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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Add-on Game Content

Folklore Add-On Packs

  • Folklore Add-on 5 “Nightmares”($3.99)
    This Folklore download pack includes four additional side quests, which take place during the events of the original game, plus an extra Folk to capture and an alternative costume for Keats.
    File size: 93.8 MB
  • Folklore Add-on 6 “Visions of the Tower” ($3.99)
    This Folklore download pack includes four additional side quests, which take place during the events of the original game, plus an extra Folk to capture and an alternative costume for Ellen.
    File size: 76 MB
  • Folklore Add-on Bundle 3 ($5.99)
    Get two Folklore Add-ons for one low price! This Folklore Add-on Bundle includes “Nightmares” and the “Visions of the Tower” add-ons. Each add-on includes four side quests, plus an extra Folk to capture and alternative costumes for Ellen and Keats.
    File size: 169.8 MB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Siva” – Smashing Pumpkins ($1.99)
  • “Working Man” – Rush ($1.99)
  • “Ten Speed (of God’s Blood…)” – Coheed and Cambria ($1.99)

File sizes: 29.4 MB – 45.8 MB


Conflict: Denied Ops Demo
Conflict: Denied Ops is a highly accessible co-op FPS featuring massive, extremely explosive firefights across destructible environments. Work as a team to utilize the specific skills of each operative and experience the ultimate in destructive satisfaction with tons of exploding objects and an endless barrage of terrorists who are begging to be blown to hell.
File size: 988 MB
ESRB Rated M

Game Videos

Battlefield: BC Haggard’s Blog (free)
Private Haggard may not be the most charismatic guy, but he sure gets to the point quickly. Catch a glimpse of his heartfelt speech to his family in which he talks about some of his, well, mishaps, from the past.
File size: 98 MB (HD)

Go! Sports Skydiving Trailer (free)
Go! Sports Skydiving is a skydiving simulator that uses the SIXAXIS wireless controller to twist, turn and pull off tricks. The easy and intuitive motion control allows you to move through the skies into various skydiving team formations or solo tricks with the greatest of ease. Supports several single player modes, including formation, team match, landing and several online battle modes.
File size: 109 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers

Prince Caspian Trailer (free)
The characters of C.S. Lewis’ timeless fantasy come to life once again in this newest installment of the “Chronicles of Narnia” series, in which the Pevensie siblings are magically transported back from England to the world of Narnia, where a thrilling, perilous new adventure and an even greater test of their faith and courage awaits them.
File size: 153 MB (HD), 204 MB (1080)

Prom Night Trailer (free)
Donna’s senior prom is supposed to be the best night of her life. After surviving a horrible tragedy, she has finally moved on and is enjoying her last year of high school. Surrounded by her best friends, she should be safe from the horrors of her past. But when the night turns deadly, there is only one person who could be responsible…a man she thought was gone forever.
File size: 27 MB (SD), 99 MB (HD), 131 MB (1080)

Across the Universe Trailer
The enduring songs of The Beatles, set the tone for Across The Universe, a love story about a British boy and an American girl set against the backdrop of the social upheaval of the 1960s. The stirring music of the Fab Four will drive the narrative, with the actors singing and dancing to the classic tunes.
File size: 122 MB (HD), 156 MB (1080)

Daddy Day Camp Trailer
DADDY DAY CARE pals Charlie and Phil are back in this hilarious, all-new adventure: DADDY DAY CAMP! When the dads expand their childcare magic to Camp Driftwood – serving up sports, crafts and teaching the kids a thing or two about nature, they discover the camp has everything it needs except a plan to put the bullies of rival Camp Canola to shame.
File size: 90 MB (HD), 120 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes

PixelJunk Monsters Theme 2 (free)
Customize your PS3 system with a cool PixelJunk Monsters theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons.
File size: 710 KB

PS3 Wallpaper

(2) PixelJunk Monsters Wallpaper (free)
Customize the background of your PS3 system with this new PixelJunk Monsters Wallpaper.
File sizes: 143 KB – 551 KB

Here is this week’s content release for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. To download these games to your PSP, navigate to There, you’ll find descriptions of the content and directions on how to get started. For more on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, please click here.

Downloadable Games

  • Neopets: Petpet Adventures – The Wand of Wishing ($15.99)

PSP Wallpaper (free)

  • Neopets: Petpet Adventures – The Wand of Wishing Wallpaper

Hope you enjoy!

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  • The game does not appear and WTF? IS NEO PETS?

  • worst update ever?

  • Will the Rock Band DLC never end!?

  • I was hoping the Skydiving game would be released today. It’s in the HK and JPN stores, why not the US?

  • sweet update! I’m gonna try me some denied ops.

    @ joel – you are quickly becoming a troll. back to your cave son!


  • FPS games are taking over! : (

  • Zzzzzzz . . . Huh? Did someone say something? Never mind . . . Zzzzzzzzz

  • Wow, pretty bad. I guess I’m kind of lucky my PS3 is currently in the exchange process… Then again, not really.

  • Canadians once again get to pay more for the same content.

    Why is that Sony?

    Nothing to ship or package up. No Manuals to print. It’s all digital.

    Why charge 50% more for Rockband DLC? For thos in the US, 3 songs costs $6. Tn Canada? Try $9.

    The Canadian and US dollars are at par and have been for almost a half year.

    Why doesn’t anyone respond to a valid concern?

  • I guess SCEA doesn’t want my money for another week :-/

    I would have accepted flOw PSP, TM:Head-On downloadable, or even a decent PSOne game (Theme Hospital like UK got perhaps?) but instead we get one UMD that 99% of PSP owners don’t want. Oh well. Next week I guess.

  • @Ebisch

    There are many rock fans out there so please… I’m glad that a game like that update everyweek as possible… and soon will be albums downloads so wait for that soon lol…

    anyway it was a week update but anyway who have the other console knows that in there was week too…

  • Cool update. Better content than I was expecting considering last week was so heavy.

  • How ome europe got more content than we did? They got 3 ps1 games. We never get ps1 games.

    Oh well maybe next week, and japan has amazing amount of content considering its were the ps3 is selling worst.

  • DAMN IT! More price gouging of Canadians and still NO GT5 PROLOGUE DEMO that Japan got last October!

  • Thinking about getting Rock Band for PS3? Rock Band for PS3 has no online voice-chat and does not use the players met feature in the XMB:

    Sign here to petition Harmonix to patch:

  • I was a tester on Conflict Denied Ops. You guys should give it a try. It’s an FPS but the 2 team members is a nice twist on the genre. I’m not promising you’ll love it, just saying give it a try.

    And to #3, no the Rock Band DLC will never stop. They have weekly DLC. That’s their thing.

  • yeah Sony hates it’s North American and European customers quite a bit. They’re pretty mushy with their home-crowd though. I thought we were gonna see a turn for the better in 08? Delays and delays are making this just like 07. After yesterdays crappy PSP update you’d think they would try and make the other customers happy but nope, not Sony. They don’t listen to anybody do they? This blog is here so they can deny us what we want. What a dumb update, Phony.

  • yay a demo…

  • Pfft. What a bunch of whiners. I’ve seen far worse. You all must have gotten your PS3s last week. Though there’s nothing spectacular here, this is not bad at all.

    Thank you once again for all of your hard work, and keep ‘um comin’! :D

  • @#14

    GT5 prologue is coming april 17th

  • Dam it Sony, way to skrew us Canadians again. A 50% price conversion, what the heck? You’re way out of line, put back the prices to match the US ones. And, put out those PSN cards ASAP.

  • Will we get the Demo for Turning Point: Fall of Liberty? I mean it’s on the other system already, why not ours?

  • Will the $14.99 NeoPets game be discounted by $5 in about 3 weeks like the other PLAYSTATION Store for PC content? I hope there is some kind of set pricing structure in the future – even though I know you are just gaging demand.

  • Somewhat of a let down this week. I’ve been waiting for another Coheed song though so that’s good.

    Do you all ever intend to release content earlier than Thursday? We all know the Rock Band content continually gets to the 360 2 days earlier. I know its not much but I would’ve liked to get the song 2 days ago when I had some free time to play it.

  • @ #20

    I’m talking about the free demo of GT5 Prologue that Sony released last October in Japan. It had a couple cars and tracks. A demo of the demo if you will.

  • Oh sorry for all the comments, but NeoPets shows up as $15.99 on the PLAYSTATION Store website, not $14.99 like you mentioned.

  • @15 why would you want to voice chat in a music game?

  • @#20

    oh apologies

  • Was hoping for something along the lines of the Pain characters possibly that are expected (Hung Lo and that Pirate fellow) but alas, another week another no show.

    As far as demos nothing else is really coming soon that I would be excited for, so even though I’m not gonna bother with this one I’m not mad.

    Just sucks that I look forward to every thursday to be shot down again.

  • I was hoping for flOw on the psp

  • Great Update. Nice to see more RB dlc.

  • Too bad my girls have out grown Neopets…that would have been cool. SONY…ya should have bought Club Penguin when it was available.

    Games like Rock Band should have their stores ‘built in’ so that the PSN isn’t loaded down with that every week imo.

    Thanks for the new demo.

  • @ 27 Voice-chat in Rock Band is nice to have in online play so that people can talk about what songs to play for one thing vs. having the host decide all the time, it’s also good to chat with other players online like any other online enabled game

  • Yeah, HOME, great, I’m going to download it right away!!!! (just practicing for next year or whenever it’ll be released).
    Pricing stinks. It’s a global market Sony! I buy a [DELETED] from the US because everything is more expensive in Europe (try PS3 games or blu-ray movies).And the update, well, it sure isn’t great. Will there ever be a tool to create my own PS3 Themes?

  • It’s a decent update. I’m not going to even complain since last week we got a killer update.

    It seems like NA only plays FPS! I’m getting pretty tired of this FPS stuff. I’m more of a third person kind of guy. It’s like every corner you turn everyone is talking about some FPS? FPS’ are getting old pretty fast to me. I’m not even getting Turok. Killzone 2 and R2 are going to be my last FPS.

    Sony, is there anyways you could add this feature in the “About Me” section or somewhere? Show a listing of the current games the PS3 owner own? I’m pretty tired of repeating myself to people on my friendlist. It should be real simple, click the name and go to “About Me” then you could see their description and a list of the current titles they own. I’d really appreciate that!!!

    Please increase the amount of text you can input on the “About Me” section.

  • fl0w for PSP would be nice. Thanks!

  • Who is in charge of what goes up on the PS Store? Someone needs to be fired.

  • @Aaron

    well maybe not that but not use the players met feature in the XMB thats bad thing… everygame need to have that….

    I have rockband in the other console so I didn’t knew that…

  • We’ve had better updates, but this is not bad. Blame Canada :)

  • Wow, I can’t believe that last good update was when I bought the PS3… back with the Burnout demo… :(

    And where are all the PSP demos and new PSone games??? Seriously, let’s kick it up a notch. Maybe even the Home beta for everyone for the PS3.

  • What on earth is neopets petpet adventures. I’ll waste my money when you guys come out with something spectacular, by then I’ll be semi rich. Thanks for the update either way, someone out there will appreciate Neopets.

  • Pretty “Meh” update. Japan and Europe both got at least 3 PS1 games each, why aren’t we getting any? It seems like easy money too me. And when are the PS Cards coming out?

    Congrats on making a profit on the games division, I don’t know how you managed that.

  • Way too many FPS’s….

    Weak update but they all can’t be great… :)

    Thanks anyways…

  • Not even a PS1 game out this week…

    Jesus Christ and I thought it couldn’t get any worse really :(

  • Cool, I saw you created a bundle of two addons for Folklore.

    Thanks for that.

  • @40: I guess the DMC4 demo was a pretty bad update, huh?

    What is wrong with the world? No wait, don’t answer that.

  • Quick question: Regarding the Folklore DLC, how long will it be in the store for? I remember the free Christmas Folklore DLC was only going to be in the store for a couple of months so I picked it up even though I haven’t got the game yet. If I don’t end up buying the game until next year, will Add-on’s 1-6 still be available for purchase? Thanks.

  • I suppose if you have Rock Band and buy the DLC, you always look forward to Thursday updates regardless of the games or Demos. :)

    I will for sure be picking up Siva. Very good Smashing Pumpkins song. Might pick up the other two, but I gotta start being more selective or Rock Band gonna make me go broke.

    I will probably tryout the Conflict: Denied Ops Demo. That description is crazy though, with great quotable material – “experience the ultimate in destructive satisfaction” and “endless barrage of terrorists who are begging to be blown to hell”. I mean, I can’t let those terrorists be disappointed can I?

  • Wow.
    Some people seriously have a bad memory.
    For those of you who are complaining “We never get PSone games!!! OMFGBBQ!”. we got Jet Moto 2 last week, and Crash 2 a couple of weeks before that.

    And for those of you who didn’t have a PS3 last year, I’ve got two words for you: “Nancy” “Drew”.
    Those of us who are the REAL fans remember the days of ZERO demos.
    This week might not be as big as last week, but we got:
    – 1 demo
    – 1 theme (FREE. how much are they on the “other” console?)
    – 2 wallpaper (see my comment about themes.)
    – add on content for two games, and unless you don’t own those games, is pretty cool to see.

    Plus, anyone else notice that 360 only just this week got the Turok demo when we’ve had it for two weeks already?

  • Its a decent update not the most amazing, but certainly not a reason to go lighting the torch.

    Go check the 360 update and see whats for free….

    thats right nothing is for free not even a theme pack, so guys please chill.

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