TMHO Extra Twisted Edition: But Wait … There’s More!

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When we were first starting Twisted Metal:Head On-Extra Twisted Edition, one of the major goals was to cram the game with so many exciting features that players would know right away that this was so much more than a simple port. We wanted people to flip the game box over and be floored by how much cool stuff was inside. I love it when I buy a game or DVD and the thing almost FEELS heavier because it’s just stuffed with features and bonus content. And that’s the experience we’ve tried to deliver to folks who pick up our new game. Just check out what this thing has:

  • The Core Game Itself- Yep, the hit PSP game – Twisted Metal:Head On – is now on PS2. And now it’s running at 60 frames/second, has improved textures and art, and even has a new level created specifically for this version (Transylvania Castle). Check it out:


  • The Lost Levels – Four brand new levels straight out of the dark, demented world of Twisted Metal: Black. These levels are designed with two player deathmatch in mind and I think they are some of the best Twisted levels we have ever made. My favorites are Suburban Terror and Stadium Slaughter. Here’s a sneak peek:

A Note to Old School Gamers: can you tell where the inspiration for the ‘car combat amid a series of low walls’ area of the stadium level comes from?

  • The Twisted Metal Symphony- folks who purchase the game will get a free code to let them download a free copy of The Twisted Metal Symphony. TMS is a compilation soundtrack of the greatest musical tracks from TM1, TM2, TM:BLACK, and TM:HEAD ON. Yes, old school TM fans, Rooftops from TM1 WILL be on there!
  • A Continuous Suicide Of Reason: The Art Of Twisted Metal- a pack in art booklet filled with concept art dating back to the very first Twisted Metal game. Check out some shots:
  • The Dark Past- A 30 minute documentary tracing the history of Twisted Metal, the struggles the team went through in making the games, the success, the failures, the fans,etc. Heck, we even touch on what went wrong with TM3 and Tm4 and what the original team REALLY feels about those games. It’s a nice little doc that- I feel- is much more honest than the usual ‘making of’ puff pieces you see ubn a lot of games these days.


  • Sweet Tour- This is where you get to take control of Sweet Tooth himself and run him around some levels built for Twisted Metal: Black 2. As you run around, you find icons you can collect. Each icon opens up concept art and behind the scenes information about the making of the series.
  • The Lost Ending Movies- Back in 1995, I wrote and directed some live action end movies for the very first Twisted Metal. Because they were deemed too sexist and too violent, they never saw the light of day. But it’s 2008 now and what was once offensive is now just- to most folks- cheesy and charming. So these flicks are on the disc for folks to finally judge for themselves if they are cinematic masterpieces or the final proof of my total lack of talent. I’m sure you’ll let me know which.

To me, that’s one pretty packed disc you know? So I’ve been excited for months about the value I feel we’re bringing not only to Twisted fans, but to action game and multiplayer fans as well. And then, just the other day, Sony confirmed how much the thing was going to cost … and at $19.99 I was thrilled!

TwistedMetalHeadOn ETW Box Art

Yep, less that 20 bucks for what I feel is a darn good package for action gamers everywhere! Twenty bucks for a port of a hit game is a good deal on its own. Toss in all this extra stuff and – I hope you agree – you’re talking about one sweet deal.

Oh, and have I mentioned that buried deep within this mammoth package is the answer to a question that TM fans have been asking us for quite a while now? No? Oh, well now I have. But good luck finding it! It’s buried pretty deep!

Ok, back soon to post some gameplay vids of the title! Thanks for taking the time to check up out! The game launches in February! Hope you give us a shot!

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  • Consider me sold. For $20 I’d buy that package without the game. I randomly started playing Head-On again on PSP recently, and it’ll be nice to have that experience on my TV.

    It’s great to see the Eat Sleep Play logo on a box, too — can’t wait to see it more.

  • Totally… awesome. And priced incredibly.


    a ps2 game…”thanks for the offer, but I’ll have to pass” (FFXI)

  • Oh, so the downloaded Twisted Metal Symphony – will that be downloadable via iTunes, just a PC MP3 soundtrack, or something yet to be released (Sony’s own music download service accessible thru PS3)?

  • Wow. way to go David, I can’t wait to play!

  • No offense Jaffe. I love your work and all but, I’m not interested in PS2 games anymore.

    I’m waiting for you next big PS3 title.

  • I never played any of the Twisted series…is it more like the Full Auto games or Burnout series? Also, will this game have online play?

  • I can’t wait!!!

  • hopefully that hidden gem is a trailer or something for Twisted Metal for the Ps3, that would be awesome and thats what we all want am i right ppL????

  • I’d pay $20 just for the artwork. You are truly a demented man Jaffe…. and that’s why you’re the best. I’ll be picking this up as soon as it releases. And I’ll also be keeping an eye out for that “super buried secret”

  • OH SNAP! $19.99. Can’t pass up that offer even if this game will most likely give me a seizure. it’s sure to become a collector’s item in the future.

    So… question.. ONLINE? ;o

  • I’ve never played Twisted Metal that devotedly, sad to say, but this is definitely a guaranteed buy.

  • Will this game play in progressive scan? really hope so

  • Can’t wait for this game to come out. Looks sweet (tooth). I hope there is a PS3 Twisted Metal coming. ;-)

  • Any word on if the 80GB PS3 will get this game added to it’s list of B/C games? I would love to try out Twisted Metal again! I loved the old games, but hated the balance. I hope That clown guy is not over powered as badly as he was last time!

    Then again the last Twisted Metal game I played was number 2.

  • Any word on when PS2 games will work via remote play for the PSP?

  • You have my $20 on day 1. It’s been such a long time since I’ve played a Twisted Metal game.

  • Sweet it’s David Jaffe everyone! Okay now I’ll read the post.

  • Looks cool!

    LOL I wouldn’t say sexist stuff immediately means ‘no talent’—I am personally turned off by the sexist stuff that shows up in God of War but the rest of the game is so good I can ignore it.

    Honestly, when people use [DELETED] in a game it usually immediately tells me they don’t trust the quality of their own game and need to get the audience [DELETED] to make sure it sells–if they don’t trust it why should I?

    God of War and TM are 2 exceptions because they are high quality despite that—-I am definitely willing to ignore the crap I don’t like for the truckload of cool stuff hehe!!!!

    Nice on rewarding gamers too man—LOL now I am really wondering if I should try to scrounge up the extra $ to get this game–I am already strapped trying to get HAZE and FF7 Crisis Core–but man that is such a cool deal!

    What is the question all TM fans are askign? I know my Q is would your studio do a PS3 (possibly via PSN) twisted metal–that’d rule! And include 4’s features of creating your own car—people may not have liked 4 but that was one heck of a feature! Also, will there ever be another car combat game int hat one series you guys made when you didn’t have control of 3 and 4? You know, the series where people were on vacation and you could show them the sights as you were blowing the crap out of each other?

  • Uh, am I the only one who’s never heard of Twisted Metal: Black 2?


  • I thoeugh I was done buying PS2 games, guess I was wrong =D

  • Sounds like a bargain. I’ll pick it up, but I’d be lying if I said that Super Smash Bros. Brawl won’t distract me from playing it.

    I’ll honestly just be happy to see Twister on the PS2. Ah, Twister…

  • Sold!!!

    $20 bucks for this is a great deal….

  • “hopefully that hidden gem is a trailer or something for Twisted Metal for the Ps3, that would be awesome and thats what we all want am i right ppL????”

    That would be awesome. I’m still not going to buy the game, because I still want a new Twisted Metal for PS3, but if that secret info is what it is. Then it will help make this gaming year the best year in gaming history for me.

  • did my comment (19) get auto-censored? Because it is a tad weird I can say ‘sexist’ but not the letters ‘s, e and x’ together (both of the [DELETED] words was that word)….oh well. I hope a new TM is coming to PS3–would be a perfect PSN game for download hehe!

  • I’ll get it, even if my PS2 has been put in its box, my 60GB PS3 can play it, 20 buck, great price, great game.

  • You mean we won’t have to pay $79.95 to get some videos with the game (cough cough Halo 3 cough cough).

    Sounds like a great deal for $20. Count me in.

  • I think its awesome, but I just want to know will it work on the PS3. Hey don’t get me wrong. I am a Sony man and I think it is great that the PS2 is still getting the success it is, but even though I still have mine, no matter how great a game is I don’t feel the urge to go out and buy something for the PS2 when I have this awesome $500 machine sitting there hooked up to an HDTV. If it works “as is” on the PS3 or the PS3 needs an update then I am definitely in.

    This may seem like a stupid question or point to make, and believe me I read through the article and the posts to see if I would get my answer before posting.

  • I only regret that I don’t have as much time to dedicate to this game as did when Twisted Metal 2 was all the rage :D

  • *whistles*,talk about the complete package!

  • ah, thanks Wikipedia:

    Twisted Metal Black was to have a sequel titled Twisted Metal Black Part II [14] though it was never officially announced. The project was later scrapped for undisclosed reasons, but levels from it will be included in the Playstation 2 port of Twisted Metal: Head-On.

  • i cant wait! so excited about this im buying a copy for me then buying a copy for my brothers in a diff state so they can enjoy a new installment of a game we use to play all the time back in the day.

  • Oh, and have I mentioned that buried deep within this mammoth package is the answer to a question that TM fans have been asking us for quite a while now? No? Oh, well now I have. But good luck finding it! It’s buried pretty deep!

    Twisted Metal PS3!!!!!!!!! I sure hope so :)

    I am buying this game :)

  • Nice! 20 bucks I can do that, consider me sold as well.

  • OMG! My girlfriend and I will be sooooo unbelievably happy if TM comes to the PS3 in high def and all that blu-ray goodness!!!

  • I do have a question. Will the free soundtrack download also be available in Canada? I know that it was not for God of War, for whatever reason.

  • David, love it all and been a TM fan from day 1. Could this finally be the game to top TM2? Can’t wait to put it to the test!

  • Man I cant wait.. I own every TM game there ever was.. I just finished telling my lady in Dec that I wish TM would make an new game, but I guess the franchise is dead, (haha i had her hooked on the game) now this :) killer cant wait :)

  • buddy i was sold when u first announced it and now the days will feel longer until i get it.

    i was expecting a black 2 since i first played thru the original but this is the reason why i love u man…..ur the best !!
    (single tear)

  • sounds like a great value!

    But I’ve decided to play only PS3 games now!


  • damn i got a ps3 too bad. bu still i would totally buy this game any way but ill be in my other games by the time but if yall make a ps3 tm then thats a TOTAL BUY for me. tm for the psp was great i loved the wi fi online play.

  • PS3 Twisted Metal Confirmed.

  • No not yet. Although Jaffe is being coy about it. Thinking back though on how I’ve been constantly let down by games in the past year. I’m not getting my hopes up. Even though I want it to happen.

  • I am sorry to be the one to speak the truth, but this game has always been pretty dumb. It was the one of the original battle car games but should have been left at a single installment. Maybe the big secret is what in the %&@# a bunch of cars are doing driving around in dead towns shooting at eachother? I would relegate this to the same pile as Sk8 or die or Race Driver. They were OK at the time, but should be long forgotten by now. Have fun with your simple boring game and good luck getting a used CD case in trade for it @ gamestop. :) Sorry but i had to say it.

  • Mrcamo… You’re an absolute… Well, use your imagination and then go one step further. “The truth” is simply “your” truth, otherwise known as an opinion. And they DO tell why they are doing what they are doing. Your brand of ignorance and prejudice is particularly disgusting.

    Thank you Mr. Jaffe for continuing to support us despite people like this. I look forward to that “answer” though I think I already know what it is. Thank you for your hardwork, and I look forward to hearing from you again in the future.

  • I really doubt this game is not compatible with software backwards compatible PS3 consoles. The truth is a lot of PS3 owner bought in with the model that has no Ps2 option at all.

  • Once it get out here in Europe i will buy it. Nice Job Jaffe.

  • @mrCamo

    You are an idiot, get a life dude. If you find time and energy to write that long crap of text, then you definitely have some personal problems.
    Why in first place get in here to post a comment if you dont give a damn about this game?Why?! Does it make you feel better about yourself to bash someone else work?
    If they priced game like 40-50 dollars i would be also negative about it, but price is 20 dollars for full game.
    Grow up, dude!

  • lol @ David responding to MrCamo. And yes MrCamo you are crazy. Twisted Metal has been quite good for some time. TM:Black for the PS2 (fairly modern) was a critically successful game, so really I think you need to pay more attention to this industry before you speak crap.

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