Hot Shots Update: Advanced Shot Mode

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Now that the cat’s out of the bag, it’s only fair to start dealing out some details on the some of the new features you’ll get to experience in Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, the reasoning behind the new title and what you can expect from the hours (hours, upon hours) of great golfing fun, both online and offline.

One of the things that the Hot Shots franchise has been known for is the way that it’s always found new way to immerse the player into the sport (be it golf or tennis). As past installments go, there’s always been a new somethingsomething that’s had fans returning for more – of course, its needless to speak of the core features (fun characters, ease of use and great courses) that constantly bring in new fans as well.

While on the topic of new features, one of HSG:OB’s new cool features is the new shot mechanism, also known as Advanced Shot Mode.

Hot Shots 1

As the image above shows, the Advanced Shot Mode (ASM) functions pretty much the same way as the traditional method. However, all the visual cues as to when to strike will rely more on you (the player) paying attention to your character’s swing motions.

Hot Shots Golf Advanced Shot Mode 1

Step 1: Like previous versions, you’ll have to adjust the direction of where you’d like to ball to go (where it eventually goes… that’s where the next steps play a crucial role).

Hot Shots Golf Advanced Shot Mode 2

Step 2: Once you press X your swing will commence. A good tip for first timers is to see the natural trajectory of the golf club… so hit X once and just watch the club as it progresses through from start to finish. One thing that you’ll notice is the club flashing twice (once yellow, once red). Try to remember these points as they’ll come in really handy!

Step 3: This is the point of no return! Start off the swing mechanism and watch the natural progression… and hitting X at any point will stop and start the downswing… this is how you set the power to your stroke, and you have to gauge the strength by the flashing points! Hitting X at the top of the swing (red flash) will set your power at 100%; hitting X at the yellow mark will put enough strength on to get to the cup (if you are close enough)… however, don’t forget to take the elements into consideration: the yellow mark is enough strength under optimal conditions (no wind, no rain, flat course, on the fairway, etc).

Hot Shots Golf Advanced Shot Mode 3

Step 4: Now you’ve done it, the club is hurling at an unmentionable speed towards the ball, and the Hot Shots Golf physics engine beings its true-to life calculations, taking account your character’s features (strength, loyalty, etc) as well as the course conditions (wind, ground condition, club, angle, etc)… it’s a digital chorus of 1’s and 0’s… but never mind that… you have to focus.

Once you set the power, you’ll see a white circle slowly contracting to the center of the ball. This is your moment of zen: you must press the X buttons at the precise moment when the ball and the contracting circle are each the same size and complete a virtual circle of life.

Hot Shots Golf Advanced Shot Mode 4

Final: The second (millisecond) you’ve strike the ball, the physics engine takes over and applies your timing into the trajectory physics. Here is where you’ll either see the ball fade into the horizon or just have it hit you on the head – – and you’ll know instantly how you did too! There are four icons that will appear at the moment of impact:

  • Tortoise: you hit X too late.
  • Rabbit: you hit X too early.
  • Skull: for whatever (personal) reason you just didn’t press X within the allotted time period aka you got pwned.
  • Music note: you hit X at the right moment and the ball is on its way to becoming one with the hole.

That in short is the new Advanced Shot Mechanism. Fans of the traditional method will be able to use that method as well, but if you want to add that extra bit of power (and challenge) ASM is the only way to go. Sure, at first you might get a bunch of animal icons and skulls thrown your way to start up your own pet cemetery… but with enough practice and dedication you’ll be a true Hot Shot champ.

I leave you now with this little gem:

Hot Shots 6

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  • I love the demo, can’t wait for this to come out so I can buy this. ~_~

  • yeah good demo (on the Japanese store.) When does this game come out??

  • Those screen shots look really good.

  • Day one purchase for me. But that has to be the worst boxart for a hotshots golf game.

  • Nice little update. the game looks good and really enjoyed the JP demo.

  • The game is gonna be awesome, but that boxart is pretty damn terrible.

  • Excited for the game, but all that that packart makes me think of is, “When not hosting crappy TV shows, former N-Sync member Joey Fatone enjoys playing golf and posing for video game covers”.

  • Is there any word on when Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 will be coming on the PSP? I really enjoyed the first, I am hoping the TBA gets a date soon. If I had a PS3 I would surely get this game.

  • I can’t wait to get this game. I was going to import it but thought it would come out in the US not too long after…lol. I was very wrong about that. Oh well, I still play that JPN demo. Great game, great series.

  • Is there a demo for this game? I’ve never played a Hot Shot Golf game before. Are they that good?

  • Ha nice boxart. Though the sunglasses guy looks a little creepy.

  • I hope there will be a US demo on the PSN store soon.


  • I remember playing Hot Shots on PS1, really fun game. We need a demo on the US PSN.

  • I’ll fool around with the ASM method in the demo a bit more but I can’t wait for this game. The [JP] demo is a hell of a lot of fun :)

  • Will buy..

    but change that horrible boxart

  • I can’t wait for this game!!! I’ve been playing the Japanese demo almost daily for months.

  • Wow this is the big IGN exclusive? big disappointment more like it

  • hi, just wanna ask will it be worldwide server or region base for online game?

  • I registered on this site just to make this comment.

    As a fellow graphics designer with about 8 years industry experience, I urge you to reconsider that box-art. This game has so many likable and accessible characters, but this cover is simply horrible.

    I wish I could put it in a way that won’t offend the artist responsible, but I fear that if I tone down my comments then something won’t be done about it.

  • ya know,

    i bought the psp game as my first hot shots game because of what i had heard. flat out, and im being honest, the physics and controls Sucked. it was so complicated to spin the ball, target the flight path of the ball, and then i found out i had to play to a higher RANK to unlock core features of the game, like saving shot replays.

    im being honest, please take this as constructive criticism, if you want me to play your games, you need to step up the realism. you can still make it fun and light hearted, but let me play golf. for a reference, check out PGA Tour Golf on the SNES.


  • I love Hot Shots golf.

  • I Love this game!

  • Why does the US not get a Demo??

  • So, does the boxart mean that the characters are again being localized for this release? I think a lot of people rather like the Japanese originals. Back when the first Hot Shots Golf was released, I understand it was a matter of tailoring it to an American audience that was not yet heavily exposed to anime styles. Now that we have, I think it would be great if we could just get the original characters, and then some more customization options if people can’t deal with them.

  • You guys have to change this Box art! Go with something cute or just rip-off the Japanese one. =)

  • I can’t wait to play this game. Whe is this game coming out and any chance of a demo other then just the Japan servers.

    Plus and chance there will be more Hot Shots games in the works be it Tennis or a whole new HS game coming.

    I know you will not be able to say if there is or not but the HS games are really fun and so I would like to see more then just Golf and Tennis in the future.

  • Gonna get the game, but I can’t help to think that boxart is sterotyping Americans.

  • One question, is the background shimmer from the Japanese demo cleaned up in the U.S. version? That was the only issue I had with it.

  • @29 But stereotyping Americans is okay- we really do deserve- it’s when you pick on someone else that it’s offensive. :P (I don’t make the rules; I just use them when they’re most amusing.)

    A pet cemetery? :(

    Well, I look forward to this game.

  • Ok guys, brilliant!! This is an absolute day one purchase. I am sooo glad that you left the option for the old swing method in there. Don’t mess with something that works, unless it really does improve things. This way we get to choose, and you gave an incentive to use the new system. Inspired.

    You are going to make my golf loving, xbox360 owning friend very jealous!!! He can never put down Hotshots when he comes to stay for the weekend. I usually get up in the morning to find him sneakily playing it!! One of the best PS exclusives out there. We love you Sony!

  • Also, @ nabokovfan87, #22

    I understand that you don’t like the Hotshots approach to golf, and that’s fine, everybody is different, and I totally respect your comment, and your opinions.

    However, I think that for most of us out there Hotshots is just plain fun – and that’s why we play games. If it’s not for you, then that’s cool, but I have to say that the vast majority of people really love the accessibility of this game.

    Maybe it’s just not for you – try a more real simulation. Most of all, have fun!

  • I don’t know if it is possible this late before it releases, but please change the boxart. Feel free to grab the Japanese boxart, I just can’t stand the U.S. boxart.

    Boxart is very important for sales, and I doubt that this will increase the chance of people buying it who don’t know the series.

  • Hot Shots should have used the sixaxis controls as an option for a golf swing. Instead it just repeats the same old tired trend of spitting out sequels with a little bit of graphical polish. How about supporting the damn system features you continuously hype up but never support??? Mark my words, Sixaxis and PS Eye will fall by the wayside because Sony does not know how to use them properly.

  • Looks great! I was getting tired of playing the other golf game anyways! This game looks like a lot of fun!

  • that box art is awful, sack whoever ok’d that now!

    great game. why spoil the packaging?

  • I really hope that the characters were left untouched from the Japanese release and not “Americanized” for the US release. I had intended on buying this game the day it was released but will wait now to see if Sony has gone back to butchering the series again. I don’t understand why they’d do it, no one wants these stupid “Americanized” chars HSG fans want to play the game how it was intended. I personally stopped buying Hot Shots Golf games until Open Tee because of this. From the looks of the box and the idiot in the US flag shirt it looks like we’re getting another SCEA special. Luckily the PS3 is region free and hopefully SCEE will do it right.

  • Open mouth and insert foot, scratch that last comment. Apparently all those chars are in the Japanese version. They’re all high level unlockable chars that you don’t see often.

    Good call on keeping the chars the same.

    Bad call on the horrible box art using those particular characters. Very misleading.

  • greatly looking forward to this game. looks great from some of the screens and vids i’ve witnessed. i also agree with some of the gripes about the cover art and do think the japanese cover would probably attract more people, but it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. first day purchase no doubt.

  • i’m really looking forward to this game, but are you serious about the cover??? it’s so f’ing ugly!

    what’s wrong with the original Japanese cover? it’s cute. but this “Americanized” cover is just horrible, bleh.

  • As we say over here in England, What demo?!

  • Sorry the cover art is disgusting. Why did you have to butch and sleaze it up for the Western audiences? The Japanese cover is much better. Amen balliinn, Bleh!

    Also, a demo would be nice.

  • Day One Purchase here, I cant wait to play.

    Great series and a really fun game.

  • Sorry but that cover is just terrible.

    Somebody tell the guy responsible for covers, that the American public doesn’t like cliched American characters on their game covers..

  • Sorry I forgot to say this in my last post. But please let the cartoon characters still be in the game. I really like the look of the game so I hope that the game has not been changed.

    If you think the US do not like the look go to Kotaku there was some posts from people saying they really liked the look.

    So please don’t fix what is not broken.

  • For Add on content got to have sony personnel in there or random celebrities I’d pay for it.

  • don’t post on here much but…..gotta change the boxart, it is horrid and doesn’t represent the game at all, that being said I’ll probably get the game, great series, but the boxart…I almost don’t wanna buy it because of that

  • Joining the crowd here and asking please change that boxart! I love this series despite not being a big fan of golf so please keep the playing style the same. Also would like to see a demo even though I know the how this series plays.

  • I don’t post that much but that box art is realy not pleasing to the eye

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