THE EYE OF JUDGMENT – Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2) detailed

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With 100 new THE EYE OF JUDGMENT cards on the horizon, the amount of buzz generated by the last blog post, and with a lot of questions asked, we wanted to explain some details for Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2). But first, check out another wave of cards with some bonus ‘in-progress’ gameplay footage of a few of them in action:


More card images can be found here.

Now for some Set 2 design details:

  • Biolith Rebellion (Set 1) focused on introducing the basic rules and challenged the gamer with mastering gameplay tactics. Biolith Rebellion 2’s cards will bring ‘deck-based strategy’ into play by incorporating more ‘card-combos’ to create a wider variety of decks.
  • In addition to card-combos, creating custom themed decks will be easier thanks having more cards and special abilities tied to a specific race or affiliation (i.e. Lizard decks, Goblin decks, Church of Parmus decks, etc).
  • Also, more focused color decks will be more attainable due to a greater variety of character abilities and new game changing spells.
  • Thanks to all our fans’ feedback, we’ve created more cards to help balance the existing set (i.e. the powerful “Dodge” and “Biolith” decks from Set 1)
  • Finally, Set 1 players who don’t purchase the Set 2 expansion, will STILL be able to battle against Set 2 owners.

So here’s a quick list of new abilities and mechanics:

  • Decoy – Distracts affected enemy creatures so they can only attack target creatures with Decoy
  • Fieldmorph – Changes a target field to the same element as the creature occupying it
  • Intercept – Deals direct damage (half the time) to newly summoned enemy creatures
  • Invocation – Allows you to incarnate a creature onto another creature of the same element or race
  • Magic Protection – Prevents damage from a magic attack
  • Resurrection – If a creature with Resurrection is destroyed and you hold a duplicate in your hand, you many
  • summon the duplicate to the previously occupied field by spending one Mana
  • Return – Allows you to bring your recently defeated creatures back to your hand for one Mana
  • New creatures that cannot be targeted by Spells
  • New creatures that prohibit certain abilities (ex: Dwarf Sniper)
  • The ability to steal exit mana from destroyed creatures
  • The ability to create special Fields (ex: a field that counts as both a Fire Field and a Earth Field)
  • The ability to get cards from your deck library or graveyard
  • The ability to steal exit mana from destroyed creatures
  • Spells that deal direct damage to creatures
  • Spells that influence turns (ex. Aluhjan Spellsheild)

In addition to Set 2, a new network update will provide ALL online gamers with some new additions:

  • Improved graphic displays, showing more information about Field and Card Status
  • Added in-game encyclopedia explaining everything for beginners and pros alike
  • Online players will now be ranked by both “Ability” and “Honor” – so you can select your opponent by skill and sportsmanship
  • “Special matches” will be introduced to add more deck building challenges to our online gamers – more details to come…
  • So how will Biolith Rebellion 2 be distributed?
  • First, you have to have the EOJ software bundle and registration to the PLAYSTATION Network
  • Then you’ll need to purchase “THE EYE OF JUDGMENT – Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2) expansion pack” from the PLAYSTATION Store. The expansion pack includes all the data for 100 new character models, animations, and in-game rules to allow Set 2 cards to function under the “Eye”
  • Finally, check out your local GameStop, Target, ToysRUs, Wal*Mart and other select retailers or online at to get your hands on the new Set 2 cards from Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro – Booster packs for $3.99 and Theme Decks for $14.99.

Lastly – When?

  • THE EYE OF JUDGMENT – Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2) will be available on March 27th (both Expansion pack on PSN & Set 2 cards @ retail).

Whew, lots of info for today…stay tuned for more news, upcoming promotions, tournaments, strategy tips and other community support for our EOJ fans.

PS…We know most of you will ask about the price for North America, so check back here in March.

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