New Internet Radio Stations and Firmware coming to PSP

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First, the firmware: on March 18th, PlayStation Portable owners will be prompted to update their firmware to v3.93, which expands support for PLAYSTATION Network titles.

At this time, users of the PSP Internet Radio feature will find 20 new internet radio players to enjoy. The new players are organized into more specific styles of music so that PSP users can easily find what they are looking for and listen to their favorite genres.

More than 50 percent of PSP users listen to music on their system, so we think a lot of you will enjoy this free, new expansion of their music library.

Haven’t tried out the FREE internet radio feature? Click here for the step-by-step setup.

UPDATE: As many of you have noticed, the new Internet Radio channels have already been implemented. Firmware v3.93 has been delayed slightly. Further updates will be posted on our Twitter account.

FINAL UPDATE: The firmware is available for download now.

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  • Hey the more the merrier! PSP update is always welcome

  • Nice, we (I) need more radio stations.

    I never understood what the “support for PlayStation Network titles” meant, care to explain it to me (us), please?

  • I love the Step by Step guide… thanks for the link back to it.

  • Support for PSN titles – means you will be seeing more PSP titles on the PSN store soonest ^_-

  • mmh, what will we see in the future for the PSP when Firmware 4.0 hits?

  • Thanks for the new PSP internet radio players! I’m already enjoying them.

  • yay 6th!!
    go radio!!
    love it!!

  • i will hope the fw 4.00 =.=

  • Yes, now I can finally check that new Skype feature (I have a Japanese PSP, Duh).. See how good it is.. I know that this is off topic but any word on when the feature of being able to copy your BD movie onto your PSP.. I remember reading something about it, dont remember if there was a actual release date given.. Thanx

  • the 20 stations for the radio is nice, local station option would be nice, hopefully they can do it since most local stations broadcast online now.

  • Now if we had this on the PS3, and also text RSS feeds on the PSP, we could call it a day.

  • @13 seconded. In fact, there’s a lot of psp features I’d like to see on the ps3. For example:
    a clock some place visible
    some sort of rss podcast/vodcast support, or at the very least a way to open rss xml files in the browser for manual content download.
    the internet radio of course. Since it’s just a browser plugin, I’d think it would be fairly easy to port over to the ps3.

  • I 3rd this Sony. I have a ps3 (and a psp) and I would like…no, love to see internet radio on the ps3. do it. please..

    thanks for more features on the internet radio. its neat.

    p.s. a clock on the ps3 wouldn’t be so bad either.

  • AWESOME!!!!!

    I hope by “expands support for PLAYSTATION Network titles” you mean that ill be able to play more of my PSN download games via remote play. If so then i’m vary happy!

  • Nice. This sounds great.

    ….and I agree with the PS3 clock….

  • cool

  • Oh, hell yes! I use my internet radio player almost daily . . . I was wondering when we’d see that expanded. Awesome news!

    Thanks for the heads-up, John.

  • “I never understood what the “support for PlayStation Network titles” meant, care to explain it to me (us), please?”

    It means the built-in PS1 emulator has been updated. Usually this basically means nothing for most PSP users, because the PS1 games are few and far between. But for custom firmware users, this means that we can play more of our own PS1 games.

  • I really enjoy the internet radio feature, and seeing this expansion is great!

  • 2 months more ¬¬ for the fw4.00

  • Awesome! yet even more of a great thing, I get so tingly when the news is this good.

  • All right. :D I recently messed with the stations a bit. Found some gaming music stations, and a couple French music stations. That’s how I found out about Kenza Farah, so I’m thankful for this feature. :D

    Any ideas past the PSP Store? It seems like it won’t be an easy task to come up with new things past that point. Well, thank you very much for your commitment to the bettering of the PlayStation brand. :D

  • Well, High Stakes Poker works Remotely now! I guess that is a good sign.. I’ll write back if I find more.

  • I love the Internet Radio on PSP. Please keep adding more stations, especially Rock, Metal and Alternative! \m/

  • Btw, I have a question-

    Can I change stations in the ‘clip’ One-genre internet radio? If yes, how?

  • For those of you that are saying they would love Sony to have Internet Radio on the PS3, it’s there already. Go to I’ve had TVersity up and running since Jan this year and love the Internet Radio stations streamed to my PS3 and onto my home stereo. The sound is great ! The download is free.

  • For a much better internet radio player that can not only play internet radio, but also play back Podcasts and read text-only RSS feeds… check out FreeRadio.

  • Please add Text RSS support. I was looking into getting a MYLO because of the features it has, but I’d rather get most of the functions on my PSP.

  • This is a good update! Please get the RSS feeds from the PSP site updated and add new ones every so often like you did for a long time.

    Also thanks for the expanded radio!

  • Can we now get the internet radio for the PS3 now please? ;-]

  • Hey I just read on Famitsu that MGS is coming to the PSN. For 600 Yen you can play it on PS3 and PSP.

    I hope SCEA releases it on their PSN!! I want to get to know the whole game’s plot.

    Right back onto topic, thanks for the firmware update. I would like Skype and RSS on the PS3!

    Do you have any knowledge when the PSP is going to get its own PS Store which was announced at GDC? I would love the PSP to be able to sign into the PLAYSTATION Network within the XMB like the PS3 does! That would be amazing!

    Thanks again for the PSP Update!

  • Please for the love of all things PSP add a screen shot feature. I don’t know how many times I could of used this feature to explain where I was stuck, or to show someone where something was.

    This feature if a real necessity, hold a survey to find out how many people want it /need it.

  • Radio Stations are cool. Specially thanks for adding Indian radio station.

  • @26….

    Um, you’ve been able to do that for months now.

    Thanks to SONY for continuing to improve the product I bought 2 years ago with new functions and for free.

  • What’s up with the update ? I got an error.

    “The update could not be started.
    The data is corrupted (SGT90000001)”

    Then it’s back to XMB again.

  • cool, thanks! i love the internet radio player.
    please, please, please add proxy (socks and/or http) support for skype, remote play, and go! messenger…

  • You guys need to change your search keyword for the clip_kpop player.

    as you can see shoutcast is sending back a greeKPOP station instead.

  • Then again, I cannot really come up with a better search keyword. Perhaps just filter out station id 8953.

  • sorry for the comment spam, but I found a keyword for you, Sony.

    Adding a space to the front of kpop seems to bring back relevant stations.

  • If this were a PS3 firmware update with the same features, I’m sure the tone of the commenters would be much less positive… ;)

    But yeah, thanks for all the new internet radio stations! I’ll have to poke around with it and see what kind of good stuff is out there.

  • I’d love to have a generic RSS feed reader for the PS3 (for monitoring other feeds than Sony’s) as well as a generic Internet radio player. Even more importantly, why does the PSP have Skype support and the much more powerful PS3 does not? The PS3 has Mic and Video support — I want voice+video Skype on the PS3. We’d have all these features right now if Sony supported amateur sandbox development for the PS3’s XMB.

    Why can’t we write and install arbitrary code running in Java (the PS3 does Java) or some other sandbox system encouraging amateur development? This wouldn’t compete with most gaming studios, and it would increase value by letting us have third party browsers, E-mail readers, voice chat, etc.

  • Speaking of adding PSP features to the PS3. I would love to see all the features mentioned by posts #14 and #35. In addition I would love it if we could get the video scene search from the PSP onto the PS3. Thanks for the update!

  • I just bought a PSP yesterday!!! im not a big fan of portable system but i wanted to try patapon and FF Crisis core
    I didnt play much with it but i really like it, theres a lot of cool features
    Hopefully you keep updating it for a while

    Great work!

  • I’d rather see more support for the Remote Play feature. How about a database of error messages? Everyone I know that tries to use Remote Play cannot get it to work.

  • I would love to see this internet radio on PS3 as well, it’s my media center at home.

  • Nice, very very nice. More stations to choose from is great!

    I would LOVE it if you all added Internet Radio to PS3. Make it happen guys! :)

    A clock would be nice too, but I’ll just assume its in the works.

  • @44- you can find all the psp error codes here-

    scan down about 15 posts for the full list.

  • Thanks leetfoo!!!

  • I was wondering if you would ever let the PS3 be able to make folders for PSP (like PC does) To move and make new ones. Also I think it would be nice if you could watch DVD’s via remote play!!!!! I really think update is lame. But I will update becouse I want those DEMO”S wipeout was cool!!!!!!

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