THE EYE OF JUDGMENT – Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2) detailed

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With 100 new THE EYE OF JUDGMENT cards on the horizon, the amount of buzz generated by the last blog post, and with a lot of questions asked, we wanted to explain some details for Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2). But first, check out another wave of cards with some bonus ‘in-progress’ gameplay footage of a few of them in action:


More card images can be found here.

Now for some Set 2 design details:

  • Biolith Rebellion (Set 1) focused on introducing the basic rules and challenged the gamer with mastering gameplay tactics. Biolith Rebellion 2’s cards will bring ‘deck-based strategy’ into play by incorporating more ‘card-combos’ to create a wider variety of decks.
  • In addition to card-combos, creating custom themed decks will be easier thanks having more cards and special abilities tied to a specific race or affiliation (i.e. Lizard decks, Goblin decks, Church of Parmus decks, etc).
  • Also, more focused color decks will be more attainable due to a greater variety of character abilities and new game changing spells.
  • Thanks to all our fans’ feedback, we’ve created more cards to help balance the existing set (i.e. the powerful “Dodge” and “Biolith” decks from Set 1)
  • Finally, Set 1 players who don’t purchase the Set 2 expansion, will STILL be able to battle against Set 2 owners.

So here’s a quick list of new abilities and mechanics:

  • Decoy – Distracts affected enemy creatures so they can only attack target creatures with Decoy
  • Fieldmorph – Changes a target field to the same element as the creature occupying it
  • Intercept – Deals direct damage (half the time) to newly summoned enemy creatures
  • Invocation – Allows you to incarnate a creature onto another creature of the same element or race
  • Magic Protection – Prevents damage from a magic attack
  • Resurrection – If a creature with Resurrection is destroyed and you hold a duplicate in your hand, you many
  • summon the duplicate to the previously occupied field by spending one Mana
  • Return – Allows you to bring your recently defeated creatures back to your hand for one Mana
  • New creatures that cannot be targeted by Spells
  • New creatures that prohibit certain abilities (ex: Dwarf Sniper)
  • The ability to steal exit mana from destroyed creatures
  • The ability to create special Fields (ex: a field that counts as both a Fire Field and a Earth Field)
  • The ability to get cards from your deck library or graveyard
  • The ability to steal exit mana from destroyed creatures
  • Spells that deal direct damage to creatures
  • Spells that influence turns (ex. Aluhjan Spellsheild)

In addition to Set 2, a new network update will provide ALL online gamers with some new additions:

  • Improved graphic displays, showing more information about Field and Card Status
  • Added in-game encyclopedia explaining everything for beginners and pros alike
  • Online players will now be ranked by both “Ability” and “Honor” – so you can select your opponent by skill and sportsmanship
  • “Special matches” will be introduced to add more deck building challenges to our online gamers – more details to come…
  • So how will Biolith Rebellion 2 be distributed?
  • First, you have to have the EOJ software bundle and registration to the PLAYSTATION Network
  • Then you’ll need to purchase “THE EYE OF JUDGMENT – Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2) expansion pack” from the PLAYSTATION Store. The expansion pack includes all the data for 100 new character models, animations, and in-game rules to allow Set 2 cards to function under the “Eye”
  • Finally, check out your local GameStop, Target, ToysRUs, Wal*Mart and other select retailers or online at to get your hands on the new Set 2 cards from Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro – Booster packs for $3.99 and Theme Decks for $14.99.

Lastly – When?

  • THE EYE OF JUDGMENT – Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2) will be available on March 27th (both Expansion pack on PSN & Set 2 cards @ retail).

Whew, lots of info for today…stay tuned for more news, upcoming promotions, tournaments, strategy tips and other community support for our EOJ fans.

PS…We know most of you will ask about the price for North America, so check back here in March.

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  • I have always wanted the Eye ever since it has came out. But, money has been tight, and I guess bills like to be paid these days or something. How selfish of them.

    But, its nice to hear that there will be a nice selection when I can get into it, thanks guys.

    • Yeah, this was one of those titles where timing is crucial. With Warhawk, Heavenly, Ratchet and Uncharted launching within months of EOJ, it definitely got overlooked. Also, we realized it would be a tough sell due to:

      – Sales challenges (getting retailers to carry both game and cards)
      – Consumer challenges (not all gamers get TCG\’s – so education is key)
      – Press challenges (not all press get the TCG intricacies – resulting in a broad range of ratings (seriously…a 40 from EDGE?)

  • oh wow! i juz bought the game 2 days ago and still learning but daym new set of cards? great job mark! im enjoying the game! but im having trouble with the cam not reading the cards and buying cards here in canada ehh , overall you aced it good

    • Get on our forums and fan sites to learn more (really helps with the learning curve)

      Also, tinker with your camera settings and avoid intense light on the cards (the glare bouncing off the cards affects the Eye\’s ability to scan the CyberCode.

  • Let me just start out by saying that I’m really impressed with the PlayStation Blog, and I’m really impressed with the people who actually come through here and respond to your customers on the front lines.

    I, for one, love the Eye of Judgment and I have never been one to be hooked by a CCG before. I have spent much more money on boosters and theme decks than I ever thought I would, and I already have a box of Set 2 booster packs pre-ordered.

    I feel that it is important that I speak out against having to pay for a Set 2 software update. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do understand that it takes a lot of work for your employees to create a software update for Set 2, and that work should be rewarded, but I really have a hard time believing that Sony’s cut from card sales doesn’t cover those costs.

    If you charge money for a software update to EoJ, you will confuse new customers who buy the game for the first time at retail and maybe accidentally pick up a Set 2 booster pack at the same time without realizing there will be hidden extra fees just for them to play what they bought at retail.

    If you charge money for a software update to EoJ, you will limit your customer base for sales of Set 2 cards. Because while some of your customers will be more than willing to pay, some others won’t. You will make more money in the long run if you give free software updates now. More customers = more money.

    Despite my profound engagement with this game, I am seriously considering boycotting Set 2 depending on the price. If it truly is in the neighborhood of $30 as rumors suggest, I promise you I, and many others, will not pay it. I will sell my pre-ordered cards on Ebay and wait for Sony to realize your customers don’t want to pay twice (cards and software update charges). With the amount of money we spend on cards, it feels cheap, petty, and abusive to charge for software updates as well.

    • I share your insight, but if you were sitting on this side of the table and knew all the finance / partnership / production background, you\’d understand.

      Regarding your boycott, I\’d wait to hear all the official news first (rumors just swell into confusion, doubt, etc). Secondly (assuming you\’re in the US), consider that the EOJ PS3 bundle only cost $69.99, where Japan and Europe is selling there\’s for approximately $30+ more – although EOJ\’s Europe is outselling US, so maybe the US fans would\’ve paid more…

  • any info about the EU release (Cards and Exp. Pack)?

  • First let me say this is an outstanding game one of the better CCG’s that I have played in quite some time and I thought after Legend of the five rings I was done with CCG’s. Just so you guys know there are many websites out running tournaments and stuff the best being lbshooters. A little love thrown their way might be a good community booster ::nudge nudge:: prize package. But, my main question is I am curious about people with for example imported asian PS3’s downloading the patch from a us account. Will there be any issues.

    • LBShooters is a great site too. Don\’t worry, they\’re in our sights to do bigger things with the community…

      As for your Asian PS3 / downloading, not quite sure how that will turn out

  • Hello, first time poster long time reader ^^
    just wanted to add my support at how wonderfuly imaginative this game is, once i heard about it originaly i was realy surprised and looked forward to it coming out greatly.
    even though here in australia it was a quiet release, people were given a great surprise when seeing it in action and we have had some very competitive card buyers, some of which have bought out boxes as soon as they hit shelves. (some weird ebay business probley is part of it though ^^)

    anyway just saying thanks for bringing news of the new expansion to come and myself and many others over this side of the world will be looking forward to it!

  • Am I the only one who thinks this is a bit much? So we have to pay for the expansion pack, just so we can then buy the cards?

    Also, I’m from the UK ao I’m guessing we can expect this around January. I know this isn’t relevant, but does anyone at SCE know if the EU is getting the free Aerosmith track for GHIII at all? I only ask here because anyone we can contact in SCEE-land denies all existence of the track!

  • i LOVE EYE OF JUDGEMNET i own all but i starter pack(yet im still missing my favorite creator the scionder dragon(sry for the bad spelling))i cant waite to pick up the new ones. Now for my question do you have any plans of inturgrating EOJ with HOME, like trophies, and game launching?

  • Thank you so much for replying back my question. I truly appreciate it.

    I agree with you that the way EOJ is made, nothing seem to be unimaginable in this game. Perhaps in the future.

  • @Mark,

    You suggested two web sites for canadian players…

    First, does NOT deliver to Canada. You have to use, which does not carry EoJ cards.

    Second, charge $15 (or more) for shipping, and ship random decks. You cannot order, let say, the biolith deck and the wood deck. They ship you any decks they feel like, randomly. So $15 shipping plus $15 for a random deck. If you want all 5 decks, it may take you a lot of money before you get lucky enough to get them all… And yep, if you order 5 decks at once, they may simply ship you 5 earth decks if the shipping guy feel like it!

    Last, I know it’s too late, but it would be nice if for the 3rd expansion, you could include a coupon, card, or number that would give us the software patch for free if you buy a booster box (36 boosters, so it would be like a discount for big fans). Or maybe include such coupons into random boosters packs. So the more packs people buy, the more they can get the expansion patch for free…

    Nice to see you again, answering all our tricky questions : ) Bracing myself for a very very long month.

    For fellow eastern canadians, and are pretty good. In fact, cartamagica is already selling preorder boxes for set 2. Got my order in already, so I can beat Mark on March 28th!!!

    • Let me work with my CA counterpart to get a solution for you guys. I know the EOJ sales have been strong there, so we\’ll get to the bottom of this…

      Re: coupon – plans are being bubbled up (but love your \’golden ticket\’ idea)

  • Hopefully, the Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2) software expansion pack from the PSN Store will cost <=$20.

  • For me, a fee for the Software Update does not make sense. It’s not a big deal, is it? Other Companies would call this a minor patch. And as already stated, this will be confusing for new customers (and maybe old too) and makes trading cards more complicated (imagine a lot of different extensions packs and not everybody has every version installed). That is of course also high dependable on the price. It must not cost more than $15 or 10 €.
    Well let’s see.

    I understand that the development costs money, but the cards are expensive enough.

    • Definitely not a \’minor\’ patch. In general, I don\’t think you can compare this with a \’new level\’ that other games provide, because with those games the \’engine\’ is already done. With EOJ, card design (new abilities, creatures, artwork, localizing text / naming, balancing), programming (new character models, animations, debugging the new set rules), testing and manufacturing and distribution (of cards), makes this game a completely different animal.

      Agree with the complex proposition tho, but new and innovative products often are.

  • Hi What,
    In decks your only allowed one phantom per deck. It could also your lighting within the room that could causing some of the problems please see the following link and the video for more information.

  • okay, i’m a massive CCG fan but I’m in the same boat as all the other canadians, i was sitting around and i decided to look for the cards before buying the game, lo and behold i couldn’t find any, if you could sort this issue out and a few promises to continue support, you’ve got my sale.
    Also what are your total sales numbers like, just for curiousity?

    • DAMN…another CA issue. I\’m on it.

      As for #\’s, not sure what I can publicly tell you now. In general, its what we expected, but we\’ll need word of mouth to carry us the rest of the way. I should be able to update you more in future posts.

  • to any gamer that has not picked up this game yet, im telling you, this is one of the best and most unique games ever made, its just amazing to see your cards come to life on the screen, this is one of my all time fav games, the only problems i have, since i live in canada toronto is that im stuck with the original deck, no cards booster packs to buy, no one sells them, other than that, the game is just amazing

    i hope one day, they will start selling cards here in canada as well and also i hope they will one day make a star wars based card game with the eye camera, just imagine all your fav star war characters.. locales… weapons.. ships… on the screen having a war..

    ok.. time to wake up now, lol
    i still hope to see cards in stores here one day

  • I like EOJ my friend has it and brings it over occasionally when he comes over. He’s the only person I even know that has said anything about it. :( I just see it at Gamestop behind the counter.

    Biolith cards are really neat, and glad to hear the Expansion will be into the biolith more (so it sounds).

    I may get it in a while, haven’t yet because my friends USB ports burned out again, so we can’t play. Then hopeing a bit to see a good set of packs that look interesting at the store. Right now look and see a pack and an EOJ in its box. :/ Was hoping to have a way to pick a set that would have a great combo like it feels like with other card games.

    Though, gotta give you props. Its NEAT, I really like the area even made for checking out the cards… that cam/reality mix is neat!

  • I watched the game videos of this game on the Playstation website and thought “how amazing is that?!”

    But a friend told me the gameplay rules were difficult to understand.

    Another thing that I didn’t like was the fact that I have to buy all these Booster packs in hopes of getting those rare cards?

    I would be more willing to buy it if I knew everyone just had the same cards. This game is unbalanced due to the fact ti relies of who has the good cards :/

  • Hello Mark V.
    First things first… I LOVE the game(Completed the 110 card set and PRE-ORDERED two Set 2 Booster boxes and 5 new theme decks So as you can tell I can’t wait for march 27-28 lol!!)

    My ? is… Any plans for having a contest were EoJ fans design/submit their ORIGINAL custom creatures for Sony’s approval to they could be included in SET 3/Future updates? Something like design your own phantom and have it in the game would be pure awesomeness!!

    Thanx in advance.
    Prays that set 3 includes Trophies/Home integration ;P

    • Thanks for the love. Agree on the awesomeness…there were talks of hiring some famous comic book artists to create limited edition type stuff, and then we looked at doing some design contests but by the time we got to asking they were already on Set 3 with no turning back…maybe down the line – you guys will be the first to know

  • Speaking of that… HOME integration would be a massive path opened for people who own this game to chat with others and get them to buy it.

    I have always looked at HOME as a consumer advantage…never looked at the company advantages besides advertisements.

    This would definitely help game sells.

  • Good Afternoon Mark,

    I have another question. In the past, there was a rumor in Japan that in this upcoming EOJ set, there will be new control scheme/card. Most of us interpreted this as 5th control card in addition to cancel, action, status, and end turn.

    I don’t really know where this rumor originally came from, but is this something you have seen?

    • Interesting rumor. I wonder if there was something lost in translation between a new \’outside the box\’ ability and the word \’control\’. I could be wrong, but after looking at the cards now ;) I don\’t see anything like that.

  • Does that new ranking system automatically attempt to pair you with players at a similar level, like FPS’s and Xbox Live do? I stopped playing when I got discouraged after losing 10 matches in a row right after buying the game. I could beat the computer no problem, but couldn’t win against all the fancy cards and strategy everyone else had. (But I suppose there may not be enough players online at any one time to do much with matchmaking.)

    The other feature I’m hoping for is more robust card recognition. I had a hard time getting upper-left field to work at night, even with all the lights turned on.

    • I\’ll have more specific details on the online workings on another post, but don\’t get too discouraged (get on those forums/fan sites and keep learning)…even the NY Giants stumbled during the first 6 weeks

  • Why can’t we get a confirmation of the price. I just paid $70 for the game $14.99 for a theme and purchased for boosters. I am now hearing that I have to pay $30 just to purchase more cards??? Additionally when you release series 3 I have to pay another $30 just to buy more? Obviously CCG keep coming out with better cards to make more money as well as increase the competition. However payihng over $200 for this game in a year seems to be absurd. Can you please give us an idea about A) The pricing…something..even $30 is too big of a number for a rumor and B) Will we have to pay each time you guys update the series.

    I don’t understand why we are being charged for an update. Even if I was on your side of the fence I would think the cards would be the place to make the money. What’s next…Sony charging us for system updates? I really appreciate you responding here. That is an incredible job. If you can please address my concerns I would be thankful.

    • Sorry, can\’t confirm something that isn\’t final. As for your pricing analysis, we have a partnership with WotC on the cards, but we don\’t see as much $$$ as you think. As for a quick answer to your A) & B)\’s – Wait til March & Yes (sorry)

  • BTW I see you answered why you guys think this is a different kind of update. I disagree, but that’s okay. Can you please still give us an idea of the approx. cost of the update and will we be paying this cost every time a new series is released?

    Thanks again.

  • @SwordOfWar: “But a friend told me the gameplay rules were difficult to understand.”

    Well, Eye of Judgement is a bit like learning to play chess. Learning the moves is relatively easy, it’s written on the cards. So, yes, there’s a learning curve, but it’s relatively easy to pickup. But like chess, once you know all the moves, strategy take a while to master.

    So, like chess, you can learn to play EoJ relatively quickly. But like chess, don’t expect to jump online and rake the wins right away.

    Newcomers should just play against the PS3 until they win more than half their games regularly. The PS3 AI is pretty good and fun. Then, they should play unranked games for quite a while. This way they get to play against real humans, and master the strategy. Last step, time for official matchs, with rank, stats and all.

    What your friend did, is likely what most newcomers do. They unpack the game, play 3 times against the PS3, think they have mastered the game (after all, all the cards tell you what they do…), go online, play official matches, get pounded like crazy, and then say, EoJ is hard to learn or gameplay is difficult to understand… Yet, all the tools are there to guide any newcomer into the game. Most of them don’t even look at the tutorial included with the game before they go online. Very sad. There’s a lot of luck in the game, but there’s a lot of strategy as well. You can’t beat a chess master on the first day you learned to play chess. Same goes with EoJ.

  • @SwordOfWar: “But a friend told me the gameplay rules were difficult to understand.”

    seriously, the game is VERY easy to learn, compared to toher card games like Magic or Yu-gi-oh-even to some RPG’s or especially any Strategy/tactical/manage every unit type video games out there-

    Every card tells you what you can do!

    In fact, we were always hoping for new rules and stuff to come out to make it even more in-depth…and now with the new rules coming out, it sounds like it’s going to get alot more interesting!

    So give it a try!

  • I personally dislike being charged to use Set 2 after buying cards for it, via the download, but I will say that I hope that the price is kept under 10 dollars to be more on par with other DLC on the PSN.

    Also I think the biggest issue involving EoJ is simply Knowledge with those that sale it. Store after Store everyone I talk to is simply really ignorant about the game. Weither its game sellers saying they have no clue what that is and the fact that a game with cards to sale with blows their lil minds away and confuses to no end, or tcg sellers being confused and passing me away saying they dont sale video games.. ug…

  • oh and of course, I love EoJ to no end, its like the holy grail for TCGs and the next step to Holographic Duals like from the yugioh anime. :D
    I got on the first week it was released instead of waiting for christmas, just couldnt wait to get it. ^.^
    The lack of advertising may have been a smart move in the long run at the start, because as you said it moved through word of mouth among the true fans of TCGs first, creating a strong long last player base, and now with set 2, bring on the advertising and smack some sense into those that sale it so they know what they are dealing with to get many more players. The big issue is getting distributors to stock the boosters and decks, plenty are getting EoJ’s starter set but never the extra cards. :(
    And fyi I live in West Virginia, plenty of places seem to have the starter set but seems only one place bothers to stock some cards.

  • I was a disappointed to hear that PSN would be charging for the expansion download–it really just means that theres less of my money to put to boosters!
    Would love to know the ballpark price for the expansion– If its somewhere around $10 or so I wouldnt have any qualms, but if its the $30 conversion that the Japanese have to pay, I would have to think twice about going for it.

  • Hey Mark, first I wanted to thank you for taking the time to update us and for answering so many questions.

    EOJ is my first CCG and I’ve been hooked on it since I got it on launch day. I have been able to complete my set of 110 cards (over 1100 cards in all) and play the game on a regular basis.

    I’d like to add my support for charging for the Set 2 software. I think this will help eliminate some of the card copiers. I expect most of them that have downloaded and printed the cards off the internet will be offended by the thought of having to pay to use the new cards they’ve downloaded and printed and will hopefully go away.

    I also understand the costs and energy that go into development and from what info I’ve seen on Set 2, it looks like whatever cost it is will be easily justified.

    I’m sure information will slowly trickle out, but the only question I have this time is how many cards will each element get? From what I could determine it looks like there will be 16 cards for each element and then 20 cards for spells, is this correct?

    Thanks for your time! I’m anxiously awaiting Set 2 (and 3).

    • Good to hear the support. As for cards for each element:

      Fire, Water, Earth & Wood = 16 each / Biolith = 12 / Spells = 20

      Leaving 4 for….(mhuahahahah – my evil tease laugh)…stay tuned…

  • this looks very cool im planning on getting the game myself

  • Mark, this pricing model is silly. Why on earth are you charging us for the software update here? When someone buys a booster pack it should just work, period. If you need to add a cent per booster to cover the cost of software do that, but this model of demanding a separate payment in order to let people use cards they have paid for is discouraging and borderline dishonest.

    I have loved playing EoJ so far, but if I have to pay a hefty fee in order to use cards I paid for then this is the end stop for me.

  • @81, thats an interesting view for that, I may have to agree, if it works. :3
    Just as long as its not more than 9-10 dollars at the most I wont complain >.<

  • I go with @81.

    I know it would be nice to have things for free or cheaper price, but I would rather have quality.

    Whenever I buy a videogame, I think it this way how much money did I spent for an hour?

    Most story based games now a day is like 15-20hours. So it’s like $3/hr. If it’s a great RPG, I used to get 40 hours or so from it. So that would be like $1.50/hour.

    Now for the EOJ, with the set 2 release I’m sure I can enjoy at least another 100+ hours after the set 2 release. So $30 + couple theme packs would still be much less than $1/hour deal.

    Another way to think is that there are difference among patch, expansion, and sequeal.

    I’m sure there is formal definition for each of them, but my personal definition are

    patch – fix bugs. No added game play
    expansion – added game play like 5-10 hours
    sequal – Brand new game giving full game play time. Like 40 hours.

    Now I know we call Set 2 as expansion, but the fact it can give 40 hours easily, I think it is like sequeal of set 1. Just as in FFXII vs. FFXIII.

    Anyways, I just wanted to give my opinion and cast a vote for supporting reasonable price for DLC.

    Please keep up with the great work and continue to make EOJ a quality TCG that long lives.

  • I just wanted to give my $.02 about pricing.

    For $69, the Eye of Judgment bundle included the game, a starter deck, a booster pack, the Eye, a stand, and a mat. The camera is sold separately for $40, preconstructed decks cost $15, and a booster pack costs $4, so the cost of the software wasn’t very high.

    It would seem sensible to me to include at least some cards with the purchase of expansion packs as a gesture of goodwill. One possibility might be to include a unique code in the box of every theme deck. The purchaser can then enter the code in the PlayStation Store and get a discount on the patch. Few players are going to stop collecting new cards with a single 30-card deck anyway. I myself have two set 1 theme decks and have spent close to $200 in booster packs, and there are players who have spent a lot more on this game than I have. Including some cards with the expansion packs would make players feel a little better about spending so much money on a game.

    Anyway, I’ve already got a set 2 booster box on preorder and am looking forward to it, albeit not the hit it’s going to take on my wallet. And ditto about custom soundtracks. It’s been brought up several times in this thread already, but the more people who request it, the better chance developers will listen.

    • Thanks Filliam. Your understanding of the value proposition in the EOJ bundle is exactly what our market research and analysts supported.

      Re: signs of goodwill, unfortunately there isn\’t any way to provide cards with the digital download, but there might be a few ideas brought up by other members of this blog (# 61), that we can try in the future.

  • Hi, I love EoJ, any Idea if the pricing will be the same, £2.49 for booster pack’s and £6.99 for theme deck’s?

    ***Note: Cheack out for EoJ cards (i think they deliver to US aswel)***

  • also, a Story mode would rule, it seems a shame, you spent all that time on the intro and nothing comes of it

  • one more thing, regarding “Added in-game encyclopedia explaining everything for beginners and pros alike”

    who’s Idea was it to omit half the needed info from the UK manual? i.e. in the US manual it tells you what “incarnation” was, but not in the UK manual, I had to look it up in the PDF manual on the US offical site


    Is anyone at gonna get on blower to Konami and tell them to get off of their arse and make a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG for the Eye? because that would just rule, though I’m not quite sure how they could do it because the Yu-Gi-Oh! playing field is 5×2 where as EoJ is 3×3 but I’m sure they’ll find a way

  • Is there any chance you guys could do an update on the game’s song? That one song is pretty tiring!

  • Mark – Thank you very much for writing. I think the situation is a shame because quite a few of us will drop out. I know I will. I can understand that this is a niche game, but the fact that it sold better than expected says it can be a lot more. Charging for each update and driving away a nice chunk of audience seems strange.

    WIth that have been doing a tremendous job here and seem to really care about your audience. Thank you for that.

    Well no more EOJ for me :-( Maybe I will drown my sorrows in Hot Shot Golf when it comes out next month.

    • Thanks for the kudos. Don\’t give up on us yet, you may learn more in the future for us to sway you back, and there may be promotional opportunities for you to get the DLC for cheaper/free…

  • Im guessing the double price is because of piracy also huh? That kinda sucks, couldnt it be possible to release a small bluray or dvd with the update with each pack? BTW Mark is it too late for Marketing to release a TV commercial?

    • Yeah, we\’re looking at offline solutions to get the expansion set downloads in consumers hands. As for TV commercial, we already have the spot aired in Oct/Nov 07, we just need money to air it.

  • I feel $20 for the expansion pack is a fair number.
    $30 will be 2 theme decks – 2UR! :p

    Anyway, I hope PSN prepaid wallet cards will be released soon. My plan for next month is too stick with my Set1 decks first and see how I fare against Set2 cards at ranked games.

    I’ll consider buying the expansion from the PSN store at a later date.

    • I think you\’ll fare fine. I always say its not the cards its the deck assembly and the player – but people never believe me (until i beat them down with my common \”weenie\” deck). :)

  • I have to agree with some of my fellow early adopters … I had to pay a premium just to get these cards (to) in Canada. We are also STILL paying a 1$ premium on everything on the store. I was planning on purchasing series 2, no questions asked. However I cannot justify paying for a patch just so that I can pay even more for an additional series of cards. I appreciate your hard work but you are (collectively as developers) overestimating our willingness to be nickle and dimed to death. Kudos on a great game … i will just have to enjoy it in it’s original form.

  • I think that the game really need some sort of spectators mode or allow more then two people to be in a room. Not necessarily having all of them playing in the match but just to watch because we cant save replays to our HDD to watch later and i think that a feature like that would be awesome.

    • There IS a spectator mode (sort of). I forget how the specifics, work, but when you look at the rankings list, you can watch their last matched (saved on the server)…I\’ve done it before…I remember analyzing which decks the best players were playing…not the \’rare-fest\’ everyone thinks.

      Can anyone elaborate on the top of their head?

  • Just pop in to say thank you Mark for reading and responding too our post, I personally like the fact that you are actual reading our post and trying to do something about especially for the Canadian lack of card problem and pricing issue .

    For the rest off you guys/girls I think it’s better if we try and address problem more intellectually, instead of just whining about problems we should try and come up with solution and suggestion as well to solve them, I don’t think there is a point in killing the messenger instead we should try and work together with the dev team, so maybe we can find some equal grounds, I personally think it’s already beginning to pay off as we can see in the comment 93

    Also just so you know we are continuing the ‘Software Pricing debate’ in the US forum if you interested you can have a look at it here:

    [I will be bring the best valid Argument back to the blog]

    If you new to the game and need help in building decks or just have general question about rules and stuff visit here:

  • sorry just checking if this is working

  • Just pop in to say thank you Mark for reading and responding too our post, I personally like the fact that you are actual reading our post and trying to do something about especially for the Canadian lack of card problem and pricing issue .

    For the rest off you guys/girls I think it’s better if we try and address problem more intellectually, instead of just whining about problems we should try and come up with solution and suggestion as well to solve them, I don’t think there is a point in killing the messenger instead we should try and work together with the dev team, so maybe we can find some equal grounds, I personally think it’s already beginning to pay off as we can see in the comment 93

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