Patapost Friday: Pata-strategy

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Feliz Happy New Years to everyone and welcome back! It’s been a few moons since we’ve had a good Patapon update – – and we’ve all been previously introduced – – so lets just skip the formalities and jump straight into what you’re really here for: juicy tidbits on the Patapons, their quest and formidable feats that will be required of them to reach Earthend.

As many of you already know, there was a special holiday card making the rounds … and many first impressions started to pop up. One thing that caught our attention was how surprised some people were at the depth of gameplay and customizability, and that’s without taking into account the topography of Patapolis and surrounding lands – – it’s something fierce. Each mission will require special attention on troop formation, be it for hunting, or fighting huge monsters, or hijacking Zigoton WMDs – – it’s hard out here for a Patapon.

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Hunting missions are the easiest way to collect the different items (sticks, alloys, ka-ching) needed to create more Patapons. While the first few missions will just require you to understand the “advance” and “attack” commands more advanced hunting missions will have you mixing up your tactics and strategy as you to read the wind, shift troop formation and even protect yourself against some of your prey (Pata-snap!).

Patapon 2

While hunting will get you some nifty elements, the real loot comes from defeating the different monster bosses – – and by the time you reach the first one you’ll have mastered the “defense” command – – so make sure to use it in conjunction with “advance” and “attack”! Surviving the battle with two or three Patapons will get you to the next level, but having a great attack strategy to dominate will score you some really spiffy-pon bonus items! Each different boss will have a specific weakness, so don’t be pata-bummed if you’re troops get the 300 treatment the first time around. Re-adjust your troop formation, beef up your troops and go at it again.

Patapon 5

And of course, no military experience could do without some good old fashion commandeering. Poor Zigotons never knew what hit them as you take over their catapult use it to conquer their fort! Mu-ha-ha-ha-pon-ha-pon.

That’s about it for today folks… next Friday we’ll go for a star studded tour of Patapolis, stopping by the homes of Patapon’s rich and famous citizens… see you then!

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