Patapost Friday: Get your Patapon BE@RBRICK

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Word around Patapolis is that Priestess Meden is built like a brick house … a BE@RBRICK house that is. You’ve probably seen images of it floating around, and the overall sentiment has can be easily outlined as follows:

– zOMG, how cool.
– Where can I get one?
– How much it be?

zOMG how cool.
Yes, we agree 100%. Patapon’s character designer, ROLITO, has transplanted the loveable eyeballs from the 2D real of the PSP into the 3D realm of tactile physical objects.

Where can I get one?
We’re going to be making a few announcements as to how you can obtain one of these ultra-kawaii-pon BE@RBRICKS soon. Keep a watchful eye on some of your favorite gaming and toy websites, as they’ll be part of the craziness as well.

How much this be?
As all things special, the Patapon BE@RBRICK is priceless, meaning that its $0.00. The only way to get a one will be through special promotions.

As the Pata-drool begins to drip, I’m sure you are asking “What special promotions?” I would reply “The ones listed on the new full official website-pon.”


Look for the BE@RBRICK page, in the “Extras” section where you’ll find Pata-goodies to download. After that don’t forget to take “Mighty One 101” and learn about all the Pata-peeps and how to order your army around with your beat.



With that I will leave you till next week, when PATAPON HITS STORES and we all dance for joy!

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