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As you may well know, next week brings us the Game Developers Conference in sunny (for now) San Francisco. It’s a place where game creators of all types can learn, share, and connect. Sometimes, it’s where a young kid gets his/her big break. They also have a LOLcats page. So, just like with CES, I’m putting our PlayStation.Blog coverage in the hands of you, the faithful blog reader.

If you could ask someone from Q-Games, Incognito, Clap Hanz or our Santa Monica Studios any question – what would it be? As much as possible, I’ll pass those questions on, and report back with answers. We’ll also be posting game development insights from Shuhei Yoshida, SCEA Senior Vice President of Product Development.

Over the weekend, we’ll also temporarily install a twitter feed on the right side of the blog for updates throughout GDC. If you’d like to sign up to follow along now, you can do that here. And of course, we’ll have a special section on our Flickr page to give you an idea of what the whole thing looks like.

So what else do we have planned? Well, as part of the blogging community (and what a strange group it is), we’re going to give back this year. So for all the bloggers out there covering GDC in some official capacity (read: you’ve got official credentials), allow me to extend an invite to our PlayStation Bloggers’ Lounge. We’ll have all you need to get your work done (WiFi, food, caffeine), as well as game demos, and even access to some of the developers mentioned above. More details here.

Stay tuned for more updates. Until then, get those questions in!

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  • Hey there Jeff. Few questions:

    1) (Before anyone else asks) Hows In-Game XMB coming along? Any further Firmware announcments planned for GDC?

    2) Hows Home coming along? Any new footage to show us? Any details on an open beta for us mere mortals who aren’t in GAP?

    3) Will we have any demos or footage from the GDC on the Store?

    4) Will LiitleBigPlanet be shown? You don’t know (Or perhaps you do) how hyped I and everyone else is for this game.

    I’ll be checking the Blog religiously next week for details. Thanks for the update. Ad.

  • my questions
    1 about a god of war mmo for ps3?

    2 about getting some of those devs together and make a figthing game ala ssb, with the most famoust ps3 characters? kratus, snake, clank, the guy from resistance, dante, nero.. and so on

    3 when all the older titles be bc with home??

    4 in game xmb and home, when???

  • correction
    3 WILL all the older ps3 titles be bc with home??

  • and finally, just a yes and no answer would be amazing, are there any surpises at the gdc from sony to the gamers???

    yes or no??

  • Cool Jeff thx for the opportunity,

    There are a few things that I would love to know:

    -I have heard that HOME is comming this spring, but SONY has also said that they would do a public béta, so my question is, when does the public béta come?

    – Can Santa monica tell us something about GOW III we dont know yet?

    – I would love to know how far the XMB ingame is, since thats one of the main features we would love to have.

    – I want to know what YOU liked most Jeff of the whole GDC.


  • oh as an addition:

    – Are we going to see some suprises?


  • How about this?

    With all of the new music/rythm based games coming out, can we expect to see a new Lumines (just picked 2 back up and remember how much I love it) or how about DLC skins?


  • Thanx Jeff,
    I’ll like to know how killzone2 is picking up and are we gonna see this come GDC?

    And what is keeping us from seeing ffxiii gameplay?

  • and, not to sound like a journalist or anything, but Kotaku posted a story recently about a video from the website that laid out some “new features” of Home that sounded a LOT like being able to chat during a game and such…any truth to that?


  • Please have a Live feed of the Sony press confrence.(im guessing there will be one like last year).cause G4 does it really bad by cutting off some good parts with the commercials.

    and a question for santa monica studio.

    Who is the new director for God of War 3 now that Cory Barlog has left?
    and what did s/he do on the last 2 God of war games?

    and last i hope there is some more news on sucker punch’s new game infamous.

  • damn sony can kill at this GDC if they show some more on 8 days ,afrika, resistance 2, killzone2, MGS4, final fantasy XIII and versus XIII, LBP, plus some new never announced games. plus hopefully some new PSP games. cuase we need to know some big titles to look forward to after God of war COO and crisis core.

  • For Incognito:
    Will we ever hear from War of the Monsters again?

    What plans are there in the future for new Warhawk DLC?

    Will you play any part in the PS3 Twisted Metal title hinted at in Twisted Metal: Head On on the PS2?

  • My question is will developers make their DLC region free? Downloadable content on the PS3 is now region locked meaning people who imported games can not access it ie. if you are from another country and imported Warhawk or Motorstorm you can not use the DLC from your local store and you can not buy it from the US store because Sony block most international credit cards. Dylan Jobe seemingly could not give an answer so I hope someone else can.

  • To SCE Studios Santa Monica:
    Will God of War III continue the tradition of the ‘love’ mini-game that the original two had as well as Chains of Olympus?

  • I’m sure everyone is going to ask for In Game XMB,firmware, and home information.

    However I’m taking Game AI programming at my University this semester and I would be real interested in any information even if it is watered down a bit about how AI is being used on the PS3. Special techniques or break through’s etc.

    —Most likely not featured there—
    If possible PSN integration with the PS Underground website so we can see stats and what not without being on our PS3’s.

    Implementations for the PS Eye would be great. I need more reasons to invest in a new eye product. I would be really interested in how it will be used.

  • To Incognito
    Are there any plans to tie-in Warhawk with Home? I would love to see Trophies and Rewards etc that can be achieved in Warhawk being used in Home.

  • Oh PSP Firmware information!! I’m still waiting for PSN on PSP.

  • Thanks jeff and Sony for allowing us to submit questions and for givingofficial bloggers a place to hang out.

    Sony Santa Monica- With GoW2 releasing on the ps2 after the launch of the ps3, how has that affected you with developing your technologies and learning how to develop on the ps3? Has other Sony ninjas dropped in to help out on a very much big title that is suppose to spread awesomness to the world?

    Idol Mind- what can you say about the upcomming dlc? Is it a single or multiple levels? Does it contain video saves and replays to share online with friends?when can we expect to see the content on tv playstation store.

    Jeff- microsoft has the xna programm, does Sony have something similar for us want to be developers to make a quicker entry into the small downloadable game segment?

    Jeff- does Sony plan to offer software emulation for select ps2 titles?

    Jeff- does Sony plan to have more developers implement support of the remote play feature in there games?

    I have a ton more questions but I am typing on a phone because work blocks all blogs and anything related to games, LOL. Thanks jeff.

  • 1) I’ve noticed that some games here and there have been incorporating custom soundtracks. Stardust, High Velocity Bowling, and the upcoming MLB ’08 game will have it. Will future games have it as an option if it fits the game? Are you guys supplying any tools for that or will developers have to come up with their own way of doing this?
    2) Any new XMB features coming in the next firmware update? I’d personally would love to see a weather ticker, a better running browser, an increase in file size limit for attachments I send through my friends’ section, & that which everyone keeps asking.
    3) Will insomniac consider upgrades for weapons on Resistance 2, & will the map packs for R:FoM be usable on this sequel?
    4) Will Incognito provide an patch to allow for taking pics or recording segments of play in Warhawk?
    5) Same question to Insomniac for Resistance 2
    6) Sony as a whole: Any new games in the works? What are Ninja Theory, Japan Studios, Ico Team, and other teams working on?

  • Home and new games that were shown.

  • 1) Home – when?

    2) LittleBigPlanet – when?

    3) Updated XMB – sure would like to orgainize that LONG game thread.

  • Oh, oh! I have questions! I’ll pose them in such a way that they can be directly passed on:

    To Q-Games: Have you ever considered doing a PixelJunk RPG? I know many would love to see something like that.

    To Santa Monica: Who do you have leading the God of War III project, and how far along is it?

    To Clap Hanz: Is there any chance whatsoever you could change the cover art for Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds?

    To Incognito: New projects have been very hush-hush- assuming it isn’t answered by GDC- what are you guys working on now?

    Oh, and if you see them:

    To Insomniac: Who da man? :P

    • These are exactly the types of questions that I can pass on. Keep in mind, everyone, I\’m not having a sitdown with the Home or Firmware groups – just passing a few questions on to *Game Developers* that are stopping by. It *is* the Game Developers Conference, after all :-)

  • @ 21 scodo_thope

    u can organize your games now if u want. just go to information on each game and change the album. i got mine set up by PS1 games, PS3 games,PS3 Demos. can also do the same for videos

  • Oh, and hey, Jeff!

    I caught the implementation of on the Information bar- the “press right to go to” thing was sweet. :D Who came up with that? Whoever it was, give them a cookie. :D

  • All I want to know is where are the RPGs?

  • Hey Jeff. Sorry, but a quick suggestion. I don’t know how your blogging code works exactly, but I assume is somewhere along the lines of HTML if not actually containing some HTML. Anyways, would you possibly be able to make the links within your post open in another browser window? It’s very annoying reading through your post and wanting to see a link before finishing the rest of the post and looking through the comments. I am sure you are able to set the target to _blank somewhere in there. I don’t know if you have power over this, but its just a suggestion. Thanks for listening!

    Also, any GDC info on LBP and Home would be great! :)

    • Prolog, that was my initial instinct, but we looked over some stats that basically said \’people know they can open links in a new window by right clicking, and they don\’t like to be forced to do it.\’ So we\’re not doing target=\”_blank\”.

      I trust my advisors ;-)

      Thank you though!

  • For Clap Hanz:

    In Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, how many courses will be included? I read that there will be 6 new courses, will there be old courses (from past HSG games) included as well? Also, what are the plans for Downloadable Content?

    I second Zorox’s question as well, where are the RPGs!?

  • Ok!!! I love GDC!

    1) Is reverse remote play coming?
    2) Killzone 2 Beta, LBP beta?
    3)Kojima(If he’s there) If MGS4 the last Metal Gear or does everything continue with Metal Gear ______?
    4) Is a software based PSN being developed? Because it should.
    5) Will Incognito ever create a small single player $10 add on to warhawk?

    Thats it for now!

  • Wait! Where’s 8 days? And eyedentify? Awesome things I’ve seen!

  • ooh, Do you think you could ask Ray Kurzweil some questions?

    He’s one of my biggest heroes, and I’m so happy he’s going to be giving a keynote.

    The fast progression of video game technology in the last 20 years has been very visual evidence of our path to the singularity.

    Ask him if he’s excited about PlayStation 9. That thing’s gonna rock.

  • @23 NewYork214

    Cool thanks for the organizing tip. I will be spring cleaning my XMB tonight!

  • Q-Games

    1)I would like to know what Q-games has up its sleeve with the pixeljunk series? Loved monsters not a huge fan of the racer game.
    2)Can we expect in the US to actually start getting demos for their casual games?


    3)Incognito Warhawk is great and all but whats next? Anything even if its a small psn game info would be great. Dylan is awesome about giving feedback.

    Santa Monica

    Nothing get back to work since I dont want any delays ;)

    All devs

    4)Can we expect to see at least some optional crossplatform between psp and ps3 in the future?


    Please answer or speak about all the questions mentioned before about xmb and home.

    • Awesome, consider these questions asked.

      (btw, not implying that I won\’t be asking some of the ones above this one!)

  • Hope you guys are gonna knock our socks off at this one, just like last year when you guys blew nintendo and the 360 out of there! (forgot which event that was :( E3, TGS?) Woooo! Go Sony!

  • 1. Is the future of PSP online games and downloads through the PlayStation store, and Network?

    2. Please clear up all this rumor crap about the 80GB PS3 dropping off the planet and getting replaced by a new non Backwards compatible PS3 model. Any info on that?

  • i would like to DL GDC videos from playstation or full press conference on playstation store. is there a set date for home spring 2008 release? when is in-game xmb comming? when will we get flash player 9 for internet browser on PS3? when we will get command conquer series for PS1 on playstatio store? how about twisted metal for PS3? also when will we get twisted metal 3 and 4 on playstation store. also gran turismo 1 and 2 on playstation store.

  • I would love to go to GDC in person the ticket price is outrageous. Could you help me out there and get me a pass? LOL

  • socom for the ps3 when??????????????????

  • 1. Can WE buy a PS3 soon which plays&is 100% backwards compatible with PS2 games???
    2. Can WE buy a PS3 soon which plays&is 100% backwards compatible with PS2 games???
    3. Can WE buy a PS3 soon which plays&is 100% backwards compatible with PS2 games???

  • @38
    I totally agree with you!!! ;-D

  • i almost forgot, when will PSN cards arrive at retail stores such as walmart etc ?

  • NICE!

    Incognito: Any chances of a Warhawk 2, a huge graphical upgrade to the current Warhawk or a release of the single player campaign?

  • 1. It can’t be asked enough- any chance of new units that have the 99% BC like the old 60/20GB units?
    2. Do you consider the 1080i issue solved at this point, or is it just a low priority issue for you?

  • Insomniac – Can you give us more new ingame screenshots? And Can I beta test? PSN: SILV3R_

    SCEA – Are we Home yet? and we going to see any GDC Video in PSN Store?

  • Can you please clear up whether or not the 80 gig PS3 is getting dropped/adding 120-160 gig PS3 w/ b/c and a dualshock? Or is the 80 gig staying. Also, can you clear up the website that was posted on yesterday that said yo ucould message and talk to your friends in-game? I know you probably won’t, but it’d be nice if you could! :-)

  • A couple of questions for Sony,
    1 – how come different stores get different content, shouldn’t all store’s have the same content at the same time?

    2 – Are the PS Stores going to have a change of layout, because when looking for different things, its a bit long-winded to find what you want.


  • Ooooh, 1 more for all developers…

    Are there any chances to be in some beta’s, doesn’t matter what game types, i enjoy all, and i love beta’s, such fun…

    PSN: Jas-n


  • Q-Games

    are there going to be more music visualization themes in the future :)?

  • if you get the chance…

    Incognito: When will v1.3 be released on warhawk and can you finally give us some solid facts on it? Instead of hinting at what it might be. Any info on future updates would be cool too.

    And for Jeff: Some in-depth information on playstation home would be nice. Also some info on the next firmware update for the ps3 [and the psp if possible]. Though I have no idea why I’m asking for this simply because I think every comment has asked about home and in-game xmb.

  • PS3 Home and In-game XMB status and possible release dates.

  • Well I just want to know of any new details with warhawk or God of War 3, and maybe some on little big planet. Thanks.

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