THE EYE OF JUDGMENT – Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2) detailed

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With 100 new THE EYE OF JUDGMENT cards on the horizon, the amount of buzz generated by the last blog post, and with a lot of questions asked, we wanted to explain some details for Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2). But first, check out another wave of cards with some bonus ‘in-progress’ gameplay footage of a few of them in action:


More card images can be found here.

Now for some Set 2 design details:

  • Biolith Rebellion (Set 1) focused on introducing the basic rules and challenged the gamer with mastering gameplay tactics. Biolith Rebellion 2’s cards will bring ‘deck-based strategy’ into play by incorporating more ‘card-combos’ to create a wider variety of decks.
  • In addition to card-combos, creating custom themed decks will be easier thanks having more cards and special abilities tied to a specific race or affiliation (i.e. Lizard decks, Goblin decks, Church of Parmus decks, etc).
  • Also, more focused color decks will be more attainable due to a greater variety of character abilities and new game changing spells.
  • Thanks to all our fans’ feedback, we’ve created more cards to help balance the existing set (i.e. the powerful “Dodge” and “Biolith” decks from Set 1)
  • Finally, Set 1 players who don’t purchase the Set 2 expansion, will STILL be able to battle against Set 2 owners.

So here’s a quick list of new abilities and mechanics:

  • Decoy – Distracts affected enemy creatures so they can only attack target creatures with Decoy
  • Fieldmorph – Changes a target field to the same element as the creature occupying it
  • Intercept – Deals direct damage (half the time) to newly summoned enemy creatures
  • Invocation – Allows you to incarnate a creature onto another creature of the same element or race
  • Magic Protection – Prevents damage from a magic attack
  • Resurrection – If a creature with Resurrection is destroyed and you hold a duplicate in your hand, you many
  • summon the duplicate to the previously occupied field by spending one Mana
  • Return – Allows you to bring your recently defeated creatures back to your hand for one Mana
  • New creatures that cannot be targeted by Spells
  • New creatures that prohibit certain abilities (ex: Dwarf Sniper)
  • The ability to steal exit mana from destroyed creatures
  • The ability to create special Fields (ex: a field that counts as both a Fire Field and a Earth Field)
  • The ability to get cards from your deck library or graveyard
  • The ability to steal exit mana from destroyed creatures
  • Spells that deal direct damage to creatures
  • Spells that influence turns (ex. Aluhjan Spellsheild)

In addition to Set 2, a new network update will provide ALL online gamers with some new additions:

  • Improved graphic displays, showing more information about Field and Card Status
  • Added in-game encyclopedia explaining everything for beginners and pros alike
  • Online players will now be ranked by both “Ability” and “Honor” – so you can select your opponent by skill and sportsmanship
  • “Special matches” will be introduced to add more deck building challenges to our online gamers – more details to come…
  • So how will Biolith Rebellion 2 be distributed?
  • First, you have to have the EOJ software bundle and registration to the PLAYSTATION Network
  • Then you’ll need to purchase “THE EYE OF JUDGMENT – Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2) expansion pack” from the PLAYSTATION Store. The expansion pack includes all the data for 100 new character models, animations, and in-game rules to allow Set 2 cards to function under the “Eye”
  • Finally, check out your local GameStop, Target, ToysRUs, Wal*Mart and other select retailers or online at to get your hands on the new Set 2 cards from Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro – Booster packs for $3.99 and Theme Decks for $14.99.

Lastly – When?

  • THE EYE OF JUDGMENT – Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2) will be available on March 27th (both Expansion pack on PSN & Set 2 cards @ retail).

Whew, lots of info for today…stay tuned for more news, upcoming promotions, tournaments, strategy tips and other community support for our EOJ fans.

PS…We know most of you will ask about the price for North America, so check back here in March.

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  • Also just so you know we are continuing the ‘Software Pricing debate’ in the US forum if you interested you can have a look at it here:

    If you new to the game and need help in building decks or just have general question about rules and stuff visit just click on the red words under my sig on that site

  • In regards to you comment about the community understanding having to pay to play our series 2 cards because of the finance / partnership / production background, I think that Sony is being shortsighted.

    What Sony needs to understand is that players are going to do the math here and realize that this game is going to cost an awful lot to keep playing. And as another poster mentioned, what if someone decides they want to pick up the game later on? They have to pay $70 + $30 and they still have to buy series 2 cards?

    I love this game and I implore Sony to rethink this pricing scheme. I fear we are going to lose players from an already small community and the game will simply fizzle out. Think long term guys! You don’t need to take more money just because you can.

    • You\’re completely entitled to your line of thinking. EOJ is a completely unique consumer proposition, and a new business model had to be created – which some will accept and others reject.

      Believe me, lots of global research and analysis went into pricing, and being a TCG\’er from the \”MTG Beta\” days, I see both sides of the gamer vs. business fence and stand by the pricing model – to not screw over my TCG brethren. And who said anything about $30?

  • Can I please get an answer to some of the questions I ask?

  • I got the playstation eye as a gift. Is there any way to get Eye of judgment without the camera? I’ve been tempted to get the game but seems wasteful to get a 2nd camera I won’t be needing./

  • @Those With Camera Problems:
    Automatic works great if you keep a blue LED flashlight next to your EoJ Table. Anytime a card isn’t being recognized, briefly flash your blue LED flashlight at the board and cards will be recognized instantly after removing the light source.

    Without a flashlight, best setting for nighttime play is Warm Dark, will work consistently with moderate lighting. Play with a Blue setting during the day. Automatic seems to have trouble with both natural daylight and nighttime lighting, so I don’t recommend using it unless you keep a flashlight handy.

    @Mark: Thanks for your comments on the blog. I will definitely purchase the expansion at 10 bucks or less, but I still won’t be happy about it. 10-20 I will probably buy it, 20+ very unlikely to buy it.

    I think the suggestions to include promo codes in booster boxes for the DLC is a GREAT suggestion, it really seems to solve a lot of problems. It allows SCEA to charge a premium to the card copiers for software updates, and allows you to maintain good will with your best customers who spend hundreds on cards and feel like they are being double-charged and “nickel and dimed to death.” I really hope you implement something like this.

  • Sign the release of Home Open Beta Petition @ and sony plz look @ this as this is what your customers are asking 4.

  • some answers would be nice on comments 88 – 91 thanks

    • Sorry, can\’t really answer for other territories (your pricing / packaging questions seem like they derive from Europe).

      As for a single player mode, check out #26.

  • mvalledor The Eye of Judgement is nice, I had it but I sold the game and cards because I wanted the eye ps3. What sucked for me here in St. John’s Newfoundland, is that the only way to get the EYE was to buy this game and an eye without the game cost just as much. WTF is that about. I know it’s a good cam but $70. THat’s a rip off if you ask me.
    Sure I love my eye for video chats but I want to know are we going to be able to “FACE MAP’ our avatars in HOME? That’s my only concern now. Also are there any up and coming games that will let us have our face on our character in game? Please say yes…..

    • Maybe you didn\’t see it, but when we launched EOJ, we also launched the stand-alone camera for $40. As for Face Mapping, I\’ll have to check with our Peripheral/Hardware/3rd party support groups…

      BTW…did you see the previous blog posts on upcoming Eye technology? Its a great peek of potential things to come.

  • About time they add more cards to this game.

  • is there anyways to get eye of judgement to use this techlonogy from sony
    cause i know alot of people would go crazy for something like that in a card game

  • Mark,
    I just read through your responses. Thanks for all of the information. This is great stuff.

    I do have a question/suggestion for the game that I didn’t see anyone mention, yet. Is there any plans for integration with the PSP? Remote Play would be nice, but even better would be a stand-alone version. You could use the PS3 Eye to register your deck, then upload it to your PSP. Then you could either play against the computer, or another PSP.

  • mvalledor replied
    Leaving 4 for….(mhuahahahah – my evil tease laugh)…stay tuned…

    Its safe to say their Phantom Cards….I can’t wait for this to come out.

    I still have 10 left from my set of 26 Rares to complete and a slew of the Ultra Rares not to mention I still need 3 of the Five Phantoms Cards. For my release one collection…

  • Hey guys,

    Great comments above and hope I answered them as well as you liked (I know pricing is a sore subject with any consumer)…we all love free things right?

    And I’ll be sure to find some answers about music and cards (especially in CA). Also, stay tuned for future posts and announcements on community improvements for EOJ.

    “I’m decked”


  • this game needs custom soundtracks
    sometimes the games go on real long
    and music in the game kinda sucks

  • Firstable, Thanks Mark for your respones to all the comments, i really appreciated this.
    A few questions i forget in my first comment:
    1. When will the Cards and the Update be released in Europe?

    The german translation of the first Generation Cards were bad. Some Elements and Abilites were mixed up and the funniest thing Edin has a male article (Edin der Verfolgte). If you look at the picture, it’s obvious that this is… wrong.
    Any chance that this time the QA works better?

  • Hi Mark,

    The Community has brought some interesting this first of all the official list of cards made available for EOJ.

    Is incorrect could we have please have someone look into this? In addition they would like also more up community centric site for Eye of Judgment similar to what we’ve seen with our Asian Members site.
    Please see the link:

    Would also love the idea up loading videos of our duals againist opponents and share others. Similar to what we’ve seen and heard with Singstar for the Playstation 3.

    Please also note second to the first tab at site I just mentioned has a area for players movies.

    Could we also have the Official Rule Book Translated in English and other
    Languages. And made available for all players.

    • SCEJ\’s site is awesome. Don\’t worry, community plans are in the works, and videos will follow shortly. Same with an updated manual.

  • @Mark: Thanks for taking Canada into account. Just want to make sure that what Darkknight said in @96 also still count for the software patch: “Canadians are also STILL paying a 1$ premium on everything on the store”, so since we had to pay extra, for shipping and custom, for all our set 1 cards, I really, really hope the software patch will be at par with U.S. for once. Motorstorm is my second favorite game after EoJ, and I have not bought one addon because instead of paying $2.99, it’s $3.99, instead of $3.99, it’s $4.99 and so on. It’s against every fibers of my body to pay 25% to 33% more for downloads when our money is still at par with the U.S.

    Now to answer your very own question: “There IS a spectator mode (sort of). I forget how the specifics, work, but when you look at the rankings list, you can watch their last matched (saved on the server)…I’ve done it before…I remember analyzing which decks the best players were playing…not the ‘rare-fest’ everyone thinks.

    Can anyone elaborate on the top of their head?”

    Well, you can currently watch the replay of the last match played by the top 100 players only. I believe that the expansion will allow us to record and save our very own matches, which is already better since it will only be a question of putting those on youtube for everybody to see. Particularly those all important final tournament matches. (hint: matches that we have to organize ourselves since there’s nothing supported by Sony or WotC…)

    Thanks for the great job Mark. Particularly spending precious week-end time with us!

  • I may be a bit off topic, but on EOJ … The playing board (or cloth), any chance of releasing a separate version of the playing board that is made of wood or some other harder surface? The cloth is nice, but when you remove it from the package it has creases in them that causes shadows and makes reading the cards difficult. This only makes playing the game more frustrating and reduces my desire to want to play.

    Please release a better version of the game board, I know I would buy it. Maybe offer special orders or include some card packs with the new board if you feel it may not sell well.

  • @Nynja: See the link in my comment above, #104, to see an awesome custom made EoJ board. I plan to buy one myself as soon as I can afford it.

  • @114: If you look back, you’ll realize that not only have I already said that, but Mark already answered that.

  • On 112…mvalledor replied on February 24, 2008 at 9:04 am
    nope…not phantoms…(mhuahahaha x2)

    …Ok If not Phantoms, Then the last 4 will be THE SAINTS!!! called it.. lol!

  • Would also love the idea up loading videos of our duals againist opponents and share others. Similar to what we’ve seen and heard with Singstar for the Playstation 3.

    Please also note second to the first tab at site I just mentioned has a area for players movies.

    Here a good example: However with better encoding of course? Sorry for the low level quailty but its the idea that matters..

  • Whoever picked the music should be flogged. Thanks again for your comments, it made me feel better as a consumer.

  • @Mark

    I also like to thank you for taking time answering all of our questions. I have never seen something like this before, and I truly appreciate this.

    I felt like I was already at the peak of excitement about EOJ, but I was wrong. I am getting more and more excited every single day.

    Cheers and wish you a great day

  • @115

    Mark has already answered that it will be global release. :)

  • Hey mark that replay thing you were telling me about isnt there ive looked and looked for it. That and ive asked others and they havent heard of it either. But to the point the game needs a “real” spectators mode not the players last match played that is supposedly saved to the server. i want to be able have my friends watch me play while i play, or the ability to save the match replay to the HDD altogether.

  • “And who said anything about $30?”

    When will we get official word on the update price. Its the hottest topic out there.
    I think announcing the price, especially if its lower than 30$ would go a long way for customer relations, and also not frighten new customers away that may be considering purchasing the EoJ starter package but have heard they will have to pay a high dollar update price in a little more than 30 days from now .

    Any Info on the update cost would be great… anything 8-)

    Junkyard Dog

  • Hi mvalledor,

    I live in Australia and it appears that the Eye of Judgement has been discontinued in my country.

    I understand that this is a niche title, I’d also wager that a population of only 20 million doesn’t help either.

    Are there any plans to re-release the Eye of Judgement bundle, or a bundle of set 2 or a version that just comes with a starter deck, play mat and disk?

    Before this game I wasn’t into CCGs but EOJ is just brilliant and I would really like to see more people in Australia playing it. I have a friend who loves CCG’s and would be a real shame if he couldn’t get a copy of the game.

    Thank you in advance, mate.


  • Hi Mark,
    First of let me say that i realy really love the game, never play such thing like that before, but here is how I feel about what you guys are doing. The game was mean to target a small group of audience such as hardcore and CCG fan- the group that is most likely to pay more for the game? so that you guys can charge freely for it? I think it’s already abit overdone. When the second set come out, people who truely love and loyal fan of the game need to buy cards from the new set to keep up with because it’s basicly screw up the 1st set, this not neccessary a bad thing, just feel like the game is refreshed all over. The thing is the update content, why it have to be releashed separately? shouldnt it supposed to be all in the disk ’cause BD has such large capacity? why it’s not a whole pakage before release to the market instead of bit by bit update and consumer have to pay for evey update content. The other thing that I also hate about this: there are plenty cancancies on the disk but limited space on my hard drive. I already paid around 300 for the game anh willing to buy more new cards of the 2nd but plz dont have us to pay too much for the update content. The game is already too expensive to keep up with.

    • Unfortunately, development of new creatures, modeling, animation, etc. takes time. It would\’ve been impossible to put Set 2, Set 3, etc on the BD back in OCT 07. As for pricing, don\’t worry, the Set 2 download won\’t be as expensive as you think…

  • oh and just one more thing: the booster pack is extremely hard to find at my local gamestops, toyrus,… and I know its the very same problem other eoj fans have been expiriencing. Seems that retailers just carry out 3-5 packs at a time. So if there is any way to fix this problem that would be great.

  • Great game, but i got a huge problem… I live in Peru and they don’t sell boosters here, in fact… they don’t even sell the game, i had to import it and it took me 1 month and a half to get it, so i asked a friend who is in the US right now to buy me a few boosters, the thing is he can’t find them, he’s coming back in about a week and he told me he only found 2 booster packs, why are they so hard to find? I’m running out of time and i honestly don’t know what to do… I don’t wanna have to import again because the prices are ridiculously high and it takes too long.

  • I am surprised to see so many answers from Mark in this thread.. Great work and thanks for support!

    //still waiting for my copy. People should bring it from Minneapolis to my little Minsk, Belarus..

  • Any chance we can have tournament modes similiar to Legends of Norrath? I am very surprised that there was not a tourney mode with set one.

  • Hey Mark,

    Can you find out if there is a plan to patch EOJ so that it will display in 1080i for those of us who have TVs that will not display in 720p. Other developers (many execpt SCEA) have patched their games to use the scaler SDK so that we don’t have to see their games in 480p. I would love to have EOJ display in HD but I cannot go buy a new TV just for that.


  • May I request a farewell blog post from Phil Harrison? I’m disheartened to hear about his resignation, but I think I speak on behalf of the Playstation community that we would appreciate the opportunity to say goodbye to him.

  • Post 135 and 136…. My hat to you. Two great ideas.

  • Its good the game is still developing, I think its pretty fun.

    Just an idea:
    I don’t think it would be a bad idea to make a second purpose for the cards. Right now we only have 1 game to use the cards with and to be honest its a little pricey(But definitely reasonable) once you have what you need.

    I think it woudl be nice to be able to purchase a TCG based Adventure Game. Since EOJ doesn’t have this already, it would be nice to have. I’d rather it be a game to buy instead of free download. If its developed to be for free, not many people will put time & effort into it.

    Any chance of this happening?

  • @fuzzysquash

    someone has to pay the price for the PS3 not making any deadline for game releases, HOME delays, lack of everyday features, the lack of PS3 upscaling of its pathetic 720p games.

    so it may as well start from the top…sorry Phil u just suck!

    will someone take his place and light a fire under someones ass to get this system in gear??

    will sony ever fire eric lempel???…god i hope so!

  • I haven’t played Eye of judgement in several months now. I got it at launch and played it for a few weeks, lost interest as it was impossible to get cards from any local shops (I am in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada). I guess I could have ordered online but never got around to it.

    Anyway I hope that Sony does resolve their Canadian supply issues (as mentioned several times all ready in the blog), and I look forward to the new update.

    • Outside of spending more money on mass marketing, we\’ll have to rely on our core community to help spread the word. Hopefully as we introduce more competitive elements into the game, and more PS3\’s sell over time, EOJ will take off even more.

  • I probably already know the answer to this, and Mark may be done checking the forums, but it never hurts to ask, right?
    Is there any chance for a PC version of the game that would work interactively with the PS3 online? I play EoJ a lot with two other friends, but only one of us has a PS3. The other guy and I can’t justify it at the moment, but would love to be able to play online without having to go to the PS3 friend’s house. I’m guessing there may be both technical and business reasons why this will never happen, but if it did, at least two of us would be very happy!

  • I’m really loving this game. i just need more hours in the day to be able to devote more time to putting together the “perfect” deck. lol

  • @Mark,

    As I read this same blog over and over, I have just came up with a new question. Will the interrupt be spell? Or will it be creature’s ability? If it’s a spell, do we cast for opponent’s next turn? Or we cast it for the opponent’s previous turn?

  • Has the gameplay been sped up at all? I’d love to see the Battle animations but they take too long. (Haven’t seen most of my cards animated) Is there anything in the update to speed them up? (Such as not panning the camera zooming in/making the other cards disappear, or perhaps only seeing the animation on the first time that creature attacks.)

    Or allow you to skip the animation. I’d love to see my Biolith dragon attack but would rather not watch my flame magus attack for the 10th time.

    • Interesting…i\’ve often thought about being able to press a button to either skip or fast forward animations. I\’ll ask.

  • Hey Tell us What happened to Phil Harrison!!!
    Is great!!!! The PS3 is on the run why is he leaving?

  • @146

    good ideas!

    I usually just set mine to off for the same reasons!


  • There was a point last summer when I was thinking about picking this game up. Then I decided against it, because I knew I’d probably end up buying all the booster packs and spending more than I could afford. It seems like a good idea, and at the game store I work at, I suggest it to people who are curious about PS3 games.

    I was thinking about picking it up one of these days. The ship hasn’t sailed, but there’s also the issue of having room for all that. I have a tough time finding a place to properly put my PS Eye when I need it.

  • Eye of Judgement is imo the coolest game available on the PS3 atm. Anybody who loves board/card games should try it out.

    Online gaming also means being able to actually play a TGC when I want, not when the local hobby store is open. Unfortunately, not enough is done to prevent cheap “disconnects”, and hopefully the new honor system will fix that.

    I really wish the game would allow for shortened board animations (spell casting , etc) without having to chose between no animations whatsoever, and the full length battle animations. Can’t we have a in-between? Or maybe an option to cancel an animation with the press of a button?

    Thanks, can’t wait to order my new set 2 booster box!

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