THE EYE OF JUDGMENT – Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2) detailed

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With 100 new THE EYE OF JUDGMENT cards on the horizon, the amount of buzz generated by the last blog post, and with a lot of questions asked, we wanted to explain some details for Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2). But first, check out another wave of cards with some bonus ‘in-progress’ gameplay footage of a few of them in action:


More card images can be found here.

Now for some Set 2 design details:

  • Biolith Rebellion (Set 1) focused on introducing the basic rules and challenged the gamer with mastering gameplay tactics. Biolith Rebellion 2’s cards will bring ‘deck-based strategy’ into play by incorporating more ‘card-combos’ to create a wider variety of decks.
  • In addition to card-combos, creating custom themed decks will be easier thanks having more cards and special abilities tied to a specific race or affiliation (i.e. Lizard decks, Goblin decks, Church of Parmus decks, etc).
  • Also, more focused color decks will be more attainable due to a greater variety of character abilities and new game changing spells.
  • Thanks to all our fans’ feedback, we’ve created more cards to help balance the existing set (i.e. the powerful “Dodge” and “Biolith” decks from Set 1)
  • Finally, Set 1 players who don’t purchase the Set 2 expansion, will STILL be able to battle against Set 2 owners.

So here’s a quick list of new abilities and mechanics:

  • Decoy – Distracts affected enemy creatures so they can only attack target creatures with Decoy
  • Fieldmorph – Changes a target field to the same element as the creature occupying it
  • Intercept – Deals direct damage (half the time) to newly summoned enemy creatures
  • Invocation – Allows you to incarnate a creature onto another creature of the same element or race
  • Magic Protection – Prevents damage from a magic attack
  • Resurrection – If a creature with Resurrection is destroyed and you hold a duplicate in your hand, you many
  • summon the duplicate to the previously occupied field by spending one Mana
  • Return – Allows you to bring your recently defeated creatures back to your hand for one Mana
  • New creatures that cannot be targeted by Spells
  • New creatures that prohibit certain abilities (ex: Dwarf Sniper)
  • The ability to steal exit mana from destroyed creatures
  • The ability to create special Fields (ex: a field that counts as both a Fire Field and a Earth Field)
  • The ability to get cards from your deck library or graveyard
  • The ability to steal exit mana from destroyed creatures
  • Spells that deal direct damage to creatures
  • Spells that influence turns (ex. Aluhjan Spellsheild)

In addition to Set 2, a new network update will provide ALL online gamers with some new additions:

  • Improved graphic displays, showing more information about Field and Card Status
  • Added in-game encyclopedia explaining everything for beginners and pros alike
  • Online players will now be ranked by both “Ability” and “Honor” – so you can select your opponent by skill and sportsmanship
  • “Special matches” will be introduced to add more deck building challenges to our online gamers – more details to come…
  • So how will Biolith Rebellion 2 be distributed?
  • First, you have to have the EOJ software bundle and registration to the PLAYSTATION Network
  • Then you’ll need to purchase “THE EYE OF JUDGMENT – Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2) expansion pack” from the PLAYSTATION Store. The expansion pack includes all the data for 100 new character models, animations, and in-game rules to allow Set 2 cards to function under the “Eye”
  • Finally, check out your local GameStop, Target, ToysRUs, Wal*Mart and other select retailers or online at to get your hands on the new Set 2 cards from Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro – Booster packs for $3.99 and Theme Decks for $14.99.

Lastly – When?

  • THE EYE OF JUDGMENT – Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2) will be available on March 27th (both Expansion pack on PSN & Set 2 cards @ retail).

Whew, lots of info for today…stay tuned for more news, upcoming promotions, tournaments, strategy tips and other community support for our EOJ fans.

PS…We know most of you will ask about the price for North America, so check back here in March.

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  • I wish I wouldve bought it but it seemed to be unnoticed, this game didnt have any marketing at all.

    • So what\’s stopping you now? If you get the game, hit me up and I\’ll get you some boosters to start out right. (Sorry, guys – one time offer, only because he didn\’t start the comments with \”FIRST\”…lol

      As for marketing, lots of our efforts were more on the grassroots level (gaming convention presence, store level demos – thanks SCEA Merchandisers, etc). We also had our fair share of print and online advertising, but focused towards the TCG\’er and not the \’mass market\’ gamer. But to cover off on the larger market, we worked with Wizards of the Coast to air TV spots and more online banners (Cartoon Network, G4, etc). It wasn\’t as big as the Heavenly Sword campaign, but it was out there. Also, we knew going in that this wasn\’t going to be an instant hit, but something grown thru word of mouth and a thriving community.

  • Great news! Love the game!

  • Great game! This is a must buy if you don’t already own it.

    I just wished Sony had done a better job promoting this unique experience.

  • SWEET!

    My girlfriend loves this game, and it’s not often that you can have your girlfriend actually WANT you to play videogames!

    This game, bust a move, and Guitar Hero games- ALL games girls seem to dig- in case anyone was wondering!

    can’t wait to see these in stores!

  • BTW big thanks to Jeff for letting me post again!

    It’s great to be back, and awesome to be able to post on this topic, one of my favorite games!

    Bring on more cool Eye games!

    I really liked how in the tech demo video for the Eye when it first came out, was how the user in the video manipulated the XMB virtually by “grabbing” the icons on the screen ( in the air) to play music or switch games!

    cheers and GREAT TO BE BACK!

    sorry again about my improper actions!


  • Check out your Local X-store

    does that apply to Canada as well
    The last round of cards it did not. The cards were impossible to find.

  • I had a hard time finding cards in stock at the local Target and Wal Mart stores, but did find them at the local comic book shop. I’d try the usual card stores if you’re not having any luck at the bigger retailers.

    • Check in the TCG aisles too. Unfortunately, they don\’t always get displayed in the video game section *sigh*

  • You mention the big-box stores. What about the small, independent gaming stores? Will they also get stock on release, or will they have to wait several months. (I had a booster-box on order with my local one for almost all of January until WotC finally shipped them stock.)

    Also, will production of Set.1 cards stop?

    • Distribution to the gaming stores is in the works…will have more details soon. As for Set 1, rest assured, production will continue.

  • I need to polish up on my mastery of Deck 1. Then I’ll have to expand my repertoire immediately. Who wants to help me become a good player?

  • i live in toronto canada, will stores ever sell cards here for me to buy??

  • finally an eye of judgement game post.first let me say how great this game is.Second can sony host a tournaments in each state to find the best of the best and have them join a final in the state that best for sony to do it with a grand prize being some free cards.Third thing i wanted was sony hold a context in which the commuity can design a card and vote on the submits and the card get made for uses in eye of judgement?

    • Glad you\’re enjoying it. Tournaments are in the works for 08, probably not like you have mapped out but in some manner – I know the team in Japan is not only working on new cards, but new online gameplay elements…

  • thank you mark, well right now, money, and the lack of it is holding me. But I think this game has appealed to even non TCGers Ive shown others videos of this (gamers who dont like pokemon, magic or yugioh) and they have fallen in love with the idea. Thanks for the offer, Im gonna go work overtime now! XD

  • Thanks for the Reply

    The game itself was fairly easy to find in Canada (almost all Computer Gaming stores carried it)
    but it was Literally impossible to find expansion decks (game stores could not even order em)
    I probably would have bought many decks (felt outgunned online lol) but without a supply T_T

    See HanSolo’s post and he is from the largest City in Canada….

    Hope WoTC fixes their supply line this time….

  • Do they even sell these cards at Wal-Mart? I wish they did because GameStop is always sold out and Target isn’t exactly within reach from where I live.

  • Mark, can anything be done to prevent card printing? It is something wrong and unfair that cheap people are able to fine print these cards and the playstation eye can read them. Patch this please, if anyway possible, or make the new cards have something that cant be done on regular paper.

    • I know the team is constantly looking at ways to prevent this, but I think its something that will always be an issue, because people always find a way. Other entertainment mediums, have similar issues (i.e. copied CD\’s, bootlegged DVD\’s, torrents, etc). I do know that the team constantly tests these copied cards and verified they\’re not as stable as real cards, especially in the online environment.

      Looking at the big picture, its a bigger issue on our end due to business / sales impact, but from a gamer\’s perspective – cards are only a small part of the equation. Once you have cards, you have to know how to put a solid deck together, know how, and when to play them and have a little \’card draw\’ luck on your side. And I figure if you spend enough time playing and mastering those elements, you\’ll only settle for quality cards (and support our production team) :)

  • EoJ = Awesome game. If you have any interest in it, I suggest you check it out, its well worth it.

    Glad to see the new cards coming out.

    Is there any chance the official website will be updated?

    I’m aware of the community at large such as Black Cubic, but will Sony be sponsoring any tournament or events?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • I love Great fan site. For those of you who\’ve never been, go and bookmark it.

      We\’re looking to update the site in a major way with the community in mind…its just taking a little longer than expected.

    • I love Great fan site. For those of you who\’ve never been – go and bookmark it.

      We\’re working on updates now (now that we have Set 2 info) and are working on revamping to be more community oriented…stay tuned

  • very awesome cant wait for these cards to come

    just wondering if you guys fixed the problem with card copy?

  • I’d be glad, but then I’m in Canada and whatever is “Eye of Judgment” can’t be ordered via Previews magazine. (I work in a comic store) It says “only available in continental US” which means I can’t order it. Also, I tried to order a box of boosters and never received it. I stopped playing the game because I’m stuck with the starter deck…

    so I used that 100$ on something else, mainly movies.

    • I\’m checking to see the situation in Canada, but if you\’re looking online – and are great sites for getting cards. They\’ve been there since Day 1 and show constant support for EOJ.

  • Pay for expansion pack through PSN and then buy cards for it? O.O

  • I never played a card game before until I got this game. And I must say I was hooked for a bit, but there is a little bit of a learning curve to it.

    • Yeah, you\’ll get that if you\’re just starting out, but stick with it. One thing that helped me when I started out with TCG\’s was going online and reading about the intricacies and strategies of the game and asked a lot of questions. I was hooked even more and became a better player. Start with our forums and visit some of the great fan sites out there.

  • What? I love the game, but come on!
    We have to pay 16 dollars for an add-on and another 16 bucks for the cards?
    And we don’t even get all the cards.
    What A RIP-OFF!

  • Hey mvalledor, booster packs are very hard to find out here in NY. Any chance we’ll be seeing more in stores?
    Toys r us carries them but they are really over priced $5.00 per booster packs, theme decks are $18.00 before taxes. EB and GameStop are usually sold out since the workers themselves buy them with their 15% store discount. I have to troop all over the city to find these cards.
    I’m missing about 10 more cards to complete the entire series 1.

  • Mvalledor;

    Your right with regards to a striving community base. All of our new members get a complete and comprehensive welcome letter. Along with all the necessary resources one would need? For those just starting out with The Eye of Judgment.

    For more information regarding the release of set 2 for the Eye Of Judgment please visit our forums:

    • Yeah, I\’ve seen the activity on the boards and think its great. Keep up the great community building and we\’ll be in contact soon…

  • im not really into card games. cost to much.but this looked really cool. i just bought the playstation eye but didnt have enough to get the one with eye of judgment. might pick it up one day though

  • Ha, glad to hear that support continues for this title. I’m extremely tempted to play this over the weekend. And, man, you really go out of your way to respond to comments. :P

  • Hi Mark Valledor!

    Three questions!


    1) Any word on a single player downloadable campaign add-on for Eye of Judgement?

    Maybe you could have your choice of 3 types of heroes, and they each have different goals/attitudes so players can choose which suits them-

    And you can battle virtual players in some sort of tournament, and each of the available characters has a different stake in the tournament..

    It would really boost sales to have a single player campaign, let me tell you- some of my friends thought it was awesome, but when they heard it was only for multiplayer, they were a bit turned off.


    2) Just wondering if a patch could be implemented to listen to your own tunes while you play? I like the metal theme, don’t get me wrong, but after hours and hours of playing…you know what i mean!


    3) Any chance you could detail/preview the new Hero cards for us?

    gotta love the Hero cards!


    We really love the game, and thank you for opting to put in the option to skip the battle animations!

    Hopefully the partnership between you guys and Wizards of the Coast will help materialize a full-on MAGIC the gathering game!

    cheers and THANKS for this update!

    • 1) The team is always open to feedback. I know they\’re working on ways to add to both online and offline modes.

      2) I do know what you mean…

      3) Indeed, I\’m a Tino, Son of Scion kinda player (gotta love getting Mana advantage). As for the tease…hmm…I\’m already eyeing the new Wood Hero

  • Hi Jeigh,

    Good to hear that, we have friends accross the world playing The Eye of Judgment. In addition there’s always numerous EOJ Tournaments being held.

    And as always if you have any questions regarding the Eye of Judgment feel free to visit our forums at:

  • Thanks so much. We were iced in the house tonight and I came to the blog and read the post. Gave us a perfect way of finding something to do tonight. We had a blast. Awesome.

  • will i be able 2 access my friends list
    and sent them an invite 2 play me

  • Sorry guys. I was planning to respond to all the comments when I got home, but the wife took a detour on the ride home, so now we’re at Target pillaging the home decor clearance aisle. Thank goodness I can read the blog on my phone. Keep the questions coming and I’ll get to them tonight.

  • mvalledor,
    Is there any word on a fix to award a win to a player that had their opponent disconnect on them while the winning player was in check? This has been an concern brought up on the ps boards. Bascially a 2 hour game would go by with no award to the winning player who played honorably.
    Thank you for the upcoming Set 2, I can’t wait :)

    • I\’ll have more details next time, but the new ranking system, mentioned above, is designed for that in mind. Two rankings, one for ability and one for sportsmanship. In the end, you\’ll be able to determine who the honest players are. Kinda like the feedback system on eBay…

  • Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!


  • Is there any non-ebay or used game way to pick up eye of judgment on its own? without the eye.

  • Here’s a quick question. Well, maybe not so quick.

    First off, I bought the game on day one, and I love it. Online is fun, and it’s just a nice relaxing game to play just by myself.

    My issue is this: the music. I hate it. Loathe it, actually. And given that the average match for me is bout 50 – 75 minutes long, I have to listen to this music I loathe for far too long.

    Now we get to my question. Any chance of seeing custom soundtracks added in an update?

    Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please? Pretty please? With sugar on top?

    I’ll be your bestest friend…….

    *chuckles* Seriously, though, the lack of custom soundtracks is the one thing that stops me from playing this game more often than I do. If it could be added, I’m sure many of us would appreciate it.

  • please answer my post it seem no one respond to anything i say on this blog and i feel like i being let down each time i post something my post is number 11 hopely you answer that one and if you take the time to answer mines then thanks you for keeping this number 1 fan of eye of judgement and the playstation3!!!!!
    P.S i also a huge fan of the psp but since i lost my job i cannt afford one.

  • @Mark.

    I can’t read. but are there any plans to support Home with some fancy trophies or items? :P

    Btw. buy a clock if there is one. can’t have enough of those.

  • So the expansion will cost money on PSN if you want to use the new cards? That’s not really what I was expecting :(

    I assumed the profits from new cards would cover costs associated developing the software side of things.

  • Hi Chase, Yes you can send game invites from the on-line menu. You would recreate a custom match->then select create dual room. Once you have completed in creating the room there will be option for sending invites which will bring to pre-defined EOJ letter allowing you to select from a list or entering the PSN_ID.

  • thanks you so much for answering my post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve never played TCG before, but EOJ is by far the most favorite video game I have played for ages.

    I have one question that has been bugging me ever since I saw the SpellShield description of “THIS TURN”.

    Will there be any counter spell in set 2? (a spell that you can cast during your opponent’s turn)

    • ah yes, saying \”tap 2 counterspell\” back in the days brings backs memories.

      As for Set 2, I haven\’t seen it yet, I would guess no, just based on how MTG and EOJ are different. The new Intercept ability could be viewed as a distant cousin of it, but when the minds of our Japan Studios and WotC brainstorm on new sets, nothing is unimaginable.

  • I saw your reply to the earlier post about tournaments, and I have to say, that is a great idea!

    I also have to mirror what was said about being disappointed we have to pay more money to simply play with the new cards..

    as much as I love this game, it’s seems exorbitant on top of the price of the actual new cards to buy..surely someone in marketing is going to find a focus group that shows charging more for this is going to anger some gamers (you know how they get! lol!)

    (don’t get me wrong! this game really pushes the technology into new and cool territories like no other, everyone loves it when they see it, though some don’t like the music at all..)

    So hopefully you make it home safely and can answer our questions later!


  • ah, just refreshed the page, and saw your response, thanks for taking to time to support the community and players, and the people just interested in what this game is all about!


    You all should check out his great game! Support the EYE technology, just think of what Sony has dreamed up next for it!!

    I’m hoping for a new firmware update that will let us control the XMB with the EYE!

    that would make me feel better about living in the year 2000+ and no flying cars! (although the PS3’s built in Wi-Fi and media streaming are still great!)

    thanks again for responding! Here at the blog, we all know who responds and who just posts and forgets about it! it’s always cool to get feedback from you guys, that’s why this blog is the best!


  • I love the game but also hate the music. It’s the reason I hardly play it. Would be great if I could put my own music in there like Within Temptation or other gothic music.

  • thanks for reply. guess ill have to wait.

  • Thanks, Mark! Appreciate it!

  • I still am debating whether or not I should get this game.. I feel like I’d go broke though if I were to get into the game buying cards.

  • A++ to this guy. I will leave my ban of not buying a thing for my system till Q’s are answered and buy all the Packs at my local Game Stop Stores. Each one says they have 4 packs in. I still need over 25 cards and my Water Phantom does not register :(

    After that your back on the ban Sony.

  • Woo I can comment finally!(It oddly gave me 404 error when I tried to respond to this post).

    Anyways: Great! Can’t wait, EoJ is one of my main bragging Icons when friends come over, not because of the simple fact of card game, but they way they pop on screen..

    You seem to already have answered most of my questions in other responses. So just know I support ya ;)

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