Releasing Two WordPress Plugins

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First off, we heart WordPress, it’s been a great platform for us to develop and run PlayStation.Blog. However, like most software, it never does exactly what you want it to do. That’s what makes the WordPress plugin system so sweet. We’ve used a number of plugins to tweak the functionality of this blog, but once again, sometimes there isn’t a plugin for your exact needs. What do you do? Develop your own. And that’s just what we’ve done on a number of occasions.

When we launched the direct response feature on this blog a few weeks ago we said that we’d be releasing some plugins to the WordPress community. Today is the day.

The full technical details/downloads for each of the plugins is available over at cnp_studio, the development shop we work with on this blog. Head over there to get your WordPress geek-on.

If you’re interested, here’s a brief overview of the two plugins we’re releasing:

Comment Replies

Think of it as a threaded response-lite. We wanted our authors to be able to respond directly to comments, but not create a completely threaded conversation. That’s the purpose of Comment Replies. You also have the option to style the responses in a number of different ways. Full details/download.

Image Rotator

On the front page of this blog we have a graphic banner that rotates (at the top) to feature different items with a corresponding link. Initially, we created a simple manager on the backend, but we quickly ported it over to a WordPress plugin. Just like the Comment Replies plugin, you can customize how the plugins works. Full details/download.

That’s it for now, we hope to share more in the future. Enjoy!

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  • I’m not a tech nerd or anything :-P Do we have to install these on our PC in order to use them?

  • Nope I think not. Think this is for the blog.

  • I took a look at that Comment Replies one. I have no idea how to work that thing- far too complex, but if it does what I think it does (allows users to respond to each other) then I think you’ve just created a monster you won’t be able to get back in the box.

  • It’s not for us, the readers to use (yet).

    Patrick is just letting us know of new features added.

  • Thanks Patrick, I’ll definately take advantage of the image rotator. If you guys develop any more feel free to keep us in the loop.

  • Anyone who wants can use them on their own blog. You don’t need to worry about them just to read this blog.

  • Sony,

    Once again you guys deliver!!! Gets me excited for GDC, cant wait to see what you guys hit us with.

  • Cool updates. Looking forward to new blog content.

  • I don’t see the options yet. Sure you don’t have to install these?

  • Attention Patrick:

    Is your Contact Form not working?

    I’m not sure why I keep getting an Error.

    ERROR: Your remarks is invalid.

    Even if I have 1 character it gives me the same error.

    thanks if you reply to this question

  • It’s great to see Sony supporting the free coding aspects of WordPress. Keep up the good work.

  • Damn Straight!

  • Hey Patrick seeing as you’re a guy in the know, When’s home coming?

  • Hey Patrick. Thanks for sharing these plug-ins with the community!

  • This will be great that means when the PS3 ingame shots are posted we can get a full 3D view of the game world and check out all the angles! Sweet! Also this means that any new PS3/PSP related controller or add on Sony releases we can get a full 3D view of the product! Yeah baby!

    Thank you Sony for your continued support! I love this site! BTW I’m not a fan boy, I just love games, I have a Xbox360 too!

  • Thanks for making the blog that much better.

  • Any chance you’ll be packing up and releasing the entire PS.Blog WordPress theme at any point? This is without a doubt the best template I’ve seen on a WP blog, and I bet a lot of people would love to have their own version (me).



    How about releasing the Playstation wordpress theme?

  • @Reson8er

    They are for us, it says so in the blog post. It has been “Released to the Community”. However how to work this stuff is beyond me, I think we have to download WordPress then download the plug-in. If thats the case then I probably won’t do it, because I don’t want to mess with any shells or technical stuff on my PC.

    Anyway I don’t know why it just can’t be added to the site anyway. To be honest I don’t see how they can take the feature away if its been misused, if people have to install it on their PC’s. I guess in that case the site would no longer support the feature in attempted to close it down.

  • Nice! Hopefully I’m able to put them on our WordPress site at

    Thanks for releasing this to the public!

  • Thanks guys. Definitely going to try out the comment replies. Hopefully the image rotator will fit my needs as well.

  • @PSPMAN07- These are plug-ins they currently use on this blog. If you had your own website and hosted your own WordPress blog, then you are free to integrate these plug-ins they created into your site. So it won’t be for everyone, only the WordPress community. Both plug-ins will fit nicely with two projects I have.

  • Lol, I think WordPress deserves the title of ‘Most powerful blogging platform’, rather than BlogSmith (what they use on and

  • Thank you very much for releasing these. This blog is getting better and better.

  • Sweet the blog getting bad ass.

  • I, am happy how you guys are so committed to this blog, I have a question though. Will this blog become PS3 compatible? I would like to be able to go on my PS3 and be able to talk on this blog and view it’s content i.e. videos, but it doesn’t work, it would also be cool if this blog was incorporated into the information board or somthing. I don’t know if it is just me thinking it would be a great idea, but hopefully you guys consider doing somthing like this down the road.

  • That’s awesome dude. I’ll be implementing it on my site soon!

  • Sony, did those PSN cards get delayed? Hurry up! Wtf are you waiting for?!?? I thought when you said Early 08, you meant January, but obviously you never meet release dates. So, let me guess? They’re now scheduled for “Fall 08” just like every other game you’ve delayed from Spring?

  • Yeah your next job is to make it fully ps3 and psp compatible :P

  • Thank you Patrick!

    WordPress has really made this place more fun.
    Easier to log in…
    You guys can reply right on our comments

    Great stuff 8)

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