Now Ready For Confrontation

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Green up, it’s time to go.

I’m happy to announce that SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation will be hitting store shelves and the PLAYSTATION Store on September 16th, 2008. You’ll be able to download it from your couch or pick up a copy at your favorite brick-and-mortar and get to business.

As we approach the release of SOCOM: Confrontation on the PS3 this September, we are very excited to announce the all new SOCOM community site:

We’ve been working for some time to grow and expand our support for the SOCOM community. The initial phase of (Phase 1) will launch with the official Blog and Message Boards dedicated to the world of SOCOM. The Blog will be the place to go for the latest updates on everything SOCOM related; including screenshots, video, behind-the-scenes blogs and more. It will also give us a method to directly communicate with the SOCOM community. You can sound off in either the comments section for each post or in the message boards. We have agents gathering intel and dev team members will respond when they can.

When SOCOM Confrontation is released, we are planning to deploy Phase 2 of a whole new website which will integrate your SOCOM Confrontation experience onto the web. We’ll have more information on Phase 2 as we get closer to release.

Unfortunately, my hands are currently tied and we cannot provide any new screens or video due to a certain exclusive which is about to hit. Rest assured, we are going to bombard you with new media soon enough.

P.S. We are looking for a select few to provide early feedback on SOCOM: Confrontation in an upcoming Private Beta test. Only the top contributors at the Official SOCOM Blog will be selected. We are on the look out for people who have intense knowledge of all the previous SOCOM games and can also demonstrate their leadership in the Message Boards and Comments section. More details soon.

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  • just 1 question.

    how much?

    well, 2 questions. will be there any differences betwen the 2 versions? any makin of or any extra content in the retail copy?

  • is down people, and the game will be like 40 on the PSN and 60 for retail disc like Warhawk

  • Awesome news and cannot wait. :D

  • I think the later release date is good news… Hopefully the beta version can be ready.

    Nice to see there will be this integrated site.

  • My bads, is back up, but yeah phase two of the site sounds great.

  • Yes so there is a beta. I sure hope i can get into the beta. Will there be like a list of poll questions to find out wether you have a lot of knowledge of the socom franchise or do you simply have to show that you post a lot and know a lot?

  • @2

    40 ? nice. i’ll be downloading it then. the extra content in warhawk was *bleep* ( 2 videos that anyone can watch on gametrailers).

    the headset was nice thou

  • It is supposed to come bundled with that official Sony headset..Anyways site looks good and I cannot wait for this game!! Her is to hoping MGO can keep me busy until September!

  • Very nice, how much?

  • Thanks Seth! Hope to hear from you more as we move closer to the launch.

  • oh yeah (does a pelvic thrust)

  • Fantastic! I have been a hardcore SOCOM fanatic since day 1. I hope the new website receives more attention than it’s predecessor.

  • Crazy cool news, I cant wait for this to come out and pull me away from RSV2 and its half ass nonsense.

  • Now that’s what I’m talkin bout. Disc based games are so last gen IMO. Continue giving all first party games a downloadable purchase option.

    Looks like it’s gonna be one hell of a fall for shooters on the 3:
    SOCOM in September
    KILLZONE in October
    RESISTANCE 2 in November

    *keeps fingers crossed*

  • Nice! Can’t wait!

    @ 14

    Yeah fall is going to be big! :)

  • i was looking forward to a invite only beta similar to socom 2 beta or even the recent Warhawk beta.

  • Sounds good for those interested. I’m no fan of online games, but I know that there are plenty of people out there greatly anticipating this.

  • Great news!

    Are you going to bundle the BD version with a new headset?

  • WELL WELL finally something on SOCOM confrontation YEAH YEAH ! I am a loyal SOCOMER… BETA tested both SOCOM 2 and SOCOM 3 and would love the oppurtunity to beta test another ! love to SOCOM franchise and with the new and also upcoming community feature .SOCOM will comeback to the game my fellow socomers and myself fell in love with in the first place…If I don’t make the BETA this time around definately look for LOCO209 online when it’s released …

  • Awesome, I would love the chance to test your game. I have always been a big fan of socom since the first one came out.

  • AUSTRALIA 1 for LIFE!!

  • This is great. I would love to be a beta tester for the game. I am a huge Socom fan and can’t wait for the game.

  • Well now I’ll be leaving my 2 cents in all the posts! Hopefully I don’t come off as begging for a beta invite. Did I mention I’ve played all the SOCOM’s since day 1? :-p

  • Great stuff Seth!

    I now have some competition for my blog which is definitely a good thing. The more people on the web discussing SOCOM, the better. I’m glad the community keeps on receiving more and more attention.

  • Is that a Worldwide release date or just for US?

  • dam will you guys have a beta like ea is having with battlefield? you know give a fews beta codes to give out?And dont say it not possible on playstation 3 i seen the redeem code thing in account mag please open it up b4 the fall i cannt wait til fall i have every socom.

  • Karate Kid go jump off a bridge.

  • website gives error… :(

  • also i cannt get in the site

  • Pwning you all this September.
    Socom Confrontation: A real Man’s war!

  • I am one of the biggest fans of Socom. I have played SOcom from number 1 all the way to CA. I loved every single one of them. Im an unfortunate to not be able to own a PSP so i couldnt play the PSP socom titles. But i would love to be in the beta. I am gonig to camp out for this since i want the blu ray disc version.

  • Can’t wait for this, I love SOCOM 1/2 and can’t play FPS shooters….

  • Please tell me you will be adding a face mapping option with our PS Eyes.

  • Great new’s I perfer The Blueray disc versions of all games. WHY? Becouse people can’t SELL a download. OH that’s great I spent $60 for a game That after 6 months it get’s old and all I got was a download. Download’s will not replace Blueray disc and I don’t care what anybody say’s (SEAGATE).

  • WTB Rock Band songs on Tuesday PST.

  • @vandam Agreed 110%.

  • Awesome!

    Any idea when we’ll get some info on the DRM for the downloadable version of the game? I’m not going to make the same mistake that I did with Warhawk and purchase a game digitally if I can only use it on one of my three family PS3 user accounts. >>

  • Does anyone know if the closed beta is for the US only or does the whole community have a chance.

  • @The Karate Kid and other spammers:

    You really don’t understand what a BLOG is do you? this is NOT a forum. This is NOT a suggestion list. There are already Playstation forums hosted on their website.

    A BLOG is for people to LOG their activities on the WEB. WEBLOG = BLOG. Sony uses the BLOG exactly the way they’re supposed to — they update us on what’s new and coming out and going on with them. They don’t give us as much detail sometimes as we’d like but they didn’t give us any before.

    If you want to make suggestions or complain, USE THEIR E-MAIL, its well published. If you want to discuss the blog topics, do it here. If you want to talk about totally off-topic stuff, use the forums!

    Bye now.

    (Yeah, its called a BLOG —

  • Thanks, Hope you guys make it to E3 this year and best of luck with the game.

  • Does anyone know if confrontation is on-line only? That’s what I’ve seen so far but sometimes all you hear are rumors.

  • Sony pushes so much ONLINE Titles & features, yet Its 100 steps to invite a friend to a game, or invite friends while playing.

  • This in September, LBP In september.. Killzone 2 in September?!! Jeezuz!

  • Dearest Mr. Babcock,

    (Now that I’ve stopped laughing, I will continue.)

    This “blog” is the only official “voice” of SCEA. As consumers of a product we have every right to use this tool to communicate with SCEA. If they choose not to accept our feedback they could easily disable all comment functionality.

    The Playstation Forums are not an official voice and is only a means for the user community to communicate between each other.

    Thank you for the “lesson” in what a “blog” truly is. I’ll be sure to visit yours more often.


  • I Really hope i get to beta test, i always missed out for SOCOM 2 and 3, I’ve been a hardcore SOCOM fan since day one!

  • Dearest Mr. Babc.o.c.k,

    (Apparently your name is a banned word. I can’t guess why…)

    This “blog” is the only official “voice” of SCEA. As consumers of a product we have every right to use this tool to communicate with SCEA. If they choose not to accept our feedback they could easily disable all comment functionality.

    The Playstation Forums are not an official voice and is only a means for the user community to communicate between each other.

    Thank you for the “lesson” in what a “blog” truly is. I’ll be sure to visit yours more often.


    PS: Nice embedded music. Your “blog” feels so 1995.

  • Do u have any idea if this title will be rated T or M?

    cuz the latest SOCOM was teen i believe but there were also Mature rated games in the series

    or if ur aimin for a T game

    any info on its rating?

  • no wait i thought we where getting this game in june :-/ no now i hafto wait more Seriously u need to push the date more i need socom i breath socom i eat socom u dont understand the rest of the shooters sux like cod4 all i want is socom im just doing prestige mode on cod4 because i am bored of it i need socom :-/ arghhh! sept? nooo!

  • I’d love to be considered for the upcoming beta. I beta tested for SOCOM 2 and SOCOM 3 and have been an avid “SOCOMer” since December of 2002.

    My Clan, RMD, has been a part of the SOCOM community since January of 2003. There are still a “core” group of us who have been together the entire time.

    Clan Website:

    Here’s some of my thoughts/work on SOCOM Confrontation:

    For more, here’s a link to my username on the SCEA message board:

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  • Yeah baby! Socom news is some of the best kinds of news there is.

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