Gran Turismo Behind-the-Scenes, Beyond the Apex

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I never imagined that being a serious auto enthusiast and a hard core gamer would ever amount to anything life altering, except carpal tunnel syndrome and continuously suspended driver’s license. Until the day I got a call from SCEA asking me if I would like to produce a documentary on the latest version in the Gran Turismo franchise, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

Hmm, let’s think about it for a second, cars and games, I thought I had died and gone to Heaven! Of course, I was stoked to be involved in the project and especially since the game was Gran Turismo. GT is my all time favorite racing game “simulator”, so much so that I had two custom full size driving cabinets built, so I could get the full on race experience. I was really excited to get over to Japan, capture the vibe of PDI and especially meet Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of GT. I had heard that he was a huge car fanatic and that we would get to film his collection.

Well after four months of filming and editing, the HD video documentary is finally complete. I believe that we were able to capture the passion, the ambition and the dedication of man who has revolutionized both the gaming and auto industry. Thus the documentary is aptly named “Beyond the Apex.” I do not want to give too much away but if you thought you knew what goes into creating a Gran Turismo game, think again. Check out the teaser trailer above, it’s a little sampler of the goodness that awaits you exclusively on the GT5 Prologue Blu-ray disc.

Enjoy the ride!

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  • I wish all this would come with the DLC version of the game. I freakin LOVE the convienience of not having to pop the game in every time I want to play it, but this really seems like an extra that I can’t do without.

    Ah well….blu-ray version it shall be.

  • Awesome vid, awesome game.

    any chances to see a demo?

    …well, i have the japanese demo but can’t understand a single kanji :P .

  • Sweet! Looking forward to watching the doc.


    This game changed driving on consoles. Can’t wait for GT5P.

  • @4 Likewise

  • Will this be available from GT TV for those that choose to download GT5P?

  • @Zone320- This will be an exclusive item for the BR disc and not the PSN.

    With that said, I guess I know which version I am getting.

  • I already knew I wasn’t going to spend $40 on a demo, no matter how cool it is, when I can simply buy the full BLu-ray verision for $20 more!

    Maybe if we bought the demo, if we then we given the $40 off the retail version when it came out…

    then I would have no problem!

  • Kaz is god! Bow before him! ;)

  • crap. I was gonna get the digital version.


  • 1. will this game support
    custom soundtrack
    2. Will i be able access my friends list
    and invite somebody to a race

  • Less than a month to go! Awesome. I will definitely be getting the disc.


  • Aaahh crap now you made me preorder it… THANX A LOT!!!! whahaha cool vid I love GT realy love it… *drool*

  • Logitech Racing Wheel here I come!! Salivating!

  • That’s so awesome. Glad you had the opportunity to live the dream for four months there :)

  • Is this going to be available for download on GT TV??

    I wish I could get the BR version, but I live outside the US so the fastest way to play Prologue is to download it from the PS Store.

    PD, please put this on GT TV!!!!!!

  • I am SO glad I decided to pre-order the BD version of GT5 Prologue.

  • Glad to see some bonus stuff on the Bluray version. Can’t wait.

  • I want this game so bad!

  • I am so looking forward to GT 5 Prologue and having this Vid doc as a part of Prologue is really cool thanks Sony

  • I think I probably speak for everyone when I ask: how long is this documentary going to be?

    Because if it’s just a 5-10 minute affair I’ll be downloading GT5P, but if it’s a full hour-long adventure I’ll definitely be picking up the disc.

  • is it april yet o.O

  • Hi,

    I was just wondering if GT5 Prologue will have online voice chat support and if it will allow private races?


  • I hate the fact that GT5P is only a glorified demo. I want the GT5 and I want the whole thing! I’m buying it, but only this time. I wouldn’t do this for any other game… Which means don’t try this again.

    Anyways, the documentary looks great and I can’t wait to see it. Funny how GT has played such a big part in my gaming life and now I get to see what goes on behind the scenes. I can’t wait to race people online!

  • Quick question. Does GT5:P have custom sound tracks? Also, if it doesn’t will GT5 have it? I really hope so. I hate having to listen to the music from the game. I’d rather listen to my own crap.

  • Awesome! I can’t wait to pick up my copy :)

  • Is this how Sony justifies $40 for a demo?

  • @8, 29 and everyone else.
    i agreed with you that we shouldn’t pay $40.00 for a demo. i have all parts of this game and the last one will be the full game not this demo for $40.00. don’t count on me to buy the demo. THIS DEMOS SHOULD BE FREE. this japanese people think that we are stup*d and that they could take $40.00 dollars for a demo. sony shoul give this as a price for recerving the game. i wait for the that will probably be out for 2011.

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  • You forgot RUMBLE!!! That is what makes a good racing game’s. Also if your going to buy the game why would you want to download it? Can’t sell a download! (if you get tired of it).

  • That’s great!

  • yeah really is a shame those of us that want to download the game don’t get this feature?..maybe release it as separate DLC(for pay) online or something?.. would be nice for those of us that don’t want to buy a disc and have good internet connections ;-)

  • All of you GT fans are welcome to come and check out the PSU’s GT forum here. ;^)

  • Does it come with the Downloadable version as well? Cause i was about to download it but if there are stuff exclusive to the bluray then bluray it is .. :(

  • WIcked! One more reason to own the disc.

  • I do not think i will be buying the Disc, why do i want a making of the game before the game movie? i am already wondering why we shoyld pay full pop for this partial game with what 6 or 7 tracks, 40 cars? I will download the cheapy version and buy the special edition gold plated full version of Gran Turismo 5. I just don’t think i will watch the video more than once. To each his own, enjoy the HD vid. if you are not in my camp on this one.

  • This is freaking neat.

  • Well I guess I will also be buying the Blu-Ray version instead of the DL version. While I was just planing on downloading this game that damn video made me want the hard copy. Thanks- with sarcasm and Thanks- with sincerity.

  • Even more of a reason to get the disc version…..that and I can sell it to get some of my money back when I’m bored with it… >_>

  • Went to the Grand Turismo website, found out the ‘documentary’ is only 18 minutes long… Anything less than 30 minutes is more like a skit, or a commercial break… You were in Japan for 4 months and only came back with 18 minutes of video ?? The Hell was you doing over there ?? In the words of Donald Trump ” YOUR FIRED! ” Then I would kick your azz in the parking lot. Cant believe they actually made an announcement for this…

  • Can anyone please tell me what song is playing during the video? I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

  • What? I think I have just been sold.

  • u know how little 40$ is compared to 2002?
    that’s like 29$ in 2002 dollars, go cry me a river u cheap bastards.

    don’t visit europe, u can’t afford anything if u think 40$ is allot..

  • So is this documenteray only in the Us version of the game or am I blind (not finding it in the game..)?

  • When will the GTTV active in HK-version of GT5P? will this be there?

  • The movie “Beyond-the-Apex” doesn’t appear to be on the EU Blu-Ray version.
    Has anyone knows way?

  • MacClan3 your’re right ! I don’t know how to view the making of too !?! i have the german blu-ray version. it doesen’t appear under gt-tv too.

  • Hi,
    As someone who has purchased the Blu-Ray version of GT5P and was expecting (along with all the other members of from the EU and Japanese sector of the world) to find this documentary to become unlocked in GT-TV when the American release date came around. However, it doesn’t appear to be out. I’m hoping that EU and Japanese gamers will also get this documentary as I believe that we also deserve to see this footage which from the trailer looks awe inspiring. Many people were dissapointed because from your Blog entry it never says anything about it being a NA exclusive. I hope you can shed some light upon this situation.

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