Hot Off THE EYE OF JUDGMENT Card Press: Set 2

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Just in case you missed it (or you just got your PS3 this holiday) THE EYE OF JUDGMENT hit stores last year introducing a whole new way to play with your PS3. Combining the best elements of trading card gaming, the new PLAYSTATION Eye, and next gen console tech, EOJ started waves through the gaming community. Since its launch, the EOJ community has started growing, and fast! We have seen dedicated Web sites spawning all over the net and we have read that the community is hungry for more cards. Well, today we have some good news!

We just received our first batch of Set 2 US cards from the Wizards of the Coast printing factory. Stay tuned for upcoming release info and more details, but for now take a sneak peek of some of the new cards, creatures and abilities that will for sure shift people’s gameplay styles. I’m sure there will be lots of questions – we’ll try to answer them all, both in the comments below and on the official EOJ forums.

EOJ - card photo - Elven Soul HunterEOJ - card photo - Dwarf SniperEOJ - card photo - Archiver

EOJ - card photo - Aluhjan SpellshieldEOJ - card photo - Aluhja InquisitrixEOJ - card photo - Partmole Warhound

Just when you thought that was all, visit Joystiq to see a brand new spell to cast- “Lament for Clare Wil”


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