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Hello flOw fans! We here at SuperVillain Studios are excited to finally let the cat out of the bag and announce that flOw will indeed be released for the PSP on March 6th via the PLAYSTATION Store for PC.

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With great support from thatgamecompany, we’ve been able to reconstruct and faithfully preserve the unique experience of flOw on Sony’s premier handheld device.

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Our focus was to ensure that the sights, sounds, and feel of the game met the highest of standards for the platform. We’re confident that you’ll all enjoy this new entry into the ever-evolving flOw universe. Enjoy the trailer below.

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  • This is awesome news! Definitely a day one purchase.

    (*psst* by the way, you know what else would be great for the PSP? Everyday Shooter. *wink wink*)

  • I wonder when it will be released and for how much, can’t judge the gameplay of something until it is at least released.

  • @Korlithiel

    It says March 6 right up there. As far as how much it will cost, the PS3 version costs $7.99, so I expect something around that.

  • If we already own the PS3 version of the game, will we be able to download this version for free, just like with PSone games? I’m guessing not, but it’s worth a try, right? :P

  • Excellent :) Looking forward to it. Day one purchase for me. Did you include all the content in the original flOw for PS3, including the content from the expansion?

  • Just as dewmandew7 has said, will we be able to unlock our PS3 version of flow for use on the PSP? If so I would be eternally great full. This is one of the best PSN games available so I already bought it.

    If not I hope its at least around the price of Go! Puzzle, which was released today.

  • Can we use the motion sensor for the PSP that shipped with Mercury? This would alow for the same type of gameplay. Is the Motion sensor still available? It plugged into the usb port…

  • It should be free for PSP owners, yeah. As a sign of gratitude!

  • Well it seems that they’ve embraced the screen saver quality of the game.

  • man, This is going to be the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! hah

    Can’t wait to just lay back where-ever I am and just flOw…

    well, Archer Maclean (original creator of the first mercury game) did want the game to use and come with a motion sensor, but the actual USB dongle-thing ironically CONTAINED MERCURY (which is a really dangerous substance), so the whole thing was scrapped.

    though, It would be cool to see a motion-sensing attachment soon that could go with the flOw…

  • This and Folding@Home are the two best games on the ps3. Can you tell us when/if there will be an update for flOw, expansion pack, a flOw2 or an SDK to let us build our own critters?

  • I loved flOw.

  • I’m afraid im not looking too much forward to the pricing of a game I already own. I’m willing to pay an update price, but not full price.

    @11 PrychoEddie
    Next game from thatgamecompany is “FlOwer”. You can find a teaser on youtube.

  • WOOOT I can’t wait. TBH when I was playing the PS3 version I really just wanted to use the analog stick instead of the motion control.

  • SuperVillain Studios

    Thanks for the comments. We’re just as excited to see the game released. To answer some of your questions:

    – We don’t have any information on pricing.
    – flOw PSP includes all of the content from flOw PS3 minus the Expansion Pack (sorry).
    – flOw PSP utilizes the analog stick for control.


  • Do you people have ANY idea when the Mexico PS store will open up? Its SO very frustrating when there is something you want to buy, but you can’t (I want flOw for my PS3 since it came out… and I can’t get it…)

  • Hey sweet I already have flOw. Great fun releaxing.

    Any chance if we already own the PS3 version we could at least get a discount on the PSP version? :P

  • Just wondering; do you ever die in flOw?

  • Very nice, something relaxing while riding the bus home from work. Guess I’ll be dumping beats to the hard drive to make room.

  • I agree with #19.
    They should just release a NA (North America) store. It would include Canada, US, Mexico, and the other North American countries.

    I’m in the US though, so it really doesn’t matter to me :P

  • hmm i would love to get flow for psp. but wait, it seems to be pc store only and i have a mac…
    i guess sony doesnt want my money b/c they seem to be loving M$ which btw is a beating them in the console race. is sony just too lazy to make a mac version??? what is this?

  • @ gardea pretty much no you just “fly” back up a stage then you can go back down and play. man i love flow it just makes it look like a silent funeral and your just playing that music. man i love the music really peaceful ahhh

  • @ dan if u have a ps3 they have it there too(will have it there) FLOW IS THE ULTAMITE YOGA AND PEACE GAME.

  • Definitely not buying this unless it comes free for people who have already spent good money on the original flow game and expansion pack.

  • Just about to buy a PSP and this is great news…

    Just wondering…why aren’t more of these type of games developed so that they are useable on both the PS3 and the PSP? Seems like the perfect fit. I’d love to have versions of these smaller games on both systems and not have to buy them twice.

    Seems like this is a common question!


  • @Enedok

    Thank you.

    I LOVE YOU !
    I LOVE YOU 2!

  • I’ve been on the fence about purchasing flow. I have a psp and a ps3 and since there is no expansion for the psp, might as well go for the ps3 version. Just dunno if it’s worth it. Same goes for other games like pain.

  • I don’t know if I’ll be picking this up. I need to do some research on what this game is about. A bunch of relaxing squigly lines is the extent of my knowledge.

  • I am so use going to stores – ignore the “picking this up”.

  • SuperVillain Studios

    Sorry but we really don’t have any information about cost.


  • I’m really thrilled about this one, especially since I don’t have a PS3 (yet!) and will be able to get it through the PC store. Thanks for the news– the hard part will be waiting for a month.

  • Many of us already purchased this game for PS3. I also have a PSP, but I will not buy the same game twice. It would be very nice if we could download this game for PSP for free if we already own it for PS3. I doubt this will happen, but I can dream, right?

  • @SVS
    Alright, thanks for the response. Guess we just have to wait. :)

  • Dang.

    You guys are making it real hard to keep myself from buying a PSP.

  • do i have to buy it again or is it free if you already bought it on ps3?

  • Any idea about when the store will be available for Mac users?

  • I love Flow, it was one of the very first things I bought off the PSN.

    But I will not buy it again just to play it on my PSP. Sorry Sony.

  • I love free stuff as much as the next guy, but…

    Sony paid SVS to develop the game. Now I think Sony would like to make some money back from their investment. Isn’t that fair?

    If I bought a movie on DVD, I wouldn’t expect the manufacturer to give me a free copy of the same movie on UMD. And re-engineering a PS3 game for PSP is a lot harder than just pressing new discs. Personally, I’m glad Sony went to the trouble. :-)

  • Correction: That’s “PSN Store for Windows”!

    And please put it on the real PSN Store too.

  • can you please put the PSP demos and PSP games on the PS3 PSN store so that i can actually download them? because i cant get it to work on my computer and i like doing it from my ps3 better anyways.

  • flOw is one of the most relaxed games ever made. I will buy it for the PSP. Can’t wait…

  • Your not going to get the game for free.It is amde by a different studio, they want to get paid too.

    You can download games for PSP off the PSN. Look for the PSP games icon in the PSN Store.

    flOw is a great game I bought already.With no motion control and no added content this is strictly for PSP users with no PS3.

  • Thats great! Finally one of the many great PSN games is coming to the PSP! Now all we need is a Dual Shock 3 release date and we fans will be all set! This is sweet! Thanks!

  • EveryDay Shooter should be next on the PSP. I would not buy that game for my PS3 but on the PSP it would go well.

  • hey is it only going to be at PSN or would you get it out on umd?

  • @15: I read that there is an expansion pack for the PS3 version? Is this available in the PS Store for Europe (Germany)? I haven´t seen it yet. Can someone point me to the spot where I can download the expansion pack, so I can pay these great developers for the most beautiful game ever…

  • Lol, you already rape me with the PS3 version and you want me to be fooled again with this PSP version ?

    muarf, this is not even a game.

  • I already have it but I’m not buying it again. Hope it will be free for those of us who bought the PS3 version already.

  • Since I got the PS3 version already, I would like some type of deal. Please! ;)
    Mokhet maybe you should reconsider word use as no one forced you to get flow and its not that expensive anyhow.
    I agree Jackal about everyday shooer. Would be a nice shooter to have on trips.

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