Twisted Metal: Head On – Extra Twisted Edition Video

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Hey Ya’ll! Jaffe here again! Just wanted to share some more footage from Twisted Metal: HEAD ON- Extra Twisted Edition with you. This is our Moscow level from the HEAD ON portion of the game and, as you can see, the graphics have been cleaned up and the game is running at a sleek, slick 60 frames/second! Check it out:

The game hits tomorrow and we’ll be back with more videos (both from gameplay and some cool behind the scenes bonus clips) to get you all as excited as we are about our latest game!

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  • When will this be a next gen game though? We want this for the PS3!

  • nice….
    is there anything in this game comparable to the Crashbreaker in Burnout Revenge? I loved that feature and its not in Burnout Paradise. Again, sweet game

  • Will there be a progressive scan feature on this game? Really hope so.

  • Good stuff, glad you’re sharing a lot of gameplay footage here, David! Sometimes it’s hard to get gameplay footage of a game… TM: Head On was the game I got when I bought my PSP at launch and as good as that game was, I can see a major upgrade on all fronts here, certainly a nice deal!


  • Looks good. I can’t wait for a PS3 TM Game :D

  • Always happy to hear more from you! I’ve been following you ever since God of War. :D

    I thought I already saw this in the Twisted Metal blog, but it bears repeating: Love the smoke effects!

    I’ll be looking for the secret message of Eat Sleep Play’s next title! :D

  • Havent played TM since PS1. i might go check this out considering about the only good PS2 game out now. And since I got all 3 Playstaion’s and PSP it’s hard to keep up with them all. And Jaff keep up good work!!! and I want to see your next project!!!

  • hold the sholder buttons and press up ,down, left ,right ,right ,left ,down ,up

  • Cant believe I still remember that…The opposite works as well

  • Give the US and Europe gamers a street date for the Dual Shock 3 controller! Is that too much to ask!? I mean we love to hear about new games but come on! The Japanese have had it for over a year and a half now! Get it to the US/EU soon Sony! We want our rumble back!

  • Where is the new one for PS3.

    Sony… Microsoft is weakin’ right now. Why don’t you finish the fight right NOW.

    and bring FINAL FANTASY 7 at GDC for PS3.


    I know I’m out of topic a little but If you don’t do it…

  • awsome cant wait for it to hit store shelfs! P.S Whats your favorite twistedmetal

  • Great, I’ll purchase it online tomorrow from two different stores in the USA and have it delivered to me in BRAZIL! I’m purchasing two because sometimes it takes a long time (2 months) to arrive, and sometimes it takes much less (2 weeks), so I’ll double my chances of playing it as soon as possible, I can’t wait!!!

  • Great all these vids and stuff are just making me so excited because it comes out tomorrow!!! ever since I heard about this iv’e played TM2 almost every day to catch up on the stories and stuff but tell me again if Mr.Slam dies in 2 how does he come back the next time ??? and in the video is that warthog? I think he looks better as a 6×6 instead of 4×4 but thats your desicion I guess. Cheers!

  • I might rent this. I have never played a Twisted Metal game or even heard of it since now. If i like it and it looks like i will i will demand a Twisted Meta game for the PS3.

  • never heard of it…..WHAT!!!!! this is gunna be the 8th game in the whole series including 3 and 4

  • when will i see a tag tat says

    “twisted metal, ps3,tm”
    and stop seeing
    “ps2,twisted metal”

  • @14

    its the real version of warthog not that [DELETED] one in tm black

  • @14

    in tm head on mr. slam is a ghost

  • aw…. no way that’s awsome he’s one of myfavoritecharacters,Mr.slam,Darktooth, Darkside, hammerhead and minion. ;D I own all of the TM’s exept 1 and head on and i don’t think theres been a ghost before

  • I want to buy it, but I just don’t think I can go back to last-gen, even for only $20. So…uhh…y’know….*cough* Twist Metal PS3 plz *cough*.

  • I’ll tell my cousin to get it; my PS2 broke :(

  • @20
    ya i feel the same way because I have a PS3 now and all but there’s just no way to pass up a Twisted Metal game man! it’s one of the best series out there.


    it says ur making a tm for ps3 and its been up for about 1 month

    is it true?

  • tight. my dad’s gonna like this i think. saw u could get this for an even bigger discount on best buy’s site. geez what a great package for the price

  • Looking good!

    Everything seems to move more fluidly than in the in the original TM: Black game.

    Will get!

  • yawns* looks around* realises what day it is* wet’s himself* runs to blog* Godd morening itis now 7:30A.M. and ITS OUT!!!! YEAH WOOT!!! PARTAY!!!!! IM so exited ya its so hard to describe how happy I am =D

    im picking it up (if its in stores) right after school

  • I freaking pre-ordered this from and its telling me that it is on Backorder now. WTF? Best Buy sucks.

  • well it wasn’t in stores so we pre-orderd it on the 5th from EB games’s online store and chose the 2 day shipping well guess what its now the 1oth and its still not here but I thinks it going to be here monday I can’t wait!!!


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