EYE OF JUDGMENT Tip: How to Build a Deck

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In any trading card game, deck building is always a fun, yet challenging task. I’ve spent many endless nights trying, playing, tweaking (then eventually trashing) new EYE OF JUDGMENT deck ideas. Our game designer, Yasuke Watanabe, knows this, too, and wanted to provide some interesting reading for all you EOJ deck builders (please forgive the rough translation and the flashbacks to Math class):

Basic Mana Operation Formula – Managing Mana cost and Casting cost for deck building tactics


We’ve created a simple formula to manage mana when building decks. I hope this material will be useful to our EOJ fans.

Currently, the basic system of EOJ is as follows;
1. Player starts with 5 cards
2. Each player draws 1 card per turn
3. There are 25 turns until “Library Out”, in which, each player will acquire approx. 2 mana through each turn.

From this basic system above, in case specific effects (including an use of Ritual) are eliminated and then proceed the game until the end, the following formular will become possible:

Gross acquired mana (excluding unique cases specific to certain cards) for each game = 50 mana (2 mana x 25 turns)

Creatures Total cost = Total addition computation of all creatures’ mana cost in the deck.

If the total mana cost of all creatures in the deck exceeds 50, some creatures can’t be summoned (due to the high summoning cost) therefore the player can’t summon creatures at some turn or until the final turn. Also, if mana is used for the activation, the summoning mana will be reduced more.

128 Queen's Courier130 Venoan Spy

When the use of “drawing cards” (like #128: Queen’s Courier & #130: Venoan Spy, seen above) into the deck / the use of Ritual / the exit mana etc… are intertwined, the formula will change to as follows:

Modified Gross acquired mana = 2 x 25 – X + Y – Z + W

■ X = The number of cards which is drawn from the deck in non-drawing phase.
■ Y = The number of creatures which are destroyed during battles.
(The maximum value of “Y” is the total number of creature cards in the deck. Also, the maximum value of “Y” could be 25 (due to 25 turns). If the deck is set to conquer 5 fields to win, deduct 5 from Y. (5 means the number of creature cards which are placed on the field when the player win.)
■ Z = The number of discarded creature cards from your hand by ‘discard’ or other effects.
■ W = Mana which might be acquired by “gaining mana” (like #119: Flame Lizard Commander & #155: Novogus Sinbearer, below) or by Ritual cards.

119 FL Commander155 N Sinbearer

Therefore, the following formulas can be concluded:

A: Total costs of creatures > Gross acquired mana = It might disrupt the deck operation due to lack of mana at any one time.

B: Total costs of creatures = Gross acquired mana = Basically no disruption in summoning creatures, but there is a possibility to disrupt if there are creature activations / cast spells, etc.

C: Total costs of creatures < Gross acquired mana = It is possible to move without disruption in summoning creatures and activations until the difference between the total costs of mana and Gross acquired mana has been payed. The formula will change infinitely depending on uncertain cases which include opening moves and drawing cards. So it will be appreciated if you could understand this is a simple guiding "Basic Mana Operation Formula". When you create decks, try this "Basic Mana Operation Formula" to check your deck's operation level. Best regards, Yusuke Watanabe -------------- For more tips, check out the EYE OF JUDGMENT / PlayStation Forums. There are lots of great articles from our users. Also, there are some great fan sites out there with great info on strategy, news, events, etc – we’ll highlight them in a future post. :)

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  • Excellent tips! I’ll keep these in mind when I pick up the game in a few days. :)

  • cool, thanks for the insight

    i am still undecided on spending $15 on the set 2 update….i think its totally unfair.

  • Nice information to have around, although I’m sure most of us will forget in ten minutes time :D

    Anyways, I’d like to suggest you talk a little about promo cards and their (expected) distribution. I sent a longer message on the difficulties of obtaining promo cards in Spain in the previous EOJ thread, but it’s too late to rewrite it (no, really, its 1:36 am :D


  • Can’t wait for the set 2 cards to come out! I still need to upgrade my set 1 cards…

    Do they sell these cards at Wal-Mart because I can never seem to find them there…

  • @ 2 yep, we already are paying for the cards, why we have to pay for something thats already on the disk ?

    on Topic; nice tips. but the cost on the updates are stopingme to buy this game.

  • Maverick_fox

    Because the new set isn’t on the disk. They had to create more software to include the animations and the stats of all the new creatures and spells to interact with all the old cards. So I don’t see it wrong of them to charge for the new software. It is more than just an update.

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$
    Yes, the $15 just to play with the cards we have to also buy is unfair!

    It’s all about the money…not supporting and building the community..

    So sad, I really love this game, but I’m going to have to boycott buying into this pricing strategy.

    A good tip for everyone to remember when playing, is that it’s easy to lose sight of what is important in playing the game, and that is to control the board buy having so many creatures on the board.

    I wasted alot of time building decks with strong cards with high summoning costs, and by the time I had enough mana to to summon a card my opponent (my girlfriend) already had 3 not as strong characters summoned already!

    So remember to stagger your card selections to include some cannon fodder not as powerful cards in your decks, you just might catch someone trying to summon one big card, and beat em easy!


    I really can’t believe we are being asked to pay more for this expansion! ludicrous!


  • Just put a Venoan Assassins in your deck. It is low cost mana (3) strike power (2) and on a water spot can remain a cancer to your opponent.

  • I still don’t see what the fuss is about frito…

    and can you help me in putting an avatar up? I don’t know how to do that…

  • Everthing still on track for march 27th global release??? (there’s some rumors floating around in the forum from time to time about possible delay…)

  • You need a “TIP: How to get your mat to flatten out”

  • Now if they could just drop the price on the EOJ bundle I might actually pick it up. EOJ seems interesting but I’m not willing to spend $80+ for a game I’m not sure I’ll like. Although I’m still tempted to get the Eyetoy…

  • hey mark,

    your standing invitation to visit http://www.lbshooters.com is still there. join us.

  • I didn’t think of setting up a deck that way. Cool! Thank you very much for posting.

  • @ darkwonders

    Of course the new set is on the disk, the “update will only unlock it. you think 50 Gig isn’t enouh to put like 5 of this “updates”? the yugioh duelist of the roses ( a ps2 game) have almost 900 cards, each one with their animation and its a 700 Mb DVD.

    We already have to pay for the cards so i think this is unnecessary.

    Ps. i really like the EOJ. but with this, looks like i wont be playin it on my ps3 anymore. seeya offline.

  • about tips on how to buy a deck at stores in canada??

  • It’s an incredibly simple thing to keep in mind, but easily overlooked. If you load up your deck with 8 mana summon creatures, you’ll be in check before you even place a card.

    Great tip, although I’ll refuse to follow it. Summoning locked heavy deck for the loss.

  • @ 11. You can use an iron. Or wrinkle releaser. Downy makes it. It come handy when your wife forgot to iron your shirt the night before. ;)

  • Neat, I’ll definitely remember this. :)

  • What about this rumour I have read somewhere that the expansion has been delayed until April 11th? Any truth in that?

  • Well, I think this is a mildly useful post for people who were foolishly loading up on a ton of expensive creatures. I don’t really understand why people do that…. they drop a big creature after 4 turns of doing nothing, and wonder why they’re losing. It’s not about who can play the big creatures, people, it’s about who can get 5 creatures on the board first. That immediately should suggest that any turn in which you do NOT play a creature, you are wasting your time. In fact, most of the time you should be looking to play a creature AND kill at least one of your opponent’s creatures. If you can kill two of your opponent’s creatures in one turn, then you’ve actually gotten ahead.

    This is one of my biggest complaints about the game – it’s too hard to get ahead. Most of the game is spent alternating between the players with no big swings possible. Most of the time it’s just back and forth, back and forth, now you’re in check, now I’m in check….the end game is so often just who slips up and can’t both play a creature and kill an opponent’s creature in the same round.

  • If I have the PSEye already (bought it separate) – is there any way to get in on this game? Like buy the game used or independently, but I also want to get that stand.
    Will there be future uses to the PSEye Camera Stand (we saw some R&D videos utilizing it a couple months back). I feel like that’d be a pretty good investment for me.

  • puppeteers_nightmare

    Hi Mark, I apologize for my last post.
    I think 15$ is a fair price to come to think about it and I was raging without the currency rate in mind. ( Thinking that they equalized lol )
    I live in Japan, and the cost of the SET.2 update is 3500yen which is approx. 35$ @ the mo.
    Is it possible if you could you give me some explaination on why the price in JPN is so expensive compared to the US?
    Btw, that Novogus Sinbearer seems a naughty one hehe … XD

    Love your post on the Formula, peace :)

  • I just have to say to the people on the fence about this game, buy it. If you like card games then this is a game for you.

    Look this game is made with the same people who helped make Magic The Gathering. They know how to craft even card games. You don’t need the elite cards to beat anyone. This game is all about strategy and is more even handed than any other card game I have played.

  • SoulJourner…there are many instances that I can tell you where it would not be wise to kill an opponents creature. You have to remember that when you kill a creature the player regains at least 1 mana in most cases. The big swing you are talking about is more in line with having the huge creature to destroy the board. Sometimes it is better to allow the opponent to have 3 creatures and not kill one to keep them in a mana slump when you go into check.

  • puppeteers_nightmare

    -Additional to Xanthis’s post-
    Souljourner: “Most of the time it’s just back and forth, back and forth, now you’re in check, now I’m in check…”
    This goes the same with Chess, Othello, Checkers etc. it’s the core of a board-game/Card-game to go back’n’forth with the opposing player isn’t it? Ur turn, My turn, Ur turn, My turn. Check, Out of check, Check, Out of check, Check-mate. I don’t think you should be complaining about the master-rules of taking turns. Too hard to go “ahead”? Maybe you need to tweak a little something in your deck to make it easier, or go against the COM in easy mode. :P
    Also, why do “you” get so upset when somebody doesn’t understand why they’ve lost? … Hmm … Don’t bother answering that. :P lol Ciao

  • hi mark,

    still waiting for you to visit http://www.lbshooters.com. see the interest set 2 is causing in our home.

  • Hi Mark,

    I emailed the guy you told me to in your last post, but he never responded. Were you guys playing a joke on little old me when you said you would get me that card.

    Oh the horror, the horror.

    Thanks for the tips. Those series two cards look great.

  • This is an incredible game, really brings TCG to life :)

    If your after singles (I know a few people get stuck finding them!) we run an eBay shop (soon to be site) that you can check out, guaranteed to have the set2 cards on release for sale :)



    http://www.mechacubic.com soon…

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