Patapost Friday: All We Need is a Miracle

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Do you believe in magic JUJU? You’ll have to if you want to survive through Patapon … but more importantly you’ll need to know where to find it … and how to identify it.

As any great warrior will tell you, you must always mind your surroundings, and Patapon is much the same as each level has been designed with the goal of creating small puzzles as you progress. So before you weep like a small wee-tot from frustration, remember that you can always revisit past levels … perhaps there is something you might have missed …

Rain JuJu
The first few levels of Patapon you’ll progress along just fine until you reach the Desert. Once you set a single pata-foot on the hot scorching sand you’ll quickly realize that you need something to bring the temp down a few degrees. Perhaps some rain might do the trick.

Of course, at this point some of you might be scratching your head and wondering: how do I make it rain!?

Well, you need the rain Juju!

Patapon juju dance

So then you will ask: where the Pon do I get the Rain JuJu?

Well, in the first hunting level silly!

Patapon whereisthejuju

So go back to the hunting level and check out certain “button symbols” and see if pressing those buttons might trigger something. Exploring is all part of the Patapon experience!

With this under your belt, now you know that the background art is not just there to look cute and pretty. 1UP also has a pretty cool comprehensive outline of some other features (some of which we’ve discussed here before and some new ones as well). Your pata-homework is to study the video and learn!

Patapon Soldiers dismissed!

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