wipEout PULSE hits North America today

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Hello people of America, I’m Paul Tweedle, the Producer of wipEout Pulse, blogging at you from Liverpool in the UK. You have probably heard of Liverpool as the home of The Beatles, but we like to think of it as the home of anti-gravity racing. We’ve been knocking out wipEout games for years now and I truly and honestly believe that wipEout PULSE is the best yet.

Thanks in the main to the guys and gals over on the forums at fansite WipeoutZone, we know what they liked and disliked about our previous offering, wipEout Pure. With Pure we wanted the racing back at the forefront and we wanted it to be the best, purest racing yet, while striking a balance with the combat elements. We think we largely achieved our goals.


With wipEout PULSE, we wanted to take that even further. We completely overhauled the AI such that each and every race is now competitive from beginning to end. There are no crude catch-up techniques going on this time, we’ve worked and worked on it to ensure that each race is as tightly contested as possible. We developed a system whereby the AI would “learn” the circuits. We’d set the AI off and running at the end of each day, doing lap after lap after lap (literally hundreds per night); all the while they would make tiny adjustments to their racing line until they knew the circuits very well indeed. Truly it almost feels like you’re racing against human beings at times.

One of the main complaints of the series as a whole has been the lack of any sense of progression through the games. We thought long and hard about this and completely threw out the old notion of making the player play through the tracks systematically speed class by speed class. The design team came up with Race Campaign which throws a staggering variety of races at the player from the very start. We think you’ll really get a bang out of it.


We tried really hard to get infrastructure (online) racing into wipEout Pure but, being a PSP launch title, we just ran out of time and it became unfeasible so this was one area we wanted to get sorted right away for wipEout PULSE. Not only that but we were the first title (in Europe at least) to support the new PlayStation Network login system which means that you can now use the same login that you use for your PS3 on your PSP. You’ll be racing against someone on the other side of the world within 10 minutes of booting the game up for the first time which is just awesome.

Coupled with this, we’re fostering an online community over at www.wipeout-game.com where you can upload, directly from the game, all of your records which will be added to the global tables. There are some European players who are already better than most members of the development team. Good luck, you’ll need it ;-)

We dedicated a lot of time and effort to give you, the player, a way to stamp your personality on the game. You can log onto the site and give your favorite ship a bespoke paint-job with our Ship Customization Tool which allows you to paint directly onto a 3D model. Some of the results the European players have achieved are breathtaking. We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. Along with this is the ability for the player to create his or her own custom Race Campaign. You choose the events and the targets, and then you can send it to a friend directly via Wi-Fi from your PSP to theirs.


I think I’ve rattled on long enough, but it would be remiss of me not to mention the fact that we also have some great download packs coming your way very soon indeed. More teams, more tracks, more Race Campaign, more fun! The folks at GameVideos.com go into a lot of details about many of the things I’ve mentioned here – it’s definitely worth a viewing.

Thanks for reading and, most of all, for playing.

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  • What? that´s a surprise,

  • Nice to see that the PSP will have DLC.

  • I have the Euro version and it’s superb fun. Must buy for PSP owners.

  • This is a great game, have had it a while, check out my review on my website, the link is below.


  • For a PSP title that sounds awesome. Since you have used the PSN on the PSP do you know if this will become more common plase? I hope so too many logins. ;)

  • I may just pick this up. The PSN account sharing is AWESOME!!! Keep doing that to all titles…

  • Mr Tweedle, you work for SCEE. Why did it take so much time to translate Everyday shooter? Why cant PAL have PSN games at the same time as the USA? Then when we do get them they cost upto 5 times the price the US paid why?

    Please punch the person that runs the PAL store in the face for me. Thanks.

  • I’m still not 100% sure if it’s Wipeout, WipeOut, or wipEout. I know it looks like wipEout, but that makes no sense to me.

  • @8
    Theres many territories in PAL region, they have to translate it and theres more to do i think…
    The life’s cost is different in every countries… in Europe its more than North America..
    if you go in a mcdonald in japon you will pay like 3-5 times the price of here, thats called economy

  • Yeah! This game will rock so hard! I pre-ordered it last night so I hope it will be here by tonight, or tomorrow! I will be online under my PSN name StarGunner! Rock on Wipeout fans! BTW I also have a skin I just started to work on.

    On a side note: is logging into your PSN profile the future of all PSP games? If so dose that mean all the same rules apply now to PSP online games that do for PS3 games? If so this is a major step forward for the PSP to start to show it’s true colors as a real stand alone gaming system and not an add on to the PS3.

  • What more is there left to say… Day one purchase. Long live wipEout.

    Great job Studio Liverpool!

    Now get working on my wipeout HD :p

  • wipEout looks like wip he out like wipping something out of somewhere.LOL
    This is the best game for the psp but when is the PS3 version to be released? THat is what I want, also will the psp ships be transferable to the ps3 game whence it comes out?
    When is Home Open Beta?! Give us tank battle and lunor lander for PS Eye!

  • Just wanted to add – I’m also interesting in hearing an answer for this question (from commenter #7):

    Question about the PSN account sharing:

    When you’re online in wipEout PULSE, does it show you online on your buddy’s PSN buddy list on their PS3?

    • Alas no, it doesn\’t. I don\’t know for sure but this could be possible in future updates of the PSP/PS3 firmware. I certainly think it\’s a good idea.

  • I would love to hear the full story of how “Pulse” became part of this title. Where did you guys get the name? How did you come up with it. I ask this because previous to this Wipeout title, I used Pulse in creating my Socom FTB 1 game rooms, which quickly became the most popular room on the title at the time. Chaos Pulse, everyone wanted a piece of this room. I got the name directly off of my blood pressure machine, which I use daily to monitor my health due to having no kidneys. Anyhow, a word that was once synonomous with my old, historic Socom gaming clan will now only be rememberd as a Wipeout game, and is no longer original. I see it as a loss of one small bit of my originality, although I am pretty sure it was inadvertant on your part. It feels like something was taken from me, even though I did not have ownership of the word. I do hope though, that Pulse will treat you guys as well as it treated me and all those who have had the fortune to play a Chaos Pulse game.

    Anyhow, now you know my history of the word Pulse, can you please share with us the history of how you came about choosing this word for the game?

    • It started with many, many, many brainstorming sessions involving members of the team. If I remember correclty we whittled it down to three names and eventually we settled on Pulse. Then the legal team get involved to ensure that we\’re fine to use the name and Bob\’s your uncle. There\’s really not that much science involved I\’m afraid and we certainly didn\’t intend to rob you of your originality.

  • I’m really excited for this. I loved Wipeout Pure on PSP. I’m also excited for Wipeout HD and wonder when that’s coming.

  • Weren’t this AND Wipeout HD supposed to release last year?

  • So wait, the track editor has now turned into just a campaign editor? That kinda…. saddens me? The main reason I wanted Pulse to begin with is that I kept hearing you could make your own tracks, but now this seems to be just limited to making your own course playlist- which is underwhelming. =\

    • I don\’t know where you got the impression we were doing a track editor from because that has never been on the cards.

      I think you will really enjoy the user customisable features we have in Pulse though, check it out, you won\’t be disappointed.

    • Hi, I don\’t know where you got the impression that we were doing a track editor because that has never been in our plans.

      I think you will enjoy the user customisation features we do have in Pulse though. Check it out, I don\’t think you\’ll be disappointed.

  • Does it feature headset support?

  • Huh, that’s pretty cool for those that enjoy racing. Sadly, I can’t touch the stuff- I’m seriously no good at them. Still, hurray! :D

  • Just got a psp not but about 3 weeks ago and I was going to buy the remote with headphones this week. I get paid on thursday, but I might have to buy this game instead. I haven’t bought a wipeout game since the original playstation. Wow, come to think of it. That was over 10 years ago. Dang…

  • I guess I’ll type this. It’s not Jeff Rubenstein that I’m replying to, so I’m talking to no-one, but anyway……

    Does the release of this title mean that at some vague time in the future we might hear of Wipeout HD for the PS3? It’s beginning to sound like one of those titles that one day we’ll click on a gaming website and find an article about it’s deletion.

    I know that sounds incredibly cynical, but the truth is, so is the release of info on this highly awaited title.

    Is it on track? Is there even an estimate of a release date? How many tracks in it? Will it be an online playable title? Will we be able to download content? Will it have custom soundtracks? Will we hear anything before a week before release?

    Answers to these, or indeed even anything about the title, would be a huge surprise.

  • Anyone know if the headset is supported for this game?

  • when is it coming to PS2?

  • Awesome, I’ll have to go pick this one up! Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to acquaint myself with the Wipeout series, and this (as well as the PSOne game on PSN) will be my first venture into it.

    I think I’ll like it. I can’t wait!

  • Awesome! this will be one of my next purchases… Good Job on the game.

  • no stores have it here in toronto yet, i have looked everywere, one of the games i have been waiting for, and who knows…. maybe this thursday wipeout hd will be available on psn…

  • also.. are you able to install part of the game on the mem stick for faster load times?? as some newer psp games will have this feature, does this game have it as well??

  • Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to try and answer a couple of questions for you.

    1) Unfortunately we do not support the headset for Pulse, there wasn’t enough time for this feature to be implemented.

    2) Pulse does not support installation of the game data to the memory stick for faster load times, having said that I’m sure most of you that purchase the game, will be pleasantly surprised with the loading times for Pulse.

  • thanks for the answers, as soon as i find a copy…. ill play all of you and beat you all, until then.. im custom designing my own ship on the wipeout site!! simply amazing stuff!!!
    all games should do something similar in the future

  • @ jazzagers – why would you need the mic for this kind of online game??? I’m under the impression that you are going up against opponents… is there some kind of online team racing that I don’t know about here? and even if there was would you need to make squad commands and form attacks in this kind of game? lol


  • @31 lakaihigh
    LOL, very good point, I was thinking along the same lines. The only psp games that should contain headset support should be types you mentioned.

  • Hey if you can get online and talk with some friends in any online game and have a good time doing it, I’m all for it.

  • Jesus. I can’t believe you guys in the US are only JUST getting this. Believe me, its an unbelievable game a huge leap from Pure. Hope you all enjoy it!

  • @Daimion Pinnock&Paul Tweedle
    Dose this game feature i remote play support,Also is it going to be available to download from the PS Store for the pc.

  • We US gamers always get the short end of the stick……… But we are used to it by now at least I am anyway.

    BTW: I was wondering if your going to make use of the PSN log in system in more future games on the PSP? It would be a major step forward for the PSP as a stand alone system.

    • That\’s funny you should say that [about US launches being later] because we in Europe feel the same way! It is perceived here that you guys get stuff earlier than us. I guess Wipeout Pulse launched in Europe first because it\’s out home territory nothing more sinister than that. Often US developed games launch in the US first, I think it\’s natural I think.

    • Hi all,

      \”When you’re online in wipEout PULSE, does it show you online on your buddy’s PSN buddy list on their PS3?\”

      Alas, no you won\’t see this on your PS3 buddy list. One thing to bear in mind is that we were really at the front of the queue with the whole PSN login on PSP thing and we thought it was valuable enough to make the login process as quick and painless as possible, which is what the unified PSN login gives you.

      Maybe this will happen in future updates of the PSP/PS3 firmware, I think it\’s certainly an interesting idea.


  • Hey Daimion, I was wondering how many downloadable add ons were going to be released?

  • Hi,
    +1 to the any news on wipEout HD? very worried about how its seems to be delayed and delayed and delayed.

    hopefully without sounding too desperate wipEout is pretty much why i own a PS3 :)

    • Worry not about Wipeout HD it is not delayed and delayed, it\’s coming alright. And I\’ll predict here and now that you are going to absolutely LOVE it. Maybe Daimion can confirm when it\’s out in the US?

      To put it into context for you I, myself, cannot wait for this to launch so that I can play it at home too. Just be a little patient, it\’s well worth the wait.

  • I’d like the option to install and play this on my PS3 too! In fact, why can’t we have the PS3 emulate the PSP.

  • Thanks for replying ptweedle. As for originality, people still use the Pulse name for rooms on Socom FTB 1 now. I am fairly sure most of those using the name in FTB 1 don’t even have a clue as to where the name came from. Honestly, I think the name Pulse is a perfect choice for the Wipeout franchise anyhow, the entire series elicits pulse pounding excitement from start to finnish. That being said, Pulse is a perfect descriptive and you guys did well to choose that word. I hope that fans of this series will find this title to be the pinnacle of the franchise, it sure seems so to me…

    Enjoy the rollout of all your hard work!

    have fun and Stay Frosty!


  • @ Jazzagers – yeah you have a good point there. I too wish online communication became a standard for the PSP. There have been quite a few games that I believe have suffered due to the lack of online cooperation being formed through communication but I don’t think that Pulse will be hindered at all by it lacking this. Still it would be sweet if they had included that feature. Too bad. I still want the game anyWAY. Great work guys! I hope to pick this up ASAP.

    @ ptweedle – Can you give any announcement on here as to when we can expect some D/L content for Pulse? Or is that all in the hands of the American PSN now? Thanks again


  • @ptweedle thanks for the comforting words :) actually I am in UK so if you can hint at the euro release date you are going straight on my xmas list, hell i might even let you win a race if we meet online :D

  • Any word about DLC? Expansion packs have already hit the European store, and I would love the chance to take them for a spin as well.

    Or am I just missing something? The official game site directs you to http://www.store.playstation.com but there are no expansion packs there to download, free or otherwise.

    Also, any chance of getting the soundtrack on iTunes or CD, or even just releasing a few promo tracks? LOVE the music and would like to hear it when I’m not playing the game.

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