PixelJunk Monsters Set to Launch Next Week

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January is a MONSTER month; at last you will all get to play PixelJunk Monsters! So here’s another note from us here at Q-Games in Kyoto, Japan with some hints and tips to start the ball rolling. Believe me, once you start playing this game, say goodbye to any other titles you thought you might be playing for a few weeks – this is going to keep you coming back again and again until your eyelids start fluttering uncontrollably. Of course, that might not necessarily be a good thing!

Anyway, let’s dive into the scenario – you have to protect your island and its villagers from the monster horde and you begin roughly in the center of the island where there are about 20 villages to defend in 3 areas; designated easy, medium and hard. In each area there is a special end stage that gives you some kind of ability or power-up when you complete it.

If you save all the little villagers in a particular stage a rainbow will be displayed and collecting these rainbows allows you to unlock new areas to explore.

For the easy set of levels there are ten waves of monsters. There are quite a few types, but to begin with I feel it’s a good idea to warn you about the spiders – they are FAST!

When monsters are killed, they drop coins for you to run around and collect and this money lets you build more towers. Occasionally they will drop little gems that are pretty important.

The gems have two purposes: the first is that you can use them to upgrade existing towers, up to four times each. The second purpose for gems is to allow you to research new types of tower to build:

Pixel 1
Ice Tower: Slows down monsters within a small splash area – handy against spiders. This can slow down whole groups when it is upgraded.

Pixel 2
Fire Tower: Basically, a tower that fires napalm – once it fires it keeps firing for a while but doesn’t track the monsters so is good for taking out long lines of enemies. It takes a while to reload though, which can let monsters slip through

Pixel 3
Tesla Tower: This tower charges up and fires out simultaneously at all the monsters nearby with electric plasma, it can be tricky to place but at the same time it can be really effective when used by skillful players.

PixelJunk Monsters - Laser Tower
Laser Tower: This fires out a straight and very long single laser shot and is only effective against flying monsters; if you can place this tower where it can catch the monsters in a line it is very powerful as the laser will go through all of them

PixelJunk Monsters - Hive Tower
Hive Tower: You can only build one of these but it creates little flying creatures that will congregate around you and attack any monsters nearby. This is a very esoteric tower.

PixelJunk Monsters - Mortar Tower
Mortar Tower: Basically a very powerful cannon, this has huge range and an equally big explosion – upgrading one of these babies all the way will make you pretty formidable.
Working out which towers are most efficient against which enemies is the key to this game – but it’s not as simple as it sounds!

We’ve put a lot of effort into the design and balance of the various stages and each one requires you to try out different strategies and combinations of towers, and this is where the game is thoroughly addicting. Some might initially think the game is hard, but that’s just because we have tuned it to give you that Tower Defense-like “just.. one.. more.. go” experience. Before you know it, it is 5 a.m. in the morning!

On a final note, did you all see the new Earth Visualizer that we made? If not, definitely check it out by downloading the latest firmware update. We’ll keep trying to think up other cool demos or visualizers that show off the power of the PS3.

Feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to reply to some of them as always. Good luck getting all the rainbows!

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