MLB 08 THE SHOW Weekly Update: Replay Vault

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Have you ever wanted to view a great play over again, or see how your outfielder just threw out your best friend’s runner at the plate, but unfortunately, you have already moved on in your game? Well, Replay Vault gives you that opportunity to go back and watch those plays again just like they happened the first time.

Hi everyone, I’m Greg Batalucco, Designer for the MLB team and I want to give you a first glance at this new PS3-exclusive feature, one our team really wanted to add to MLB ’08 THE SHOW.

All plays in the game are now easy to access and view in the Replay Vault menu. Whether it’s a game winning home run, a leaping catch at the wall, or a diving play at shortstop for the out, Replay Vault gives you the power to relive that moment again and again, at any time.

All you have to do is pause the game, select Replay Vault from the menu, and you can search for a play by inning, player or team. Say you’re in the 7th inning and want to check out a particular Home run that occurred back in the 2nd inning. You can pause your ongoing game, go back in the Replay Vault menu to the 2nd inning and view how you went deep to take the lead. Or, say you want to see a play by your favorite player, Ryan Howard; for instance, the Replay Vault lets you use Replay by player to pick the replay out quickly. It’s all right there and easy to access. If you decide you want to see all the plays that occurred by the team you’re playing with, select Replay by Team. You can sort through each team’s offensive and defensive plays to find exactly what you are looking for. Or you can select All Plays and view every play that has occurred in the game up to that point. Once you’ve found the play you’re searching for, simply select it and replay it, it’s that easy!

Even if your game is finished we allow you to access Replay Vault at the End of Game, so that you will not miss out on anything you might want to rub in your friends face. Replay Vault gives you, the user, an easy way to view all the plays of the game and check them out over and over again. Enjoy MLB ‘08 THE SHOW and Replay Vault on March 4th and in the meantime, look for more details on new and exciting features from MLB ’08 THE SHOW here on the PlayStation.Blog.

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  • That’s awesome, how did you guys accomplish this? Does it save the whole game on a temp file??

  • How big are the save files?

  • I see massive potential for hilarity unbound. Say my dad’s bragging about a play he just made- I just pull up a video from earlier and going slow-mo back and forth just rubbing it in his face! :P

    So, I take it the videos will be erased after the game? Or is there a way to save one permanently…?

  • IS there a way to save it to your PS3’s Harddrive “PS3 video section”, If not can you please add that in 09, a lot of use want that, lol in HOME

    “heyy Matt want to check out my HOME room?” (Matt a bud)
    *see’s Carlos Beltran make an unbelievable catch to prevent a walk-off and save you the game in the bottom of the ninth* lol on the hugest TV possible :P

  • Why blog on replay vault? you guys already put a video out about this, its redundant. I would prefer in future blogs(because I adore this game) for you guys to write about a feature and show how that feature works during “GAMEPLAY” not a ready made video. Take a cue from the gentlemen who did a tutorial on the “SKYPE” feature.

  • can you guys at sony please loot at this video??

    its my PS3 that isint working!!

  • Can’t wait for this!!! A question though, is it possible that there might be a future patch for you to save the replays to the hard drive?

  • very cool. though I’m also curious to know if there’s a way to save the replays to your HDD.

    @ #4elmetfano

  • Hey Greg – Great stuff coming! Hell, I would have loved to have this back in the day when you could rob a 500 ft. homerun!! Anyway – not sure if you remember me but it is Chris Mitzlaff – I worked with you all a while back. Anyway, don’t know how to get in touch with you but if you want to do some lunch, let me know – I am right down the street from you all – if you get a chance, reply to this and I will find a way to get in touch with you.

  • I love to take screenshots from my games and post them on franchise reports. When you go into these screenshots, do you have the ability to zoom in on a player and freeze the action so you can take a screenshot (I use a digital movie camera like a VCR to do it; others use various capture devices). This would be great for me, because I won’t have to stop and pause while I’m playing to grab a screenshot. I can wait ’til the end of the game to see which plays were the key plays. It should also help me with my reports, because I’ll be able to go back and see what the key plays were rather than writing them down while I play. Yeah, I’m a hopeless geek, but I like it.

  • I meant “when you go into these replays,” not “when you go into these screenshots.”

  • yeah thats cool

  • Ok I have two questions.

    1. Will this game have 1080p support, or at least 1080i?

    2. Is there any type of customizable batting stance/pitching motion feature? I’ve been waiting for a creat a batting stance feature for years…

  • Hey Greg B.,

    Thanks for the awesome update as it’ll come in handy to show off some of my better moments in the game! I have a question. Will you be able to export these from MLB 08 The Show to save onto your PS3’s HDD?


  • @ Everyone
    Thanks for all of the questions and comments – I’ll do my best to answer you all. PSN Demo is coming soon – hang in there and MLB ’08 The Show will be out soon!

    @ gardea RE: How Replay Vault is saved
    Yes, we save all plays to the hard drive temporarily and then wipe it clean once the game is ended and you as the user go back to Frontend.

    @ jeigh RE: Saving Replays on the Vault
    We are very excited about the potential for Replay Vault, the saved replays are not permanent, but we hope to add on to this feature in MLB ’09 The Show

    @elmetfano RE: Future use of Replay Vault
    We are definitely looking into making a Replay Vault highlight reel or the ability to make movies out of your Replay Vault saved replays. These are all ideas for MLB ’09 The Show and we all look forward to your input and ideas.

    @TheMissingLink RE: MLB ’08 The Show out soon
    I can’t wait either, could use a break, long days and nights right now!

    As of now there is no plan to have a patch and be able to save to the Hard drive to make a highlight reel or video section for the user. It is in our plans to hopefully get something like this for MLB ’09 The Show.

    @thatd1dnthurt RE: Good to hear from you!
    Chris, yeah this would have been good for those long, long HR’s, talk to you later.

    @Bdawg35 RE: Screenshots in Replay Vault
    Yes, Replay Vault works just like Instant Replay where you can zoom in and out of plays and view them, fast-forward and rewind them. At any point in the game, even the end of the game, you can go in and view your highlights or lowlights. Good luck and Replay Vault will definitely help for your franchise reports.

    We support 1080P, but default to 720 for optimal reasons. Create a batting/pitching stance and windup is something we are looking at for MLB ’09 The Show.

    We are looking into being able to save these replays onto the PS3’s HDD and possibly take them online to show off, like your own RV highlight reel or the ability to create movies. Quite a few ideas covering Replay Vault are being floated around here right now looking towards MLB ’09 The Show.

    Everyone glad to see the enthusiasm and hope you are as excited about MLB ’08 The Show as we are! Thanks for coming on and hope I could answer all your questions.

  • Oh I also wanted to ask if japanese hitters will bat more accurately. in 06 and 07 ichiro and others had different batting stances but actually hit like the generic major leaguer. Just asking since in the early gameplay Fukodome had the generic stance, would expect that to be different, but will he lift his leg up and time the pitch, crane style…?

  • yo Greg does this game support the SIXAXIS motion control.

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