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Hey guys,

Unfortunately, North America will not have EOJ cards in time for the 3/27 release (this does not affect our players in Japan or Europe). We’ll keep you up to date on when and (more importantly) WHERE you can find the EOJ cards in the near future. Until then the download will not be available on the PlayStation Store in the US – sorry to disappoint. Stay tuned.


Since our launch, we have been nothing less than blown away from all the amazing communities sites that have sprouted all over the net. From setting up tournaments to building decks to informative card spotlights these sites cover it all. Just in case you haven’t checked any of them out yet, we wanted to make sure to highlight a few of them in this post as they are all great sources of information.

EYE OF JUDGMENT Community – a great site for general info


BLACK CUBIC – one of my personal favorites for card strategies


LBSHOOTERS – highly recommend you all register on this site and participate in some heated tournaments. LBS – we’ll be contacting you soon…


The Eye of Judgment Manager and – two sites for excellent deck building and strategy articles


These sites are great as well-


If any of them are paying attention to this blog –

“On behalf of the EOJ team, Awesome Job and THANK YOU for your support!”

We have been paying attention to all the great work and we hope we can work with you in the future. Moderators are free to send us some contact info on this post and we will be in touch.

With that I’ll end with our trailer for Set 2. It’s up on the PSN for download today so grab it if you want it. (Looks like the folks at the “I LOVE JUDGMENT” blog have it already! Well done.)

Have a great weekend! (I’m sure I won’t)

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  • Thanks for the heads up about the delay.

    Also, LBShooters is pretty good. I’m a member there, I hope more people join the tournaments so they can do them more often.

  • Hi there Mark.

    You’re probably a really busy guy but please could you take a quick look at this link and forward it on to the SCEE guys. Its a poll by us europeans who feel that its only fair we should also have a successful blog just like this one :).

    Many thanks for your time.

  • Nice, a lot of great sites there, and with the new expansions the mythos will grow even more!

    I’m glad you are realizing there is a real community building up steam here, and I’m sorry to have to say it, but..

    The superfluous $15 charge to simply play with the new cards we also have to buy is hurting the community. A lot of people see this as simple nickel and diming, a prelude of what’s to come with your marketing strategies..

    Are we expected to pay to unlock portions of the game that are already on the disc?

    I really love the game, a great marvel of technology, the Eye is amazing!

    I really was looking forward to playing with the new rules and cards…but I’m afraid I’ll have to simply not buy into the new scheme, guys, and it hurts me to so so.

    It’s just on principles. I mean, it’s not like i don’t have the money, I’ve got the game and the Eye, and around $100 worth of cards, and of course the PS3 and tons of other games.

    I’m sure you see it as, “these people have all sorts of money, another $15 is nothing!”

    and in a way, it’s true.

    but if you expect us to pay for EVERY expansion just for the great privilege to BUY MORE cards..then…….yeah.

    sorry, guys, I calls em likes i sees ’em.

    And I call SHENANIGANS!

    I’m still going to play edition one!

  • That sucks about the delay. :( But hey, thanks for letting us know…

  • Just one word:


  • Awww, oh well.

  • I need to play this game more.


    im not paying the $15 anyways

    serves you right, build it up, let people down with a cost then you cant even follow through. Someone needed to guarantee the release date before telling everyone…so much for world sync date.

  • @Mark: Just want to let you know that I’m getting 3 boxes from 3 different sources. Paid up to %50 more for one box!. My goal (or plan) was to make sure I would get at least one box within 24 hours of release day!!! Wanted so much to be on the front line on day 1. And it’s probably too late to cancel that overpaid box…

    And by the time I get my 3 boxes, half the players in the world will have a head start on us! Many weeks!!! You owe us to explain what did happen. After all, you said worldwide release many times!!!

    Read all my post on this blog. Never complained against anything… But this time, I have to say OUCH!

  • Great sites, but Eye (100% finnish, sorry, no english) was the first site to release many of the Set 2 cards featured in the trailer (every other site is using pics taken by me now).

    Just for example:;action=display;num=1206096884

  • Love this game. Still need a few cards. I don’t play it a lot, but when I do, man I love it. Keeping us informed is always a welcome. :) Enjoy your weekend.

    PS. From the looks of the last couple of blogs, I would have never guessed that so many chicks played the game. :)

  • hi mark,

    sprybry from here. thanks for the mention on the blog, and thanks for the recognition of many excellent eoj sites and their contributions to the game. definitely waiting to here from you in our forum, and to working with you and sony to do some really amazing events.

    • Sorry for never responding on your past comments. Appreciate the invite, when I find some time I\’ll jump on

  • Hi Mark,

    Just a little heart broken by the fact EOJ Expansion pack will not be able for the U.S release on March 27th really breaks my heart especially holding off on purchasing Hot Shots Golf 5 Out of Bounds.

    Further more I set aside a three day weekend for the week ending March 27th. Just for Eye of Judgment Tournments any idea how long it take to get production up to speed for the North American Release are we looking at weeks or just a couple of days?

  • Great. One more reason not to buy the expansion pack. I’m definitely not buying it now. The cards alone are way too expensive.
    I’ve spent almost 100 bucks and only got about half the cards in set 1. That is not cool.

    I’m not putting more money into this game.

  • Thanks for the heads up and appreciate letting us know :)
    Hope the delay ends shortly, we’ll all be ready when it does come out!

  • Any idea how it will work with the new improved ranking system? I guess half the world will have a huge head start on us? Can we at least get the free update so we can try to keep up with them?

  • Since the update won’t make it to the US PSN I would assume this would mean a delay of at least a week. If it was close I would assume Sony would just put it up.

    I have to assume that this means a delay of 2 weeks or more. Hopefully that’s not the case.

    Still looking forward to Set 2. Hope to see a new US ship date soon.

    Since they’re on the Japan site, how about a feature on the new Hero Phantoms?

  • I hope you guys are having a nice long talk with your business partners. Can you imagine Warner Bros. saying The Dark Knight will be delayed one week before opening? As I said in the official forum: If gaming wants to play with the big boys (outside of a oneoff like Halo or Mario) it needs to have better business practices. I know you are trying your best, and this must be a nightmare for a marketing director, but this does not seem like a good way to build more business. Good luck dealing with this situation. It can’t be fun.

    • I think gaming holds up fine against the movie industry just fine, its just a different dynamic. To most people the celebrities and big name licences make the movie world feel big. But when it comes to $$$ its close. Also, not to sell it short, but this is a digital expansion pack download and not a major product sold at retail with major advertising, so its not to much of a headache (more for me because I\’m a fan and want to see the community thrive)

  • Ok 1 question Sony…

    When are the PSN Prepaid Cards coming out??!??

    I still can’t buy from the store!!!
    (Outside of North America)

  • @avdavidw: Well, many days ago, some mega UI.S. card stores suddendly changed their release date to April 17th. So they may have known, way ahead, our future time of release…

    So my wild guess now is: April 17th. So, since I paid extra $$$ to have them shipped overnight, I should get them 27 days later then the other half of the world…

    BTW: April 17th is a thursday, how lucky is that…

  • Hi Mark,

    I would like to second the idea of the PSN Prepaid cards. We were told that starting the new year we start seeing the Playstation cards at major retail stores.

    Please keep in also a member of the RLS program and noting has been mentioned regarding the cards release dates.

  • Thanks Mark, my name is Christopher I run and a Moderator on the message boards. Thanks for all the info and if you need to get ahold of me my email is this, have a great weekend.

  • hey mark,

    feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime about a partnership with thanks.

    Brian Langer

  • Doesn’t sound like it’s Sony’s fault if Japan and Europe are getting the software update. It sounds like a problem with the physical card distribution over at Wizards of the Coast’s end

  • Mark,

    My name is Takashi.
    I write I Love Judgment Blog site.
    My contact address is

    I truly enjoy this game. It would be an honor to have partnership with you, and love to help this great game in any way I can.

  • hey mark,

    figured it was best for the entire team from to be available to you.

    Brian (moderator)
    Joshua (moderator)
    Katie (moderator)
    Christopher (moderator)
    Peter (admin)
    Lucas (admin)
    Mark (moderator)
    Alan (moderator)

    our newest mod, Chris has already posted for eojcollectors (but he’s ours as well). look forward to hearing from you soon. thanks, brother.

    sprybry aka brian

  • Since you can only restrict games to set 1 cards in unranked matches, it’s really unfair to North American players that for two weeks, they’ll be handicapped in ranked games by only having half the cards to work with that Japanese and European players do. The set 2 cards should only be usable in ranked games until the cards are available in all territories.

  • Meant to say “should only be usable in unranked games until the cards are available in all territories.”

  • Hi Mark,

    Will the free update allowing players using only set 1 cards to play against other players using set 2 cards at least still be available for download in North America on 3/27 when cards become available in Japan and Europe? I was planning on having some time to use my set 1 deck against players using decks comprised of cards from both sets 1 and 2, since I don’t think I’d be at much of a disadvantage using only set 1 cards and want to test that theory of mine. I’m assuming the free update would be available in North America on 3/27 but figured I’d ask incase for whatever reason it won’t be (although I can’t possibly imagine why it wouldn’t be, if that’s the case).

  • Hi Mark,

    Mark here from the Eye of Judgment Manager. Thanks for mentioning my site and all those other great Eye of Judgment sites here on this blog. I always keep an eye out for Eye of Judgment news here. You can always contact me at If there is anything I can to do help, just let me know.

  • Up to what card number does Wave 2 go to?

  • @rivithed: 100 new cards in set 2, so 210 cards total, including the 110 set 1 cards.

  • Finally EU gets a release ahead of the US :P

  • 1. will this game support
    custom soundtrack
    2. Will i be able access my friends list
    and invite somebody to a game

  • Sucks about the shipping I am assuming it is a printing issue which is why your weekend is gonna suck. Anyone I guess I run one of those sites up there the
    My email is Anyway thanks for the game and thanks for the shout out. Looking forward to seeing the set 2 cards hopefully is not a long wait.

  • hi mark,

    thanks for the response. i know you’re very busy, so the invite remains an open one. again i only ask that you let us know when you’re there. our team at is stoked about having you come to visit us, and the possibility of working with you and sony.
    it is a difficult time right now with grumbling over the download price, and the delay of the north american cards and game update. i feel it is important that we work together as the set 2 release hits north america to crank up the excitement about eoj again. take care, brother.

    sprybry aka brian

  • Hi from Spain again Mr Valledor, this webs are great thank for the information, but all are at english, we have a web at spanish, (what means The Scions Son´s) if anyone is guest for visit it.

    This web was born a little time ago, with time we will do great things.

    Thank You very much

  • I have a question about the update that’s not yet been addressed to my knowledge.

    I’m located in Germany, but I’m playing with a US-Version of EoJ. Will the Update from the German store work with my US-Version, or do I have to buy the update in the US-Store?

  • Is there cheating in this game? Do people make fake cards? And if so, how prevalent is it?

  • I think it’s really bad form that your double charging just to use the new cards. The download should be free and the cards should be how you make more money. How greedy are you guys? If we’re paying for an expansion it should at least come with some of the expansion cards not just the right to be able to use them. This is going to greatly limit your market. As people like me will never buy these expansion cards due to the ridiculous double charge.

  • Gotta agree with a lot of folks here, I love this game and play it often but I will not be buying into this pay-for-expansion crap. We are allready buying the cards. Why in the world would you charge for the DL??? Do you WANT half of the players to walk away from the game? And if you had to charge for it is 15$ the lowest you could go?? It wont be long before the expansion DL will cost more than the original game.

    Heres a question for you. If a new player starts playing in the middle of the 12th expansion are they going to have to buy all previous expansions at 15$ a pop or did the players who have been playing all this time just get hosed for 15$ a pop??

  • As an American gamer in the top 100…this…



    I guess I’ll…just wait.


  • Hey Mark, a super huge thank you for the shout out!

    I’m Groovester, half of the dynamic duo behind My Eye of Judgment. You can get a hold of me at Hope to chat with you in the near future!

    Thanks again!

  • It just hit me: as an NA player, I’m going to have to spend at least 2 weeks playing people who have cards that I can’t even touch yet.

    I’m ranked number 62 in the world right now. That means that in 99% of my games, I get 2 honor for a win and can lose very much honor for a loss.

    So, for at LEAST 2 weeks, I have to make a choice:

    1. Either not play, meaning that I’ll lose pace in something that I’ve worked on since the launch of this game

    2. Somehow manage to face players great and small with these new cards, including certain cards that I fear and counted on being able to counter with other new cards. With the luck factor in this game, I’ve never managed to win over 81% of my games. Seems like a good winning percentage. However, if I win 4 out of 5 of my games, that one loss may actually cancel out the honor gain from all of my wins. Facing these new cards, I’m guessing that my winning % will decrease.

    Thank you, Sony!!! I love you very much, but can you at least give me a reason why I won’t be able to compete on equal terms with the rest of the world for 2 weeks?

    Any chance of me being recompensed for the beatdowns that I’m about to endure for at least a two week period?

    If you can’t do any of the above, can you at least pray to the Eye of Judgment for me? It looks like I’m going to need it.

    Angry 12

  • Oh, and BTW, I’m not one of those people complaining about paying for the download. Heck, stop drinking coffee for 1 week and there you go. Skip McDonalds for the next 5 trips and be healthy. I got no problem with that and defended you guys at (the BEST website for EoJ related things, BTW).

    But this delay for me kinda hurts this Sony fanboy’s fanboism. I find myself slightly more open to the complaints of those who don’t want to pay for the download. I know for one that I’m not fond of paying for a LATE download, and considering the beatdowns I’ll receive until then, I may REALLY not be fond of it!!!

    I can only hope that my skill can take advantage of everyone’s n00berosity with the new cards…


  • @the Twelve

    be prepared to go hungry every time a new expansion is released!

  • @Hippopotamus: Only cheating possible in this game is if people print cards instead of buying them. This is one of the main reason why charging for the update is not such a bad thing. Cheaters who print cards still have to at least pay $15 if they want to play their fake cards. Nobody knows how bad it is since many people have bought many boxes and own all the real cards too. I’m just hoping one of the reason why the set 2 is delayed is because they have added extra protection in those cards.

    In fact, I sometime wish they would charge $50 for the patch but half the price for the cards. I find it easier to pay for software, than little piece of cardboards, that are not particularly durable… But maybe it’s because of my programming background : ) Trust me guys, for such a niche market, $15 for the upgrade is not that bad! I’ve lost way more than that, paying for overnight shipping for cards I’ll get weeks after the other half the words.

  • I like how you ignore the people with legitimate complaints. Why not delay the release of the cards until a world wide release can be executed. I do not play EOJ, but i AT LEAST UNDERSTAND IT IS A GLOBAL CONTEST!!!!!!!!! Sometimes you are so out of touch with your base, I cannot believe it. How lame is it that you skip like 10 posts and answer the little questions. You should delay the game for all players in my opinion, or you can piss off all of american trench coat wearing PS3 owners…. Oh well, it’s not like you actually react to the comments and complaints you get here.

  • #48 It’s not a matter of paying a measly 15$. Like I posted earlier, What does this mean for late adopters? Folks looking at this game in 2-3 years or more will be MANY expansions behind. How is this going to be addressed? Are they going to have to throw down $200-300 for expansions?? obviously they cant do that. Which leaves only one alternative. At some point earlier expansions will be free downloads. Ergo those who payed for them each time they came out got screwed.

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