Patapost Friday: All We Need is a Miracle

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Do you believe in magic JUJU? You’ll have to if you want to survive through Patapon … but more importantly you’ll need to know where to find it … and how to identify it.

As any great warrior will tell you, you must always mind your surroundings, and Patapon is much the same as each level has been designed with the goal of creating small puzzles as you progress. So before you weep like a small wee-tot from frustration, remember that you can always revisit past levels … perhaps there is something you might have missed …

Rain JuJu
The first few levels of Patapon you’ll progress along just fine until you reach the Desert. Once you set a single pata-foot on the hot scorching sand you’ll quickly realize that you need something to bring the temp down a few degrees. Perhaps some rain might do the trick.

Of course, at this point some of you might be scratching your head and wondering: how do I make it rain!?

Well, you need the rain Juju!

Patapon juju dance

So then you will ask: where the Pon do I get the Rain JuJu?

Well, in the first hunting level silly!

Patapon whereisthejuju

So go back to the hunting level and check out certain “button symbols” and see if pressing those buttons might trigger something. Exploring is all part of the Patapon experience!

With this under your belt, now you know that the background art is not just there to look cute and pretty. 1UP also has a pretty cool comprehensive outline of some other features (some of which we’ve discussed here before and some new ones as well). Your pata-homework is to study the video and learn!

Patapon Soldiers dismissed!

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  • this is one game that I am really looking forward 2, going to check with gamestop to see if they have the demo now tomorrow ;)

  • nice .. environmental effects ;)

    any news on the demo availability for pre-orderers ?

  • Could you do a favor and delete the above comment- he’s making everyone look stupid, himself included.

    Homework? Why the Pon should I? I’m getting straight Patas in all of my classes! …Except Math…

  • Sorry, I meant the first comment- didn’t think the others would pop up so quickly.

  • Sweet, I can’t wait. I will pre order this for sure!

  • I cannot pata wait for this game to come out.

  • How about a downloadable demo? My gamestop was out of the umd’s.

  • My Gamestop hasn’t received the demos yet. Been calling every day. Hopefully they get it soon

  • aww just got rejected just like that one time i asked this girl on a date , I called my local gamestop and no demo, then I read this and if its true wheres the love

  • There’s no word on the EU demo’s end-save for the exclusive weapon (if there will be one in this version at all) working with US domestic versions of the final game, so let’s not get too aggravated yet.

  • Really. These are getting old. Do not post any more damn things about Patapon until you have decided to announce its also coming to the PSN store for PS3. Thank you and flame away!

  • Um it’s February, shouldn’t you guys be starting the advertising campaign? You better not let this go the way of Folklore.

  • I wish SCEE would pull their finger out of their ass. None of the UK online or high street retailers – with the sole exception of – know anything about this game, and it’s due in three weeks! Still seeing five DS ads a day on TV though……..

    Sometimes I wonder how Sony expects to sell anything PlayStation related. SCEE, sack your marketing team because they are incompetent morons.

  • Love the art in this game….it really seems like a fun game to play whenever.

    Your own army! Go!

  • perhaps this should have also been a PSN download so we can play it on the PS3 since i dont have a PSP..

  • I can’t wait for the game, my GameStop needs to get the demo already.

    Why isn’t NA getting a demo download? We have only gotten 2 demos, other PC stores have gotten plenty. We are lacking in that department.

  • Yea I’m not going to pre-order for a demo, that’s 5$ in gas just to go to the store for a demo, which if I don’t go through the red tape of calling first, they might not even have… that’s some mega hoops to jump through for a pon-demo +special pata-spear… I might pick up the game some day, but the pre-order demo thing really has to stop, it’s silly.

  • GameStop needs to get the demo already.

  • patapizznon…gamestop is a bunch of sony haters, what a dumb idea…

  • Wow, this just gets better and better

    Sounds like a must buy to me

    Hopefully we will get more Pata love through another game on PSN (just like LocoRoco)

    Yep, I need more Pata and Pon

  • I was waiting for this to come up. As always it’s a nice post especially those youtube links added in there :D.

    Btw. I have no idea but have gamestop received the demos yet? I really want to play it or at least release the demo on the PC store. it’ll make things easier ;3

  • demo better be at my gamestop/eb games tomorrow or I’m gonna freak cuz I want this game sooo bad

    @ Kedaro – oh yeah i knew i’d find you in here somewhere complainin about the demo. you just wont stop?


  • This game looks awesome!

    I wish you guys made a PSN version of it :(

  • You guys shouldve went with like Toys R’ Us or Best Buy. Gamestop blows!

  • i pre-orderd and Game stop did not know this game existed, and did not have any demo’s :( What is happening with the demo? Normally i would not care but this is for my wifey for Valentines day and she wants the extra sword or whatever for the game.

    please respond

  • I just watched the 1UP video you’ll linked and I have to somewhat agree that I would love to see this on the PSN.

  • Called every gamestop in 25 miles from me and they all responded like I was speaking another language. How revolting.

    Still really looking forward to it!

  • This game is looking better and better every patapost..

    Does anyone know what PATAPON means? Is it Japenese?

    By the way, what’s up with the Batman link…does it have anything to do with “The Dark Knight” coming out on Blu-ray only thanks to Warner switching to Blu-ray? :D

  • I pre-ordered today 2/2/08, and they did not have the demo :(

    Hey Chris! Could you pata-please let us know when the demos are sent to Gamestop? Thanks!

  • Games like that could be on PS3 too!! Hey see, why did Sony dont look to us on South America? We are heare too… and we get pay tree times the price the others pay for a single game of ps3 or psp, why did Sony help us?
    However thanks for this greet games!!!

  • i was extremely skeptical when i first saw this game… but after seeing a few videos and reading about it i really want to play this game… i dont have a psp so please make it a downloadable psn title!!!!!!!!!

  • As i am a Chinese but live in Canada now
    I recognize one thing about patapon

    when i search online that the official
    chinese patapon has come out already on Feb 1st in Tawian

    That makes me a little bit of frusrtation however I still would like to get this eng one but i am losing more and more patient even with the demo

  • why is the game nearly 3 times as expencive in europe than in the US, i see absolutely no reason for such madness… :(

  • It looks like EGM has just given Patapon great scores and a GOTM award! Good job guys :) I will preorder the game at Gamestop when they get the demos in… IF they get the demos in…

  • Ugh, EGM.

    I stoped reading that magazine ages ago. Thanks for the heads up though.

  • Gamestop is still clueless about a Demo for this game, they tell me their managers know nothing and that corporate knows nothing. Some have told me they would give the demo with the game purchase…grrrrrrr

  • I’ve stopped by both of my local GameStops, and neither of them 1) had any demos, 2) knew about any demos for Patapon, and 3) the clerk at one of the GameStops had to ask me what Patapon is. Isn’t it their job to know what games are coming out? They’re always asking for preorders, and they’re “supposed” to be capable of giving advice to people. I’d ask for more information on when the demos are expected to arrive, but I know that it’s mostly up to whenever GameStop disperses them, and if it’s not, I fear another 2 month delay as with the God of War: Chains of Olympus demos.

  • I’ve been checked about 4 different Gamestop/EB games for the Patapon demo and not one had even heard of the game much less the demo. The managers said they’ve heard nothing of getting any demos for preorders. I don’t get it?

  • My local Gamestop received the demos today. I celebrate with a new Avatar.

  • I just downloaded from Japan PSP, I cant ready anything but cool game! :D

  • I meant READ, lol, whens the US version coming out?

  • Seems like most stores are pretty stupid when it comes to info about this title.
    I was finally able to get my demo on Friday but I had to drive out of town to pick it up. Was it worth it? Hell YES!!!

  • Why won’t my frikin avatar show up?!?

  • Patapon reminds me that game development can be imaginative and inspiring. It’s one of those titles that was designed with “fun” as law.

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