Motion Capture Event with MLB 08 THE SHOW

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Last week, the newest member of its MLB cover athlete fraternity dropped by SCEA’s San Diego Studio for a live motion capture session and some hands-on time with MLB 08 THE SHOW on PS3. MLB 08 THE SHOW marks Philadelphia Phillies star Ryan Howard’ s first cover for a baseball game, and as you can see in the video below, he’s pretty excited about it. The cameras were rolling, and if you were ever curious to see what goes into a MoCap session, here’s an inside peek.

The young Phillies first basemen joins an elite team of MLB cover athletes and spokespeople, including New York Mets third baseman David Wright, Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Oritz, Angels outfielder Vladimir Guerrero. Howard’s definitely earned this honor, winning Rookie of the Year honors and a Most Valuable Player award in successive seasons. Last season, Howard became the fastest player in MLB history to hit 100 home runs.

Now that you know more about MLB 08 THE SHOW’s cover star, we’ll reveal more about the gameplay later in the week.

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  • Heh, kind of interesting, though it really didn’t cover mo-cap so much as interviewing the cover man. Still cool I guess.


    MLB is the best baseball game on any system. I love the road to the show.

  • Howard is the man, I enjoy watching him during the summer with Chase and Rollins. I picked up 2K7 last year but I think I’ll be picking up this game because it definitely looks better and it has my hometown’s star on the cover. GO PHILS!!! BEAT THE METS!!!!

  • I’ll be picking this up on release I’m sure.

  • Im with #3 Ljwinter


    I might go pick this up. The last time i played a baseball game is was MLB `05 and it was a demo.

  • Haha I love the ending. “Buy the game” :)

  • Don’t worry Ryan, I wont strike out!

  • Not my kind of game, but looks damn real to me.

  • I’m just saying one thing, this game better have voice chat online this year or they can forget about getting my money, very disappointed in last years, how can you have fun playing with a friend online if you cant communicate with each other.


  • I have an idea. Why not include the PSP version of the game on the blu-ray of the PS3 version and allow us to literally take the show on the road. Stats carrying between the 2 would be awesome.

  • I agree with #11

  • Can someone Please explane to me why anyone likes to play sports games when the point of playing a video game is to play games you cant play in real life?

  • Some cool SIXAXIS Stuff? hopefully a demo we can toy around with…

  • playing sports games are fun because you’re playing a simulation of the sport… the best games on consoles are sports games… if you play the sport in real life, how isn’t it cool playing with athletes and having competition? sports game also don’t get boring and are the most worthwhile video game purchases. i think FPS games are more for online and usually alone while sports games and fighting games are all bout playing against friends, family, and people online.

  • man, Seems like a real fun guy to work with with!

    Congrats Ryan for making to the cover, and don’t worry: I’ll try to play extra-better (if such a phrase) when playing you!
    heh =)

  • Ryan’s so humble, cool guy.

    I might do a season with the Phillies, but I’ll do one with the Yankees first :P

    Other than that, cool stuff, you guys really get the faces right.

    When I look at Zambrano and others, it’s like :O

  • Flashplayer doesnt work in IE7 fyi.

  • #18 works for me….

  • I must say as a Mets fan, He seems like a good guy, yet he’s a rival so my genes say “GRRRRRRRRRR” :P kewl guy all in all from what we seen from him

  • Really looking forward to MLB 08 like a lot of you….. The new juke box feature really appeals to me ( Jam any tunes you want to while you play….Plus that progressive batting system looks really cool…..Going on hot and cold streaks. Anything that adds realism to the game

  • @ #18
    I’ve had no probs with the player in IE7. (actually, I’ve had NO problems with IE7 so far. I really get a kick of pages that say that they don’t view correctly in IE, but they do view correctly in IE7)

  • MLB 08 is going to rock! Enhanced road to the show…..Unported graphics…..Hot and cold streak hitting…..18 different pitches you can throw…I really can’t wait!

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