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The last week of December is a time for families to get together – and it’s also a time when a large number of gamers will join the PlayStation Family. So every day this week we’ll highlight a bit of functionality that new PLAYSTATION 3 or PlayStation Portable owners might not know they had at their fingertips. While some of what we talk about over the next week will be familiar to the hard core, I’m thinking at least one of these tips will catch you by surprise. I know I learned a few things while putting together this list.

Tip #1: PlayStation Portable Podcast RSS

If you’re reading the PlayStation.Blog, you’re probably also a frequenter of sites like IGN, Kotaku, Destructoid, PS3Fanboy and others who cater to those of us with an insatiable thirst for gaming news. And if you’re anywhere near as hungry for up to the second info as I am, RSS is your friend. But what about those few, unfortunate minutes of the day when you’re outside of a Wi-Fi hot spot? Enter the PSP’s RSS channel. With this feature (instituted in firmware v2.60), you can easily save podcasts from gaming outlets (or any kind of website, really), and play it back anywhere, Wi-Fi hotspot or not.

Here’s how to get started, using IGN’s Podcast Beyond as an example:

* Point the PSP browser to while connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.
* You’ll be asked if you want to add the channel. Select Yes, obviously.
* Then go to RSS under Network
* Press X on IGN games podcasts, and you’ll see a list of all their podcast offerings.
* Select Podcast Beyond (they’re up to episode 26 as of this writing) and you can either play it immediately by pressing X, or hit the triangle button and choose to save. If you’ve got enough space on your Memory Stick Pro Duo, you can then go back and listen at your leisure, regardless of internet accessibility.

Note that podcasts tend to be lengthy, so if you’re a hoarder you may need a multiple gigabyte Stick.

Here are a few other podcasts that you may find to be worth a listen (feel free to share your faves in the comment section):

*PlayStation Nation Podcast
*Insomniac Games’ Full Moon Show
*Sony Online Entertainment Podcast
*PlayStation Fancast

One thing I particularly like about PSP Fanboy (well there’s not just one thing – but one thing pertaining to this conversation) is that they have a mobile-friendly browser that loads very quickly on the PSP:

For more info on the PSP’s RSS features, head over here. See you tomorrow with another tip, and Merry Christmas Eve!

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