New Folklore Pack: By the Fans, For the Fans

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Here’s some news for you Folklore fans out there. In case you missed it, an all-new free Folklore Add-On Pack became available today on the PLAYSTATION Store. I’m chiming in about it because this isn’t just any ordinary Add-On Pack. This one was created by one of your fellow PlayStation fans, Underground member “Uridicy.”

Folklore Add-On Pack

This is just one of the many opportunities we try to give our fans to get involved with the PlayStation magic. You might remember such entries as “Cod of War” that made it into God of War II, courtesy of one of your dedicated Gamer Advisory Panel members, “chickenmeister.” In Folklore’s case, we ran a contest a few months ago with Underground members to see who could create a Folk worthy of being added to the game. Many entries were judged by the dev team and today we’re proud to bring you a new Folk for your collection, named Quasarilli. We hope all of you will get to enjoy Uridicy’s creation and that one day you might see one of your own designs become video game reality.

Here’s what Uridicy had to say about being the creator of the winning Folk:

Art and games have always been a hobby of mine and as an aspiring game artist it is very exciting for me to see a professional 3D model of my creature Quasarilli. I’ve worked on a few Unreal Tournament mods as a texture artist/modeler to develop on my skills as an artist so this is a real encouragement to me. When thinking of what kind of creature to make, I tried to incorporate some tribal elements with the mask like face, feathers, and horns. Of course, even the coolest looking character needs to useful, or the player isn’t going to want to get him. I tried to think of what skills I would want in a Folk other than just brute strength. Since I usually spend a lot of time in most games going after various items, I thought stealing items occasionally might be a nice skill. It’ll be interesting hearing what different people think about my Folk, Quasarilli.

Folklore Add-On Pack

Overall, my favorite thing about Folklore is all the different environments. The game seems to have a unique darker fantasy feeling than the typical fantasy-RPG games I normally play, and the story about Ellen’s mom was very touching. I look forward to going up against my Quasarilli and I hope other people have fun with it too.

Folklore Add-On PackFolklore Add-On Pack

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  • Click on the images.

    Oh and that is so awesome for the guy/gal, to have something in a game of this caliber. Really good news.

  • It’s nice to see all of the addons for Folklore, especially the FREE ones that they’re releasing.

  • Very impressive, that’s a cool design! Keep up the good work Uridicy! :)

  • Congrats to the contest winner.

  • GAME 3.0 FTW

    Seriously, PlayStation is seeing/doing things so many other games are not. Why aren’t people taking notice of stuff like this? They made a Ratchet and Clank unlockable character out of a real life kid too!

  • Congrats to Uridicy for winning the contest! Very nice design. Also, thanks to the Folklore and Sony people for giving fans an opportunity to contribute to the game. I agree with OrganicShadow, this deserves to be recognized more often in the media.

  • not-buying-incognito


  • Yes! I’m glad this is free.

    I seriously thought it was gonna cost quite a bit of cash but I was wrong.

    Sony, you are the best!

    Can’t wait to see some information on Coded Soul.

  • this update was stupid, I don’t play this game and there is always new content. Has the other game publishers forgotqen about giving content to their games. I am sick of these useless update every Thursday. Horay woopdiedo for devil may cry. who gives a rats arse. I want content for GRAW2 as there hasn’t been any yet, for Burnout Paradise(ie more songs and tracks and car customization.) Sure folklore is good fo KIDS but the ADULTS who make up the majority of th gamers would like SOMETHING MORE. How about tree demo’s per week to be put in the store,how about some new eye ps3 games, how about something other than Rock Band, Guitar hero and this ugh game. how about a new warhawk update?How about some of the promised SIMPSON’s game content? where are these updates. Plus Jeff, you never sent me my swag like I asked you to. Just give us more DIVERSITY when it comes to downloads from the store.

  • #12 is a moron. DMC is for adults. Burnout paradise just came out. There were a couple ps EYE games last week. Devs decide on when add on content comes out, harmonix releases weekly content, it’s dumb to complain like it’s sony’s fault for pushing it on us. I tested the simpsons game and it’s for kids. So to repeat, you are a moron.

    Again the folklore devs are kicking ass with the add on content. If it was all free you’d surpass Wipeout Pure as the best add on content game ever. But for now you’re second best.

    As a side note I voted against Cod of War when we could vote for the God of War 2 costumes. There were some bad ass designs in there and I was a little sad to see the joke one get in.


    YouR comments are by far the most ridiculous comments yet. One of the most highly anticipated games has a demo in the store now. Every update is not going to fulfill every PS3 owner. An ADULT would understand this.

  • That’s a really nice design. Congrats to the winner on it! It looks real cute btw!

  • This game rocks! Congrats to the winner!

  • Really cool looking Folk. As soon as I try this game out I’ll be sure to download it and give it a go.

  • Folklore is getting some major support. That’s always wonderful news.

    Maybe you guys should promote this title a lot more. I don’t see to many press nor adds for it. Not to mention its a fun unique title. The last I heard about Folklore was that it got a 9.0 from IGN. ++

    The only downside is all the story telling part is done by text. Anyways, great work for the continued support. I cant to see what you guys do when PS Home is release.

  • First of all, congratulations to Uridicy. Must be very proud…
    One question though, is this add-on region locked like the others?

  • Could you make this folk available/compatible in Europe, too and in turn let the American fans have “our” contest winner?

  • @20: I second that motion!

    SOOOOO many opportunities with this kind of DLC model you guys are going with. You should promote this kind of behavior to all other developers. I’m eating it up!

  • Awesome for Uridicy! Gratz!

    For the tool who said Folklore is for kids… you haven’t a clue. Not many kids I know have the capacity for understanding and appreciating all that Folklore brings to the table.

  • What’s it bringing to the table, another RPG?

  • Thanks for proving my point, Guy.

  • I’m gonna buy this game the last week of my spring semester. On a random note, the guys behind Folklore should consider making a remake of Legend of Dragoon. Take away turn-based battles for real time and add new elements with dragons lfying and monster collecting, etc.

  • Nice, more downloads.

  • free stuff :D

    i downloaded it

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