Resistance 2 Officially Unveiled

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As you may have seen elsewhere on the internet, Resistance 2 was officially unveiled in the latest issue of Game Informer which is on sale now. Game Informer’s website has some additional information, including a video interview with Ted Price.

resistance informer

In other news, the Insomniac Games podcast, The Full Moon Show, returned for it’s second season earlier this week. The first episode can be found here. In this episode: a new co-host revealed, an interview with a studio that recently reclaimed its independence and possibly a tidbit or two about this Resistance 2 game.

That is all. Well, for now.

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  • I can’t wait to see some video of this.

  • Resistance 2 FTW

  • the game sounds awesome
    this just might beat out halo
    good work insomniac has out done themselves especially because they are very new in the first person shooter

  • you should bust out some news right here right now and blow the lid off this pop stand.

  • They’re a great studio so I’m definitely looking forward to see how they push the game further. I enjoyed the story on the first one but the very, very ending movie did seem a bit… Well, I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t got there yet, but I hope that they steer the new game’s plot away from the clichés that seem to be popping up in almost every game at the moment.

    Give us a story that pulls us through the night Insomniac!


  • Can’t wait to hear more about this. Definitely one of the top gamer on my radar for this holiday season… if not the top game.

  • Can you guys give any hints or info regarding God of War: Chains of Olympus bundle PSP? OR MAYBE FF: VII Crisis Core bundle PSP? Please?


  • Insomniac ever sleep…

    This game will be awsome… a shame that you needed to rush the game to sell it at launch of the ps3 but not this one… you have the gameplay… make it better… wow us…

  • YES!!!!


    They have had alot of time now to work on the Cell and better learn how to push code to the SPU’s…

    so I am expecting great things!!!

    Can’t wait!

  • I hope this time they put more in it and don’t look to bleed us dry for extras like maps and stuff. These things do add up !!

  • Can’t wait to see it in action!!! ;-P

  • oh yeah…IT’S EXCLUSIVE!!!


  • The sequel looks awesome. I loved the story mode in the 1st one and can’t wait for the second.

  • If $10 “bleeds you dry”, you might want to think about getting a second job.
    Seriously, that’s nothing, considering they gave us a solid game to begin with.

    8-player online co-op sold the new one for me.
    Can’t wait.

  • I wish it wasn’t called Resistance 2. I would rather Resistance: Rise of Man or something similar. Now we can get confused in text conversations, due to being used to saying RFOM, and now having to say R2, which could be anything. ;)

  • cant wait for it… The first one was my favorite shooter

  • Will they have world-wide online play at launch or do we get to wait 7+ months afterwards for a patch?

  • I hope to see some video in GDC
    Espero ver algun video en la GDC

  • When are the pics/videos coming? :P

  • Nice, this game is going to be sweet.

  • Insomniac are one of the best PS3 developers. Obviously some of the hardest workers in the industry. Kudos and much well-deserved success to them.

  • This game is going to be amazing

  • When will we know more about Killzone 2? We know more about Resistance 2 than about KZ2 and fans all over internet forums are feeling down and not very optimistic about KZ2 after this amazing Resistance 2 announcements/informations.

  • My lord! Good year for PS3.

  • @ #17:

    I think Resistance 2 is a working title. not (yet) the ‘real’ title, but is something good to ask Greg Phillips.

    So Greg, please awnser: is Resistance 2 ‘the’ title, or a working title?


  • @ Cmargary: “Insomniac ever sleep?”

    Oh how that question makes me chuckle. In more ways than one.

  • Killzone 2- Resistance 2> Call Of Duty 4> Haze> Halo 3>Resistance Fall Of Man…

    And people say they hope this game will be better than halo…

    “You can’t make games out of graphics”… KnaveX

  • @Globox82

    GDC my friend… GDC.

    “You can’t make games out of graphics”… KnaveX

  • This is a day one purchase, not bothering with reviews, Insomniac = game gods keep up the great work, love how the new chimera look, a lot more menacing than the original ones here are screens for ppl who haven’t seen

  • w00tz! Can’t wait for a trailer :D

  • @loucetios
    Thats frikin intimidating.

    “You can’t make games out of graphics”… KnaveX

  • My most anticipated game of the year. Looking forward to some high res screens of the improved texture and lighning method!!

  • Damn Straight

  • Insomniac you tease,
    give us the goods.

  • Hell yeah for resistance 2!
    Do you only show 1st party games on the official blog? Seen nothing on Haze, suppose it’s not got a big enough budget for you guys to consider :P

    Anyway, still waiting on Play TV news, I do anything for some info on that.

  • Looking forward to R2. I just started playing through the first one and I’m enjoying it, though it could use a bit more “scary” sequences if you ask me. The Chimera are dangerous, no doubt, but the levels where you’re alone and playing through underground bunkers and tunnels could use a little more atmosphere. The Chimera basically just attack, but there’s no sense of “threat” other than they’ll attack you. Maybe if they were a little more sneaky it would help that feeling of paranoia.

  • Not particularly new information anymore, but it’s still nice to hear.

  • why are the game’s graphics crappy? proof of ps3’s weak hardware

  • not-buying-incognito

    I bought RFOM at launch with my ps3…
    After waiting for 23 hours in a very cold line outside of wal-mart…
    Many people said their were no games for ps3…
    Non-sense RFOM kept me busy from Nov, 06 till
    well into the summer of 07…
    Expecting a lot from RESISTANCE 2

  • awesome even hough i didnt get the first one i want to get this one.p.s i was wathing american idol and i saw a ps3 commercial AWESOME. GOOD JOB. SONY FDW(FO DA WORD)

  • not-buying-incognito

    Give me IN-GAME-XMB



  • not-buying-incognito

    @ 43…..
    You are pretty much a stupid dummy… :)


  • hi, sony… can you hear me?

    I bought a ps3 cuz of Insomniac games….. and im sure many other people did too… subsidize the SH*T out of them, they deserve it.

  • Lets see where do I start?

    1. This news is a bit late for the PS blog no? This info has been all around the web for awhile now.

    2. Does this mean Killzone 2 will be pushed back since this title already got some major buzzz?

    3. Whatever happened to Killzone 2 anyways?

    4. Any chance will see Killzone 2 before Resistance 2? If not, that would be a damn shame.

  • Oh yeah! How about some Dualshock 3/Sixaxis for these games that are being released? Burnout Paradise is actually out before the damn new controllers. In another few weeks will have Devil May Cry 4 without Dualshock 3/Sixaxis. This is a real shame Sony. Japan already have the controllers…why not us?

    Where the hell is Home? I know it takes time to deliver a great and unique product right. So, why wasn’t these things ready a launch?
    A year and few months and still no Home. What’s worse is that you guys are promoting the damn thing like its out for the public to use. I call this false advertising!!!

    In-game XMB??? Hah! I guess sometimes during the next 365 days huh?

    When will we get a better PS Store? That web page does not make any sense to me…

    We as the consumer are giving Sony way to much credit for over promising and under delivering. I’m a huge fan of Sony products but, enough is enough.

    “That was my rant for the day.”

  • I can hardly wait! I am quivering with excitement. R2 is surely going to be one of the best shooters out there. I am simply stunned at the quality of titles that insomniac are putting out. One per year, and they are great too. Way to go guys. I will buy this on day 1.

    I’m also looking forward to playing through RFOM with a dualshock 3. Thanks for adding this compatibility. You guys rock. Kudos to Sony for keeping you guys in the fold.

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