CES Wrap-Up: Your questions answered

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You asked the questions. Now – to the best of my ability – the answers to your CES queries:

Q: crazypenguin (and Momento Mori, Kamahl, darkiewonder, Chaos911, and a *lot* more) asked about LittleBigPlanet.
This was probably the number 1 request for info at CES. Fortunately, that’s what we focused on the most at Sony Computer Entertainment. Personally, this was the longest amount of time I’ve spent with the game, and I’m starting to see how deep it is. And I’m already excited, thinking about some of the levels I want to create. Videos here and here.

Q: cmargary (and C-h-a-o-s, Darkus, and others) asked about Skype for the PSP.
Skype on the PSP turned into a pretty big story at CES, and for good reason. See the video here. It’s a nice bit of functionality for PSP Slim owners. Look for it to hit by the end of the month.


Q: EnigmaOppanax (Nebo, Stoffinator, Mitsugeta, and others) asked about Metal Gear Solid 4.
MGS4 was actually being demoed at the Sony pavilion, and consistently drew large crowds. For good reason, of course. I was told that the demo was similar to the one shown at TGS, meaning most attendees were playing it for the first time. It of course looked very impressive. My favorite little detail: the way Snake gingerly stepped over a corpse on the street. It was the type of realistic movement and attention to detail that has me – and millions of others – really excited for the game.

Dubbedinenglish asked me to steal the demo. Sorry, dude.

Q: OrganicShadow (and tecknical and others) asked about DualShock3 controllers.
The one DS3 at the show was being used for the MGS4 demo. No new info released. It feels good, though. IGN agrees.

CES 51

Q: ISEMAN (and lostboy85, THATPSPGUY, brandothe2nd, MUGEN02, and others) asked for footage and pics of the new Sony OLED TVs.
OK, here you go. 3 mm thick!! You may wanna take this with a grain of salt, seeing as where I work – but for my money, the OLEDs were the single most impressive thing to me at CES. I probably saw 10,000 TVs this week, and the picture on the OLED was easily the best. Like looking through a window.

Q: Soong said “It would be nice if you didn’t just concentrate on Sony stuff. I don’t mean loads of Wii/360 stuff but some general tech news would be good.”
I’ll leave most of that to the experts at CNET, Engadget, etc. But one of the more interesting non-game (but game related) items I saw/tried out at CES was the myvu personal media viewer. These sunglasses (model below) allow you to hook in A/V cables to watch or play games in the privacy of your own head. I tried out Guitar Hero III with these shades, and it actually worked pretty well. However, I noticed that I tend to bob my head when I play that game, and it’s a bit strange since the picture follows you.


Q: benzboi92 (and mustaphadamus, tearsofash, killamoves, osirisomeomi and others) asked for video. Lots of video.
Hope we didn’t disappoint.

Q: mattyInkWell said “I think you should go to a gentlemens club and enjoy yourself:) I want a full report from there!!”
Do they have that sort of thing in Vegas?

Q: P_tear_griffin asked about an “8GB or more memory stick pro duo?”
How about 16 GB?

Q: etompkin said “I wish you would put your press conferences on PSN as a download.”
I’ll inquire about the possibility, but if you’d like to see the initial Jan 6th press conference, click here.

Q: THATPSPGUY said “Oh Jeff, the most important thing to take PICTURES of is: BOOTH BABES in skimpy outfits…”
You’re trying to get me in trouble.

Q: Shane-O-Mak said “How about a release date on Sony’s GPS unit and software for the PSP. I’m soo excited, I already have the Sony GPS-290 unit now I’ll soon hopefully have Sony’s mapping software for it in the U.S. YEAH!!!”
Later this year for the GPS. One company actually was marketing a dashboard bracket for the PSP, presumably for that very reason.


I hope that answers your question. A lot of you asked about Home, but there wasn’t any news on that – this really was a Sony Electronics show, with LittleBigPlanet serving as our featured title. Expect much, much, much more gaming content at next month’s GDC.

So what impressed you at CES? Vote at our new poll on the right side of the Blog.

Special thanks to Justin Massongill (still photos), Vince Grato (video), and to all of you who read the blog postings and watched the videos.

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