Patapost Friday: Lifestyles of the Pata-Rich and Pon-Famous

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Patapon 1

Welcome back dear gamer! As promised, today is the day we set off on a tour full of glam and pon-couture – the Patapon home city of Patapolis. First we’ll start off by visiting a couple of haute spots, grab some lunch at Patapolis’ finest dining establishment, take in a music show (or two) and end our day with an exclusive-VIP-behind-the-ropes view into the Patapon war room (aka HQ) and some home-style resurrectin’.

Patapon 2
Festival Plaza: Quite the popular spot among all Mighty Patapons as well as a perfect place to display the decapitated head of some of their (the Patapons’) worst enemies. To the left you’ll see some Patapons celebrating, and to the right you’ll see Meden (the one with the feathers) – the only Patapon that can communicate with you, the Mighty Patapon. All Patapon players start off here and introduce themselves to their minions… someday (with the help of some ka-ching) you might be the one that leads the Patapons from here to victory.

Patapon 3
Rah Gashapon: Where do hungry Patapons go to eat? They go to chef Rah Gashapon’s bistro, where he’ll whip you up some of the finest fare in Patapolis… but you must help him chop up the ingredients… so make sure to swing that knife to the beat! And make sure you don’t forget the cilantro!

Once you’re done, make sure you get some to go – – Patapon warriors can always use a little food during their battles, it helps them gain strength and special powers!

Patapon 4
Ubbo Bon and Pan Pakapon’s Jazz-a-Mataz: A special double headliner night with Bugle master Pan The Pakapon and vocalist tree extraordinaire Ubbo Bon! Ubbo Bon’s crown is full of elemental goodness, so make sure to make him really shake that Ubbo-Bon-Bon (sorry had to do it)… who knows what might fall out of there! Perhaps some secret items?

Patapon 5
Rumble Thump and Kon Kimpon’s Toe Xylophone: Duo Patapolis is home to not just one but two music aficionados. Kon Kimpon will treat all to a fine night of xylophone goodness off the toes of Rumble Thump the newly born mountain. Play his toes (aka massage his feet) the right way and Rumble Thump will let you into his secret stash, and who knows, you might even score some rare items to boot!

Patapon 6
Stone Obelisk: After the fine dining, music, parties and general debauchery, all Patapons head over to the Stone Obelisk, a mystical portal that will send them off on to various adventures. This is the first step onto Earthend… and for some Patapons it’s also the last time they’ll see Patapolis…

Patapon 7
Patapon World Map: Before you unrolls a tattered parchment, mapping out the various points on the outskirts of Patapolis… this is where you make your peace with all that is and select your mission – – only the phony tough and the crazy brave will survive.

As you progress through the game (and get closer to Earthend) new missions will unlock; however, don’t ignore previous missions! In the heat of battle you might have missed some important items… so always try to revisit past conquest. What kind of warrior would you be if you didn’t pillage some village?

Hint: the World Map not only tells you what’s out there, but also, what the weather is like. Pay close attention to those details as you might need to bring a pon-parka or some pata-sandals. Also, arrows do poorly against strong winds…

Patapon 8
HQ: This is definitely the most somber locale in Patapolis – – and also the place were all battles are won or lost. Here’s where you (as the Mighty Patapon) will have to strategize your troop formation for the impending battle. Equip some JuJu and feed your troops Gashapon’s fine meals (for some their last). All the battle armament you’ve accumulated throughout your fights will be available here as well, so make sure to arm each Patapon with the correct weapon. There are dozens to choose from and each one is as deadly as the last…

Patapon 9
Mater the Tree of Life: Each mission and special mini-games (Ubo Bon, Rumble Thump and many more) will up your element stash, caps, and memories of ancient Patapon warriors. All of these can be brought to Mater and mixed together to create new Patapons. Its also important to note that after a bloody battle you can also bring the remains of your fallen comrades to breathe new pata-life into them.

That, dear gamer, is the end of today’s tour … until then, be safe and keep tuned to the PlayStation.Blog for more Patapon goodness.

Patapon 10

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  • What the hell did I just read?

  • THis looks like fun, kind of like a remote controlled ant farm… I like ant farms :)

  • When do we get this game and will you please make it playable on the PS3?

  • Loco Roco for the PSP should be ported and would work so awesome with the motion-controller, just don’t do the stupid cursor thing like the last PS3 Loco Roco installation.. Please at least make a motion control option for Cocorecco. I would even pay for this feature as an option. I would also pay more to play psp games on the PS3 (You could call it an emulation charge) Sorry, i know that Loco Roco is seperate for Patapwn :)

  • @1: XD, same.

  • That was nice. New LocoRoco :D

  • This is going to be Fun!!!

  • There’s a nice article in GF about this game as well.
    Thanks for the updates!

  • Quirky! This sounds to be a really great game and you sure do have a great imagination :) I can’t wait until February. Are the stores correct in pricing the game @ $20.00?

  • Patapon looks fun. BTW, will there be GoW PSP pack? or FF: VII Crisis Core PSP pack? Answer will be great.

  • THis is to be a rythm game right?

  • Looks nice.
    Can we get some more info on Play TV.
    *Will it use the PS3s upscaling?
    *All Freeview channels?

    It looks like a brilliant product and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more info

    I read that it would cost $135+, now I know it’s EU only so I’m hoping the site used the exchange rates to get that price.
    i.e ~£70, that seems a reasonable price.

  • can we pleeeassse get a demo please….

  • Is it possible to get a confirmation on the price? Some sites have it listed at 30, 40 and GameStop has it listed at 20?

  • C-h-a-o-s, if it is $20 I’m buying it on day one. If it’s more, I’m going to have to wait :(

  • Great… Now what about some info about Home. Release dates. Beta, anything!!!

    We want to go HOME!!

  • @13

    Yes.. I want to know about the play tv but it will still europe only? I want something like this in the states… something with TIVO.. not just in the air channels… I will buy it since day 1… too bad it will use it usb because usb in the front look ugly…

  • I’ve seen videos and I’ve read the articles but I still want a demo first before I buy. Please release a demo with this game. If it’s good, I’m sure you’ll be getting more buyers.

    For the PSN download, it has to be less than $20. Warhawk may be classified as successful but it would have done even better at this price. Learn from that mistake.

  • If this is a PSN download, I’ll snatch it up in seconds!

  • I can’t wait for this game. Glad to see PSP get some original titles.

  • Pata~pata~patapon


  • I am simply in LOVE with the art style of Patapon! I will definitely be picking up this title!

    That was a good read too! Humorous but very informative!

  • When’s home coming out?

  • When can I buy this?

  • @5
    patapwn is now the official unofficial name
    BTW 20$ will sell 75% copies not 2 mention some demos and adding. this was a must buy the second they shode it in On The Spot on Gamespot *wink*

  • Heh Heh nice topic name!

  • PSN. Patapon. Pata(S)poN. If this game is not released on PSN it will be a crime against humanity.

  • Sony could you by any chance update the PS3s Browser please. When i am simply browsing the UT3 mod website to download mods a message comes up saying not enough memory. This also occurs when i visit other websites. I there any way possible that you guys can upgrade the flash player as well. You told us that we could browse the web with ease but thats not true. There also seems to be a memory cap on the PS3 browser like the awful PSP browsers. Please address this matter.

    P.s this game looks great.

  • not-buying-incognito

    Que? Dame IN-GAME-XMB

  • not-buying-incognito

    Give me a US version of
    PS3 PlayTV <<<<<<< Like DVR

  • Jeff Rubenstein has commented before that this is a PSP UMD game. Haven’t seen any inclinations anywhere of it going to the PSN.

    Also, I agree with #30, an update for the flash player would be nice.

  • i’m hoping you guys will consider this on the psn as i don’t have a psp but would love to play it

  • Forbidden_Darkness

    can we get psp demos right on the psn right from our ps3s? because ive seen psp demos i could acces thru my comp but i only see psp games and ps1 games u can use on ur psp. but no demos:(

  • I can’t wait to get this game.

  • I will definitely pick this up for the PSP but please bring this to PSN too. We all want it.

  • Tragic thing is, this highly original, quirky game absolutely bombed in Japan with just 30k sales in its first three weeks. This in the land of 8m PSPs, and where “Cooking Mama” and “My Horse and Me” are huge sellers……..

    Those Japanese kids are never happy. They frequently complain Sony only gives them the same thing over and over (actually wrong), yet when they’re given some fun, original games they refuse to buy them. They ignored Loco Roco too. Both would sell millions on the DS, I’ve no doubt.

    Japan doesn’t deserve Sony any longer. Come to Europe guys.

  • Patahapatahapatapon!

    Thanks yous much!

  • looks really interesting… going to keep my eye on this game

  • I was at the airport and I saw a guy bobbing his head to this game, I wanna try it already!!!

  • Can anyone use the “contact us” page on ( I’m not able to submit…

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