We’re at Winter X-Games 12, Come Play with Us!

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Extreme sports and gaming come together this weekend at Winter X-Games 12!

Men's Skier Superpipe Elimination

If you’re going to be in the Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado area through January 27th, you’re invited to stop by the PlayStation tent. This is your chance to play Gran Turismo 5 Prologue; we’re showing new code that has never seen before in the US. What’s more, PlayStation fans will have the opportunity to play directly against some of their favorite X Games athletes.

Gretchen Bleiler, Women's Snowboard Superpipe Finals, Gold, Winter X Nine

PlayStation is hosting a hands-on game competition featuring Winter X Games champions Gretchen Bleiler (2007 Winter X Games Gold and Olympic Silver medalist for snowboarding), Simon Dumont (2007 X Games Silver medalist for skiing) and Tucker Hibbert (2007 X Games Gold Medalist for snowmobiling). See if these athletes are as skilled with the SIXAXIS as they are on the hill!

Snowmobile Snocross Final

The PlayStation tent will also feature soon-to-be released Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice and futuristic, anti-gravity racer wipEout PULSE. Brand new third party titles Burnout Paradise (along with the PLAYSTATION Eye) and NFL Tour will be playable on PLAYSTATION 3 in the VIP and athlete lounges. Also, PSPs on-site will feature the new Internet Radio functionality via AOL’s SHOUTCast.

Hope to see you there!

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  • These are always around where I don’t live.

  • ah. I’m going to tell my friend to visit. he lives in Colorado though. Looks like fun! But definitely too far from me though O.O

  • @#1 (Stoffinator): You really shouldn’t live in the Gobi desert then.

  • That snowmobile-pic reminds me to ask, Do you at Sony know if someone or do you have any plans about making a snowmobile-game? Almoust everyone out are really bad :(


    Anybody else on this blog is a huge fan of “Monster Hunter”? I was just wondering, if any of you guys would like to start a petition so they can reconsider making the PS3 version. That’s usually the route Nintendo fans take when they want a game on their console.

    Not only we would get another great game. It would also boost Sony’s console sales through the roof in Asia.

    OMG! imagine hunting dragons like the ones in Lair?

    So, what do you guys say?

  • They should of had this in the Tahoe area so I could have went.

    Thanks for the post though.

  • One tip, you need to do this more often. Show yourself at as many events as you can! Extreme sports auto shows etc. Being at such events is always good publicity. A lot of people aren’t as up to date as we are. If they suddenly see a GT5 trailer on a huge screen i think they will be very interested! Keep up the good work and on to the 11.000.000!

  • Hurry up and get in-game XMB!

  • so what’s the difference then between the Japanese GT5: P code and the -ahem- “new code that has never (been) seen before in the US.” i’m just curious, changing the font from genji doesn’t count as new code :)

  • Well since GT: P isn’t released outside Japan, it technically IS never seen in US lol

    And aaquib, man, ha:
    Do you think Sony is just like sitting around doing nothing and then they read your post and go “oh [DELETED] yeah! we were working on the in-game XMB thing! oops! Better get back to work!”
    I’m sure they are on it so no need to remind them.

    I agree with Alpha.
    PS3 being third is not nice and getting to events is one of the better ways of making this a PlayStation world again!

  • Please spread the word to devs who may not know that lack of 1080 support if preventing people from buying certain games:


  • They never stop by my city. :|

  • That kool.I got one question tho,when Sony is gonna WWE in PPV’s,just wondering because that also bright hype in sells on PS3,ect…:) or maybe an Exclusive..hehe.

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