God of War: Chains of Olympus out today

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I hope you’re ready for the release of Kratos onto the PSP today, March 4th, when he’ll be hacking up your local game store. To give you a little sample of what you’re in store for, I’ve also included a sneak peak of our 30-second TV spot that launches today as well.

*We* know the game is incredible, but you don’t have to take our word for it… here’s what everyone else is saying:

Grade: A
“… it’s off-the-charts phenomenal…”

“Not only is Chains of Olympus a worthy addition to the God of War franchise, it also stands on its own as a triple-A title in the PSP library.”

4.75/5 + Editors Choice Award
“The Best PSP Game Ever.”

9.4/10 + Editors Choice Award
“Engaging from start to finish, Chains of Olympus is a mandatory purchase for anyone who owns a PSP…”

9.5/10 + Outstanding Award
“…for a PSP title, this is one of the finest, if not THE finest, games released to date.”

Kill em if you got em!

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  • I can’t wait for this, I’m sure I won’t be let down :D

  • …simply.. amazing! O_O!

  • Whoo! This ad is really great!
    Why don’t we have those types of ads in my country?

  • Hot ad.. and I’m not one to watch ads.

  • Must…….get………..game………………uggggggggh

  • Very nice trailer.

  • So are there Patapons in this game?

  • Lets see, i could not pass the first hyrda head in the first god of war game, still can not beat the first level giant statue in the second one. YET!!! I beat the demo for this game, I will buy this.

  • I’ll be waiting for the GoW PSP Bundle- I absolutely need red! :D

    By the way, could you have him start off by hacking away at my local Gamestop/EBGames? And I don’t mean ship the game there- seriously, hack those places apart. :/

  • Truly becoming a legendary gaming series in its own right! Great to see this PSP title getting the critical acclaim it deserves.

    Can hardly wait for Kratos to slash it up on PS3!

  • 2 words Bad Ass!

  • Oh, and please, please, please leave the PSP with this one. If this goes to one of the bigger brothers then any credibility the PSP has left as a gaming system will be shattered- it’s already hurting from the porting of plenty of its good titles to the PS2.

  • I will definitely be picking this up and the GOW PSP bundle in June, even though I already have a Starwars slim. I can’t wait to play, it’s been a very, very, very, long wait.

    Congrats to RAD and Santa Monica Studios for what seems to be a hell of a game. A bit off topic here, it will be sad to see RAD leave the PSP scene. They’re one of my favorite devs based on one game (soon to be two).

  • Sure does look bad ass, but I’m not convinced that it’s worth $40 for a 5-hour long game… I own and have completed the other two games on PS2, which were $50 each, but are *much* longer. This one’s going to be a rental due to the combination of price and game length.

    • We’ve had people finish the game in five to ten hours just like there have been people who finished God of War II in that amount of time. It’s always hard to put a playtime length to any game.

      PSX Extreme
      \”Where as the first two can clock in at around 10-12 hours, Chains of Olympus is good for about 8-10 – but it\’ll probably end up a 20 hour experience, as you\’ll want to replay the game, to unlock certain features.\”

      \”The length (between five and six hours the first time through) doesn\’t really bother me personally, since the game isn\’t artificially difficult just to make itself longer, and it offers multiple reasons to replay it (I\’m currently at over 25 hours all added up, between playing a second time — where you get to keep everything you unlocked the first time — and playing on God Mode difficulty, which is almost as challenging as in past games). I would have preferred to know the story was short up front, but assuming you\’re reading this before playing the game, you\’ve got that advantage.\”

      It\’s relatively short (it took me about 7 hours), but there\’s plenty of bonus stuff to go back and earn.

      Gaming Trend
      \”I completed my first run through of God of War: Chains of Olympus at the 8 hour mark, almost exactly.\”

      Gaming Nexus
      \”The game took me just under six hours to complete on the normal difficulty level\”

  • Edit: I should say the first two games “were” $50 each. Now, they’re $40 (or less if you get them on sale) for the two of them together.

  • sweet.. when does the red kratos psp release? im buying one the minute it comes out

  • Well as long as the game is fun and not shorter than 5hrs thats long enough for. For a handheld game thats pretty good length for me anyways since Im only able to play handheld games in spirts because of neck craps and things. I now like all the other gow I will play it on hard first lol

  • It should have gotten perfect scores across the board!

    10 out of 10

  • @ #8 Pilot

    You, my friend, have not learned the ways of the block

    As unconditionally as I love GoW, I will be missing out on this one. Will use the interwebs to look up it’s storyline though. Fantastic Ad.

  • This will be a top seller on the PSP for sure! Go Sony go! Now we need Final Fantasy to hit as well and the PSP sales will jump big time in both the US, and Japan!

  • @ 12

    Couldn’t agree more, PSP titles need to stay on the PSP. It’s only hurting the system to port over it’s best games to the PS2 that’s dying (slowly but surely).

  • Love GoW.

    Getting it today.

    I hope the Cod of War makes another appearance…

  • Why don’t you want this game ported to the PS2?

    Then we could play it on our PS3’s with a regular sized TV screen! I had alot of fun with Vice City Stories when they ported it to the PS2!

    I, for one, hope it comes out for PS2 so those without PSP’s can play them!

    Because the game looks awesome!


  • I like the ad!

  • I think Sony needs to come out with some more hard core PSP games, God of War and SOCOM are both prime games that show off the PSP and what it can do for both single player games, as well as online games, Wipeout: Pulse is another game that shows off what the system can do.

    I say now we need another Killzone game on the PSP, as well as another SOCOM game that takes full advantage of the PSPs unlocked CPU’s 333mh, I mean we all admit SOCOM: Tatical Strike looks great, but it changes the gameplay too much. Now I think we need one last stand alone SOCOM game for the PSP that has the same old style of the other ones with the over the shoulder shooter game play, as well as the same killer graphics of SOCOM: Tactical Strike. I would play a game like that any day!

    We also need another Ace combat game, as well as the PSP would be in for a sure win if games like StarWars Podracer, and StarWars StarFighter would come to the system as exclusives.

    With the PSPs sales now neck and neck with the DS lite, I think developers would be way more willing to try to make some third party games for the PSP only.

  • can we get jeffe point of veiw on this god of war game can until i hear him say it good i dont trust any1 else

  • Red PSP Bundle? WHEN WHEN WHEn?!?!?

  • I cant find this game anyplace?!? Where can I find it? The FW kids will have this up on torrents before it in the stores.

  • Wow, nice spot. I`m waiting this game !!!!!!!!

  • I pre-ordered it from Amazon, and can’t wait till it arrives. Luckily Wipeout Pulse, and Pata Pon will hold me until it arrives.

  • According to metacritic,


  • amazing and finally a good game arrives on the psp, unfortunatly its still no Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. by the way any news on that title?

  • PSP will have a tough work out this year. Good thing for it.

  • “Kill em if you got em!”

    That was great

  • Because of the recent announcements Sony made at Destination Playstation, I’ll have to wait to get my fix on Chains of Olympus on June 12..

  • Hopefully it will come out on the PS2 like every other good PSP title.

  • Anyway you’ll ever release downloadable versions on PSN that I could play on my PS3 — or, if I were to buy a PSP, I could transfer to the PSP via a memory stick? I’d love this as a downloadable for PSN even with a higher sticker price than most PSN titles — although I wouldn’t pay full UMD sticker either.

  • TwoBlack4America

    God of War Chains of Olympus is the BEST PSP GAME EVER!!

  • Ready At Dawn shows other developers how to do their job.

    This game doesn’t even need the hype machine with R.A.D. behind it, you already know it’s going to be a quality experience.

  • 1up DID NOT give this game ‘9.5 out of 10’

    They gave it an ‘A’,

    On a scale that includes “+’s” and “-‘s” I don’t see where or how you got this converted number. They themselves are not giving out conversions tables.

    It sounds like a good game but I have concerns if you’re not going to accurately show scores. An ‘A’ is still a great score, why change what they rated it?

  • Wow, you’re bright Mr.Fusion…

    9.5… 95%… A. Ever been to school? They might’ve just asked them for a quote and 1Up gave them that themselves.

  • Big fan of the PS2 games and awaiting my copy of CoO to come through the mail.

    Can’t wait for gamespot too crap on this game and give it a 7.5 out of the blue, and claim it has an identity crisis or something along those lines.

  • @41

    Actually I read the whole 1up review the day it was posted and it did have a 9.5. They probably changed it when they fully integrated to the whole A-B-C rating system.

    • Ding! The review was actually posted in mid-February. That being said, I just changed it to reflect 1UP/EGM\’s new scoring system.

      And as Jeigh said above, 9.5/95% was always an \”A\” for me.

  • @42
    The scale has 15 different graident’s and if you use an increment of .5 or 5% for each tier you cannot actually get a full range of numbers

    1up have very publicly said that they did this for a reason and there will be no conversions, an ‘A’ is an ‘A’

    Its a great game but I don’t think scores should just be changed to fit this blog.

  • TwoBlack4America

    Btw,nice TV ad

  • damn i cant wait for my game to get here tomorrow. have it on overnight shipping from gamestop. that commercial kicks butt. glad linda hunt is back. she is the most important voice actor for the god of war series.

  • I want to congratulate Sony on the 300 40GB PS3 the US Airforce puchased!

  • Any word on when the new GoW psp comes out. Im totally hot for it

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