New Folklore Pack: By the Fans, For the Fans

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Here’s some news for you Folklore fans out there. In case you missed it, an all-new free Folklore Add-On Pack became available today on the PLAYSTATION Store. I’m chiming in about it because this isn’t just any ordinary Add-On Pack. This one was created by one of your fellow PlayStation fans, Underground member “Uridicy.”

Folklore Add-On Pack

This is just one of the many opportunities we try to give our fans to get involved with the PlayStation magic. You might remember such entries as “Cod of War” that made it into God of War II, courtesy of one of your dedicated Gamer Advisory Panel members, “chickenmeister.” In Folklore’s case, we ran a contest a few months ago with Underground members to see who could create a Folk worthy of being added to the game. Many entries were judged by the dev team and today we’re proud to bring you a new Folk for your collection, named Quasarilli. We hope all of you will get to enjoy Uridicy’s creation and that one day you might see one of your own designs become video game reality.

Here’s what Uridicy had to say about being the creator of the winning Folk:

Art and games have always been a hobby of mine and as an aspiring game artist it is very exciting for me to see a professional 3D model of my creature Quasarilli. I’ve worked on a few Unreal Tournament mods as a texture artist/modeler to develop on my skills as an artist so this is a real encouragement to me. When thinking of what kind of creature to make, I tried to incorporate some tribal elements with the mask like face, feathers, and horns. Of course, even the coolest looking character needs to useful, or the player isn’t going to want to get him. I tried to think of what skills I would want in a Folk other than just brute strength. Since I usually spend a lot of time in most games going after various items, I thought stealing items occasionally might be a nice skill. It’ll be interesting hearing what different people think about my Folk, Quasarilli.

Folklore Add-On Pack

Overall, my favorite thing about Folklore is all the different environments. The game seems to have a unique darker fantasy feeling than the typical fantasy-RPG games I normally play, and the story about Ellen’s mom was very touching. I look forward to going up against my Quasarilli and I hope other people have fun with it too.

Folklore Add-On PackFolklore Add-On Pack

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