Final Folklore Add-On Packs Coming Soon

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Greetings Folklore Fans! Today we’re announcing the final installment of download packs. I want to thank each and every one of you for your kind words and support on the blog – it definitely makes it all worth while. I know there are a few unanswered questions (like the Folklore soundtrack) that I’m not at liberty to discuss at present. Hopefully, those of you that were interested will keep an eye on the Blog for satisfactory answers and will continue to post similarly good questions – we’ll continue to do our best to provide accurate and timely answers. In the meantime, I hope you will purchase, download, and enjoy packs 5 and 6 as much as we do.

Folklore Add-on #5 “Nightmares”

Add to the original storyline as you discover what is causing O’Connell’s nightmares. Wake Charlotte from a deep sleep, undertake the mysterious quest to find out why Livane attacked a tree and complete the Faery Photo mission started in The Origin of Belgae Pack.

This pack also includes a suave top hat and tux for Keats and provides the opportunity to encounter Automata, a Large, robotic Fire Folk that fires a beam of hot magma.


Folklore Add-on #6 “Visions of the Tower”

Continue the awe-inspiring adventures of Ellen and Keats with this Add-On. Learn the reason behind the puzzling sightings of the tower, find out why so many faeries are becoming lost, receive a surprise letter and begin to understand the motives of the Faery Lord.

Also included are an additional Folk, and a new outfit for Ellen, fashioned in the Hell Realm.


Thank you once again.

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  • I’m sorry to see the additional content come to an end, but grateful that you guys kept it going as long as you did.

    Also, is there some issue with the soundtrack that I’m not aware of? I’ve had mine for a while now. ??

  • wow sad that this is the last DLC for folklore ohh well there is alot more DLC for more games

  • Are you guys working on a folklore 2 or something? that would be awesome :D

  • Man, all these add-ons make me really wanna play this. I will at the first chance I get. This looks like a buy.

  • nice, i might end up buying these add-ons when i finish the game…

  • I’m really sorry I didn’t buy this game now…might still do it though :D PLEASE make a Folklore 2! (make it good – work with Sony on it)

  • You guys are truly supporting this title hardcore!!!
    Always at a reasonable price to. Keep up the good work.

  • Have added it to the Rumored New PLAYSTATION Store Content thread:

  • Awww… the end of the DLC. :(

    Pshhh, whatever Sony. I know you’re just going to surprise us with “Folklore Add-On Pack #7: Folklore 2”!!

    30gb download… ;)

  • A long vacation is in order for all the DLC delivered. The bar has been set for all others to aspire.

  • Looks like a good pack :)

  • I’m kinda sorry to see it end, but I know it had to eventually. Thanks for keeping it up as long as you guys did (the free Christmas pack was also great).

    Any word on what you folks are cooking up next? I’m really excited to see what your sophomore game for this console is going to be.

  • All of the add-ons are great! Thank you for providing so many of them!

  • Awesome. And so ends the add on content for the 2nd greatest add on content game ever (right behind Wipeout Pure)

  • Really hope you are working on Folklore 2 or another great IP. Thanks for the continued support with Folklore.


  • That second pack sure has a strange gettup. I may have to add some money to my PSWallet.

  • Any word on those Japanese magazine promo folks that are on the Japanese store? It would be really cool to get those in our game too. Probably vice versa for the user created folk we got a week ago too.

  • I just want to see what Activison and Epic have up their sleeves for UT3/COD4. But this always a sad thing when a game finally gets it’s last few download content placed up for those people who have the game.

    Kudos for the developers keeping this RPG going as long as they have! Over a year! More so than most companies do with a single player only RPG! Nice job!

  • I haven’t even bought the first pack yet since PSN cards aren’t out.
    Don’t delete the add on content from the PSN store yet because I still want them Eric.

  • I rented the game, and it does really ahve some inspired character design and as was said before the soundtrack is very well composed!

    Hopefully sales will dictate a Folklore 2!

  • PSstore HK(Asia) doesn’t have any folklore’s DLC.
    No rumble patch.

  • Thanks for all the folklore content and I agree with SeraphimRhapsody please don’t delete the add on content at least until PSN cards show-up, and it would be good if all the Folklore content were available at every PSstore because some games like Genji had a lot of add on content in the Japanese PSN and just one in the American PSN

  • Noo! This makes me sad… But I suppose all great things must come to an end. Although the US is missing some, the support for this game is still very great.

    And, I love you guys at Game Republic! Thanks for making such a memorable and fantastic game! Best of wished while I pray to any god that’ll hear me that there’s a Folklore 2!

  • Any chance of making a bundle and adding all the content in one pack. So this way you can save some money instead of having to buy the stuff by them self.

    Also Folklore is great and its to bad not a lot of people played it. I can’t wait to see what Game Republic makes next time.

  • Give us Folklore 2! Give us Folklore 2!

  • Are we really missing some add-on packs released in other regions? If so, why can’t they get those into the US PS Store?

  • To Eric and the Game Republic Team:

    As with the others here, I am sad to hear that the official U.S. download content is coming to an end. However, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my extreme gratitude to Game Republic and the other “folks” who brought us an outstanding game with FOLKLORE, and for providing us with all these amazing additional download packs. Words cannot fully convey my appreciation for these efforts!

    Game Republic has released new FOLKLORE DLC at a speedy pace in all regions, and it’s understandable that it would have to come to an end at some point so they could work on new projects (hopefully a new game in the FOLKLORE universe).

    With regard to FOLKLORE DLC, I do have a (hopefully) quick question for Eric. Specifically, could we please see domestic releases of the following DLC content:

    1) The three Japanese “Every Game Magazine Original Rare Folks” packs: “Weekly Famitsu”, “Dengeki PlayStation, and “Gemaga”. Although the Folks that appear in these packs are related to Japanese-exclusive gaming publications, these are still familiar names and characters to many U.S. gamers. Few people are unfamiliar with Famitsu or the Polytan figure (even if they don’t know the Polytan by name). More importantly, the majority of U.S. FOLKLORE players have been painfully aware of the existence of these additional folks since they were originally issued, and have been desperately hoping to see them released domestically. (Especially once we realized that Japanese “FolksSoul” content was obviously not compatible with the U.S. “Folklore” edition. *DOH* Darn Darn Darn ! ! !) Considering that these are “Folks” packs rather than full quests, textual translation would be very minimal.

    2) The “Pigly Pack”, which was released to the various European PSN stores a mere three weeks ago on January 10th. This free add-on gave gamers the new “Pigly” folk to capture and control. (Imagine, if you dare, a cute pig with large beautiful butterfly wings — that’s Pigly, a trippy little folk!) As this pack already exists in an English-language release, no textual translation is required — just a quick region change which would allow the U.S. edition of FOLKLORE to see/read it.

    Eric… with regard to the above, I would like to respectfully request that Sony and/or Game Republic consider releasing these last four “Folks” packs domestically for U.S. gamers.

    As a FOLKLORE fan, I am extremely grateful for the DLC content that has already been provided thus far to us here in the States. However, speaking again as a fan, I’m also quite dismayed to know that four additional Folks were released in Japan and Europe which we are essentially prohibited from using in our own games… four unique and creative Folks which tens of thousands of people have been utilizing and enjoying. I have that disheartening feeling one gets when everyone else has been invited to the party except for myself (and my fellow domestic gam

  • ======================================
    Whoops… got cut off there by a browser crash…
    here’s the rest…

    I have that disheartening feeling one gets when everyone else has been invited to the party except for myself (and my fellow domestic gamers).

    With regard to the “Every Game Magazine Original Rare Folks” packs, I’m sure one major roadblock to their domestic release is the thought that they are “too Japanese”. While these Folks are promotional “mascots” based on personalities from specific popular Japanese gaming magazines, full comprehension of that mascot linkage is not a necessity for domestic gamers. In the big scheme of things, what’s truly important is the Folks themselves, how the gamer relates to them, and their impact on gameplay.

    Using the “Bakataru Kato” Folks as an example, the fact that it’s based on WEEKLY FAMITSU Editor-in-Chief Bakataru Kato has no real impact on gameplay. Such mascot “tie-in” history can easily be explained to gamers in the “Description” text of the download file(s). What will appeal to domestic gamers is the fact that “Bakataru Kato” is a giant floating head spurting blood from a nostril, and that he has some very strange attacks. The same can is true of the other Folks.

    But the fact remains that many FOLKLORE fans very much wish to obtain these “rare” Folks. If I may make a suggestion, one possibility would be for SCEA/Game Republic to release these extra packs domestically (including the Pigly Pack) as “Special Rare Foreign Folks” packs consisting of “unique Folks creations from other regions.” These could then easily be placed on the PSN Store for download. Although these packs were originally released free, I would be happy to pay a reasonable fee for a U.S. release!

    Since these four Folks packs already exist, cost and effort to release them would be minimal (including the minor text translation). Such a gesture would generate a nice little amount of extra goodwill from FOLKLORE fans now able to obtain a complete set of playable FOLKS, and I believe Sony/Game Republic would be surprised at the reception (downloads of which would be easy to track).

    I can only request that you kindly consider my suggestions and hope you can discuss the possibility of such a release with your fellow FOLKLORE staff and/or other “power that be”, and hope you don’t simply dismiss this out-of-hand.

    My apologies for the length of this “comment” — it finshed up slightly larger than intended — so it’s definitely time to wrap this up.

    Once again, thank you for the FOLKLORE and the fabulous quest packs and DLC content we’ve received thus far. And many many thanks in advance for whatever help you can provide towards getting these final four Folks released domestically.

    Regards to all!

  • I agree with Krispow—this is all content that should be made domestic! However, since he said it so unbelievably well (thanks, Krispow!), I don’t think I want to repeat anything he said at risk of sounding redundant except for:

    Please, I would really like it if you did what he suggested. It would be fun and enjoyable to the entire domestic FOLKLORE fan community!

    Thank you for such a wonderful experience with FOLKLORE and I can’t wait until your next game (and maybe the other regions’ DLC for domestic FOLKLORE too!).

  • Sad to see the DLCs coming to an end. It is great to see many DLC getting released in EU and US regions.

    I for one am one of the many who imported the asian (dual-language) version of the game because I simply cant wait for the game to get released in EU. I’ve bought a few DLCs for folklore and to my utter horror and disappointment, DLCs aren’t region free like the games are.

    At least release folklore DLCs in the Asia PSN store for us to purchase it? (Yes I know we need a valid credit card and address in Asia and I have those as well =x )

    I feel a little sorry for our Asian PSN users getting 2nd grade treatment in terms of PSN updates.

  • I played this game, it was weird, you guys are weird. the whole thing is weird.

  • To #34 (PSPGuy): The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!

    Yeah, it’s weird, and I love it because it’s different and original. Same reason why I love Metal Gear Solid so much, just like Folklore, it’s different, unique, complex, unparalleled and deep. It just isn’t about the generic saving the world crap like in every game I’ve ever played, it’s a nice change of pace. I could tell the developers put a lot of time and heart into Folklore, considering the attention to detail is simply amazing. Compared to DMC4 which looks and acts like a rehash of DMC3. It seems developers nowadays don’t care about this detail anymore, they just care about pretty graphics.

    Oh, and:
    Give us Folklore 2! Give us Folklore 2!

  • Oh and everyone needs to buy 3 copies of this game:

    1. One you play
    2. For Backup
    3. One that never leaves the packaging.

  • I was going to buy Folklore because of all the DLC support, why am I hearing now that this is the last update?

  • I was waiting this game, until the demo. perhasp i am wrong, but it make me think
    = RPG side is simple and minimal
    = like a shoot-them-up Per/level

    I mean, captur folk, use the good on for the good ennemy.. that’s it.

    Sorry, it’s interesting, but to say that this is MARVEL compared to a DMC4 .. or anything else.

    Again, I just did the demo, perhaps the complete game has hugh history, hugh rpg, hugh caractere, interesting plot.. etc..etc..

    Sorry for my english


  • Krispow was very polite and I agree with him. I’m very sorry to hear that this is the end of DLC for Folklore, and I really do love the game.

    I would however like to say to Eric & Sony that designing a game to appeal to “completeists” (find all the folks, unlock all the powers, etc…) and then making it impossible to be truly complete is just disasterous.

    Then only thing worse would be posting “We’ve got 5 more folks that you’ll never have! Neener-Neener!”

    I view this differenly than say Soul Calibur that has platform exclusive characters because that game is not designed in such a way that you’re expected to “catch them all”.

  • Greetings all, and sorry for the late reply (starting to shift on to my next project). You guys seem disappointed by the fact that this is the last _planned_ DLC pack for Folklore… I’m impressed. It’s like the time I out ate everyone at this buffet in Vegas, then stopped for ice cream when we went to the outlets right after.

    The point is, the stand-alone Folklore was probably the most content heavy single player experience I’ve had since working on Baldur’s Gate 2 or Torment. To top it off, there’s the 6 download packs (3 bundles), the free xmas pack, and the create-a-folk – I think that’s the most additional content available for any title on PSN. As I said… I’m impressed.

    Keep leaving your comments and I’ll keep pointing them out to the developers – I’m rooting for a Folklore 2 as well.

    Thanks again,

  • ========================

    Hi again Eric and my other fellow friends and gamers!

    I’d just like to take a small moment of your time to amend my prior postings (#30-31) with an additional bit of new FOLKLORE DLC information that you may be interested to know,

    Released today (Feb. 7th) to the Europeah PSN market was a brand new FOLKLORE Folk DLC pack — the “Malion Pack.” Unfortunately, the MNalion Folk is not currently available to North American gamers, nor does it appear to be coming any time soon… if at all.

    This is really a shame — the Malion appears to be a really cool Folk addition to the game, which I why I’m sorry to report this bit of disappointing news. Along with the previously-discussed “Pigly Pack” and the “Every Game Magazine Original Rare Folks” packs, this now makes a total of five (5) separate Folk DLC packs which are not currently available to North American FOLKLORE gamers. *SNIFF*

    As I’m sure most of you will recall, Sony held a FOLKLORE “Create-a-Creature” contest last year in North America and Europe. The development team, Game Republic, would be selecting two first place winners (one from each continent) who would have the honor of seeing their critter released in a DLC pack for the game… in addition to receiving a copy of the game and a limited edition art book. The winners were announced a few months back and the North American winning folk, Quasarilli, was released back on January 24th.

    The Malion is a really cool looking Folk. At the most basic level, it resembles a wooly lion with a camel-like face, has a dark mane which features some random open flower petals, as well as a long rat-like tail with a large spore cluster on the tip. Here’s the description that was featured on the original Malion artwork:

    “The Malion (Space Lion) runs circles around the enemy whilst creating an intoxicating spore cloud from its tail and thorny mane. When the prey is dazed the Malion jumps in for the kill. The tail and claws are the primary attacks, but this Folk is highly poisonous; wear protective gloves! The Malion fears fire.”

    ‘Nuff said. Many thanks, Eric, for considering releasing these additional Folk packs, and for forwarding our requests to the other developers. Again, it’s very much appreciated.


    (QUICK P.S. TO THE GROUP: Does anyone know if that LE FOLKLORE Art Book is available anywhere, or if a standard retail edition is available for purchase? The art design for FOLKLORE is just so stunningly beautiful, I wish there was a way a mere mortal such as myself could have it in my own collected bound volume. Thanks!)

    • I\’ll definitely see what I can do, but really can\’t promise anything – adding Folk is no small task (one that involves the developer, Quality Assurance, Format approval, Marketing, PSN, etc)… but we\’ll definitely try.

  • This game is God.

  • Eric, if Folklore 2 does happen and you’re working with it, could you ask the Devs to put in a way to let you re-watch the cutscenes? Thanks again, and good luck on the new project.

  • Please make Folklore 2 :(

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