GHIII Aerosmith DLC on PSN tonight

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Just a quick heads up – it’s not PLAYSTATION Store Update Thursday, but Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock owners will find something new to play coming to the store this weekend.

Add-on content: Aerosmith’s “Dream On” (16.1 MB)

The song will show up at midnight tonight (Pacific Time), and stay up until 11:59pm (Pacific Time) this Monday, February 18th. And it’s free.

What’s the special occasion? Fans of plastic Gibson guitars and Steven Tyler & Co will soon be in luck.

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    • I can\’t believe this \”first\” business has started up again. It was a quiet couple of months. We\’re going to start keeping things more *on topic* around here soon.

      [gets ban menu open]

      Happy posting!

  • Saying first is LAME. :)

    Hurray for freebies!

  • Yay, free songs!

    It’s sad that Rock Band gets so many songs and GH doesn’t…

  • Wow. Very sweet that this is free and I absolutely love this song to boot!

  • Wow this great!!! and freee!!! gooo sony!!!

  • i wish more games had free downloads liek this. not into music games so cant use this.

    haha that was funny jeff. glad the first thing will be banned lol

  • This is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. I can’t wait until this becomes available. It’s good to see the artists getting more involved in the game.

  • lol @ Jeff pullinig out the “ban hammer”.
    OT – nice to see the Guitar Hero folks getting some free love.
    If you’re listening, Harmonix, we Rock Banders wouldn’t mind seeing some free love too! ;)

  • nice, gonna download as soon as i can

  • I don’t have this game but it’s nice to see content show up on other days besides Thursday.

  • Yep… finally because this blog need to be more professional look with mature and on topic comments… one thing jeff.. you ban the sagar guy right?

    Anyway on topic, it’s cool that in special circumstances you add things to the store like warhawk in a tuesday night… don’t forget to add the news in the information board for the people who doesn’t read the blog…

  • This is good stuff. Can we start to get Store updates during the week and not just on one day?

  • @ cmargary
    I just checked the InfoBoard and they added it, so you must be psychic!

  • I’d never buy an entire game of Aerosmith songs… but Dream On is a pretty sweet track. I’ll download that tonight for sure.

  • Great. Also great is Walmart now only suporting blu-ray!

  • now only if the store got upaded every thursday at midnight.

  • I really hope that this comes to the AU store, I hate getting flicked the middle finger because I was stupidenough to purchase an Australian version of GH3, thinnking that I would still be able to buy, download and use the US store’s songs.
    Please release the songs for the AU store at the same time as the US Store.

    Yes I learnt this the hard way by purchasing the Foo Fighters pack and it didn’t work, and I didn’t get a refund.

    Won’t be making the same mistake with Rock Band, importing it as I type.

  • More GH content More GH content!!!!

  • As happy as I am to get a free song, I still think that Activision needs to release DLC more frequently, and at a more reasonable price, if they wish to compete compete with Rockband in the future.

    I, for one, would definitely of bought Rockband over GH3, if I knew that it would have cheaper DLC more frequently.

  • I don’t even OWN GHIII yet…but I’ll download it now for future use!


    ( o o )
    | |
    | .oooO |
    | ( ) Oooo. |
    +———————\ (—-( )——————–+
    \_) ) /

  • Cool. I’m glad we don’t have to wait until next Thursday to get this limited time content.

  • Cool! Free songs.

  • Well, do you mean tonight as in, before this blog was posted? Or do you mean the day after? Because its 2:18 AM here and I’ve gotten nothing.

    But, I’m not complaining at all, its free and I’m sure I’ll get it sometime soon. :D

  • Are we going to get this on the UK/EU PSN? There doesn’t seem to have been any news on it so (call me pessimistic) i assume one of Sonys biggest markets is being overlooked again?

  • Will Europe get it, or shall we be given the sharp end of the stick again? I contacted Nick Sharples (Phil Harrison’s PR) about this issue and I wasn’t given many answers. Why not?

  • Granted, I love getting new GHIII songs, and it’s even better when it’s free…. BUT… A rerecorded version of Dream On?! That’s a classic track, SHAME on Aerosmith. I would’ve rather had a cover band do this one– at least the vocals would sound more like the original… But hey, it’s GUITAR Hero so I guess I shouldn’t complain about awful vocals…
    So I guess we can assume Aerosmith rerecorded all their songs for this upcoming game… I smell a new “best of” CD on the horizon..

  • @Workshed

    Fat chance of that. We didn’t even get those christmas tracks for GHIII yet.

  • I really don’t feel that Aerosmith, or any band for that matter, should have their own Guitar Hero. Sounds like they’re just milking the franchise for what it’s worth and then some. Still, the content is appreciated. :)

  • i might have missed it

    but why the small time to be up on the store?

  • Nice to see a non-Thursday content update. Give us more please, I have money to give to Sony! =]

  • just wondering, how come in the featured banner in the store it says “littlebigplanet” under the gh3 logo on the right side? also this only shows up on sd tv’s and sd settings.

  • Yeah, we have a nice thread about it over at PSU (my PSU handle is ZW):

    Jeff, if you could shed some light on it, that would be great. Hopefully it was put in there as a test, and whoever posted about it gets an early copy of LittleBigPlanet, or the beta?
    hehe, I wish…

  • Awesome update!!!

    My girlfriend loves this song, so she will be happy, no doubt.

  • I don’t own GH I can’t justify spending the money for it. Even tho it can be played on a controller (not the same) I like Dream On I did download it for my Niece yesterday for her machine. Its good to have a freebie once in a while. Freebies sell games. :) Like Burnout Paradise. Freebie game that you can enjoy driving around and play online (Most all demos never have that feature like Darkness) The online ability sold me the game. So lets keep it up sony. Oh need more arcade games Gauntlet II (as soon as i locate a PSN card) will be on my machine, mahaps get Pacland (Great classic from the past)

  • Still no word on whether or not the EU store is going to get this then? :(

  • Here Here ! On the EU question. I downloaded it and it does not work on my UK Ps3, any reason why? is it region encoded?

  • Alright, that’s it. This blog is on the daily run now. I totally missed this.

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