Patapost Friday: Pata-strategy

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Feliz Happy New Years to everyone and welcome back! It’s been a few moons since we’ve had a good Patapon update – – and we’ve all been previously introduced – – so lets just skip the formalities and jump straight into what you’re really here for: juicy tidbits on the Patapons, their quest and formidable feats that will be required of them to reach Earthend.

As many of you already know, there was a special holiday card making the rounds … and many first impressions started to pop up. One thing that caught our attention was how surprised some people were at the depth of gameplay and customizability, and that’s without taking into account the topography of Patapolis and surrounding lands – – it’s something fierce. Each mission will require special attention on troop formation, be it for hunting, or fighting huge monsters, or hijacking Zigoton WMDs – – it’s hard out here for a Patapon.

Patapon 4

Hunting missions are the easiest way to collect the different items (sticks, alloys, ka-ching) needed to create more Patapons. While the first few missions will just require you to understand the “advance” and “attack” commands more advanced hunting missions will have you mixing up your tactics and strategy as you to read the wind, shift troop formation and even protect yourself against some of your prey (Pata-snap!).

Patapon 2

While hunting will get you some nifty elements, the real loot comes from defeating the different monster bosses – – and by the time you reach the first one you’ll have mastered the “defense” command – – so make sure to use it in conjunction with “advance” and “attack”! Surviving the battle with two or three Patapons will get you to the next level, but having a great attack strategy to dominate will score you some really spiffy-pon bonus items! Each different boss will have a specific weakness, so don’t be pata-bummed if you’re troops get the 300 treatment the first time around. Re-adjust your troop formation, beef up your troops and go at it again.

Patapon 5

And of course, no military experience could do without some good old fashion commandeering. Poor Zigotons never knew what hit them as you take over their catapult use it to conquer their fort! Mu-ha-ha-ha-pon-ha-pon.

That’s about it for today folks… next Friday we’ll go for a star studded tour of Patapolis, stopping by the homes of Patapon’s rich and famous citizens… see you then!

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  • Hey this looks pretty cool. So, the music just plays and it’s up to you to hit the buttons in any combo you’d like, right? It’s not like you are required to beat match and hit the buttons it tells you to?
    I like the Patapon team’s involvement with this blog. Top notch.

  • I will get this game on day one, no hesitation. Thank you for the updates :)

    Is there any chance a demo-pon will be coming? You know to tide us iver until the full game arrives. I’m dying to play this! :D

  • We want a demo Please!

    What about custom music?

  • WOW…so THIS is what the “super powered” PS3 has for the public…just pathetic!!!!

  • @Loucifer

    Actually, it’s a PSP game…

    Very excited to get my grubby little hands on this Chris, thanks for the update!

  • This is for the PSP, but it is tagged at the bottom as PS3 and PSN. Hmm, playable on both?

    Loved Locorroco (however you spell it). This looks fun.

  • I live in Tokyo and purchased the JP version some time ago and played it quite a bit. I have to say that it was enjoyable as all get out – up to a point. After a while, upgrading your Patapons became ridiculously tedious replaying stage after stage to get decent materials to gain access to the upgrade mini-games, which could (at times) be hit or miss.

    I am curious to know if any adjustments will be made to enemy drops in the US / EU versions of the game such that WoW style “grinding” will be alleviated. If such is the case, I am motivated to import a US / EU version and take my JP version in for trade at Sofmap or so…

  • @Sora57 (#6) – oversight on the tagging. This is a PSP UMD game.

  • @Loucifer:

    [url=]For you[/url]

    Cool to c a very cool update on this cool game haha :D deffinetly gonna buy it when it comes out. Is there any thing of a demo coming btw?


  • @ Jack Tretton (or Any SCEA rep that can answer this):

    Regarding the recent PR statement that SCEA CEO Jack Tretton made regarding the sales for the PS3 during the holiday, when he said ‘SOLD THROUGH’ did he mean

    a) Sold to consumer


    b) Sold to Retailer.

    Sorry about spamming this but my friends over at PS3forums would like an answer to this.

    Alternatively you could give me an email adress where I could get an answer to this question.


    PS: About Patapon when is the EU release. Thanks

  • Awesome, it looks brilliant fun. EU release is when?

  • I can’t wait for this game to come in on February 27th!

  • Please make it a downloadable PSP game from the PlayStation Store.

  • I hope I have enough money for this game on release date..

  • Will the manual be in color? please say it is LOL!

    I totally forgot. will this game support DLC through Memory stick? like side missions? or at least add more stages/world and such? ;3

    I definitely will pick this up! The colors are brilliant!

  • I’ll pick this up!

  • @10 Baki
    I’ve noticed that when companies say “Sold Through”, they mean “Sold Through to consumers”.
    The other term use “Shipped”, which means “Shipped to retailers”.
    Yeah, it gets confusing, but hope this helps.

  • I just watched Gamespots “On the Spot” playing this. Looked crazy.

  • I’ve been playing the Japanese Import and the game is great. I’ve had to figure it out but reading message boards and just finding pics in english like the ones posted here to figure out what I was doing. It took awhile to figure out how to make it rain for the fire stage. This is a great game and will be buying it when it drops here in the states in english. Anybody that thinks this game is gonna stink needs to rethink that thought. And thats coming from a angry “black-man” that doesn’t like beat type games.

  • Why is it not released on PSN as well?

  • Will it be available for download as well as UMD? Will there be a demo available?

  • I hope the 19.99 price tag GameStop has isn’t a mistake on their behalf. Either way I will definately be picking this game up on day one. Thanks for the update.

  • This games look brilliant. Also a little off topic; Sony, you need to make a PS3 theme maker for mac, you are supporting your rivals and not us mac users!!

  • Hahaponhapon! Love it!

  • This reminds me of the Lemon people, with the Lemon princess and how they took teaville. Looks great, let the battle begin.

  • I agree with VividTeam, Mac Users need theme creation and Playstation Store love too :(

  • This game will definitely be worth my money

  • This looks like a freshing game. I might pick it up once I get more info….

  • I third that Mac’s need love to.

  • Why can’t this be a PSN downloadable game!!! Sony you are dropping the ball by making this PSP exclusive!!!

  • Looks great :D

    Can we see a Resistance II trailer now, Sony? PLEEEEEASE!? :P

  • This is deffinitly up there on my exited list this year. Though it looks a little strange on a list next to Burnout, MGS, and Mercenaries.

  • Can we get this an LocoRoco for PS3 on PSN? Because as much as I’d love to play these, there’s no way I’m buying a PSP any time soon. Come on, the PSTriple tapped me out for a while. Give us some love, Sony!

  • Patapon? more like not-Resistance 2.

  • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

    @ StalkingSilence
    So, the music just plays and it’s up to you to hit the buttons in any combo you’d like, right? It’s not like you are required to beat match and hit the buttons it tells you to?

    That’s a negative Ghost Rider – Patapon has an inherent beat to it that will be indicated by flashing pulses… its pretty much a simple 4/4 beat. You’ll have to press the buttons to that beat – – and the music will crescendo as you execute a string of commands to the beat.

  • not-buying-incognito

    Andy Milanakos this does not look cool…
    So just HELP sony with

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