Hot Off THE EYE OF JUDGMENT Card Press: Set 2

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Just in case you missed it (or you just got your PS3 this holiday) THE EYE OF JUDGMENT hit stores last year introducing a whole new way to play with your PS3. Combining the best elements of trading card gaming, the new PLAYSTATION Eye, and next gen console tech, EOJ started waves through the gaming community. Since its launch, the EOJ community has started growing, and fast! We have seen dedicated Web sites spawning all over the net and we have read that the community is hungry for more cards. Well, today we have some good news!

We just received our first batch of Set 2 US cards from the Wizards of the Coast printing factory. Stay tuned for upcoming release info and more details, but for now take a sneak peek of some of the new cards, creatures and abilities that will for sure shift people’s gameplay styles. I’m sure there will be lots of questions – we’ll try to answer them all, both in the comments below and on the official EOJ forums.

EOJ - card photo - Elven Soul HunterEOJ - card photo - Dwarf SniperEOJ - card photo - Archiver

EOJ - card photo - Aluhjan SpellshieldEOJ - card photo - Aluhja InquisitrixEOJ - card photo - Partmole Warhound

Just when you thought that was all, visit Joystiq to see a brand new spell to cast- “Lament for Clare Wil”


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  • 1st.

    Anywayz: I don’t play Eye of Judgment that much (Since my room is small) but its deffinetly my favorite PS3 game! I can’t wait for Set 2!!

  • Those cards look awesome! Will get when it’s out!

  • Cult,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I’m in.

  • did sony fix it
    so people cant copy the cards
    i hope so

  • Looks freaking awesome, Sony. You guys are on a roll!

  • Thanks for the update. My girl and I are big fans of this game. Looking forward to getting the new cards. =]

  • Oh YES can’t wait for these. COOL!

  • Folding@home update ftw!!!!!

  • Awesome!!! I got the game a few days ago, now i just need to get more cards >.<

  • I like this game. I just need to play it more.

  • I heard the new card set / expansion will require a new game disc. Is this true? If so, will the game disc be free? Or will there be a charge for it?

  • This game is the best!

    I just wish there were more retailers that sold expansions and Boosters for the game. At the Gamestop across town, they never get enough cards in to please the masses (always out of stock…).

    If Walmart sold the cards, that would be awesome!

  • Love Eye of Judgment – looking forward to Set 2!

  • The very least I can say for this title is that it gave me my PS3ye. I’d play it more but setting everything up is such a hassle. I might have to jump back in soon.

  • I’m hoping Wal*Mart and EBgames get the sets. Thats where I get most of my games from.

  • yea i really hope they fixed the cards so they cant be copied i didn’t want to buy season one for that reason…so season 2 cards im going to get
    so now im going to guess there is going to be an update or something for season 2 cards to work with the eye or will it not matter and work anyway?

  • Any word on other card games making the jump to this kind of format? IE games like the StarWars card game, Yu-Gi-Oh, and of course Magic? All three would give the PS3 high marks for interactive game play. I mean what other system lets you use real non digital cards to play other people online?

    I think Sony and Namco, as well as other card game makers are missing a major market here for this system. Give it online VOIP and of course 4 player online matches stats, ranks, and tournament as well as clan support and you would have a killer selling software on your hands.

  • Wow, did anyone read the rules on these cards? This is going to be a very, very tricky set.

  • Ok, here’s a question:

    Are set 2 boosters going to be more available in B&M stores that set 1 boosters? I could hardly find them other than online…

  • i love this game, to bad i cant buy cards anywere here in toronto canada, sony doesnt sell them here, so i just got the original cards and thats it, i wish i could enjoy this game like the rest of you.. but i cant, no cards here for sale

  • Finding set 1 was impossible to find… are you also planning on expanding outlets that carry the cards

  • In Japan, you’ll need to PURCHASE an expansion from the PS Store (for 3800Y if I’m not mstaken, which is quite a bit of money – around 35$) in order to use Set 2 cards (which u obviously have to buy as well).

    I always assumed DLC were to be free of charge since we have to pay for the cards anyway. How come this is not so? Maybe Sony doesn’t make any money from the cards (only Hasbro does) therefore the need to pay for the “digital” side of the new content.

    Could you elaborate on this please?

  • so awesome.

  • yay more cards for the cheaters to print out

  • why doesnt eb carry the cards?? so i can buy some??? how am i supposed to enjoy this game??
    i want to buy cards, i really dont want to resort to printing, please make the cards available in canada, toronto, to video game stores, do something, this game is soo good its a shame, so many people looking for cards and cannot buy them anywere because no one carries them, dont you people want the game to succed?? or next game with cards and eye toy no one will buy because of the history of the first..

    sometimes i wonder who you got there making this decisions, fired them and get someone that cares at his place, the game and the cards would sell a lot more if you make them available at stores

  • I also cannot find any booster pack anywhere. I have tried EB, Gamestop, toysrus, walmart and everywhere else in between. I really enjoy this game, but it kinda suck when you are stuck with just a starter deck. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start shipping these cards to more retailers so I can update my deck :)

  • @bortega: Target and Super Target both carry lots of EoJ stuff including the game+Eye.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    I love the idea of an interactive card game, especially when you have to think and use strategy. It would be cool if they expanded this use of the Eye to interactive boardgames, or made games using the research that group did back in November (see the Blog post for Nov. 14, 2007 if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

  • i would like to have an answer from who is in charge,
    1 is sony doing anything about cards availability to stores like eb… buy… and countries like canada??

    2 if not, can you people from sony send me a couple of free packs since i have no way of getting it other than printing one out?? ( i hope you know a lot of people are in the same situation as me , impossible to find packs to buy )


  • and let me add,its not impossible to buy them because they are sold out.. nooo, its because no stores carry them

  • I’m looking forward to buying another box of boosters when these come out. :)

  • all you guys talk about printing as your only option to gettin new cards cause you cant find them…do a little work on the internet and i am pretty sure you can locate a store online selling them…quit complaing…and spend some money…quit being cheap….its not that you cant find them…you refuse to look for them

  • #32 i like to buy things cash at the store, i dont like to pay with cards online, is the game sold at stores?? yes?? why cant i BUY cards at the store as well??

    how is wanting to buy cards cheap?? lol

  • if you really wanted to buy them you would use a card…everyone is talking about resorting to copying cause they cant find cards in stores…if you dont want to copy buy online…its not that hard….you usually end up gettin a better deal anyway

  • Hey all, great job on the new set….but I think you need to make sure that anyone can get these cards. I live in Cape Breton, NS, Canada, and though I bought your game, I can’t get the booster packs or starter decks anywhere around here. Why don’t places like Walmart or Future Shop, who sell your game, have the booster packs ? My game has been sitting on my shelf since day 2 because I can’t buy cards.

    Sure, I can order away….for cards….then I need a credit card…or use PayPal, then I have to wait a week for the cards to get here….blah…blah…blah….ta heck wit that :P

  • well, as i can see they have finally revealed new warriors. What i wonder is if there will be new hereos to fight along with.
    The new features seem to be living up to it’s expectations, (protection on magic spells, new strategies to consider and so forth. ) “FOR ALL YOU DUELIST OUT THERE, i hope to see you guys soon in the best matches held in the world of judgment….. with new allies a month from now!, till then let us sharpen our skills.” ^!^

  • One more comment before i go, for all of you guys that cant find any cards, im in the same situation, but im only just a few minimum cards away to having all warriors.

    Have you guys ever tried dueling online in exchange for cards.

    Or exchanging simply cards with someone else.

    That is one advise that i can give all of you. Plus it makes dueling funner.

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