TMHO Extra Twisted Edition: But Wait … There’s More!

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When we were first starting Twisted Metal:Head On-Extra Twisted Edition, one of the major goals was to cram the game with so many exciting features that players would know right away that this was so much more than a simple port. We wanted people to flip the game box over and be floored by how much cool stuff was inside. I love it when I buy a game or DVD and the thing almost FEELS heavier because it’s just stuffed with features and bonus content. And that’s the experience we’ve tried to deliver to folks who pick up our new game. Just check out what this thing has:

  • The Core Game Itself- Yep, the hit PSP game – Twisted Metal:Head On – is now on PS2. And now it’s running at 60 frames/second, has improved textures and art, and even has a new level created specifically for this version (Transylvania Castle). Check it out:


  • The Lost Levels – Four brand new levels straight out of the dark, demented world of Twisted Metal: Black. These levels are designed with two player deathmatch in mind and I think they are some of the best Twisted levels we have ever made. My favorites are Suburban Terror and Stadium Slaughter. Here’s a sneak peek:

A Note to Old School Gamers: can you tell where the inspiration for the ‘car combat amid a series of low walls’ area of the stadium level comes from?

  • The Twisted Metal Symphony- folks who purchase the game will get a free code to let them download a free copy of The Twisted Metal Symphony. TMS is a compilation soundtrack of the greatest musical tracks from TM1, TM2, TM:BLACK, and TM:HEAD ON. Yes, old school TM fans, Rooftops from TM1 WILL be on there!
  • A Continuous Suicide Of Reason: The Art Of Twisted Metal- a pack in art booklet filled with concept art dating back to the very first Twisted Metal game. Check out some shots:
  • The Dark Past- A 30 minute documentary tracing the history of Twisted Metal, the struggles the team went through in making the games, the success, the failures, the fans,etc. Heck, we even touch on what went wrong with TM3 and Tm4 and what the original team REALLY feels about those games. It’s a nice little doc that- I feel- is much more honest than the usual ‘making of’ puff pieces you see ubn a lot of games these days.


  • Sweet Tour- This is where you get to take control of Sweet Tooth himself and run him around some levels built for Twisted Metal: Black 2. As you run around, you find icons you can collect. Each icon opens up concept art and behind the scenes information about the making of the series.
  • The Lost Ending Movies- Back in 1995, I wrote and directed some live action end movies for the very first Twisted Metal. Because they were deemed too sexist and too violent, they never saw the light of day. But it’s 2008 now and what was once offensive is now just- to most folks- cheesy and charming. So these flicks are on the disc for folks to finally judge for themselves if they are cinematic masterpieces or the final proof of my total lack of talent. I’m sure you’ll let me know which.

To me, that’s one pretty packed disc you know? So I’ve been excited for months about the value I feel we’re bringing not only to Twisted fans, but to action game and multiplayer fans as well. And then, just the other day, Sony confirmed how much the thing was going to cost … and at $19.99 I was thrilled!

TwistedMetalHeadOn ETW Box Art

Yep, less that 20 bucks for what I feel is a darn good package for action gamers everywhere! Twenty bucks for a port of a hit game is a good deal on its own. Toss in all this extra stuff and – I hope you agree – you’re talking about one sweet deal.

Oh, and have I mentioned that buried deep within this mammoth package is the answer to a question that TM fans have been asking us for quite a while now? No? Oh, well now I have. But good luck finding it! It’s buried pretty deep!

Ok, back soon to post some gameplay vids of the title! Thanks for taking the time to check up out! The game launches in February! Hope you give us a shot!

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  • Why do I get the feeling that Twisted Metal PS3 will be shown in some form on this game? Like a trailer? ;-)


  • I would really love to see a Twisted Metal PS3 game. Please make it!

  • Yeah what’s a next gen Playstation system without a new Twisted Metal? Not complete that’s what it is.

  • Now we only need to see Twisted Metal HD Remix for the PS3… *evil smile*

  • Never knew whether or not this was a port or what, but now I have all the details and I must have this. $20? Wow. Any other studios out there taking notes? Can’t wait to play this. I think I’ll pick up TM:Black while im at it too, seeing as I STILL haven’t gotten that game.

  • Mrcamo got pwnt lawlwlalwllwaw

  • Yet another game that I need to buy

  • Instant purchase. Thanks Dave and gang.

  • Twisted Metal? more like NOT-RESISTANCE 2!!!!

  • I am getting this next month being a fan of the franchise from the playstation days. I can’t wait to see the extra features that are in this version of the psp game.

  • This is going to be great. I see it as the PS2’s one last big game and then it will go into the sunset. Is there a release date for this gem?

  • This is where you get to take control of Sweet Tooth himself and run him around some levels built for Twisted Metal: Black 2. As you run around…

    There was a Twisted Metal: Black 2? LOL where was this I honestly forgot my twisty metals. I used to play them when I was a kid but then I didnt buy the PS2 until a year after so I completely forgot about Black 1 but there is black 2?

  • can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait… burnout paradise and warhawk can’t even hold me over until this game comes out. I’m glad that you and your team don’t whore out the franchise like what EA and Red Octane have done, but it does hurt that these games come out so far apart. Keep up the good work Dave and crew. No matter what, just don’t let it die completely, this series has far too much going for it.

  • “There was a Twisted Metal: Black 2? LOL where was this I honestly forgot my twisty metals. I used to play them when I was a kid but then I didnt buy the PS2 until a year after so I completely forgot about Black 1 but there is black 2?”
    It was canceled.

  • You had me @ “when”… Can’t wait to get my buddies in on this! David Jaffe is the man!

  • well I just watched the video because I finaly got High speed and i just wanted to say that this is going to be awsome “my hunger for souls has grown unsationable” lol thats Mr.Grimm from TM3

    David Jaffe got some questions for you

    #1) Are you able to play as Dark Tooth in story/ 2 player/ single player because you couldn’t in TM2 and thats the only TM he’s appeared in until now.

    #2) Are the some of the TM:Black characters going to be included into the release version of the game?

    #3) I heard that in TM:Head On there was no minion have you included him into the game?

    #4) are all the charactors on the PSP version going to be included on the final release version?

    #5)Is this going to be online because if it I i can’t play it its to hard to play online with the PS2 but its very simple on the PS3 because it got wireless built in =D
    you need stupid cable to play PS2 online
    and I can’t play it on my PS3 because its the 40GB =.(

    O ya I see on some of the screens on the TM:HO website that theres 2 flames coming out the bottom of Mr.Slamm but he has a egsaust pipe coming out of the top part could you move the boost flames to the egsaust coming out the top like it was in Twisted Metal 4 it came shoting out the top ion TM4 so could you please pit that in it makes way more sense than to have it coming from 2 invisible egsausts on the bottom of an articulated machine .

    and finally if you guys can fit all this stuff on a PS2 formated disk imagine all the stuff you could put on it if it was a Ps3’s Blu-ray disk they can store a wopping 50GB’s on 1 CD this just gets better and better cant wait

  • $20? That’s pretty good :D I don’t live in the US and im not sure if we will get it here, but if we do, i’ll definately get it for that price.

  • Aha, and I hope that Sony makes sure this will work on a PS3 EU version (60 GB)…

  • Hey ,Jaffe my first post anyway love the news here people those who bash car combat need to understand there is Twisted Metal and then car combat Twisted Metal is on it own platform no car combat compares period.
    Secondly, a little off topic but the God of War for PSP I know it’s early and you most likely won’t answer but will Chains of Olympus be ported to PS2 I loves the series but don’t won’t to but $200 hand-held just to play it ( granted I would but prefer to keep Kratos on the big screen )

  • Jaffe doesn’t actually really work on God of War directly. He just gives input from time to time. Otherwise, it’s all in other devs hands.

  • Less than $20 FTW!!!!! I will pick this up because I love Twisted Metal Black. Will there be any online play? If so I’ll get you online in February. Thanks for this masterpiece.

  • Wow, do you not wonder why this is a PS2 game that costs $20.00 new? Oh well i guess there is one born every minute.

  • I didn’t realise it was still 1998.

    Who really cares about Twisted Metal anymore? Who even cares about “Car-Combat” anymore?!

    If this sells well then something is wrong.

    No offense Mr.Jaffe but complaining about a lack of innovation and interesting games and then putting this thing out is hella hypocritical.

  • I think Wonderboy nailed what i was trying to say … At least i am not the only one trying to save your wallet. Go get Pain and Flow instead, maybe High Velocity Bowling and reward Sony for putting forth the effort to make a new game with a unique experience that has not been done before. I just feel that the limited gameplay on TM games is beneath what is to be expected of a game these days.

  • @Mr. Camo and Wonderboy46

    Dudes! This industry feeds off of old intellectual properties!

    Final Fantasy 13, metal gear solid 4, mario 9, halo 3, Ratchet and Clank 5, etc. etc.

    Besides, obviously people like them or else they wouldn’t sell so well!

    good thing this game IS ONLY $20!!!!

    I spend that every time we go to Quizno’s.

    But you are right- of course we need new unique games and experiences! But I wouldn’t look to a PSP port on PS2 for that!


  • Good point, but each game you have listed has progressed along the way taking every opportunity to add to and enrich the experience. Twisted Metal is the best car combat game ever made, and that is sad, as it never comes close to being in the same league as the games you have listed. (Mario never needede o change anything to be great)

  • Nice to see Sony is continuing with the PSP -> PS2 ports, as even they don’t have faith on the PSP.

    Can’t wait for the next port announcement, probably silent hill origins or God of War

  • Trying to save our wallets…? Ha! They clearly don’t want to be saved. And with the number of PS3 games coming out this year at $60 each, I wouldn’t pick on a $20 game. That amount is nothing. This thing is PACKED. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but don’t tell us how to spend our money. PAIN was $10 for far less. Not a bad game by any means, but a far less valuable offer compared to this.

    The only ‘reasons’ you are giving are ‘opinions’. “Who cares about car combat anymore?” “[I]t never comes close to being in the same league as the games you have listed.” Those sound like opinions to me. Peddle your ‘facts’ elsewhere.

  • i await the immature responses on his site about the reviews of this game ala Calling All Cars…grow up Jaffe!

    calling for one format and then port a game? idiot

  • Hey Everyone. I know this has nothing to do with the blog but I need online friends… Hit me up if you can understand

    Online ID: HinesTime

  • II think i may have created some Butt-hurt here amongst the jaffe/cruddy games loyalists. I am sorry your butts hurt….

  • Twisted Metal: Black 2 for the PS3 looks to be confirmed!!!! GREAT NEWS!

  • or is there going to be an action non-car combat game of Twisted Metal where you play as Twist Tooth?

  • I rather pay $5 bucks for twisted metal black cause it has 1-4 players.

    How lame that this game is only 1-2 players?

  • i don’t think there was one game that david jaffe dissapointed on, i bought all twisted metals, god of wars, and i even bought caling all cars. i enjoyed all of them (god of war the most) its too bad that he is’nt going to do GoW III, i’m not gonna buy the last game in the series in which the creator is’nt going to finish the epic of the century, i mean kratos might make it in to greek history as a cover up in a huge conspiracy. KRATOS ENDED THE GODS OF OLYMPUS!!!

  • YES! I’ve reserved this game since I heard of it, and man am I glad that others are as excited as I am. I can’t wait, it’s probably going to get more play than DMC4 is, to be honest.

  • This game is looking sick!

    Way better than that Twisted Metal Black.
    Yup will probably get.

  • not-buying-incognito


  • Great Idea: Make the game a digital download!

    Hell… I’d pay 25 bucks if I could DL the game (with all those added bonuses) directly to my PS3. I mean, demos are becoming a few gigs by themselves… so what’s to stop you guys from just releasing smaller, classic or (dare I say) Greatest Hits games for PS2 to the PS3 library? I know it’s already being done for the PS1 games, but there’s a whole untapped well of gems untouched because we are given “classics” like 2xtreme and the original Syphon Filter (games that were good in the past, but honestly haven’t aged well at all).

    Just throwing the thought out there… I’m sure there are several technical and financial and legal reasons this simple wish wont come into fruition for another few years (if ever). Oh well…

  • Did anyone else notice the combination of TMB cars with the TMHO ones?

    In the trailers you can see Darkside, Crazy 8, TMB Outlaw, and Yellow Jacket. Plus, a car I do not recognize… also, there is a TMHO Outlaw in the screenshots…

    Could my dream of the ultimate culmination of TM games actually be coming true?

  • does anyone know how many players this game supports?

  • Wait a minute guys. Just read snippets of an interview Jaffe did with Gamepro hyping up this game. He ruled out the possibility of working on God of War style games and probably anything bigger than Calling all Cars is a big game to Jaffe. Here’s another quote from it.

    “And just because it’s hidden in Twisted Metal doesn’t mean it has anything to do with Twisted Metal. That’s why it’s so well hidden. It’s a really cryptic riddle we put in there”

    I’m definitely not getting my hopes up now.

  • WOW i love Twisted metal series, when i had Ps1, 60% of my time i played Twisted metal III.
    I going to buy this new editions and i hope Twisted metal for PS3 be revelated, with a exclusive trailer inside or something similar

  • I shouldn’t complain that Sony has again gave PS2 owners good reason not to buy a PSP, but it certainly seems like some of the PSP’s best games have been ported.

  • JAFFE JAFFE JAFFE!!! I just watched a video of the original Twisted Metal and I noticed that Warthog has 6 wheels instead of 4 man if you ever visit this or read this could you Please give it 1 extra axle to make him a 6×6 it is way sweeter that 4 wheels man I beg of you to do that it’s insanley awsome a 6×6 humvee now thats something Iv’e never seen before so could ya? sorry for all the questions its just some thing that got left out are no worse than before……………..

  • WHOA!!!!!!!! I just downloaded the vids from gamespot and damn! does this game look good great work but can any one answer my questions????

  • why isnt it on ps3?

  • Ok I purchased TM:HO-ETE brand new the day it came out! And inside there was NO free code for the Twisted Metal Symphony and NO artbook either. Inisde there was only the manual and a french manual! Did I miss something here, or am I just getting screwed because I live in Canada!?

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