MLB 08: The Show – Today is Opening Day!

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The grass is cut, the infield’s manicured and the lines are chalked. The boys of summer are back and it’s time to “PLAY BALL!” MLB 08: The Show officially hits store shelves today for the PS3, PS2 and PSP.

In celebration of the start of the 2008 baseball season, we’ve got a new Opening Day trailer for you:

If that wasn’t enough for you, or if you haven’t seen what all the hype is all about, be sure to click to and check out recent vids from what ESPN The Magazine says is “the most realistic baseball game ever created.” MLB 08 The Show: Nothing gets you closer.

Dig in and swing for the fences…

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  • This game is incredible on all 3 platforms. The PS3 version is THE Baseball game to get this year. I hope to see evryone online for some great games, just please, can someone pick a team OTHER than teh Mets and Red Sox?!?!

  • I will definitely be picking this up very, very soon. I have a previous engagement with GOW: CoO. Is there any give away with the game like with 07?

    • Yes, we have partnered with New Era for the cap promotion. All you have to do is buy a specially marked copy of the PS3 version of the game and you can get a New Era cap for the team of your choice. Details are inside the box.

  • Aw, what a nice trailer- so serene and peaceful.

    IGN certainly seems to enjoy the game as well. I’m fairly certain I’ll be getting this though it may sadly be awhile- necesito dinero, y’know?

  • Best baseball game ever! Too bad I’m not a fan of baseball.

  • just popped it in. and finally dont have to play the demo over and over again.

  • Best baseball game ever.

  • Only the PS3 version? Last time it was on the PSP version, bummer.

  • Just bought the PS3 version and I WILL be using the Mets, I don’t care what anybody says. I’m a Mets fan since ’86 so all the haters can just hate themselves…


  • A Mets fan since 86? So one flukie bounce followed by 20 years of disappointment, huh?

  • I’ve had this game since Friday, only to put it down to workout and I’ve taken the rest of the week off to play a game, what gives and who gives a ______ Anyways great product SCEA San Diego and it is true “Nothing Gets You Closer”.

  • Troy, is it coming to Europe too?

    • No current plans for The Show in the UK. I hear Cricket is all the rage over there. We’d love to see a grass roots movement though. What are you doing for the next nine months heading into the 09 season?

  • Looks loke I am waiting till summer before I buy any kind of PlayStation games.

  • I will be getting it this week. Does anybody know how the online play is?

  • This SD video doesn’t do your game justice. Looks great and the demo was fun.

  • just saw the commercial!

    I haven’t played a baseball game since the original NES days!

    Might have to give this one a rent to see how the genre has evolved in 15 years!

  • @ Tmack

    Italy here, I think that only in UK cricket is an important sport. But please..don’t ask me why :P

    btw I’m thinking about importing mlb the show. Does it work on my PAL ps3?

    • StoneFreedom – I\’m not blowin you off on this one. I\’m just trying to track down a 100% certified answer for you. I\’ll circle back.

    • Stone – took me a while to get back to you, but I\’ve got an answer for you: our test guys popped both the PS3 and PS2 versions in and were good to go with PAL. While this was certainly no extensive testing cycle, they were able to play without a hitch. Hope that helps.

  • Not a big fan of baseball but this looks pretty great , i might pick it up

  • picking it up tomorrow!

  • Game Freezes at the start menu. Only works if you disconnect your internet. Problem is all over the forums.

    • This was a result of higher than expected network traffic that forced our dev group to deploy additional servers to handle. This was corrected as of last evening. However, there was a notice via SportsConnect to give folks a heads up.

  • Just opened the box as I read this :). Loved the demo and the game will be even better.

  • @ #18 StoneFreedom
    I’m pretty sure that all PS3 games are region free, but I’m not sure.

    btw, I’m definitely looking into this game. blows 2K’s game totally out of the water…

  • hmmm that’s funny TMack. I opened up my packaging this morning, and guess what, NO baseball hat promotion in mine. How can i go about getting my code sent to me, I have proof of purchase.

  • I’ll get it once I get more money.

  • wait the game came out already i tryed the demo and love and i went to gamestop and ask if mlb the show was coming out an dhtey told me 2 week from now i live in new york.Can some1 at sony tell me if the game came out so i can go to the other gamestop it petty far but i want this game

  • man i bought this game and the first one wpould freeze my ps3 when it asked to create profile so i returned it and the 2nd one did the same man im really dissapointed with this junk im just going to go get mlb 2k8 if i am going to go through this problem.and it aint my ps3 tried call of duty 4 and no problem!!!

  • too bad I dont like baseball really. Let’s get a hockey game this realistic!!!!

  • servers are down and you cant play online, if you want to play the game single player you MUST sign out of psn or it wont work, once the servers are back up, you will be able to play online again

  • That sucks they are having problems…I guess they didn’t anticipate everyone wanting to play online…The benefit of being a broke gamer; by the time you buy the game, all kinks are worked out…

  • Damn, after I made a profile and custom soundtrack the game doesn’t start. WTF?

  • TwoBlack4America

    That game is pretty good.I like the TV spot for it too.

  • I am now a convert. My last three years of baseball were all in the 2K camp. 2k8 is just a bloody mess this year and I’ve finally given into The Show… and it is good. Damned good.

    I still don’t like the pitching interface in The Show (personal preference and all) but everything else about it is better than 2k8 in just about every way possible.

  • I was real excited to get my copy of MLB 08 The Show yesterday…unfortunately I had to spend the next 2-3 hours trying to make it work, as the game kept stalling out, just showing me a “Retrieving License” screen without ever getting past it. Eventually after reading some messageboards I found that I could get the game to play if I disabled my PS3’s internet connection, but my 3 hours of effort barely left me any time to actually play the game. Big disappointment so far.

  • Consider one copy sold. But I’ll probably get this every year, this is so much better than 2K baseball it’s not even funny.

  • WooHoo! I plan my vacation time around the baseball season. I take off Opening Day, the Home Run Derby, the All-Star Game and the World Series. I’m gonna pick up MLB 08: The Show this weekend.

  • WOW!



    thanks for any info, I don’t wanna waste my money!

  • frito, the game did freeze up when starting and online services were down, but apparently Sony has claimed that this was just due to unexpectedly high server traffic. After I could only play the game for most of yesterday with my PS3 offline, it appeared that by about 11pm last night they had things working again, and I was able to download roster updates and had no freezing issues (tho I did not try an online game).

  • I noticed X-Play on G4TV gave the game a 3 out of 5. They gave that other baseball game a 4. What a joke. I guess if MLB 08 The Show was also on the 360 it might have got a better score. X-Play has really turned into a 360 show.

    The funniest part of their review was if you’ve played the last couple The Show games then there isn’t much reason to buy this game. I guess you could say the same thing about Madden football games.

  • great game ^.^;

  • @ mrlogical-

    Thanks for the response!

    glad to see it was just the day-one jitters!

    I just remember how some games have been gimped and needed patches to work properly..

    Ok, I have decided to actually get this game!

    Spring is almost here!


  • Mets were a solid enough team in ’86 to take advantage of the “fluke”, Ed. And they won the other 3 games, including the final one, fluke free!

    Bought the game, btw, and loving it. Still not sure if the online games are more stable than in ’07. Got bounced out of a game already and had two people quit. One of those two people quit because the lag was too bad.

    We’ll see. I’ll blame it on the over-stuffed 1st day servers. All I know is that the “other” baseball game is clearly outmatched this time.


  • I’m really really enjoying this game so far however I have 1 gripe so far. Why why why can I not save sections of a replay? It’s bad enough that you can’t export videos to the XMB but why can’t we save replays just to watch in game? If something incredibly cool happens I want to save that and show it off, not just watch it a couple times after the game is done and then it deletes itself.

    If there is in fact some way to do this that I haven’t found (and I looked) then PLEASE enlighten me.

    Other than that I’ve started a road to the show career and it is an awesome take on the typical game, I’m excited at the prospect of improving and progressing through a career. It’s just unfortunate I suck so much at it.

  • Nice trailer. I plan on picking this game up at lunch today. See you guys at the ballpark!

  • I’ll definitely rent it and if i buy it, i’ll probably get it on the psp.

  • Finnaly a good baseball game! Now, do same to NBA! :)

  • ^^^^

    Yeah dude, NBA 08 is absolutely atrocious…

  • about now getting the same dev working on a soccer game, with all the club teams… national teams, and put the same kind of feautres in it as the show??
    come on… im tired of fifa unplayability and the lack of teams and features on pro evo..

  • Why can’t I login to

    I’ve added a password via the PS3 version of the game.

  • Great game, it just keeps getting better every year.

    I would like to see collission detection in the game, some progressive shadowing and PS3 / PSP road to the show connectivity next time (and franchise if this gets eventually to the PSP).

    I would hope that the PSP version would have umpires and coaches shown in the game. There have been three years now without at least showing the ump’s and base coaches. Is it really so hard to at least show them? It feels that something’s missing when you play the game.

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