Warhawk v1.3 Patch details

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I’m excited to announce our new, and FREE, update for Warhawk – the v1.3 Patch!

There are 5 key additions in this update that add a ton of value for our current and future Warhawk players. First, I’ll cover the 2 new troop items that we are adding to the game.


So far, Warhawk players have logged over 7.3 million hours of gameplay and have scored over 206 million kills! And during this time, we’ve keenly observed the battles, looking for opportunities for us to further balance Warhawk’s gameplay and over-arching “combat economy”. The result of our observations comes in the form of two upgrades for ground troops – to help promote teamwork, lengthen troop lifespan, and expand Warhawk’s fast-paced, emergent gameplay that players around the world have come to love.


This is gonna be a long post and I want to give you all a rundown of the new equipment but I can’t ramble on for pages about it so I’ll just write a quick summary here. I can always follow-up with you guys later in the comments….you know how I love to respond to comments :-)


#1 Mechanic’s Field Wrench:

As you might expect, this piece of equipment is used to repair vehicles. Once you get the pickup, you swing it just like the combat blade. Then, just walk up to, or onto an allied vehicle and “whack” it with the wrench. It repairs wicked fast so it’s very effectively during combat. On the offensive side, not only is it still a one-hit-kill against troops, but it can be used to damage enemy vehicles as well!


#2 Bio-Field Generator:

To use a Bio-Field, grab the pick up and throw it down like a proximity mine. It sticks to walls, ceilings, anything…including vehicles. Then, if any ally stands within its bio-reactive field, his health will quickly regen. Alternatively, and this is where some neat tactics emerge, if an enemy walks into the bio-field (yes, bio-fields are color coded), they’ll take damage – their lungs sizzling like bacon….mmmmm bacon.


This new equipment makes life as a ground troop more balanced, and we’re really looking forward to seeing how the battlefield changes once the patch is released!


#3 HOME Game Launching:

Yeah Baby…So our HOME integration is coming along nicely and this update includes a great, and much needed feature for Warhawk. With the release of v1.3 patch, players will be able to form groups, meet in their apartments, discuss tactics, and then launch a game of Warhawk…all together!

When you’re in your apartment, all you do is whip-out your virtual PSP, select ‘create game’ and pick Warhawk. From there, you get to start your own player server, pick a game rotation, set server options and then…BAM !! Launch Warhawk with all of your friends!! You can also pick to not make your game viewable to the other Warhawk players around the world, or you can make it a ‘public’ game that puts all of your friends into the server together, and leaves open slots for other global Warhawk players join.

Games launched from HOME show up in the global games list in an attactive gold color.


Now this is just the beginning of what we’re gonna to be doing with HOME and there’s some really neat stuff on the horizon. I’d love to show you more of the cool HOME stuff that we’re working on but I suspect I’d get a PR-shank to the spine…or possibly a lung.

So I gotta say that I’m actually super relieved that we’re putting in *REAL* legit value for players and *NOT* making HOME a portal for SONY to jam branding and marketing schwag down player’s throats!

As a gamer, I’m excited *and* relieved to see the direction HOME is taking.

#4 New VOIP Options:

We have also received a lot of feedback about VOIP stuff. There were a couple of features that players really wanted, and hopefully this gives them a big chunk of their crazy, crazy VOIP desires. :-P

We now allow players to select between PTT and Open-Mic. Players can also tune the voice-activation level so they don’t accidentally broadcast their girlfriend or boyfriend blabbering-on in the background. Players also now get to more clearly see who’s talking. It’s displayed on the right side of the screen. And yes, the picture below is correct. We also now support an “all-talk” server option so that you can enable cross-team trash talk.


What else…oh yeah, we now display which player is speaking at the score screen too. And…we let you pick players from the score screen to mute/un-mute their VOIP.

#5 New Paint Schemes & Insignias:

If you’re an avid Warhawk player and/or read this blog with any regularity, then you know that we are sponsoring a contest that allows players to submit their own, custom, paint schemes for the Nemesis and Warhawk. We’re also allowing players to submit custom insignias too. We’ll be picking the winners and including these new customizations with the v1.3 patch.

Now I’m not posting these because they have already won…but these are some neat designs and I wanted the blog readers to see some of the great paint schemes that have been coming in.



And one last thing…we want insignias too. Send us your insignias…and please DO NOT just scan something out of a magazine. Seriously!

Well that’s it for now, there are some other features in the new patch too, like some new server options, but we’re not sure if we’re going to ship them or not. They need more play testing.

So this patch is a big update for Warhawk: New troop equipment, HOME Game Launching, VOIP updates and player-created customizations!

~guy in back of room yells “yeah, yeah….but when’s it coming out”~

We’re testing the Warhawk v1.3 patch right now and we’ll update you on timing in another post. Sorry I can’t be more specific…you know how it goes. As soon as I have the “official” release date, I’ll let everyone know.

As always…
rock on

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  • Sweet!


    Loving the ASCII Art as well :)

  • now only if Home was out

  • wow thats alot. im starting to get burned out on warhawk. this should help me to get back into the game.good timing.lol

    is there any possibility of parachutes being put in the game? i have no clue if that would even be possible without messin up the game somehow. but it would be really cool to bail out and kamakaze your plane into a base while your parachuting down.

    or to shoot down someone else who is parachuting lol

  • I can’t wait, might get me back into Warhawk. ;-)

  • This is very excellent stuff Dylan! You guys continue to impress me with the effort you are putting behind this game and the PS3 in general. Home support! I love it! I want more updates like this from other developers on how they are gonna integrate with Home, because that is how that platform is going to be successful. I know Naughty Dog has some stuff planned for it, and Insomniac will of course. The new weapons are an excellent insight into how the game should evolve to keep a proper balance. Once again, thanks for the update, keep us posted on when it’s coming out!

  • Very nice! And BTW thanks for the autographed copies from the Warhawk challenge!

  • Amazing, this could honestly mean Home is also right around the corner. Is that what this means Mr. Dylan Jobe? Anyway great news for WarHawk, the new weapons seem amazing, can’t wait to get my hands on a wrench and start whcaking away at enemy vehicles.

  • Now if only HOME would come out this month I would be happy.

  • helll yeah.. i love warhawk

  • I haven’t been playing Warhawk very much as of late, either. Downloadable content is awesome, though. Just when you started to think that Warhawk was getting monotonous and stale, a killer update is announced that will add even more depth to a unique multiplayer game. I’m more stoked about this update than I was about the dropship!

  • @ 10 i agree haha WHERE THE HELL IS HOME?

  • Noice! Can’t wait for this patch. It should be enough to make Warhawk my #1 game once again… that is, if it’s out before GTAIV.

    I have one question though… Will we ever be able to customize the look of the tanks and jeeps? I’d like to see some of the paint schemes transfered over to the other vehicles too! Speaking of vehicles, when are we going to get some new ones?

  • Two of my designs were used for the examples! I’m blushing like a little girl!

  • Home release pending? Okay I’m not going to spam like those idiots. Anyways, great stuff, especially the mic options. The bio shields I can tell will balance out the game more(soldiers themselves are very weak). Great job as always.

    BTW, do I have to make a flicker account to see those images or what?

  • Dylan:

    Theres been alot of talk of a possible expansion called “Operation Broken Mirror” being released toward the end of March. Its popped up on various PSN release date lists. Any truth to this rumor?

    Could it be the fabled SNOW MAP we have all been waiting for??

  • You had me at HOME…

  • this is going to be sick

  • this is for HOME sooo maybe that means its coming very sooon HOPEFULLY

  • o yea……….. thank you dylan and everyone else who helped.

  • Awesome great patch, Thanks

  • Awesome, can’t wait for it :D

  • I’m sold! Release it now!

  • “We now allow players to select between PTT and Open-Mic”

    What button is used to key the mic in PTT? Will there be a beep that notifies you that you have the mic?

  • honestly though, if it wasnt for the extremely talented folks at incognito, insomniac and naughty dog we would be losing the console war in a furious fashion right now.. i’m sure most all people on this site will agree..thank you guys.. seriously.

  • Thanks for still supporting the game, Dylan and team.

    So… how much damage is this magical wrench gonna dish out? I’m sure a lot of players have surfed around on the roof of an enemy tank. It sounds dangerously close to being overpowered when you’ll now have the ability to also smack the tank for massive (?) damage.

    Also, is it a starting item like the knife or is it a pickup?

    And yeah, what about this Operation Broken Mirror. Comments are off-limit of course, but what about a hint or two? ;)

    • we\’re taking a lot of care to balance the new troop equipment so I\’m hopeful that we\’ll give you a good and balanced upgrade.

      As far as how much damage…I cant say exactly as we haven\’t settled on the value yet…but I have seen a few players gang up on a tank and rip it apart — Mammoth-Hunt Style :-)

      I even scored a Warhawk kill with it in one play session…although admittedly the Warhawk was almost dead. One of our testers flew down and was harassing me on the ground and just jumped up and hit it with the wrench. it was a totally lucky shot…but it was one of my best Warhawk memories!

  • LOL I see what you guys did with the link that says “Rock On” :P

    But the home integration sounds hot. and the changes are going to rock!

  • The more you continue to support this game…the more loyal I become. Way to go, you’ve come a LONG way since launch, gratz on your success.

  • Thanks Dylan for the great breakdown.
    Are Home Beta testers going to be able to test Game Launch?
    Also are players going to be able to add there own paint schemes and insignias with this patch?
    Thanks again the game is an amazing value. Cross-Team Talk is going to be a blast.

  • @ 27 click on the link for the picture that says rock on.. theres a hint for you

  • No more shanking with a knife?
    i think i’m gonna cry.

  • Any chance of new uniforms? Oh and would it ever be possible to suit up your outfit into a camouflage?

  • okay since you are responding now… can you check my awards? I don’t have marksman, and I have 25% on a couple troop weapons… or at least I know I did at one time… maybe another medal I didn’t get also, but I can’t get to my ps3 to check it out. any help?

  • is the warhawk skins only be allowed to a certain rank or everyone?

  • Oh crap! This is awesome! Oh crap! Holy crap! Dylan, this is the best damn news I’ve heard all day! Oh crap! Man oh man, I love this damn game! Oh crap! I gotta tell the guys….

  • Something to look forward to when I come back to Warhawk. Hopefully this is coming real soon.

  • wow… I like what you all do to this game… a little of everything…

    Now, you did a night map and is cool. but I will like more a map with weather like rain, snow or fog… not to much to ruin the gameplay but with the detail you always do in your game…

  • LOL to the link to “rock on”

    So… about that “Operation Broken Mirrors”, how that coming along?

  • Oh! How you settled what the damage will be from the bio-field generator as well as the healing rate? Will it change the outcome of a battle? How long does it take for someone to die from the generator? Can it fully heal you? Does it stop healing if a certain amount of friendlies enter the field? This update is gonna be SWEET! Thanks, Dyl! Toke on!

  • Have* lol was the beginning of that question.

  • Hey Dylan, can I get some clarification on the user created Paint jobs and Insignias?

    Was the whole thing just for the contest or will we be able to upload and use our own insignias and Paint Jobs any time we want as opposed to using just the ones that won the contest?

    • its a contest where we take the winning submissions and add them to the v1.3 patch.

      Sorry…no in-game uploads :-(

  • LOL@36

  • Sounds great. I just wish Home would be released already.

  • Jesus, Now you’re going to make me play Warhawk even more? =P Keep it up Sony, you guys are on fire in 08!!!!!!!!!!

  • Incognito rocks!

  • wow you guys rule!! :)

    i hope it comes out within this month. that would be nice. also, even though i don’t have it (yet). i was wondering if you can perfect the DS3 rumble options. i heard a little about it. i was simply wondering if you could make it rumble when a Lightning Bolt passes by you?

    again, i don’t have it yet so that feature may already be in there.

    look forward to new insignias and whatnot! :)

  • DYLAN:

    one guestion seeks an answer from you…….
    is it possible that we someday get new game modes?

    enyway….great work and great updgrade
    just keep the support on warhawk

    • new game modes that we give FREE to everyone is something we\’re looking at.

      Too early to say anything about it though…

  • so i guess you’re kinda giving us the hint that Home is coming? nice. i really can’t wait.

    VOIP option looks really great too. it sucks having to pop up the map to see who’s talking…

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