Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters PS2 Multiplayer Details

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Ratchet & Clank Size Matters PS2 Multiplayer5

We here at High Impact Games have taken the multiplayer mode you know and love from the PSP version of Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters and retooled to let you take advantage of playing it at home on your PlayStation 2 with your friends. After you pick up your copy next week, don’t forget to grab a friend and get sucked into some intense split-screen multiplayer action!

In addition to Capture the Flag mode, Iron Lombax challenges players to complete different sets of unique goals depending on which of the multiplayer maps they are playing on. All maps can be played in co-op or versus mode:

  • Island Escape – Players race to collect radioactive cores and use them to be the first to launch their rocket to freedom. Be careful not to hold onto the core for too long though! Prolonged exposure may result in mutations.
  • Danger Valley – Players must find radio homing beacons and place them on enemy force field transmitters in order to guide a collection of volatile hover mines in to their target. Once the shields are down, place the homing beacon on the enemy’s base and let the mines finish the job.
  • Mega Cannons – Players must gather the missing pieces to their Mega Cannon and then struggle for dominance of the power relays necessary to charge their cannons main gun. Once the gun is fully charged, jump in and turn your enemies into radioactive waste.
  • Moon Cow Disease – The fate of the universe once again hangs in the balance! The supply of galactic burgers is dangerously low, and only the players have the skill required to gather this precious resource! Hunt down the space cows, deliver them to the processing vendor, and then avoid enemy attacks as you make your way to the delivery trucks. First person to fill the orders wins.

Ratchet & Clank Size Matters PS2 multiplayer8Ratchet & Clank Size Matters PS2 Multiplayer11

Look for Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters PS2 in stores March 11.

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  • Could you fix the pictures? I’m getting asked for a login information.

  • Looks fun, I was disappointed when I realized R&C:TOD didn’t have a multiplayer…

    And after playing on HD, those pictures look really… no HD

  • Sounds like fun.

  • Thanks for the info. Put it on the PSN and I’ll bite.
    Early Bird special on the blog today. <3

  • i wish this would have stayed a PSP exclusive to have another reason to own a PSP. but atleast this way more people get to play it.

  • is it just 2-player splitscreen or is 4-player splitscreen supported as well?

  • Yeah 4-player splitscreen with Bots would be fun!!! ;-P
    Love Ratchet and Clank games ;)

  • I agree with NewYork214, I would have preferred to stay PSP exclusive so people would stop calling PSP a machine for PS2 ports or soon to be a PS2 game also.

    Size Matters rocks on PSP, but I don’t plan to buy it again. I can’t wait for Secret Agent Clank on PSP though.

  • Can PSP owners play against their PS2 counter parts?

    Can you transfer a saves between the two games?

    If no, I have no incentive to encourage purchase of this game or to pick it up myself.

    Also a tad pissed that a PSP exclusive ended up on PS2. As much as I love my PSP there are some things that are better with two analog sticks and a Dual Shock 2.

  • I’m going to have to agree with KazeEternal (#9)- I’m a “tad pissed” myself that this was ported from the PSP. It’s somewhat tainted on both systems now.

    And this hasn’t been a one time thing- So many good games have been stolen from the little guy to the point that one can never know if they should hold out for the PS2 port. As such, they do. This is hurting the PSP, while I don’t think it’s really helping the already massive PS2 base. At this point they are just drops in the lake taken from a pale.

  • I must admit it is sad this game isn’t exclusive to PSP anymore but I am more disappointed there aren’t any graphical upgrades of any sort.

    Also, are there any new levels or weapons for the PS2 version? Or any new content whatsoever?

    And, unlike the other PS2 Ratchet & Clank games, can this one be played on the PS3?

  • It’s bad enough the PSP rarely gets great games and when it does they port it. Where is the sense in that? Make a few extra bucks? Give games to an 8 year old system ? Kill off any interest in the PSP? I hope this port tanks unlike any other game

    / end rant

  • Yeah, I’m glad to see everyone on the same page, because I really love the PSP and want to see it be a true handheld competitor. People NEED reasons to buy a PSP and not just hang onto their PS2. By porting PSP games to PS2, some say this might give developers more of a profit, but in Sony’s case, this only takes away future PSP buyers. This tactic is almost as bad as Sony porting their first party PS3 games to 360.

    And it would be nice if it worked with the PSP version (or had more extra content) to give me a reason to consider this. I probably won’t bother because the graphics look like upgraded from the PSP anyway.

    Please High Impact Studios, leave Secret Agent Clank as a PSP exclusive.

  • Oh, and I see that the PSP version is still $39.99 at BestBuy and I assume this PS2 version is releasing at around $19.99-$29.99 so will there be a drastic price reduction on the PSP version soon?

    I think whomever owns the PSP one should get the PS2 version free and whomever buys the PS2 one should get the PSP version with it free. :D ;)

  • Will there also be the online multiplayer like the psp version has?
    I wouldn’t mind getting this for the ps2 for the extra analog stick. I haven’t gotten the psp one yet, but I was planning on it as soon as it went on sale. My biggest question is are there any upgrades, additional content, etc. that makes this an improvement over the psp version?

  • so tell me one thing what make you guys good to make this port i have never played a game from your studios b4.I love trying new studios and if the game is good i will keep buying from that studio

  • also does it work on the 60 gig ps3 fully.please answer me back!!!!!!!

  • @18
    I thought everything worked with the 60gb ps3 because it has hardware BC. I don’t see any reason why this game wouldn’t work.

  • I wish it worked with remote play. that would be sweet.

  • @17 erico316

    they didnt make just make the port they made the full game for the PSP. and they are making the secret anget clank comin up for PSP.

  • it is very interesting

  • I think i’m too used to seeing PS3 games now but to me the graphics look like good PS1 graphics.

  • Why doesn’t Tools of Destruction have multiplayer (online)?

  • As much as I love COD, I do enjoy non-Team Deathmatch Multiplayer

  • I’ve already beat this game on the PSP so why would I want to play it on the PS2? I have TOD for the PS3, so why not come out with something new like a multiplayer add on for TOD?

  • All the ratchet games should be ported to ps3 with the TOD engine…Can this be done?

  • Can we play against other people who own the PSP version of the game in multiplayer?

  • will u be able to play the mutilplayer modes on PS3 online?????????

  • TwoBlack4America

    The game was great on the PSP. I’m sure it’ll work well on the PS2…

  • Insomniac should make a downloadable Patch for TOD to add multiplayer.

  • I loved the online game aspect of the PSP version… but there was no voicechat!! Without voicechat, well, it just wasn’t any fun.

    Does this version have online… or just splitscreen? If it does have online… does it have voicechat?

    I do wish that this type of basic information was included on the website. :(

  • I have the 40 GB model, so this post doesn’t even matter to me :( (because I can’t even play it..it’s a PS2 game)

  • What a load of crap… This should have stayed PSP exclusive. I know PSP is the new golden console in Japan, but the rest of the world doesn’t have as much respect for it…. High profile PSP games need to stay on the PSP…

    In fact, I think it’s about time the PS2 DIED… It’s hurting both the PS3 and the PSP.

  • I wish the focused on a multiplayer add-on for R&C: TOD. Imagine how many PS3s would be sold just for the multiplayer. Perfect for casual and hardcore gamers.

  • @34
    I humbly disagree. Do you know how refreshing it is to go into a store and still be able to find ps2 games? I since I never owned a ps2 but now have a 60gb ps3, I’m finally able to enjoy a wide variety of games I’ve always wanted to play but was never able to, at a cheaper price no less. Compare that with the game cube games I can now play on my wii. Stores no longer carry GC games and even places like game stop have only a handful of GC games on a tiny shelf in the corner. While ports of psp games might not be the best, I’m at least grateful that sony has decided to let the ps2 live for as long as it has.

  • Really hope you guys made the game different (as in longer). this is one of the shorter games i have for the psp.

  • @36 There are a billion PS2 games out there, many of them quite successful. Stealing an exclusive away from PSP to drop in the already quite full PS2 bucket is nothing short of pathetic. I mean, there’s other R&C games on the PS2, even… Ones that were made for it, so they’re better on it in the first place. If every PSP game ends up on the PS2, no one will really want a PSP for games.

  • so they port it to the PS2 down the road. So long as this isn’t happening within a few months of the PSP release, I don’t see it being a big deal. The companies need to make money, I really don’t care that much how they do it so long as I can play my game on my PSP.

  • ratchet and clank is 1 of my favorite franchises of all time and EVERY game in the series is a blast. EVERY LAST 1. i would buy this game regardless if it had multiplayer or not.

  • in ratchet and clank up your arsanol in multiplayer mode there was this one u could use vechales and take out turrets and invade bases can u do that on size maters?????{if u can,can somone tell me what the mode is called please}

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