Skype on the PSP – Firmware (v3.90) Coming Soon

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Want to talk trash before you play Syphon Filter: Combat Ops? Got a friend who lives in London that you want to catch up with? With the next PSP system software update, slated to launch this week, you’ll be able to communicate using your PSP-2000 and Skype. Here’s how it works:

  • Download and install the 3.90 firmware upgrade to the PSP-2000 system.
  • Connect the PSP to the Internet at a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Attach a PSP Headset and the Remote Control from the PSP-2000 Headphones to the system, and insert a Memory Stick Duo to save the Skype application software.
  • Access the Skype/Sign In icon within the Network category of the XMB menu. If you’ve never used Skype on your PC, you can create a free account directly on your PSP. If you already have a Skype account, you can simply enter your username/password.
  • To make a call, either access the Contacts icon and click on a name or scroll to the Dial icon and use the keypad.

You can talk to anyone else on Skype anywhere in the World for free. For calls to and from landline or mobile phones, you need to purchase Skype Credit. More details are available here. We’ve created a brief video with John Koller, senior marketing manager for PSP, to show you how to get started.

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  • Sounds great! Thanks Sony!

  • It’s up. downloading right now!

  • man why leave us early buyers out with nothing I was really looking forward to this :(

  • I knew I should have waited for little bit more for a PSP…

  • This is no FPS. This is MGS. All hail Kojima!

    Seriously, this update is pretty cool.

  • Dear Sony, please remake legend of dragoon with unreal engine 3. Thanks in advance.

  • I think you might want to edit the coming soon, since it’s out :-). I haven’t downloaded, not too excited about it yet, I don’t have a microphone. When I get one, I’ll be all over 3.90.

    Also is there any chance of an update where a screen capture might be implimented? Think about all the users who want to show off awesome kills, moves, tricks, wins, anything! I have been hoping and hoping something like this comes out. Please someone impliment it, I can almost guarantee it will be a huge hit.

  • Let me try!

    What’s the phone number on the video? (You can PM me!

    When will you guys start the selling the bundle?

  • I would like to have this, but I bought a PSP within the first week they were released meaning I have the old incompatible PSP-1000 model. :(
    Awe well, I’ll just wait for the PSP-3000. Anybody who plays around with the new firmware updates on their computer can see it’s coming, but the PSP-2000 stuff started showing up around firmware update 2.70 I believe, and then the actual new PSP wasn’t announced until over a year later, so it could be a long wait for me. Hopefully the new model will be more than just slightly slimmer and lighter. So what will Skype be for me? Will I click on it and nothing will happen, or can I not even update to 3.90, meaning 3.80 is the final update for us old PSP-1000 owners?

  • For early adopters only have support for more PSN titles? wow man… not only is a shame that we can’t have skype, but we will not have nothing to compensate it…

    A little off topic… I want to see a ps3 update.. at least the profile 2.0 to see the live thing in saw 4

  • You said on the “bus ride to class”….didn’t know a bus can have Wi-Fi support? This wont be used by me sorry…….add the Blu-Ray movies to PSP now so I can finally have a reason to buy Blu-Ray movies. But really once I know Blu-Ray is just one next gen format, that is when I will really get into Blu-Ray….If Paramount, and Universal can just make their dam announcement.

  • Just got it and gave it a try with my current Skype account. Works great!!

    Even discovered a little trick, those of you who own an iPhone (like me) can use your iPhone headset (the one that came with it) and the PSP-2000 remote. It works just fine.

    On a side note, I noticed that when I use my PSP-2000 headset, there is a constant buzzing sound no matter what headphones Im using with it. Does anyone else have this problem, or is mine defective. Definitely sounds like digital noise from the remotes processor is getting into the ear buds.

  • i know im not the only one saying this, but sony, thanks for giving me nothing, again.

    the PC requires 256MB of RAM, and to be honest, you did good getting it down to whatever the new psp has, but keep in mind i have a memory card, i also dont have unlimited funds to go a buy a new PSP for a firmware update. call me cheap, but why dont you just make it work? pretty soon your name will be synonymous with XBL for taking things away from your base users just for the hell of it.


  • Cool, this will be great when I go out of the country next week. It’s like a slightly bigger, but infinitely cheaper cell phone for international calls.


  • Its already out! thanks

  • Must download and must call my girlfriends skype on her PC

  • I’m not too sure but can we subscribe to Skype pro for the psp?

  • It downloaded pretty quick for me. Only 25 mb’s.

  • how much is the bundle? get it in the store ASAP!

  • Will the original remote accessory that I got with my PSP-1000 work with the PSP-2000?

  • I’d love to jump on the VoIP train, but I’m stuck with the launch-date PSP!

    While I’d love to upgrade, it’s a heartbreak to give up my trusty, ‘phat’, PSP!

    but anyways, Thanks Sony for giving the PSP a great multi-function machine, that also plays games!
    Keep giving us the stuff that gives the bang to our bucks!
    Hope to use the Skype functionality soon!

  • nabokovfan87 | January 29th, 2008 at 9:00 pm


  • This is history on Gaming!! you are the No. 1 Sony
    now skype on PS3!! and by the way where are the PSN prepaid cards?????
    i want to buy on the store but my country is not listed and i cant buy nothing!!

  • Sweet, this will work out great when I’m studying overseas in Japan this fall. It will definitely make quick phone calls home much easier.

  • @nabokovfan87, In engineering somethings just cannot be made to “work”. Its unfortunate, but its the fact of life.

    Flash memory just cant be used in leu of RAM, RAM is much faster than the serial flash used in memory sticks. Just think how long it takes to transfer a file to a flash drive, while the PSP can move that same amount of data in RAM within milliseconds.

    I got my PSP the first day it was released in the US, and being that the PSP is a portable device I knew that not too far off another one was coming. Just like the Gameboys, cell phones, and almost any portable device.

  • nabokovfan87: How is Sony taking anything away from its base users? I think you’d have to already have the functionality in question in order for them to take it away.
    Given the choice between releasing some new functionality that works with only newer hardware versus not releasing it at all, I’m glad they chose they chose the former (and I own a PSP-1000). The world’s not perfect.

  • Can you connect the PSP to te internet without the use of WI FI?

  • I think you have problems Sony. No offense. I remember how people that work for you guys said that the reason for Skype only being on a PSP-2000 was because of it having more RAM. I really don’t get how that’s possible when if you look at the homebrew scene, you find so many different plugins and other applications that would work fine and they don’t cost as much memory. Why can’t you just let us do what we want with the PSP? We bought it fair ‘n square. Some will stupidly pirate games, but you know what? Thats their problem. I will never buy another thing from Sony again, and I am sure that many others have the same opinion. I would love to be able to do what I want but you guys are the only obstacle in my path.

  • This John guy is very reassuring. Everything he says makes me believe. Exactly like Kaz. At E3 this year you guys should have John and Kaz on stage together talking about the PSP.

    Anyone [DELETED] about it not working on the old PSP models should cram it. If you can’t afford a slim then it sucks to be you. I had a launch day PSP and I traded it in to buy a launch day PSP-2000. This is life. New models come out and you deal with it. Either you get it or you don’t. But don’t complain cuz you sound like a little 4 year old girl.

  • @27 are you serious? of course not!
    @ shadow021 I bet you pirate games. hence the I will not BUY anything sony again. Go buy a new psp out of it. Don’t be so cheap. Also if you don’t buy Sony, why are you here? I think you are lieing and trying to get attention. What a moron.
    I like Skype, Thats for giving it to us after 2 years of speculation. I guess home will be out in 2009 by that standard!

  • Any plans to release a bluetooth adapter that plugs into either the bottom connector (where the dual-plug headphone plug would go) or the USB connector so we can sue our bluetooth headsets with the PSP rather than having a long, tangly wire with a wart in the middle?

  • Skype is a really cool tool to have added to the PSP. I still haven’t bought one, but this is pushing me towards a purchase. It would be nice though if it had bluetooth capabilities, currently the jumble of wires looks like a giant cluster… romp. I would really like to see Skype showing up on the PS3 in tandem with the current chat function so you could use your PSeye.

  • @tokon

    The best they can do… add skype in the ps3… then the ps3 can talk to psp users, psp to ps3 users, pc to ps3 or psp and pc or psp or ps3 to any land line phone

  • Pease tell me that video chat is comming… It’s something I’ve wanted since PSP came out!

  • Awesome, i think i’ll sell my fat PSP and get a new slim one… :D

  • @EvanOfEarth

    If the new psp can do that and will works too with the PC users the video chat.. I will buy the new PSP and with the keyboard the regular messanging thing…

  • Hi,

    That was a nice presentation.

    However, as much as I am glad Sony did this, I’m afraid I dont think I will use it.

    The main reason for this is because of the microphones, I just think it should have been embedded in the psp. Cause You ve got your nice psp in your hand and on the other one you dont know what to do with all the wires and remote control and bla.

    Why the hell did you just not use the video output to have a small micro with no wire at all instead of this snake !!!

    Still Sony you’re the best.

  • Is the Remote Control for the PSP-2000 model out in the UK yet? I can’t find it anywhere!

  • Unfortunately I have the 1000 model, so no luck there! Now it would be really great to have Skype on the PS3 with PS Eye support.

  • @AoSora00005

    I’m sure it will come !!!

    I saw info on this on a website:

    It said Skype for psp & PS3 !!

    We just have to be patient as usual !

    But it will be worth it:

    PS3 + Play TV + Skype + remote control means PS3 Always on !!!!!

  • I cant see the image… Using IE6

  • Oops, i meant 7 :)

    (an edit-function would be nice too…)

  • Is there going to be anything else that comes with this update? Will this still download for those of us with out the newest PSP model?

  • Any comment on a PS3 firmware soon.I remember Eric saying they will be less frequent with more content.Im not into skype and my wife uses the psp more than I do

  • Frazz@43
    Honestly the only thing they’ve said about PS3 firmware updates was that we would have in-game XMB this year. The only other thing that’s in the works that I’m aware of now would be Blu-Ray Profile 2.0. Since they just released 1.1 in the update mid December I think we’re still off a ways. I monitor a lot of PS3 sites and not a single peep (Except one Photo Shopped image.) of any PS3 updates.

    I want another PS3 Firmware Up-date!!!
    Last one was excellent ;)
    Nice PSP update to ;)

  • I have a simple question…

    Why isn’t the 32mb fat PSP able to run Skype?

    My Smartphone (which mostly has less than 20mb of free RAM and a measly 200Mhz ARM9) can run it flawlessly!!

  • Has there been released an explanation to why the old PSP can’t have Skype?

  • Add Bluetooth :)

  • Is anyone on the PSP FW design team aware that RSS channels for video podcasts have essentially been broken for several updates now? Most video podcasters have moved on to an mp4 format that the PSP doesn’t currently support. Are there any plans to support this format in a near future FW update?

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