CES Wrap-Up: Your questions answered

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You asked the questions. Now – to the best of my ability – the answers to your CES queries:

Q: crazypenguin (and Momento Mori, Kamahl, darkiewonder, Chaos911, and a *lot* more) asked about LittleBigPlanet.
This was probably the number 1 request for info at CES. Fortunately, that’s what we focused on the most at Sony Computer Entertainment. Personally, this was the longest amount of time I’ve spent with the game, and I’m starting to see how deep it is. And I’m already excited, thinking about some of the levels I want to create. Videos here and here.

Q: cmargary (and C-h-a-o-s, Darkus, and others) asked about Skype for the PSP.
Skype on the PSP turned into a pretty big story at CES, and for good reason. See the video here. It’s a nice bit of functionality for PSP Slim owners. Look for it to hit by the end of the month.


Q: EnigmaOppanax (Nebo, Stoffinator, Mitsugeta, and others) asked about Metal Gear Solid 4.
MGS4 was actually being demoed at the Sony pavilion, and consistently drew large crowds. For good reason, of course. I was told that the demo was similar to the one shown at TGS, meaning most attendees were playing it for the first time. It of course looked very impressive. My favorite little detail: the way Snake gingerly stepped over a corpse on the street. It was the type of realistic movement and attention to detail that has me – and millions of others – really excited for the game.

Dubbedinenglish asked me to steal the demo. Sorry, dude.

Q: OrganicShadow (and tecknical and others) asked about DualShock3 controllers.
The one DS3 at the show was being used for the MGS4 demo. No new info released. It feels good, though. IGN agrees.

CES 51

Q: ISEMAN (and lostboy85, THATPSPGUY, brandothe2nd, MUGEN02, and others) asked for footage and pics of the new Sony OLED TVs.
OK, here you go. 3 mm thick!! You may wanna take this with a grain of salt, seeing as where I work – but for my money, the OLEDs were the single most impressive thing to me at CES. I probably saw 10,000 TVs this week, and the picture on the OLED was easily the best. Like looking through a window.

Q: Soong said “It would be nice if you didn’t just concentrate on Sony stuff. I don’t mean loads of Wii/360 stuff but some general tech news would be good.”
I’ll leave most of that to the experts at CNET, Engadget, etc. But one of the more interesting non-game (but game related) items I saw/tried out at CES was the myvu personal media viewer. These sunglasses (model below) allow you to hook in A/V cables to watch or play games in the privacy of your own head. I tried out Guitar Hero III with these shades, and it actually worked pretty well. However, I noticed that I tend to bob my head when I play that game, and it’s a bit strange since the picture follows you.


Q: benzboi92 (and mustaphadamus, tearsofash, killamoves, osirisomeomi and others) asked for video. Lots of video.
Hope we didn’t disappoint.

Q: mattyInkWell said “I think you should go to a gentlemens club and enjoy yourself:) I want a full report from there!!”
Do they have that sort of thing in Vegas?

Q: P_tear_griffin asked about an “8GB or more memory stick pro duo?”
How about 16 GB?

Q: etompkin said “I wish you would put your press conferences on PSN as a download.”
I’ll inquire about the possibility, but if you’d like to see the initial Jan 6th press conference, click here.

Q: THATPSPGUY said “Oh Jeff, the most important thing to take PICTURES of is: BOOTH BABES in skimpy outfits…”
You’re trying to get me in trouble.

Q: Shane-O-Mak said “How about a release date on Sony’s GPS unit and software for the PSP. I’m soo excited, I already have the Sony GPS-290 unit now I’ll soon hopefully have Sony’s mapping software for it in the U.S. YEAH!!!”
Later this year for the GPS. One company actually was marketing a dashboard bracket for the PSP, presumably for that very reason.


I hope that answers your question. A lot of you asked about Home, but there wasn’t any news on that – this really was a Sony Electronics show, with LittleBigPlanet serving as our featured title. Expect much, much, much more gaming content at next month’s GDC.

So what impressed you at CES? Vote at our new poll on the right side of the Blog.

Special thanks to Justin Massongill (still photos), Vince Grato (video), and to all of you who read the blog postings and watched the videos.

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  • good show Jeff – thanks for getting back to all of us soooo quickly. I hope you had a great time dude.


  • I saw that video already but doesn’t asked my question if it will include the messenger or just to talk…

    Anyway is cool you take time to answer and to look to what people are talking… thats what I want to see here…

  • Awesome thanks for the responses!

  • Holy crap! You guys answered me!!!

  • PSP camara? PLZ?

    (i know i spelled it wrong >.>)

  • Thanks a lot for keeping us updated

    just one question- for Little Big Planet, will we be able to upload music on our hard drives to our levels that we create as background music for whoever is playing the level?


    Oh, and btw i got my Dual Shock 3, it’s amazing.


  • Yo Jeff! thx for keeping us updated and trying to give us/me the best and most up-to-date info possible.

    I still got 1 question though about LittleBigPlanet: will it support HOME in any way? dont know if you know this or allowed to say it if you know…

    btw you have CoD4?


  • rfom2 yeahhhh awesoommeeeee

  • Later this year for the GPS add-on for the PSP ….. that’s very disappointing. I been looking forward to that since I just heard of it. Why is it taking so long??

  • Thanks for the coverage, although you didn’t answer my question about whether there were any games that are going to make good use of the motion sensing! I’ll forgive you this time ;)

  • thanks :D

    you actually replied to one of my questions :D (even though more people asked the same)

  • I want one of those televisions! Thanks for all of the CES coverage. :)

  • @rfom2

    Yes, resistance 2 will be awsome… 60 players online will be sick… and 8 co-op

  • haha. Thanks jeff! LittleBigPlanet is really awesome. but now that I learned about Resistance 2. You should definitely go find out more about that game now!

    As always, good job at doing what you’re doing!

  • Thanks for the report and coverage. Awesome stuff. Awesome to see my name up there. :-D

  • Jeff, you’re doing an excellent job putting a friendly face on Sony. The honesty is appreciated. I only wish I had such a tough but fun job.

  • Can you comment on Custom Soundtracks??

  • JEFF! You effing rock man! Service like this is unheard of from SONY until now. Keep on keepin on brother… but no word on whether you gave a swirly to Microsoft’s Social Media Manager… :D

  • Where’s the PSP camera?

  • I was looking to buy a W series Bravia soon, but now I’m not sure if I should wait till the new ones are released. Are the new features like 3D menu etc worth waiting for the new models or should I go ahead and buy one now?

  • Thank you very much for answering the questions. As said by #19 indeed you effing rock man!

  • You LOVE answering my questions Sony! :)

    First Incognito, how Jeff. I’m so privileged…

    When are we going to get some kind of date on DS3’s though? I’m not asking you when they’re coming out, im asking when we will FIND OUT.

  • Any news on Home’s final release date?

  • Just one question Jeff

    Will there be any monthly subscriptions for the GPS PSP feature, or is it a one time payment?

  • *Shakes Fist* Darn you Jeff!!! Until next time.

  • Those OLED TV’s are awesome. I need to get one of those

  • Nice, nice. CES had some major kick-ass products, both software and hardware. O by the way, when the Sony employee said in-game XMB is coming this year, did he refer to the beginning, the end, or somewhere in the summer?

  • What’s up with the Quick Poll questions? LOL

    Are we excited about a game that’s almost a year away? “LBP”

    Skype on PSP? The damn thing wont even work for the majority of people that are true Sony fans. The people who actually paid $300 for the devices upon release.
    What a nice way to show us love huh Jeff?

    Rolly what?

    Ole Digital TVs? My whole house is tricked out with 3 Sony 46″ Bravia XBR-Series LCD HDTV (KDL-46XBR4) (1 in the bedroom, 1 in the living-room and the last in our studio.) I don’t think my partner and I will be in the market for a “HDTV” anytime soon… =\

    Maybe your Poll questions should’ve been about Dualshock 3/Sixaxis, Home or PS3 related questions huh?

    Can you please give me an answer to that Jeff?

  • Thanks for the coverage Jeff. The LBP videos from CES really showed off that there is a lot to look forward to in this title; particularly on the creative front.

  • Hey Jeff, talk about the Blu-ray booths compared to HD-DVD’s. I need a good laugh again.

    @29 – Ghostm

    He did – “I hope that answers your question. A lot of you asked about Home, but there wasn’t any news on that – this really was a Sony ELECTRONICS show, with LittleBigPlanet serving as our featured title. Expect much, much, much more GAMING content at next month’s GDC.”

  • That’s a lot of answers, that was awesome of you to compile all the questions and answers. Nice.

  • Thanks for the kindly replies but you forgot my most important question.

    Can I have some of your FREE C E S 08 swag?

  • This is just another reason why I love this blog so damn much. Thanks for the info!

  • I’m going to be on the look out for a mobile media player. Does any of the ones at CES have voice recording for memos or Timer/Alert to inform me of such events?

  • Wow this is pathetic you guys are so lame where the hell is Socom Confrontation? or Gran Turismo 5?.

  • Thanks Jeff your making a effort to answer the various queries of posters on this blog. I’d love to see the future of the OLED TVs. I remember seeing a video of them when Sony first released them in Japan not long ago. Very impressive but like most new technology, very expensive. Cannot wait till they are the norm.

    Expecting a blog post about RFoM:2 in the near future ;)

  • I hope Sony releases the PSP GPS unit in EU/Australia around the same time as the American release. I’ve been waiting for that little addon ever since I brought my PSP.

  • Thanks for your answers!

  • OLED’S look nice ,but the living life expectancy of the OLED is about 10,000 hours (not very long)

    KillBill(Gates)3(i made that one up!!!;-D),
    RE5,PSN Cards(for U.K)…endless list!!!) ;-D
    (Thank god i got mine last month via Japan!) ;-P
    +Wish i went to the show!;-P

  • cant wait for GDC next month. CES is cool and everything but not much gaming stuff goin on. would go there just for the little big planet and MGS demos though lol.

  • “Q: cmargary (and C-h-a-o-s, Darkus, and others)…”

    Who’s Darkus? :P

  • thanks a lot, this is why i like sony so much, they listen to you!

  • any word on the PSP Eye Toy?

  • What about DTS-HD MA bitstreaming, how come this question asked by lots of people didn’t get answered?

  • Ask Kojima Productions about a MGS4 Demo on the PSN, If that demo has been released at 2 seperate press events then im sure they have fine tuned it, PSN pwetty please?

  • Well thanks for all the great info! I loved the show as I watched it on G4!

    BTW: any word on new PSP only full games to DL? We have Syphon Filter: Combat Ops, and Beats? Any plans to give us some more good PSP store goodies that only the PSP can play? Some of us fans want a real Screen saver in an update, or at least as a free DL for all to get on the PSP. Also a lot of PSP owners including my self are vary interested in this PSP Keyboard add on got any more info on that?

  • “DTS-HD MA”? I must have missed those questions since I’ve never heard of it. Check out the links to Engadget and Cnet that he provided.

    An MGS4 demo might be a “bit” on the heavy side download-wise. Call me crazy but that’s the impression I get- like 5GB for that little demo. And downloading 2GB is impossibly long already.

    Love it, Jeff! Thanks for all of this. It’s been informative. :) The only thing I’d recommend at future events is to use a mic or something so that we can hear what the ‘guests’ are saying- they were drowned out in a few videos. Keep up the great work!

    PS Resistance 2!!! :D

  • When Is the GPS-290 coming out for PSP?

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