Coming This Fall: MotorStorm 2

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You may have wondered what that counter was ticking down to on top of Threespeech, or read bits of information on sites like on Eurogamer, or recently dropped by IGN for the video reveal – but here’s the news in its entirety: MotorStorm 2 is coming this fall.

The MotorStorm style of anything-goes racing is moving from the mountainous desert to a lush Pacific island, replete with thick swamps, dense jungle, towering peaks and steaming volcanoes. You’ll be rampaging through thick mud, tangled undergrowth, swift flowing rivers, and searing lava pools of this new location with all of the vehicles familiar to players of the first MotorStorm: ATVs, rally cars, buggies, motorbikes, race trucks, mudpluggers and Big Rigs. Joining the cast is the new monster truck class, likely to become a fan favorite (check out the video below).

It’s still a bit early, but here’s what we can confirm as far as features are concerned: 16 new multi-route tracks, 16 players can race head-to-head online, and a hugely requested feature hits MotorStorm: 4-player split-screen mode.

We’ll have more updates as MotorStorm 2 nears release, but in the meantime, take a look at the new environments and new monster truck in this just-released trailer.

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  • A bit underwhelming, some in-game screens would be nice :)

  • Well, it’s CG, but so was the 1st trailer for the 1st title, and it was VERY close. This looks like it’s gonna be a blast to play. I just hope that it’s more of everythign that’s in the 1st game, which is still one of my PS3 favorites.

  • Looks good, we need to see some in game footage next :)

  • The teaser was great. I wonder who’s gonna have better foliage Uncharted or MotorStorm 2 :D.

    Also custom soundtracks in the final game please.

  • Hmm. Interesting. This could be good.

  • That was awesome! I can’t wait for some in game footage of it. I love the jungle look to the island. I know it’s way out of the area, but you know what’d be cool? A course where your on the Bering Straight and water is coming in from both sides as you race from Russia to Alaska. Four player split screen is what I’ve been dying for in a good PS3 racer. Thanks you Evolution!!!! Please use custom soundtracks!

  • 16 tracks?!?
    At least 40 tracks or don’t even bother releasing this game (well I won’t buy it at least).

    Where is this BluRay you speak of?
    Oh or are you planning to money-wh*re from the game like you did with MotorStorm1.

    Take your dirty tactics to Microsoft- I can’t trust a company who rips me off.

    And I didn’t buy MotorStorm1 for the exact same reason- I just play it at a friend’s house now and then.

    Good news on the split-screen thought but that will mean NOTHING if we only have 16 tracks to mess around in.
    This game is all about the tracks!


    awesome, totally fracking awesome.

  • Thank god for the split screen addition and up to 4 players too, awsome…… now can it be split screen online and on top of that, I would advise at least 20 tracks but hey Im sure the downloadable content will cover that right? By the way Sony.. you need to really keep pace with the downloadable content, talk to your publishers it’s been approximately 7 months since Warhawk got an update and thats an online only game, don’t get me wrong I love it to death, but seriously start pushing out this stuff especially after the psn is revised next month as promised…… better hold your word on that one. And by the way I need to know if the website is right, is home really coming out that soon… people have been waiting forever and are getting really frustrated and with the 360s price cut coming about out….. push it out already!!!

  • greats new i have part one and it the only racing game i owned on the current gen systems

  • Love it guys. Motorstorm 1 had a LOT of really great things going for it – it sounds like you guys listened and are implementing what the fans want (split-screen multiplayer, more players online, tracks, etc.)

    Looking forward to some more media when it becomes available.

  • Jeff,

    Is there any way to make it so that people who participate on SONY’s Playstation site have to use a PSN to speak on the forums or even? Some sort of “certified PSN user” Tag?

    If you haven’t noticed, the FORUMS are getting completely swamped with SPAM, from users who claim that their PS3’s are exploding/scratching discs/killing babies etc…

    It would be a nice addition to our community if it was some how filter out the people who are here just to spam the site.

    • I\’m not in charge of the forums (yet, hahaha – no seriously). But the idea of a unified login – PSN, Blog, etc is a dream of mine. Still likely a ways off though, I\’ll update when we know more.

  • Looks awesome. Sure hope it plays in 1080.

  • This game should be much better the 2nd time around. The first 1 was good but this one should be 10 times better.

  • I’m really excited for the new setting.
    Motorstorm needed more variety and with jungles, rivers, vulcanoes,swamps it seems the sequel will be great.

    But two questions:

    1)Why Evolution decided to release a CG trailer?
    It makes little sense, people can’t get excited over something that doesn’t represent the actual game.

    2)Any news about AI in the sequel? Is it balanced this time?

  • 16 tracls os awesome.
    16 Players awesome.
    4 Player split screen awesome.
    Monster truck = amazing.
    New Lush Island = Beautiful in high def.

    Motorstorm 2 -> Definite Purchase.

  • willacuz I hope you weren’t talking about me.

    If there was a way to check post history you can clearly see I’m a big Sony supporter (hence why I registered here and have RSS feed of the site) but the way MotorStorm relesed the game ‘naked’ and charged ridiculous amounts for tracks and vehicles (at least in Euro PSN Store) got me pretty annoyed as a gamer.

  • Awsome! Hopefully it will look like that CG when it will be released. ;)

    I also hope that the loadtimes are reduced by a lot.

    Now release this trailer on the Playstation Store! :D

  • MS1 looked nothing like the E3 trailer as i suspect MS2 will fall short as well.
    Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to go back and refresh their memory.

  • …wow…

    That looks like a ton of fun.

  • I like the new setting and the addition of monster trucks.

    I enjoyed the first one a lot, and I am looking forward to this sequel. Day one purchase for me

    PS: Seriously, I agree with one of the above posters, something need to be done about the trolls that keep posting garbage.

  • When you guys say this fall. Dot you guys really mean, spring of 09?

  • I love Motorstorm 1 and Motorstorm 2 looks to be a great sequel so far.

    I like how this trailer ends like the trailer for Motorstorm 1, where the guy is going to get crushed by a vehicle. Will that finally be done in the game though?

    I also really hope MS2 will have reduced load times from MS1.. an option to install onto to the HDD to reduce load times for vehicle/tracks would be great.

  • Great 4 player split screen, just don’t split the game and sell us the other half on DLC. Those were the 2 reasons why I don’t own Motorstorm

  • man i loved the hell out of the first motorstorm and this one looks just as amazing.

    honestly though, the video is showing the old game in a new locale and thats it. i hope there is a lot more to unfold and im hoping that like motorstorm 1 the different surfaces play a key role in the race.

    maybe making a quicksand type of surface would be cool, something where it is basically a very long puddle or you go through a river or something.

    hovercraft would be a nice fit too.

  • I wish you guys would stop doing C.G. and just use the game play. It looks like you are trying to be deceiving then showing “target”.

  • Like the setting, Probably a buy for me, I can’t wait to see the gameplay, but knowing how Motorstorm 1 was there’s notthing much to worry about. BTW, is this going to have the same crash sequence as the first one or is it tweaked now because I really didn’t mind but there were some WTF moments in the first one, lol.

  • Loved the mayhem and balance of the first. This is a purchase for me.

  • I love the island theme of this one. The music dancehall reggae with a rock flavor is perfect.

    Now I hope you have fixed the rubber band A.I. that the first game had. Playing in single player was annoying and did not prepare you for online play. Maybe create an option to turn “catch-up A.I.” off.

  • Split-screen support? Nice!

  • “#15

    2)Any news about AI in the sequel? Is it balanced this time?”

    dude, blanced? that was some of the best AI we have seen in a game in a long time. do you mean rubberbanding? that is completely different than the AI design. the way the AI controlled racers drive does depend on how well or bad you perform, simply meaning the game scales to your skill level. when you get to the harder tickets the AI steps it up and so should you. motorstorm 1 was a difficult game, but it was a thrill to play because of that.

    AI would be more specifically the hitting eachother when you get close, the honking the horn, flipping you, pushing you off a cliff, etc. ruberbanding is a design feature of the race mechanic and the difficulty of the game.

    So i just saw the split screen, is it possible at all that this will be added to motorstorm 1? this is something the game needs, not a requested feature. i cant play the game with my brother, and it sucks to play online because of the difficulty and what not. lack of a party system, etc, hurts the online play and it would be a benefit to initial purchasers of the franchise and the extended health of the game.

  • that is sick. i hope it is as good as the first.

  • Jeepers! Amazing trailer, but my main question is will it run in 1080p? If so, I was soooo close to buying Motorstorm that M2 would be a must buy for me…

  • Oh yeah another catchy song as well. Jeff can you tell us what song it is or by whom?

    • I\’ve got an email out to the design team for you (and THATPSPGUY). They\’re 7 hours ahead of me – so (probably) not working right now. I\’ll let you know what they tell me.

    • OK, heard back from SCEE (thanks Pete!) this morning. Blog reader Violator (see comments #78) is correct – the song is \”Tarantula\” by Pendulum.

      The audio dude over at Evolution Studios, Alan McDermott, wrote the music you hear during the initial approach to the island, and had this to say about the music selection:

      \”Firstly, we used Slam by Pendulum in MotorStorm 1 and I felt that it has become somewhat of a signature track for the MotorStorm look. You see
      that helmet anywhere, and I guarantee that\’s the tune you hear instantly in your head. So I chose Tarantula because it still fit in with Pendulum\’s driving beats and energetic sound, but also because its about a Tarantula basically telling you to leave him the [heck] alone! :) It said \”Jungle\” to me, and that\’s exactly what you see in this trailer.

      Oh incidentally… every engine sound you hear in that movie except the plane at the start, is captured
      from IN GAME.\”

  • Looks like a blast! Can’t wait.

  • How about some Gameplay next time instead of CGI that you have been scrutinized before for.

  • Wow, that looks better than part 1. I lolled when the girl got ran over by the huge truck.

  • Jeff,

    anything on a Mulitplayer patch for Motorstorm 1? My brother and I would love to play it but cant since its 1st player. Maybe the same way they did time attack add-on. PLEASE!?!! :)

  • Just a question, is this trailor running on the ingame engine?

  • Looks good. Is there anyway they can add stats to the vehicles and not only differentiate between classes, but each vehicle within the class? At least as far as stats go for each vehicle goes.

  • I don’t see this game out this fall if “It’s still a bit early”…. I hope i’m wrong though

    The Motorstorm demo was the first title i played on a PS3 and back them it played great, but didn’t get the game wen’t it came out. So i hope they don’t rush M2 and put a lot of work it to it so i could buy it.

  • It sounds good and all. Great stuff.

    I know this is a little bit off-topic, but what happened with the PSN Cards for us who don’t have credit cards?. I’m quite tired of watching all the downloadable content in there and not being able to buy anything. The card system is already up in the firmware and in the store, you guys even sent one to PS3 Fanboy on x-mass!. PlayStation:TOM announced they were ready on the first issue in a interview!.

    I mean, how difficult is it?. I really want some of the content, I’ve been a PS3 user for a full year already, I own Rock Band; and I can’t buy a thing!. PLEASE GET THOSE CARDS OUT!.

    Sorry, but I had to say it; it’s unbelievable how much time you guys are taking to release them. They are simple prepaid cards!. And it is frustrating to see all the stuff in there and not being able to buy it.

    Getting back on topic, the game looks awesome, I do hope you get more than 16 tracks in it.

  • @39

    I don’t think so…

  • I have a question about Motorstorm2. When playing in 4 player split screen will it be possible to have bots? If so will we have the option to turn them on or off? I’d want to race with people here at home in both ways- sometimes with bots and sometimes without. Regardless of the answer I’m sure I’ll be very proud of Motorstorm2.

  • Looks like it will turn out well, though as many have pointed out, we’ll need to see in-game screens to get a better idea. Still, the things that seem to be intended for implimentation (sp?) look very cool. And just like last time, I look forward to the crazy-cool looking crashes. :D

  • that looks amazing. will we this be availible on the playstation store?

  • While I like the CG trailer I hope as we get closer we get true game footage. Especially a shot with the split screen. I’d like to see how they pulled that off! :)

  • This game is going to be an instant hit.

    BTW, I agree with #12. We definitely need that unified login with the PSN accounts so we don’t get so many people spamming.

  • Day one purchase! Really happy to see that the environments will be varied and thank you for the offline split-screen!

  • hotasianladylover

    Looks good from here!

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