Twisted Metal: Head On ETE in Action

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Hey ya’ll- Jaffe here again with some more info on our newest game: Twisted Metal: Head On- Extra Twisted Edition (whew)!

While I love cool, flashy game trailer videos as much as the next gamer (and utilize said flashy trailers whenever I can), I also like seeing pure gameplay videos. Hyper produced clips are sweet for building excitement, but at the end of the day, I want to know what the game itself is going to feel like when I sit down to actually play it. And since the release date of TMHO:ETE is only days away (Feb 5th!), I think it’s time to give you guys/gals an idea as to the experience you’ll get for your hard earned cash. So- with all that preamble-I now present to you: gameplay from Carnival of Darkness, one of the 4 bonus levels from the never-released Twisted Metal Black 2!

Hope you enjoy!

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