First Review: God of War Chains of Olympus

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Hi All – this is Asad Qizilbash again, Marketing Manager for God of War. So following up from our ‘Gold Rush’ post earlier this week, I wanted to follow up with more great news …

We just received our first review score … 9 out of 10 and the Handheld Game of the Month Award.

To see the exclusive first review, check out the March issue of Game Informer Magazine – hitting newsstands soon.

With that said, here is another sneak peak for you guys, the official launch print ad. Just under 3 weeks left before launch!!!!!

GOW spread

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  • Congratulations chasegamez… /sarcasm.

    I am loving this months Game Informer cover. Aliens FTW!

    I wish I had to PSP. So many good games including God of War: Chains of Olympus. I just don’t know if I would play a handheld enough.

  • i never been first
    i alway wanted 2 text “first”
    please dont bash me

  • sexy ad. The game deserves the score <3

  • Playstion offical Mag should have been there first.

  • cant wait for this. glad its already gettin good reviews

  • Congrats. I’ve always enjoyed the GoW series.

    Incidentally are you going back to the style of the original for the cut scenes? I felt it was stronger visually than in GoW2.

  • sweet, NOW PORT IT TO THE PS2!!!

  • !!!!!!!HURRAY CHASEGAMEZ!!!!!!!

    *trumpets blare*
    *lovers kiss*
    *confetti showers*
    *mexican mariachi begins playing*
    *chasegamez is crowned king*
    *cookies are passed out*

    I love God of War. In a totally non plutonic kinda way.

  • @frito, go buy a PSP.
    I am so excited to have Kratos in my pocket. PSP has changed the face of portable gaming. THe game streams levels! Load times reduced, great number of save points! Cheesy sex mini-game. I hope GoW III can live up to the production value that you have shown in Portable GoW.

  • I was getting this game no matter what, but happy to see the positive review. Go Sony

  • After playing the demo a couple hundred times through, I can see why they gave it a 9 out of 10. It’s a stunning game to look at and play.

    On a side note, can ya’ll delete posts that are irrelevant and pointless?

  • Chains of Olympus is HOT! Definitely the best use of the platform to date. Square-Enix is definitely putting it to good use too with Crisis Core and Birth by Sleep.. but nothing compares to GoW in terms of sheer pace.

  • Aw, he’s never been first. I guess that makes it okay. -_- Grow up. It’s akin to fighting over who gets the front seat.
    The first comment is the one everyone is going to read- it should contribute something.

    Now for the article:

    Wait… They’re allowed to review the game three weeks in advanced?? And the fact that their cover story was what will surely be a mediocre game over the “critically lionized” God of War series is kind of insulting.

    And, please, for once, keep it on the PSP. (Or: “keep it in our pants” :P ) I don’t want that little spammer, frito, to get what he wants.

  • day one purchase for sure. Good job sony! It is funny, I hadn’t touched my PSP in about a year. Then I discovered Jean d’ark, have been playing my PSP every day for a month now. Wipe out and now GOW are going to really have me clocking the hours. This is Sony’s year for sure, especially given it has now out sold the 360. Hopefully they can keep momentum

  • i NEED this game now!!!! I got GoW 1 and 2, but i need more :P

  • I see through the veil of marketing, the high score printed on the ad, well it’s a good game, Sony we don’t need to be “advertised”. Please, most people that come to this blog do so because they want and like the games.

    God of War seems like a great game, amazing graphics, and really we don’t need to be advertised, we know when we see a good game.

  • Where is the PS3 version?

  • frito wrote:
    sweet, NOW PORT IT TO THE PS2!!!

    frito wrote:
    ok, NOW PORT THIS TO THE PS2!!!!!!


    Huh. Call me crazy, but posting the same thing multiple times sounds like ‘spamming’ to me.

  • Kratos’ badass!

    Wooh! GOW fans are lucky.

  • @Davitr0n – Don’t know about your situation, but I just play my PSP while the wife wants to watch her shows. She still wants me ‘with’ her on the coach, but I’m not interested in Project Runway and garbage like that so I play. Works pretty well and keeps her happy.

    Back on topic, I pre-ordered this one blindly since I had so much faith in you guys after your last PSP game. That 9 out of 10 certainly makes me feel even better though. I’m sure the rest of the reviews will follow that great start, can’t wait for it to hit my mail box!!!

  • Congratulations Sony team! This is the year of the PSP and PS3 for sure!

  • What an A-hole, to view an insider sneak peek and special exclusive look at a fantastic game as covert advertising.

    Guess what? The only reason this blog exist is to promote playstation!

    Playstation fans are so very ungrateful of what they have. Spend a week with the Halobox, visit *their blog* then gratefully return to PS.

  • OMG, this ad is so cool

  • Whatever you guys do to promote this game.. nix the dead goat’s heads, this time OK? I kid…

    Anyways, have you guys thought about bundling the new GOW game with the PSP2k? That would sell a lot IMO.

  • Very much a game I’m looking forward too. March is a very crowded PSP month, with this, Wild ARMs XF, and FFVII: Crisis Core. So, are we going to get a God of War 3 reveal as an ad on the back of the instruction book like we got with this from GoW2? ;)

  • Congrats guys!!!!!

  • Twenty-Eighth


  • Three more weeks until another great PSP game is released!!

    How much is it going to cost? :o

  • I love the print ad and good to see it get a high score, sure the rest will follow just the same.

  • Nice one! Loved Kratos on the PS2 Version, hope to see him soon in the light of the PS3

  • I can’t wait to get this game I must have it ASAP.

    Congrats to all who worked on Chains of Olympus, I am sure this will be the first of many 9 out of 10 scores.

  • I think we’ll mostly be seeing scores like that :)

  • *waits for inevitable PS2 port*

    if this game doesn’t come to the PS2 by the end of 2008, i’ll eat my hat.

  • I hope it doesn’t the PSP doens’t get many great titles and when it does they all go to the PS2. If that’s going to be the case why even bother making PSP games.

  • any chance of a bundle for this game

  • This is definitely a day-one purchase.

  • The reason GI did the review was so it was unbias. I mean if ps mag did it ppl would jump to the conclusion that it is self promotion.

    GI is the highest circulated gaming mag in the world and 23rd overall magazine.

    Ppl (like me) base a lot on what they have to say.

  • Gi cover story’s are previews of the mechanics and development of unrealeased games, usually just under a year or so before release. The psp game is just a review and preview of the story and game itself.

  • Great score, just what I was expecting :).

  • I got this baby pre-ordered already. Can’t wait!

  • Congratulations!

    I know this game is gonna kick all kinds of ass. Can’t wait for it.

  • Great game for PSP. I’ll buy it on there, and wait until this fall for the inevitable PS2 port.

  • ditto to comments #14 and #26


  • can’t wait to pick up my copy

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