on Sunday and did check out the Playstation Pavilion. Pretty cool stuff. However, at least the GT Prologue setup I had something crazy on the steering wheel configuration–way oversensitive, every touch of the wheel sent the car spinning in a circle. I’ve played GT before, I know it’s a precise game, but that was nuts. Still, it was a cool setup and fun to play some of the games (especially since I showed up about 4 hours early for the game). Will new games be rolled out there over time?

  • Need one in every town. LOL AND ONLY ON PLAYSTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey wait now that i think about it sony is already with the yankees. well last season atleast they always had ads in the stadiums. so yankee stadium is perfect place for you guys lol.

  • @ #21

    i am also hoping they do something like this with the new yankee stadium.

    they already have the huge HDNA sign out in right field.

  • I just wanna live in America. Here on Brazil you will never stuff like this in our soccer stadiuns :(

    BUT is really cool see those people waiting to play MLB.

    Next week I will play in my PS3!

  • How about San Francisco? The Metreon is very close to the ballpark.

  • I’ve got season tickets to the Nationals, and was there for the exhibition on Saturday and the Opener on Sunday. The Playstation Pavilion is great, I’ll have to try out GT5 when They’re back in town on the 7th…the line was way to long when i was there this weekend…Would’ve missed too much of the game


  • This is a sweet addition to the new stadium. Gotta love Deez Nats!

  • Wow, something for the district finally. I work right across the street (FREE PARKING FTW!). I’ll be keeping my eye out for new info if there will be any contests/give-aways there.

  • I doubt anyone’s still reading this – but the Pope is coming to Nats stadium on Thursday, April 17. I know, I was surprised the big dawg himself wouldn’t be at home checking out the new PLAYSTATION Store redesign and GT5: Prologue. But, will the stadium-sized mass be treated to some PS3 action? I’m pretty sure you all can put a hymn in SingStar.
    Fo real though – the Pope will actually be there, think about it. What better press for Sony than the blessing of the Roman Catholic Church (after the whole Resistance thing, they’re ready to make nice).

  • Sony………

    Wow, amazing, stupendous, and breathtaking.

    In short, PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system is by far and none, the greatest playstation that this company has put together. PS3 is not only the best playstation from SCEI but it is hands down the FUTURE and BEYOND. Hence the slogan, PLAY BEYOND for the PS3. This machine is freakin amazing and I can easily see it still going strong in the year 2017 and possibly 2018!!!!!!!!

    Very proud of you Sony, very proud!!!!!!!

    P.S.–Can’t wait, I will soon be the proud owner of a SONY Vaio laptop computer!


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