The Twisted Metal Blog is live!

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Hey all! David Jaffe here again. Pleased to announce the launch of our first ever official Twisted Metal Blog/Website!

Click on the link and check it out!

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  • Not bad Jaffe, c’mon tell me what you got in store for the PS3.

  • Pretty Cool Jaffe! I’ll be sure to check it out! I was playing some Calling All Cars this morning with my friends and I was really surprised how it still never gets old. Cmon, plz hit me up :P I want to see you on Calling All Cars if you got the chance. Add me -> Stallone1993 :P

  • i only buy PS3 games

  • Long live Eat Sleep Play

  • Jaffe wins again!

    I heard a rumor that there’ll be a secret car in The game and that it’ll be a go cart that shoots banana peels! Can’t wait!

  • Make more epic games!!! You are a genius!!

  • Sweet, will we in Europe who don’t know of the American blog’s existence ever get a site like this?

  • How much is Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition going to be?

    I didn’t know Twisted Metal had music :P


  • @ 5 seriously why would a go-cart shoot banana peels to begin with. (I kid I kid).

    @ 9

    It will cost 20 dollars.

    The blog looks nice, I already pre-ordered my game, all I need is for it to arrive at GameStop.

  • Get at me when you start working on the next big PS3 title.

  • if u dont make a tm for ps3 would u make a patch for the tm2 psn download for online play?

  • i cant click on the subscribe button on the blog

  • Dear Jaffe, why did you ever abandon Kratos?
    The madman is sad… :(

  • @14

    cause sweet tooth is more worthy of his attention

  • disregard 13


  • hey, I’m w/ you on the banana peels thing- what a retarded idea.

  • When will this be made available to the next gen of gaming?

  • i agree with 3

    i dont buy last gen games

    actually i cant i sold my ps2 and got a 40 gb ps3

  • Finally a TM website. Never thought I’d live to see it.

  • ya no kidding

  • i wonder how many sony employees pretend they are loyal fans and hipe up there news about playstation 2 games time to move on and make games for the playstation 3 or your system is not worth it

  • (hype up the news)

  • Hello Dave Jaffe. (In my best Mr. Larrity voice) (Code Monkeys reference)

  • Cool ish. Oh, and David? Now you got me wondering . . . why the **** DOES a go-kart shoot banana peels?

    Oh, and about Twisted Metal . . . come on man. When are we going to see one for the PS3? Hopefully sometime soon . . . and if it doesn’t have custom soundtracks, I will take a banana peel, turn it sideways and . . . well, I’m sure you can imagine the rest. *laughs*

  • Or, here’s an idea I’ve been working on. How’s about yelling at Sony to do PS2 downloads on PSN and put Twisted Metal: Black (hands down the best of the series) in the Store?

    If not, you can always just sign a copy of a Twisted Metal: Black PS2 game and send it to me. I’m fine with either one.

    Don’t make me get a banana peel (no, that’s never going to get old, yes, it was funny as hell, and no, I don’t see what the big deal about it was).

  • Yea we’re pretty much swimming in a sea of ‘stupid’ clamoring for whatever your brain gives us on ps3… any serious info would be extremely appreciated.

  • I have to agree that the PS2 is about at the limit of what it can do and have for games. It may still look great, but the fact is that the PS2 needs to be dropped soon or the PS3 will not sell well at all in the next year. There are still so many third party developers working on PS2 games. If Sony hopes to get them to make the jump to the PS3 it’s time to make an announcement that the PS2 will be dropped at some time this year or next year at GDC, as well as you give us some info on your up and coming PS3 project. We all want to know man! Stop teasing us! Just let it out!

  • @26

    twisted metal 2 was way better

    tm black would have been best if it had the right characters

    and yea can i get a copy of tm black some how also

    ive been looking for the last 2 years and i cant find it any where

  • Pretty cool, but… what’re you doing posting on the weekend, man? Take some time off, lest your personal life be cast into oblivion. :P

    Free music… good… mmm…

    Looking forward to this, and whatever else you have in store for us! :D

  • Are developing a twisted metal game for the playstation 3? Or a new one for psp? Please reply.

    Also you>>miyamoto




  • PS3 needs both twisted metal and god of war 3.

    You have already confirmed GOD OF WAR 3, if only you can just give us a hint that you have something in mind for ps3.

  • another PSP port, another nail to PSP’s coffin.

  • /awaits Twisted Metal on the PS3 :)

  • I am getting TM:Head On day 1. That said, Twisted Metal PS3 needs to be announced soon!

    The idea of having PS2 greatest hits games downloadable for PS3 is genius. Just make sure they have online play!

  • the people have spoken…And they want twisted metal on the ps3. Actually anything on the ps3 would be good. The ps2 needs to back off and give the ps3 its room.

  • To those saying that supporting the PS2 is a bad idea, I can see that there should be more of an emphasis on PS3 games, yet I completely understand why the PS2 format is supported as much as it still is. It may be a “last-gen” video game system, but it still sells well. Not to mention that it sold more units than any other video game system in history. Not to mention that so many people own a PS2, yet have not purchased a PS3 due to cost, but they’ll still play games for the PS2 often. So though you may think of it as “last-gen,” it hasn’t died.

  • @38

    we know but the ps3 owners dont want ps3 to die because people still play ps2

    and its not that we think games should stop being made for ps2 but it should be made for ps2 and ps3

  • @ 29 . . . Yeah, well, the thing is . . . I already HAVE Twisted Metal 2 because it’s on PSN. Twisted Metal: Black, however, is not.

  • I picked up TM Head On for PS2 yesterday and spent the entire night searching for any clue that a PS3 version of TM was in the works. I enjoyed all of the bonus material, but was disappointed to hear the commentary mention that TM “had” a good run and was present on 3 systems. TM still has plenty to offer in a market saturated with FPS and RPGs we need vehicular mayhem. I spent countless months in college blasting my buds to bits on TM1 & 2. I bought my PS3 solely on the promise of Warhawk (disappointed in it becoming online-only, btw) and now I hold out my hopes for the PS3 ever becoming great on the chance of TM making a presence. I agree with your comments on the documentary, Jaffe. TM2 was by far the best combination of vehicle movement, locations, and overall fun. Black had a nice feel, but the vehicle movement seemed slow and choppy–particularly for a hardcore fan of Specter like me. Please bring back TM, and give us one that feels like TM2, with possibly some of the eeriness of Black–but most importantly with PS3 graphics!!!

    Okay, that’s the end of my begging and ranting. :)

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