Twisted Metal: Head On ETE in Action

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Hey ya’ll- Jaffe here again with some more info on our newest game: Twisted Metal: Head On- Extra Twisted Edition (whew)!

While I love cool, flashy game trailer videos as much as the next gamer (and utilize said flashy trailers whenever I can), I also like seeing pure gameplay videos. Hyper produced clips are sweet for building excitement, but at the end of the day, I want to know what the game itself is going to feel like when I sit down to actually play it. And since the release date of TMHO:ETE is only days away (Feb 5th!), I think it’s time to give you guys/gals an idea as to the experience you’ll get for your hard earned cash. So- with all that preamble-I now present to you: gameplay from Carnival of Darkness, one of the 4 bonus levels from the never-released Twisted Metal Black 2!

Hope you enjoy!

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  • Cool.

  • BTW, I will be buying this game for my dad. 1st game I have bought for him in about 2 years. He loves Twisted Metal 2 though and still plays constantly.


    you are right about some of the videos out there, but this was great!

    Looking forward to Sweet Tooth’s solo adventure!


    So, for his solo jaunt, do we hear Sweettooth’s voice, or is he the strong and silent type? It would be cool to hear his crazy laugh!

    cheers David!

  • Drool worthy, I can’t wait to pick it up on the 5th.

  • Oh yeah, another question-

    Since the extra levels were meant for the PS2 version of Twisted Metal Black, does that mean those levels are full-on PS2 level graphics and code? Or were they altered to fit on the PSP? Just wondering!

    thanks for any feedback!

  • David Jaffe, please tell me that you are working on a PlayStation 3 version of Twisted Metal? I really hope so because I am looking forward to play it.

  • Excellent stuff! Will the game support widescreen? Also, what kind of split-screen options are there?

    Thanks David!

  • Nice video hehe!

  • I can’t wait for this game. For the price, it’s an easy BUY!

  • interesting.


  • Having been a fan of the TM series since the very first one on the ol’ grey beast I’m really looking forward to this one. Hurry up already, February!

  • I wanna play this game so bad. Is there any way to change the release date to the first of Feb.? Thanks for the video!

  • Will this game get any Backwards compatable Support on the PS3 80GB model? I would love to play it! Unless of course your working on a Twisted Metal PS3 game!

  • When will we be able to play PS2 games via remote play on the PSP? I would love to be able to play games such as this that way.

  • It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the PS2 flash logo! Lookin’ good! I think the ‘hidden message’ is going to sell quite a few of these things itself. :P

  • So many games coming out, not enough money for all of them :(

  • I have the same questions as chubigans comment #7. Could you please answer David? Thanks! :) Cant wait to buy this game! :)

  • twisted metal ps3!!

  • I wish i had a job. i would buy this but gonna have to save my money for God of War:CoO in march. will be renting it no matter what from gamefly though

  • looks good Jaffinator.

  • I love the TM series… so ill probably pick this up since Ive owned all the games. but I would love to see it for PS3, And online split screen like warhawk… customized soundtracks… and in HI-DEF… makes my mouth water just thinking about it…Pinch me…I think im dreaming again…lol

  • You had me at $19.99

    PSN: SILV3R_

  • Ehh, still looks like a PSP game, and doesn’t look as good as the screens that haven been released on here lately, but still fun-looking nonetheless. Plus at $20 I’d be insane NOT to get it.

  • Oh yhea..4 got something to ask.

    I watching the On The Spot at and it was a nice intro you did.

    Anyway.. Can you confirm if this game can be played on PS3? It’s not listed here yet

    And on the video on On The Spot the dood was using a wireless controller.. not sure if that was a PS2 wireless or PS3 sixaxis.


  • Hey ya’ll…a few answers:

    #2- I know you didn’t ask a question. I just think it’s so cool you are getting it for your dad! What a cool kid you must be! I hope my kids buy me video games when they get older :)

    #3- Nah, you don’t hear his voice. A great idea tho. Now that I think about it, we should have hired the VO actor from TMB to read all the text that pops up in the on foot part of the game…ah well, next time! :)

    #5- Yes, the Lost levels all began life on the PS2. So art and code are PS2 worthy, regardless of what OrganicShadow would have you believe :)

    #6- I would love to play that game as well! TM on PS3 does sound cool!

    #7- No widescreen, sorry. 2 Player split only. The time to balance play and frame rate and level design adjustments to get 4 player split didn’t seem worth it given the small number of multitaps on the market.

    #10- Not my call. I would love to tho.

    #12- As soon as I can figure out how to get summer movie season to start earlier (go Indy! Go Hulk! Go Batman! Go Ironman!), I will work on getting February to you sooner…deal? :)

    #13- I imagine the 80gig PS3 will work. I got one in my living room and I’m planning on playing Head On on it.

    #14- No info on this. Not my can o worms. Sounds cool tho!

    #19- That sucks you don’t have a job. That really stinks. I’m sorry about that. Come to my blog- and I will arrange to send you a free copy of the game when it ships. Post in the comment section. I will have you then come back and post here under your screen name here to make sure it’s really you. Once we get that down, I’ll make the arrangements. And good luck finding work (that you enjoy!)

  • Awesome resppnse man! Answered some of my questions through other people asking them. Good luck with everything!

  • thanks for your responses, David!

    looking forward to anything you put out man!

  • Thanks for the response David.

  • I always sucked at this game, but this looks like an amazing amount of fun.

    BTW, David. Always thought of you as a stand up guy, and to offer to get “a gamer in need” a copy of the game further fuels that opinion.

    Thanks for stopping by to answer questions after your post. Another reason I follow this Blog.

  • I don’t have a job either, can i get a copy? :P To be honest, money isn’t an issue but i live in Peru and i think it will be hard to find this game here…

  • David, you’re giving him a free game because he doesn’t have a job? I don’t have one either and I had to pay for college (books, etc.)

    Give me a free game too 8)

  • #30 and #31- sorry ya’ll. One time offer :) Maybe next time!

  • Awesome to see theres still some kick in the TM series. Keep on rockin man!

    TM is the reason I got my first PS and TM: Black was the reason I got my PS2, even if it put me into debt at the time lol.

  • Well stay tuned, tupikal82…we’ll give you a reason to buy a PS3 too, if you don’t already got one! :)

  • Uh ohhhhh, Twisted Metal for PS3.

    Someone post this on

  • hmm..I’m wondering if the trailer above has a tiny bit of hint..

    nnhhaaa i’m thinking to much..

  • This is a game I’m certainly getting. And it was great to hear you again on the PSNation podcast David.

  • I don’t think it has a hint. Unless Sweet Tooth at the end is a hint. I’m sure if there is a hint of a new one it will be all over the net soon.

  • So David. If I play this game will I get dizzy? I’m going to get it but I’m coming after you if I am sent to the hospital :P JK

    Looks good. And it’s dirt cheap. I can’t pass up the game!

  • Thank you for the replies David!

    I do hope you guys make a PS3 Twisted Metal. I have some ideas for a PS3 Twisted Metal. Let me know when you think :D

    1. 4 player on/off line co-op
    2. 16 players for online multiplayer, 20 via LAN
    3. Unlockable car Kratos on a chariot hurling lightning bolts :)

  • How come you aren’t going to make anymore epic story driven games? God of War is brilliant!

  • The level looks epic as ever, I’ll get this one.

  • Will there be Twisted Metal & PSP bundle?

  • #41 Jaffe preferred making “smaller games for PSN”, instead of epic games. *sigh*

  • Aww you hate me Dave… :(

    I wasn’t trying to be harsh or anything, I think it’s just something unavoidable with the type of port you guys are doing. It’s great that you were saying in your 1up interview that you don’t like simple PSP-to-PS2 ports, so im grateful that you’ve made the ‘executive decision’ on that to make sure it’s worthy of a ‘second time buy’ for PSP owners who already have it.

    David Jaffe IS the god of war… <3 x 33

  • Hey Jaffe…do you still play Calling All Cars? I think I seen you once or twice..I am crazy sick at that game. Add me -> Stallone1993 if you want to see if I could beat you :P.

    Btw Jaffe, I used to play Twisted Metal when I was like 4 years old man…that game was crazy. Then I begged and begged for 2 3 4 and 2 years ago I got Head On for my PSP :P. I would gladly purchase a future twisted metal like an actual blu ray version of a TM but like a new refreshing start…I can only imagine what you guys could do with it. But hell, even unleash a game of TM over the PSN…look at Warhawk!!! Only 700 MB but waht a game. Imagine what you guys could do with 2 GB of data…but its twisted metal!

    ANyways I hope you got to read that and you could add me so we can hit each other up in Calling All Cars :P PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :P

    ~ Stallone

  • That’s a hell of a nice thing you’re doing for #19 David.

    If a TM comes to the PS3, please 2010 release date hopefully by then a price drop will happen where I can afford one. Until then I’ll be enjoying TM: Head On ETE.

  • Looks great David. Hopefully, you can give us some hints regarding your future PS3 activity soon.

  • I heard the PSP version is coming to the PlayStation Store. Will it be playable on the PS3 like other PSN games and will it have it’s online capabilities on the PS3?

  • Jaffe,

    About what you did for #19- That was the coolest thing I could have ever seen a developer do. That’s the kind of stuff that really brings binds the developer with the community. Can’t wait for your upcoming games.

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