Patapost Friday: Demo-pon, Pata-Details

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Each passing day gets us closer to P-day (aka Feb 26th) when millions (perhaps trillions) of you will rhythmically march (perhaps even chanting “pata-pata-pata-pon?”) to your local retailers for a minty new copy of Patapon … so, with much fanfare, whistles and drums, I’d like to officially start the Patapon launch countdown … just 4 little weeks to go!

What being closer to launch also means is we’re free to divulge some secrets we’ve been sitting on… so to answer a question posted on the first Pata-post (and insistently echoed by everybody!):

Where’s the demo? What about the demo? When are we going to get a demo? Why no demo? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

So to answer: no, we will not have a demo.

At least not your run-of-the-mill-this-is-meh demo … we couldn’t do that for Patapon. That would be – as Rolito would say – tre passé. So instead we’ve conjured up some mad PSP Juju and created the first ever demo-to-final save technology, also includes a demo-only exclusive: The Spear of Protection, an ultra-rare pon-weapon.

Patapon Weapon

Here’s how it’ll work:

1. Get your hands on the demo (available at your local GameStop when you pre-order Patapon).
2. Play through the demo, save your progress.
3. Play, replay and replay everyday until Feb 26th (ok, you don’t really have to do this).
4. Come Feb. 26th, pick up a retail copy (you can pick one up for a friend too… its just 20 ka-ching).
5. Load save file, and start off where the demo ended.
6. Point and laugh at everybody else who didn’t play the demo and will have to start from the beginning AND they won’t have the super-cool-demo-only “SPEAR OF PROTECTION” that will transfer to the final game once you load the save data.
7. Progress onto Earthend.
8. Check “must play Patapon” off things-to-accomplish-this-year list.

Patapon demo cover

There you have it folks – demo, new weapons, PSP Juju and some showboating. Now you’ll all be able to experience the goodness that is Patapon, learn a few commands, customize your troops, fight a few battles, collect some ka-ching and slay a dragon (or two… well, just one really).

That about wraps it up for this week – until next!

Err… not really lost, but still in transit; seems like I got my copy early and was misinformed by the distribution center (the wrong date was confirmed — darn you human error!). After further investigation, we got word that the demos will be arriving within the next one to two weeks.

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  • Sounds great.

  • I’ll be getting the demo for sure. Thanks!

  • I would love to see Patapon in HD on the ps3 :)

  • Going to go pre-order it when I go by GameStop again.

    By the way, Makasu..PSP is HD; 480p



    I must get to Gamestop as soon as possible. This is a great way to get people to reserve your game. Great idea! :)

  • does gamestop have the demos right now?? or is this going to happen in next week or two?

  • ditto to jimmyhack

  • OK guys, look. This is a good idea for games like R&C or Resistance 2 since everybody knows they are going to buy the game anyway (BTW – anybody who didn’t buy R&C TOD – you should – it’s awesome).

    Patapon is different. It’s quirky. It’s innovative. It’s not your run of the mill game that we are all going to instantly like. I want to try it before I buy it. I think you should eventually put out a real demo for us “on the fencers”.

  • Good job guys I’m going to definetly preorder it and also preorder god of war but another question when is the demo going to be out or have you already distributed out already?

  • @ Mort

    ….how is this not a real demo? It sounds like it’s at least a first level, if not more, of the game…

    Do you mean because you have to pre-order it??

  • @ Xoonaka

    Exactly what I mean. I don’t want to have to pre-order (i.e. buy) the game before I get to play it.

  • @ Mort

    If you pre-order that doesn’t mean you have to buy. Put $5 down on the pre-order and then if you don’t want to buy just put the $5 on another game you know you want to buy. Idk if you can get the $5 back I think they just keep it as store credit, not sure.

  • Now thats a demo.

  • That is a great idea, and super incentive to get people to get and play through the demo.

  • UUgggghh…what if there is no Gamestop where I am? Is there another avenue to get the demo? Please!


  • I love new ideas, but like #15 there is no gamestop near me, can this be done online on It would have been easier to just do this through PSStore…

  • oh snap , great idea to bad i have to go to gamestop the peeps working at the one near me are not the brightest bunch ;)

  • As mentioned, it would be great to put it on the PS Store, BUT I will say that is a great way to do a demo. I often wondered why many haven’t made the demos transferable to the full game. Either it marks it as a level complete, or you quickly unlock or receive some gift, etc., in the game due to your demo save file. Great job in providing something like this!

  • Can someone please post when the demo will actually be at gamestop? Cause i have to drive an hour but i will if i can…..

  • Hum, not really the best way to do a demo. I’m on the fence with this game, because I frankly don’t know what to expect. I really don’t want to both having to drop a pre-order on a game that I’m not sure if I’ll be interested in.

    True I could move that 5 bucks to another game, but frankly I hardly buy games and right now there really isn’t anything coming that of interest for me to transfer my pre-order payment to.

    You have the two Playstation Stores (why do you need two?) to provide gaming content on-demand. So why not actually use this tool in addition to the pre-order demo?

    Makes me not want to get it now if I can’t easily play the demo.

  • this game is getting more air time on this blog than anything else. yet i hardly care because its not gonna release for ps3! what is up with that?!? get this thing on the psn!!! your wasting marketing dollars pushing a psp title. make it a ps3 and psp title for maximum profit. come on sony where is the business sense?

  • Hi, my name is Jay. I live in the UK. You know, the country where PlayStationers pay twice as much for consoles and games as do Americans. Just thought I’d pop in, remind you all that we exist.

    I have to pay £25 (over $40) for this game. You are lucky it looks so good that we’re prepared to pay that much……although I still haven’t got a clue what’s going on. ;o)


  • So is the only way for me to get this is to degrade myself and preorder it at GameStop? I have the game preordered, but definitely not at GameStop.

  • What a great offer, many pata-thanks for pulling this off.

    I agree about Gamestop though I try NOT to use them as much as possible, they dish out much PS3 bias ; ; but I digress.

    for Pata-Pon I shall swallow my pride and preorder the game. They just better not keep the demo for themselves and say they “ran out” like they always do.

    Thanks again!

  • The whole idea of a “Demo” is to see if the game sucks or not before buying it.

    But having to pre-order to obtain the demo sucks anyway. Looks like I’ll download a copy of the game for free when I may of purchased an origional.

  • PS On the subject of fun, quirky PSP games, when is Loco 2 coming out? Phil was playing it a YEAR ago!

  • I remember playing a demo that let you save “into” the main game, but this was a while back… in the glory days of the PS1 (around ’96, I think). I can’t for the life of me remember what game it was, though. Now it’s going to drive me nuts for days…

  • Ok sure… I’ve seen all the buzz on the blog etc, but for some reason I’m just not as excited as anyone else I guess, definitely not as excited as the poster of the article… I’m just not that interested, if no public demo, how about a public video, as not many have seen the game moving or understand what it is we may/or may not be paying for in pre-order… sorry until I have more of a hint of exactly ‘what’ Patapon is… it falls by the wayside for people like me.

  • Yes the wayside, even at $20, Sure it sounds like a great deal, but just how much of a game are we getting, and what is the replay value… etc.

    Replay Value is key to the entire video game industry.

  • @Kedaro,

    Video? If thou look, thou shall find. Try here, for instance:

  • Cool idea :)

  • So as a guy who lives in montreal where we only have EB Games, and I pre ordered my copy today just to come home and find out that I can’t get this ultra cool weapon makes me want to go cancel my pre-order and not buy the game!

    Just kidding. Imma buy the game anyway and I’ll probably be able to download a save file from gamefaqs to get the weapon, but it still kind of sucks that some people will be getting the shaft. It just would have been nice to get the demo out nyah.

  • EB should have the same promotion, you have to watch them bastards… they horde the demos and crap behind the counter for themselves and their friends, I’m not lying because I used to work at one, and all 12 main employees used to do that all the time… I didn’t see it as fair personally…

  • Anyway to be fair I looked at the trailer, and to my suprise it does look kinda’ neat in it’s own little $20 way, I’m glad it’s so cheap for one thing, it gives me an excuse to buy another psp game for my gf who I just bought a psp-slim for…

    I’ll of course play PATAPON in secret until I have something remarkable to say about it.

  • ::Off Topic::

    When is Sony going to give us our rough and tough heroes of old… the stories of valor and honor, and triumph over great odds, and just rivetting Story backboned by excellent gameplay… all this experimental gaming theory stuff is really getting me down on a literary level, for the first time since I fell in love with Video Games, I feel the need for a really good book, and in my books that’s a bad thing… I love you Sony, give us some Story based DLC!!!

  • I must get the demo ASAP! Any date as to when GameStops will be receiving the demos?

  • Ok…I’ll just pop round to my local Gamestop…

    Oh..wait a minute…I don’t have one within 400 miles of me.

  • Can you put the demo on the ps store when the game is out? Its not many gamestops in eu >.<

  • Wow, you guys are going all out with this game I’M GLAD. Please advertise the hell out of it so it can get out to the masses, don’t let it turn into another Folklore.

  • I wish there was reverse remote play, Id by so much more PSP games, I just don’t now because Im just from school to home and don’t use it much. Newest game I’ve bought for it was Def Jam… new. No doubt I’ll later buy God Of war. Later

  • Ummm…question…I pre ordered Patapon today from my Gamestop, and they didn’t offer me any demo O_o

    Should I go back and ask them about it, or contact you/Sony with a copy of my receipt and you guys will send me a copy of the demo?

    Thanks! ^^

  • Ah I didn’t see your update ^^ thanks and disregard my post! Will go and see if they have the demo when I go and pick up DMC4 (PS3) =D

  • i’ll preorder when i pick up dmc4 too

  • Thanks for the update, saves me from dealing with GameStop employees for another one to two weeks.

  • that’s pretty cool! will the demo be available in canada too?

  • Hmm. I want a demo.

  • Europe cost and demo availability please?

  • I wholeheartedly urge the SCEE distributors to revise their EU pricing on games and accessories. Paying EUR20 or heck even EUR25 for this game is OK in my book. But EUR40 ( I asked my local game shop)? Eye of judgment is EUR90 here!

    If SCEE doesn’t start revising their policy there will be more lost sales due to the thriving used games market which the publishers will never see a cent.

    I usually buy my games new but some ridiculous prices like EoJ, Uncharted and now this really start to make eBay sound like a good idea.

  • Curses! This country doesn’t do pre-orders because we don’t have any licensed game shops! Not fair :(….

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