Pursuit Force, Capital City and Its Infamous Gangs

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By now you might have spotted some reviews for Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice, here, here and here. We are excited to see that reviews editors are enjoying the game!

With PF:EJ hitting stores this Tuesday, January 29th, it’s time to tell you more about Pursuit Force, Capital City and its Infamous Gangs…

Pursuit Force has always been about over-the-top action and larger than life characters, and Extreme Justice is no exception. We knew from the start that we wanted EJ to be bigger, badder and bolder, and our characters are a big part of this. So when we finished Pursuit Force 1 we spent a long time listening to our fan base about which characters and gangs they liked the most, and the majority seemed to go for the Warlords, Convicts and the Killer 66. The first two made it into EJ; we would have loved to see return of the Killer 66 but they didn’t quite fit into the storyline and direction that we wanted to take the new game.

I think the Convicts were popular because they were quite humorous in a psychotic way; they were also like a cross between MacGyver and The A-Team when it came to building their own crazy contraptions. And like the Warlords they had a very clear personality and focus. The Warlords’ main strengths were in their relevance to current affairs, and to some extent their “Kick Ass”, “No retreat No surrender” mantra.

For Pursuit Force EJ we wanted to boil their characters and personality down even more. We wanted to see just how far we could take them, in terms of humor, irony, and psychotic drive.

Players of the first game may remember that Hard Balls (the Convict Boss got run over by his ‘Mad Max’ styled bus) got absolutely hammered by Pursuit Force. He ended up entering prison via a wheel chair and let’s just say he was worse for wear. So we thought it would be cool to have the Convicts go to work on him whilst they were in prison, welding a steel cap to his broken head and steel brace style structures to his crushed limbs. And to top it all off, the guards attached two massive steel balls to his leg to keep him in check. This example encapsulates what we have done with the Convicts; we have focused more on what makes them tick and taken it to the max. So expect to see an even more psychotic, tooled-up and funny band of deranged misfits. And this is an example of how we have turned everything up to 11 in EJ.

We left Pursuit Force 1 on a bit of cliff hanger in regard to the Warlords. We wanted the General to survive but were unsure of how we could bring the gang back the rest of the gang. So we thought about the General’s very patriotic and regimented character and decided that it would be very ironic and fun to have him hire his new gang from Russia. So we went about creating a gang of Cold War mercenaries led by a 5 star US general and having them ship over 1990s Soviet military technology. So we now have this strange and exciting situation in which a Cold War battle is being fought on America’s shores. It was really fun to take the gang in this direction, and now the gang oozes “Raw Warfare” and brings back a sense of what made the Cold War so deadly and yet so utterly insane. So be prepared to battle on a huge Soviet Tank and take to the fight to skies at 25,000 feet on a gigantic long range nuclear bomber (nearly all the gangs have huge Boss vehicles which the player can fight on).

On Monday, we’ll have details (and videos) on the two new gangs rampaging through Capital City – and the elite new police unit challenging Pursuit Force with their own merciless brand of law enforcement.

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