MLB 08 THE SHOW Weekly Update: Replay Vault

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Have you ever wanted to view a great play over again, or see how your outfielder just threw out your best friend’s runner at the plate, but unfortunately, you have already moved on in your game? Well, Replay Vault gives you that opportunity to go back and watch those plays again just like they happened the first time.

Hi everyone, I’m Greg Batalucco, Designer for the MLB team and I want to give you a first glance at this new PS3-exclusive feature, one our team really wanted to add to MLB ’08 THE SHOW.

All plays in the game are now easy to access and view in the Replay Vault menu. Whether it’s a game winning home run, a leaping catch at the wall, or a diving play at shortstop for the out, Replay Vault gives you the power to relive that moment again and again, at any time.

All you have to do is pause the game, select Replay Vault from the menu, and you can search for a play by inning, player or team. Say you’re in the 7th inning and want to check out a particular Home run that occurred back in the 2nd inning. You can pause your ongoing game, go back in the Replay Vault menu to the 2nd inning and view how you went deep to take the lead. Or, say you want to see a play by your favorite player, Ryan Howard; for instance, the Replay Vault lets you use Replay by player to pick the replay out quickly. It’s all right there and easy to access. If you decide you want to see all the plays that occurred by the team you’re playing with, select Replay by Team. You can sort through each team’s offensive and defensive plays to find exactly what you are looking for. Or you can select All Plays and view every play that has occurred in the game up to that point. Once you’ve found the play you’re searching for, simply select it and replay it, it’s that easy!

Even if your game is finished we allow you to access Replay Vault at the End of Game, so that you will not miss out on anything you might want to rub in your friends face. Replay Vault gives you, the user, an easy way to view all the plays of the game and check them out over and over again. Enjoy MLB ‘08 THE SHOW and Replay Vault on March 4th and in the meantime, look for more details on new and exciting features from MLB ’08 THE SHOW here on the PlayStation.Blog.

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