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Whaddup PSP heads? The holidays are upon us in full swing, with everyone ready for fun and exciting times with the fam … (crickets, crickets, BOOM!).

OK, come the new year when the smoke has cleared we’ll be bringing you an action packed title which you’ll wished you could’ve played as you listened to grandpa’s favorite story for the bagillionth time. On January 29th, be prepared for Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice.

This time around, we bring you more “jump-jacking” excitement with new vehicles, weapons and the most featured option, MULTIPLAYER!!! Here you can go head to head against your friends or work together through 4 game modes using PSP wireless ad-hoc.

  • Rampage is a free for all, on foot, “blast before you get blasted” mode. There are 3 maps to choose from and various weapons on each level which makes it feel like the quad-screen gem of the N64 days.
  • In Ram Jam, the cops must pursue and ram the criminals over 3 levels of varying terrain. Catch the criminal and you win. Robbers, if you have the speed and skill, leave the cops in the dust.
  • Survivor mode is, well, survive or fail. ;) You and your teammate are working together to get out of the firefight. One person drives, the other shoots, if either one of you suck, you’re both dead!
  • Cops ‘n’ Robbers is where the robbers need to wreak havoc as they drive through the city “jump-jacking” cars. The Cops need to stop them at all cost.

Let’s not forget Single Player. With Story mode, Bounty mode and Challenge mode, there will be more than enough to grab your attention. With over 30 levels of play ranging from sniping missions, on foot firefights, to mounted helicopter gunner missions, you won’t wonder where all your time went. In addition, you still get to drive, race or ram as many people as you can on your way to ridding the city of crime using hovercrafts, massive swamp buggies, speed boats and some retro-styled British criminal cars plus more …

With the varying gameplay modes, you’ll wish your grandpa’s story was filled with all new criminals, vehicles, pimp cups and the replayability to endure some of life’s best moments. And the likes of 1up, GamesRadar, GameSpot, GameZone, IGN, and PSP Fanboy would seem to agree.

For updated information and to check out more content like the trailer above, be sure to visit the official game site at www.pursuitforceextremejustice.com.

Happy Holidays – See you in 2008!

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