Patapost Friday: Demo-pon, Pata-Details

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Each passing day gets us closer to P-day (aka Feb 26th) when millions (perhaps trillions) of you will rhythmically march (perhaps even chanting “pata-pata-pata-pon?”) to your local retailers for a minty new copy of Patapon … so, with much fanfare, whistles and drums, I’d like to officially start the Patapon launch countdown … just 4 little weeks to go!

What being closer to launch also means is we’re free to divulge some secrets we’ve been sitting on… so to answer a question posted on the first Pata-post (and insistently echoed by everybody!):

Where’s the demo? What about the demo? When are we going to get a demo? Why no demo? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

So to answer: no, we will not have a demo.

At least not your run-of-the-mill-this-is-meh demo … we couldn’t do that for Patapon. That would be – as Rolito would say – tre passé. So instead we’ve conjured up some mad PSP Juju and created the first ever demo-to-final save technology, also includes a demo-only exclusive: The Spear of Protection, an ultra-rare pon-weapon.

Patapon Weapon

Here’s how it’ll work:

1. Get your hands on the demo (available at your local GameStop when you pre-order Patapon).
2. Play through the demo, save your progress.
3. Play, replay and replay everyday until Feb 26th (ok, you don’t really have to do this).
4. Come Feb. 26th, pick up a retail copy (you can pick one up for a friend too… its just 20 ka-ching).
5. Load save file, and start off where the demo ended.
6. Point and laugh at everybody else who didn’t play the demo and will have to start from the beginning AND they won’t have the super-cool-demo-only “SPEAR OF PROTECTION” that will transfer to the final game once you load the save data.
7. Progress onto Earthend.
8. Check “must play Patapon” off things-to-accomplish-this-year list.

Patapon demo cover

There you have it folks – demo, new weapons, PSP Juju and some showboating. Now you’ll all be able to experience the goodness that is Patapon, learn a few commands, customize your troops, fight a few battles, collect some ka-ching and slay a dragon (or two… well, just one really).

That about wraps it up for this week – until next!

Err… not really lost, but still in transit; seems like I got my copy early and was misinformed by the distribution center (the wrong date was confirmed — darn you human error!). After further investigation, we got word that the demos will be arriving within the next one to two weeks.

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