EYE OF JUDGMENT Tip: How to Build a Deck

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In any trading card game, deck building is always a fun, yet challenging task. I’ve spent many endless nights trying, playing, tweaking (then eventually trashing) new EYE OF JUDGMENT deck ideas. Our game designer, Yasuke Watanabe, knows this, too, and wanted to provide some interesting reading for all you EOJ deck builders (please forgive the rough translation and the flashbacks to Math class):

Basic Mana Operation Formula – Managing Mana cost and Casting cost for deck building tactics


We’ve created a simple formula to manage mana when building decks. I hope this material will be useful to our EOJ fans.

Currently, the basic system of EOJ is as follows;
1. Player starts with 5 cards
2. Each player draws 1 card per turn
3. There are 25 turns until “Library Out”, in which, each player will acquire approx. 2 mana through each turn.

From this basic system above, in case specific effects (including an use of Ritual) are eliminated and then proceed the game until the end, the following formular will become possible:

Gross acquired mana (excluding unique cases specific to certain cards) for each game = 50 mana (2 mana x 25 turns)

Creatures Total cost = Total addition computation of all creatures’ mana cost in the deck.

If the total mana cost of all creatures in the deck exceeds 50, some creatures can’t be summoned (due to the high summoning cost) therefore the player can’t summon creatures at some turn or until the final turn. Also, if mana is used for the activation, the summoning mana will be reduced more.

128 Queen's Courier130 Venoan Spy

When the use of “drawing cards” (like #128: Queen’s Courier & #130: Venoan Spy, seen above) into the deck / the use of Ritual / the exit mana etc… are intertwined, the formula will change to as follows:

Modified Gross acquired mana = 2 x 25 – X + Y – Z + W

■ X = The number of cards which is drawn from the deck in non-drawing phase.
■ Y = The number of creatures which are destroyed during battles.
(The maximum value of “Y” is the total number of creature cards in the deck. Also, the maximum value of “Y” could be 25 (due to 25 turns). If the deck is set to conquer 5 fields to win, deduct 5 from Y. (5 means the number of creature cards which are placed on the field when the player win.)
■ Z = The number of discarded creature cards from your hand by ‘discard’ or other effects.
■ W = Mana which might be acquired by “gaining mana” (like #119: Flame Lizard Commander & #155: Novogus Sinbearer, below) or by Ritual cards.

119 FL Commander155 N Sinbearer

Therefore, the following formulas can be concluded:

A: Total costs of creatures > Gross acquired mana = It might disrupt the deck operation due to lack of mana at any one time.

B: Total costs of creatures = Gross acquired mana = Basically no disruption in summoning creatures, but there is a possibility to disrupt if there are creature activations / cast spells, etc.

C: Total costs of creatures < Gross acquired mana = It is possible to move without disruption in summoning creatures and activations until the difference between the total costs of mana and Gross acquired mana has been payed. The formula will change infinitely depending on uncertain cases which include opening moves and drawing cards. So it will be appreciated if you could understand this is a simple guiding "Basic Mana Operation Formula". When you create decks, try this "Basic Mana Operation Formula" to check your deck's operation level. Best regards, Yusuke Watanabe -------------- For more tips, check out the EYE OF JUDGMENT / PlayStation Forums. There are lots of great articles from our users. Also, there are some great fan sites out there with great info on strategy, news, events, etc – we’ll highlight them in a future post. :)

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